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I'm sure many RPDers will LOVE this! Probably a good idea to show friends/family that rawpaleo isn't so weird after all...

Health / Scientific paper proving liver flush is real!
« on: December 15, 2016, 08:23:22 am »
The liver flush debate is OVER! Liver flush is proven to really work!

Here is an excellent website highlighting important passages of scientific paper on liver flushing and liver stones (intrahepatic stones):

Here is the direct link to scientific paper:

Suggestion Box / Adding "thanks" button below posts
« on: September 19, 2012, 06:39:54 pm »
Got this idea when browsing some other forums.

I know a large majority of visitors here only read and very few of us actually post.

Having a "thanks" button below posts allows visitors to easily and quickly show their appreciation for the poster.

"Thanks" button should be available for anonymous non-members as well ideally.

General Discussion / MMA Fighter fighting with leukemia
« on: June 24, 2012, 05:10:54 pm »
Quoted from article

"We talk about that all the time," Denny says. "If the kid is 13-2 and he's been fighting leukemia this whole time, imagine what he'll be like at 100 percent? He'll be one of the best in the world, one for the history books. He's definitely going to do great things."

I just want to tell him to try Raw Paleo!

I hope there will be some famous athletes trying raw paleo soon. Mainstream cooked Paleo is already gaining followers in the NFL bunch.

There are many Mexican boxers that already drink their pee because it is popular over there for increasing strength/stamina.

"I always said I want to be the best," Baker says. "I believe I can be. Fighting through this cancer, beating it, overcoming it, and getting stronger at the same time. And at the same time, the world showing an interest in me and having a care for me, I want to be a living testimony to everyone out there that's going through something rough that they can overcome it. Just keep your spirits high. Just keep fighting."

He is a very inspiring person though. I can't imagine fighting world-class opponents with cancer. His mental power must be off the charts. 

I am pretty certain that this fighter, Baker + Raw Paleo = World Champion, and long long career as well.

I am seriously thinking of a way to contact him through his manager or company about even just Paleo, as raw paleo may be too shocking to him at first.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Keep bugs off high meat!
« on: June 23, 2012, 06:34:31 pm »
Keep bugs off high meat!

- insect repellent plants
- natural insect repellents, e.g. essential oils. I drip 3-4 drops of "Now" brand Lavender Essential Oil on the lid of my 2 high meat jars

I know this works because without Lavender oil, 1-2 flies are constantly roaming on my high meat jars.

I suppose this also stops insects from laying eggs on the jar lids, so no eggs will drop into the jar anymore! I've been opening my jar lids daily for nearly 2 weeks and no sign of maggots...fingers crossed  :P

Please report back your results! I'm very curious whether this works for you or not?

General Discussion / Alaska's "half-farmed" salmon
« on: June 07, 2012, 01:06:12 pm »
This is making me really reconsider buying my "wild-caught" Alaskan salmon, although the past 3-4 times I've had it, it tasted very rich and delicious and nothing like the restaurant farmed salmon - tasteless and bland.

I was fooled as well by all the claims that there are "NO" farmed salmon in Alaska.

Alaska's half-farmed salmon
Alaska's love affair with farming of salmon (despite words to the contrary) is slowly coming under scrutiny. Fish people in Alaska should be up front about their salmon hatcheries that are really a lot like fish farms.

Blogfish has noted previously that Alaska's so-called wild salmon include some fish that are raised for part of their lives in fish farms called "hatcheries." These fish live for up to half of their lives in farms, before being released into the ocean. When caught and sold, half-farmed fish are called "wild."

The problem is worst for less-preferred species like pink salmon and chum salmon, but even some sockeye and a very few chinook (king) salmon begin their life in hatcheries (fish farms).

Just this week, a letter to the editor of the copyrighted and subscription news service Intrafish has a scathing critique and a new term that just might begin to stick (excerpt below). Fish farmer Neil Sims of Kona Blue refers to Alaska's hatchery fish as "half-farmed" and writes about the hypocrisy of Alaska's opposition to fully-farmed fish, while simultaneously half-farming huge numbers of salmon. 

Journals / letsdoiteczema's Experiments
« on: May 30, 2012, 11:32:20 pm »
Firstly, I have to say a big big BIG thank you to everyone contributing in this forum, and for the founders of this forum. You people have seriously saved my life.

I am 90%+ sure that if I hadn't stumbled upon Raw Paleo through GoodSamaritan's website and then found this forum, I would have been dead probably a couple months ago. The severity and incredible agony of full body eczema rashes, nearly 0 quality of life would have pushed me to consider suicide as the only way out of hell.

I have learned so much from reading threads here the past few months, and I wanted to start documenting my experiments and experiences to hopefully give back in a way to this forum, and of course, to keep track of what I'm doing myself as well.

  • severe depression, PTSD, occasional extreme fatigue since ~2-3 weeks ago
  • rough, dry, occasionally itchy skin on face, neck, behind knees
  • Stopped daily coffee enemas ~1 week ago after members here detailed the dangers of it stripping the colon of gut flora etc. Using fresh urine retention enemas to heal, repair gut and keep daily bowel movements. Went 2 days without BM after stopping coffee enemas and got desperate - didn't want to reabsorb toxins and overburden weak liver, decided to use urine enemas - hopefully not as damaging as water/coffee enemas.
  • Very Low Carb (VLC) experiment day 1: 2 meals in total. 1st meal: (all raw) mix of lamb tenderloin, wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef tenderloin, beef bone marrow. 2nd meal: mix of similar meats, didn't desire fats so didn't eat any. No strong craving for fruit so didn't eat any.
  • No shampoo since ~2 weeks ago, was already no soap for most of my life (fortunately!)

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Vomiting after meal: Newbie (4 days into RPD)
« on: December 08, 2011, 10:39:55 pm »
Hi everyone, this is my first post so might as well introduce myself before outlining my problem.

I've been into high-fat raw vegan, then 80 10 10 (with some cooked vegan meals) which caused my eczema to get better at first, then deteriorate after a couple of months, then I've stumbled onto RPD (on my 4th day).

Just vomited once (feel fine after vomiting, wasn't even painful) after a meal of:
1) Raw beef (first time swallowing the hard/tough fat to try - guess I know now that this was a mistake)
2) Raw honey (3-4 tablespoons, extremely sweet, might cause my vomiting as well?!)
3) Raw salmon after I got tired of raw beef
4) Strongly craved oranges, bananas (I know it is not good to eat fruits after meat, but craving was too strong!)

So I need some advice, what am I doing wrong? Usually these few days, I will eat a medium portion of fruit (1/2 of what I used to eat in 80/10/10), then I will eat raw meat/fish/eggs until I'm full.

Thank you all in advance for replies, and I'm so glad I stumbled on RPD. I know RPD is my answer, experienced 50% better results with my eczema around my bod, especially fingertips are all healed from deep cracks. I would like to ask for advice on transitioning from 80 10 10/cooked low-fat vegan to RPD. I hope I haven't done too much damage to my body through veganism!

Has the fat digestibility of my body gone down too far so it can't handle the raw beef fat? Should I use lemon/raw apple cider vinegar to marinade and "pre-digest" raw fat for easier digestion? Many thanks!!

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