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Health / How long does it take to get the libido back on?
« on: April 08, 2014, 02:55:55 pm »
I've pretty much lost my libido throughout the years of damage.
Now getting back into RPD, it's frustrating that I don't have much energy better yet libido to do anything
Like a podcast i've listened to previously, libido is a sign of health

I want to know how I can get my libido back on, other than indulging in Oysters (not an option until later in summer)

Can you recover from damages previously? and how do you recover? just from eating the natural diet?

Hi there fellas,

Im on my knees asking you guys give me your helping hands for my mother, who was always on SAD diet and have possibility of getting Cancer (has yet confirmed)

- Curved Spine (Where her spine is curved like an S)
- Gallbladder removed when she was young (bad decision made)
- Overweight despite short, and possibly due to removed Gallbladder
- High Cholesterol level and Blood Pressure
- Fear of Raw Meat and Pathogens (struggling to convince her that Raw Meat Diet is important
- Irregular Heart Beats, Sometimes she gets chest burns
- Dark Shadow found when scanning her Chest at hospital (Hasn't been confirmed yet, Might need to take sample of the cells)

Please help me out here, I am in the process of learning still and I am lost in terms of what's best for her.

Potential Questions:
1. How to convince her that Parasites, Bacterias and Viruses are NOT the problem on a RAW MEAT diet? Im trying hard to pile up evidences!
2. How can I help her cure/Prevent? What are the protocols?
3. As I said: Her GallBladder is GONE, how does that affect her chance of adapting on a RAW MEAT/FAT diet??

Hot Topics / Getting Rid of Bad Bacteria?
« on: January 19, 2013, 12:53:58 pm »
I was reading the site
and got me do you get rid of LPS claimed by the site..?

Do you just up your immune system and expect your immune system to do its job?

Reason why Im asking is because it is claimed by the site to be linked with allergy, candida, thyroid and many issues

Health / What IS the cause of Eczema? or is it a combination?
« on: January 14, 2013, 03:46:58 pm »
I am searching endlessly for a cure for eczema..following mostly GS's advice on it right now..

But I am just so unsure, because I was essentially BORN with it (got it like when i was 2 or 3, along with asthma)

now i really am raising this topic, in hope of those who've solved their problems to give me a clue, answer, or even something to read at..

Im so lost, and I don't know where to go now.

Symptoms along:
Low energy
Low sex drive
Erectile dysfunction (no morning wood, can't get hard by my own)
Hair loss (receding hairline)
Brain fog in the morning

I really don't understand how can eczema be so complex..there's literally like 500 sites saying 10000 different reasons for it

Im on a raw paleo diet already, drinking water kefir to balance good bacteria, exercising regularly
what is missing..?

Im fed up with being half-ass about curing eczema
last year my eczema just suddenly disappeared
but it was still there, the dry skin (just not much rash)
i knew it but drinking culture in university draws me in and i've been binge drinking all throughout last year
Now it came back, eczema all over me
reverting to cooked paleo + cutting on alcohol doesn't seem to do much improvement
Hence i've decided to come back here and ask for all your help

Finally found out some places where i can get grain-fed but hormone fed beef + grass fed beef (grass fed beef i can only get it up till christmas on every saturday but i'll try my best)

Bought some organic eggs and lemon + VCO of my own, going to do liver flush tomorrow morning
I will also try to take photos and monitor the progress throughout my trial experiment
1 small square basket of raspberries , later 1 small square basket of strawberries
around 2-3 hrs later
cooked some left over hormone free grain-fed meat (the best i can get sometimes)
seared those stew cubes lightly

Last meal before sleep
grass-fed liver (around 3-4 slices), sprinkled some salt with steak condiment i found in the drawer
reason is im still not use to eating raw meat yet

after that had some huge sweet cravings, ate couple small chocolate bars
it's crazy, i've always had sweet cravings since i was little..don't know how to stop it

History of myself
Always had eczema + asthma since i was little, had steroid cream and anti-histamine up until a point. Stopped using them cuz eczema slowly recovered but asthma remains. Luckily i didn't need medication ( in fact im allergic to them in a way), so i suffered but didn't had emergencies
slowly trained my way out of asthma (cross country, swimming) and got to high school, where suddenly i started getting eczema back, and it remains and got worse and worse till end of high school
things i've attempted when i was back in Hong kong includes
cooked paleo diet
sun tanning (helped lots)
fish oil supplements

Now im on myself, i don't care about how ppl view me anymore, especially i don't need to worry about parents

Please give me all the help you guys, appreciated! 8)

Welcoming Committee / Hello the RAW Community, here the badboy comes
« on: February 03, 2011, 10:18:16 pm »

Nah jokes

Hello everyone, I'm here really because the fact that I have had eczema since I was a kid.

And am really hoping for a way to cure this.

Currently I'm already doing paleo diet and uping my fat intake by eating more fatty meat.

Yet, typical chinese family, my parents won't let me do raw meat other than sashimi
I couldn't convince her, and myself as well as to the risky sides of eating raw meat.

However, I eat fruits raw for sure (no duh), and sometimes eggs, cuz I tried some and they do me no harm.

I'm willing to explore, and give it a shot
I'm reading the newbie section as well lately, as it'd be a shame to ask questions without reading it first.

So i really need strong enough convincing evidence for my mom and myself that it is safe to eat raw meat maybe.

Other than that, I really hope I'd get my eczema away, as it's bothering my social life and academics.

anyways, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEARS to everyone!

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