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General Discussion / How can I do with meat when travelling
« on: February 21, 2011, 12:48:01 am »
Hello :)

I will go in Spain in few days for about 2 weeks.
I don't know how to do to have good meat everyday.

I plan to have an ice-box, and to take a stock with me before going,
but arrived in Spain, I will camp in a tent and wouldn't have any fridge.

So I probably will have to buy around there, or somebody have another idea ?
(I don't know how to make a box for driying the meat, neither to do pemmican, and don't have a deshydrator).

Are there som spanish (maybe near Tarragona -will be in a small village called Maella-) who can help me for finding good meat ?


Health / Varicose veins
« on: January 29, 2011, 04:54:46 am »
While on a ZC or high proportion of meat in the diet, a friend and I observed the apparition of little varix/varicoses veins (don't know the right term in english) on the legs  >:

What's the reason for that from your point of you ? 
Some ZC people seem to have no problem with that.

Journals / Louna
« on: November 01, 2010, 03:57:02 am »
I just took photos in all side to see precisely how things will evolve.

For resume, I past around 10 years mostly vegetarian/vegan,
and after one and half a year one only fruits (with some craves of steamed vegetables and one month of high fat last winter -raw fish and durian-).
I also did 14 days water fast and many one and 2/3 days fast. Also I made many juice fast, more than 3 months during my fruitarianism path.
It helped me some way to recovered, but I always had some big troubles to digest fruits. The times I feel the best were when I ate the less fruits, but can't handle many times with so little calories (but I have a good appetite, so never went very thin) !!
I took no avocado as I don't digest them well. So I was fruitarian zero fat !

Raw paleo low carb (4 apples juiced in mouth max per day) since one week and feel much better.
I gain few kilos on paleo that I want to lose (but my body seem to really need some high level nutriments for the first days). On fruitarian diet I was always doing yo yo.

Look forward to see the improvements.
I practice more and more yoga since one year (before I was very ill) and I wanna be more muscled, keep my flexibility in (and much), more tonic, explosive strengh.

I will post when I feel it to write about my diet, my sensations, observations...

Welcoming Committee / New raw paleo woman
« on: October 30, 2010, 03:54:15 am »

I am french and come from many many diseases.
I past long months on fruitarianism (about one and a half a year but with some binges -but not very often- and before I was mainly vegetarian/vegan for 12 years, trying to find the best diet and heal me...). In the beginning fruits helped. I stopped because many things were getting more and more wrong.

I am now eating with pleasure raw fish, eggs and meat (I have always like raw things !).
I take my fish extra fresh (live near the sea), some cod liver (very good but prepared, with som salt) eggs are organics (but don't know how to find some fertilized...?) and organics meat (beef fed with grass and grains but not corn, liver sheep). I want to take better products, but for the beginning it's not so bad I think ! no ?!

My health increased a lot since one week, I just took 4 apples max per day, but I think I will reduce again cause my teeth don't like and I need a fruit brake !
Also, I take some juice of lettuce and cucumber on the evening and drink some water (I didn't with fruitarianism) because I feel dehydrated with only meat. Often after meat or fish I need to drink, even if I know it's not optimal, so I take water or an apple.

My skin is a lot better, all my body seems to reinflate with good sensations. I sleep very well, I am calm, happy, positive, my so fragile digestion is perfect !... Almost only good things, but I have a headache since a week, and I wonder if it is the protein, the fat (combined with the sugar in my body), some detox, or some pollution in the animals I eat ...?

I have read Aajonus biography, saw Weston Price photos from is famous book and read a little, know a little about instincto.

Look forward to read you and your adverts !

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