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Hot Topics / farming regulations (FDA wants IN)
« on: July 28, 2009, 09:13:23 am »
US: Food safety and organic farming: impossible combination?

While the American traditional farming system has been fighting for years against bacteria damaging the crops, first of all Escherichia coli, organic producers are now fighting another fight against the laws for food safety, which provide for the destruction of ecosystems in the name of crop and harvest protection.

According to these regulations, where planted are cultivated, there can be no standing water or different vegetation that might transmit bacteria or any other kind of living thing. Even if just a squirrel steps between the salad, the harvest has to be destroyed.

In the US, in the marine reserve and biological paradise Monterey Bay, strategies are being implemented of destruction of nature, in the name of food safety and need for antiseptics fields.

Far from the eyes of people that see only the benefits of food safety, hectares and hectares of land are to be chemically disinfected, ponds are to be covered and the natural vegetation grubbed. Birds, frogs, mice and any other living thing that can affect the crops and their productivity will be captured and eliminated, because bacteria can attack the crops, because vegetables should be safe, no matter how many pesticides have been sprayed on them or how many Monsantoes take profit from that.


Publication date: 7/21/2009


Check this out, it bugged me so much i had to pass it on. apparently we aren't smart enough to feed ourselves any more.

http://www.foodsafe tyworkinggroup. gov/

here is a link to info on the new group that is supposed to protect us from our food

This is so frightening

Check out this one We are too stupid to figure it out on our own. This irritated me so much I have to pass it on for you to see too!!!!!

http://www.foodsafe tyworkinggroup. gov/[/b]
here is a link to info on the new group that is supposed to protect us from our food

This is so frightening

Primal Diet / raw meat vs. frozen
« on: July 25, 2009, 09:33:16 am »
I have read a lot about the benefits to raw meat and how freezing it is bad. I'm curious how many people can actually set their schedule up to only eat raw fresh (never been frozen) meat. I would like to be able to eat that way but it's not  necessarily feasable. Anyone have sugestions to help or how they may have delt with this.  thanks ;D

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