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Health / Liver/GB Flushing vs Cancer
« on: March 01, 2011, 05:25:50 am »
Hey all,

I realise that this may sound freaky but since I had adrenal challenges, I now seem to have developed a cancer (just a word) condition, which may have spread from my left testicle (no lumps but change in nature), then to the right testicle (no lumps but change in nature) and now possibly to my brain. Something kinda popped in my head (with increased pressure) after a few sensations and then I felt like I was going to lose consciousness, but managed to stay conscious. I went totally white and my heart was beating like crazy - suffice to say I visited the emergency room, although things calmed down. Now I have a permanent sensation in my mid right brain.

Maybe this has occurred because my immune system has been fighting like crazy over something (maybe a soil-based probiotic I took) with chronic inflammation occurring etc., plus with hormone imbalances, estrogen has been unopposed.

Suffice to say that if I can stay conscious in this realm long enough before being unjacked from the matrix, I will endeavour to save what I have...


Now, the only remaining option I have seems to be liver flushing and coffee enemas to try to get my liver/GB fully back online - this will have to be swift and well planned.

I'm looking for answers as to how I may execute the flushes because everything in the past seemed too difficult, even when I had the energy reserves.


My fat digestion seems rubbish now even though it was good before, which may have caused many stones to come down without actually being expelled. If my fat digestion is poor, that must mean my mineral uptake is poor. The idea with flushing is to improve fat digestion and mineral uptake. Until then, I cannot really thrive on fatty meat as a source of energy or minerals.


Also, what about alkalising minerals?


If you can help me, it would potentially save my poor paleo ass...

I don't know when I will be unjacked from the matrix, so quick responses would be cool, thanks.

Sees you,

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Balanced RVAF
« on: February 19, 2011, 10:10:38 pm »
Hey all,

I had a break from RVAF for a while, mainly because of a plethora of problems that arose, which I've still not resolved.

However, I've been suffering too at the hands of neolithic foods (which I was eating for more energy), so I was trying to refocus again on raw paleo, although I'm so dysregulated now that I just don't know what to eat/incorporate.

I watched a documentary about mongolians using golden eagles to achieve their hunting in the mountains, which was amazing and inspiring - I really wanted to emulate their paleo hunting way.

Suffice to say, I'm wondering again what you're eating daily - muscle meats, organ meats, fat/marrow etc.?

I think my body is too metabolically and nutritionally damaged from past SAD/abuse and raw veganism to heal now (especially maybe because my gut is totally dysbiotic and my stomach acid and bile output are insufficient), although I can still just do my best in this situation out of respect for life. Who is taking HCl and bile salts with their meals?

My teeth still suffered on raw paleo as well as my gums (receding), so I can imagine that I wasn't getting sufficient minerals and fat-soluble activators (or maybe my uptake was poor). Metabolically, I wish I'd chosen raw paleo over raw veganism in the beginning - maybe then I'd have had the "fire" to digest better and not be so depleted in the first place. I was so naive at the time though and green smoothies sounded easier than raw liver.


Health / Goodsamaritan, can you help me please?
« on: January 30, 2011, 09:39:02 pm »
Hey Goodsamaritan,

I think I have a serious problem with estrogen at the moment, which my liver is probably not clearing (due to liver stagnation).

I'm trying to design a program to help me through these difficult times, which I know you have experience with.

Could you pm me your phone number or e-mail address please? I would gladly donate too...

Thanks for your help.



Health / Estrogen Dominance
« on: January 30, 2011, 02:10:55 am »
Hey gang,

I realise that my attitude in previous posts was very maligned and less than productive for myself and others, so I've decided to change my demeanour somewhat.

As you know, I'm currently *working* to overcome some problems I encountered in my journey of trying to recover my health.

8 weeks ago, I was swamped with some major symptoms, which align with adrenal dysregulation. I've since discovered that my cortisol has been very high, as well as my ESTROGEN! Yeah, I have high estrogen...

Strangely enough, in the last day or two, I have a tender swelling in my right breast. This is on top of deteriorating vision, loss of collagen from my skin/joints and many other things like constant dehydration, fluctuating pupils, inability to handle stress etc.

I'm now wondering if everything goes back to my liver, which is responsible for clearing estrogen. Maybe my unfinished business of liver cleansing actually contributed to estrogen dominance, which may have contributed to adrenal fatigue (or not).

Also, my eyebrows and eyelashes have become unbelievably bushy.

The point of the post is to appeal for anyone here with experience of combining raw paleo with liver/GB detoxification in the context of adrenal dysregulation.

