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Welcoming Committee / In search of Optimum Health!
« on: November 03, 2010, 01:07:05 pm »

Hi everyone, i want to introduce myself finally after having spent weeks lurking as a Guest reading all the great information you guys have here.  I am 33yrs old, from the philippines.  I found this forum thru the blog of goodsamaritan ( kababayan!)   I have been pesco vegetarian (cooked) since my early 20's and after that 80% raw food vegan for the last 3 years until now.

I admit i got into raw food out of vanity!  I was sold into the idea of having glowing skin, looking younger, staying slim, etc. On the outside, i look pretty healthy & athletic... but for some reason i feel my health on the inside is not that great.   ( well, i did spend a few "lost years" indulging in alcohol & some recreational drug use in my youth... and maybe i'm still paying for it now)   

I get cold hands & feet a lot, even when i exercise & do tai chi & get acupuncture. I get constipated in spite of all the fiber i was eating. And another thing is when i went to get a BioScan last year (they strap electrodes on you to get an electrical reading of the state of your internal organs) the doctor said that i don't have enough "Chi" flowing through me bec the machine wouldnt work at certain points.   What gives?!?  I thought the raw food vegan diet was already the perfect diet.  Maybe i wasn't doing it properly, so i researched a bit more & attended some raw food classes.   

Something was still missing.  I'm not sick, but i certainly wasnt experiencing the great health & vitality & glowing skin that was promised.  And the worst of it is i'm suffering from hormonal androgen related acne now.  I've been taking oral contraceptives to keep it in check even if i know all the negative side effects.  I found the Wai Diet bec of my acne issues ( still vanity) and now i'm seriously considering Raw Paleo.  I'm willing to do whatever works in my search for Optimal Health ( and Beauty!) 

This forum is an awesome resource!  I'm looking forward to connecting with you all as we share information and experiences!   :)

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