Let me know if you can help me with any suggestions.

Nice one,

Health / Desperation For Health & Metabolic Ruin
« on: December 22, 2010, 06:29:04 pm »
Hey all,

It's a while since I've been around here, mainly out of severely poor health with apparently nowhere to go anymore. I'm in complete turmoil and have no idea if there's a way out for me. I'm so underweight with no possibility to gain any weight.

I have developed serious metabolic problems to the extent that my muscles have wasted, my teeth are crumbling and my sleep cycle is totally nonexistent. My body seems to be in a severely catabolic state and I can't eat more than a small amount of fat without diarrhea, plus I think too much meat/fat and maybe not eating enough has driven me into this hyperadrenal stress state (along with cumulative stress throughout life).

I've been on some forums for adrenal fatigue, although it seems that megadosing on synthetic vitamin C is often the answer, along with other stuff like regularly eating neolithic foods etc. Many people report that adrenal glandulars make them worse etc., so I really feel I'm in a hole here.

Thinking about what to do and what to implement to turn the tide is proving to be massively overwhelming for me, thinking about the myriad of possible paths I could take according to my dampened intuitive sense.

I'm also thinking that I will have to remineralise with calcium/magnesium, although I've tried so many things to do this in the past, I already know it's a challenge, especially on a paleo diet. Dairy makes my teeth brittle.

Ultimately, it seems that most SAD dieters are far healthier than me and I really wonder what a wise move could be in this situation. I seem to be beyond what could be healthy now, so it's probably more an exercise in damage limitation.

Very low carb seems to have pushed me in the direction of low body temperature and metabolic ruin, although I'm not confounding it totally.

Does anyone have any wisdom for me to seek in these tricky times that are threatening my livelihood/life?

I would really appreciate anything you can offer because this thing seems to be taking me under right now.

Please help my soul...

Very best,


Health / Adrenal Fatigue/Burnout/Insufficiency SOS
« on: November 21, 2010, 08:57:20 pm »
Hey all,

Can anyone experienced here help me with impending/onset adrenal fatigue/burnout/insufficiency?

It seems that accidental ketosis started the cycle (I seem unable to stay out of ketosis with only fruits) or flicked the switch and now my circadian cortisol production is out of whack (no sleep), plus my body is constantly losing water (low production of aldosterone to maintain sodium levels).

No sleep and chronic water/sodium loss seems to be destroying my body (muscle, bone, connective tissues/collagen) and I need to initiate a program to break the cycle and support my adrenals (if the origin isn't actually more pituitary like some believe).

I'm classic low-adrenal here (, even to the extent that I've lost lower leg hair (weird symptom) and I'm growing hairs in weird places (eyebrows particularly more full).

At the moment, it seems that the only way to combat low aldosterone production and resulting sodium/electrolyte imbalance is to drink unrefined salt water, but I'm sure this is also creating other imbalances (maybe overdosing on trace minerals).

Here're some suggestions for restoring/supporting the adrenals, which I may consider...

Too much longer in this metabolic state will easily suck what I have left of my health, so if anyone has anything to contribute, it would be most appreciated (trying to maintain calm)...

SOS, thanks!

Health / Sleepless...
« on: October 27, 2010, 03:06:13 am »
Hey all,

I'm in a fairly desperate state and wondering if anyone has any advice or an explanation of what happened to me.

I'd increased my meat last week from 150g-200g to 300g and after meals noticing bloodshot eyes and general fatigue. The night afterwards (last Thursday) I was truly wired and could not drop/nod off as if I'd had caffeine or something (although I hadn't had any stimulant).

Since then, I've been experiencing severe sleep disturbances, either not really sleeping at all or sleeping and then waking at 3am/4am/5am, which is really abnormal for me (normally sleep right through).

Currently, I've been dragging myself to work like a zombie and somehow managing to pass off as a diligent professional, although I can imagine that I'm running mainly on adrenalin, which cannot be good. I look and feel terrible - like an old man with bloodshot eyes.

This event definitely coincided with the increase in meat per day, which seems to have unbalanced my neurotransmitters and/or stress hormones (e.g. cortisol).

I've been trying to benefit from some rest, but frankly, I'm going downhill fast without the regenerative REM/delta sleep that we all need.

Herbal remedies like chamomile and valerian amongst others have kept me a little relaxed, although this state will not be sustainable for long and I can imagine a visit to a naturopath soon.

Suffice to say I've scaled back my meat/fat rations to the previously prudent level.

Can anyone help me or did anyone have the same experiences with self-resolution later on? I'm getting to the point of desperation with this spectre... :'(

Thanks for your help.



Health / Underweight...
« on: October 14, 2010, 03:50:11 am »
Hey all,

I'm currently more underweight than I'd like to be for my height (1.7m @ 58kg) and I'm wondering how I can gain weight without having to include starches, which seem to screw me up in excess (my teeth/gums especially get a messy sensation about them).

I've been eating 200g fat + 200g meat, along with some fruits (maybe a few pieces per day), although I'm cold and struggle to maintain weight (especially with any physical exercise) at this measure.

It seems to me that I'm not getting enough calories from my diet (to create an energy excess) and the best thing I can think to do is increase fat (too much fruit is not good and too much protein is not good for me).

I've been trying to consume 300g fat per day and I was wondering if anyone else consumes this much fat (in the form of animal fat).

Did anyone particularly struggle to maintain weight thus far and find a resolution in more calories? I seem to think my body just burns calories like crazy (fast oxidiser), even though I lead a fairly sedentary personal/professional life.

Currently, I'm avoiding excessive physical activity (even though I love it) just to conserve energy.

Please help me...


General Discussion / Vitamin D UV Lamp
« on: October 12, 2010, 04:26:26 am »
Hey all,

Has anyone used these Sperti vitamin D lamps during the winter time?

I generally avoid cod liver oil, plus I'm skeptical as to whether the supplements I've tried before are actually an optimal dose, so I was considering this lamp for the winter, now that "my shadow is longer than me" on midday walkabout.

I'm thinking about importing this lamp for myself and family members, but I thought I'd gather some sensible consensus from my paleo contemporaries as a preemptive strike...



Health / Importing Dr. Ron's -> UK
« on: September 22, 2010, 04:48:58 am »
Hey all,

I've just placed an order with Dr. Ron's for Organ Delight and Thyroid+Liver, although they mentioned that Organ Delight might be tricky to get through UK customs - has anyone here imported Organ Delight into the UK (and with any trepidation)?

Also, did anyone do the adrenals test with shining bright light into the eye and checking if the pupil can stay small? My pupils have always been very large since I can remember and they seem to struggle to stay small when shining bright light into them, which some say is indicative of adrenal dysfunction.

I'm pretty inactive around here at the moment due to a busy livelihood and supplementing my RAF and fruit with cooked vegetables (so my mindset is a little off exclusively raw). It would be nice if I could spend more time on here, but it's just not doable at the moment.



Hot Topics / High Meats = ALE/AGEs?
« on: May 15, 2010, 05:20:22 pm »
Hey all,

I was recently thinking about how high meats go brown on the surface as they're exposed to oxygen in the fridge and I was wondering if this browning was maillard/glycation products or enzymatic browning by bacteria.

Any clue anyone?



Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Raw Cartilage/Collagen
« on: May 14, 2010, 02:10:46 am »
Hey all,

Does anyone here eat raw cartilage and if so, how do you make it edible?

I've been experimenting with cooked bone broths, although the old headache/migraine effect of excitotoxicity from free glutamic acid always kicks in after a few doses in a day, which could be down to allsorts like low thyroid, excess PUFAs etc. (I read on that healing the thyroid can resolve amine/glutamate sensitivity) Most people aren't sensitive to that little free glutamates, but it seems I am for some reason - plus I'm anti-cooking, of course.

So in hoping to make some progress with tooth healing (my teeth do strengthen on bone broth - more so than raw bone meal), I've asked my local farm to save me the spine from a beef carcass, but I don't know how I could consume the cartilage (from the discs) without extensive cooking.

It's ironic that most people tout bone broth/gelatine as a "sacred food" and yet it seems to screw with my neurons! Bloody ridiculous...

Also, does anyone have any ideas about the toughest cuts of meat, like neck, brisket, chuck etc.?

Thanks for your help.

Very best,


Health / Yawnorama
« on: May 10, 2010, 08:53:04 pm »
Hey all,

Does anyone here get that yawning typical of hypoglycaemia after eating just a meal of meat/fat without any fruit/honey added? I always notice it and I wonder if it's normal, or not. If I eat a "dessert" of fruit/honey just afterwards, I notice less yawning. Surely this is a phenomenon for somebody else here, or maybe my blood sugar control still requires some healing (no mention of leptin sensitivity just yet).

If the protein is stimulating insulin release and there is no fructose to invoke glucagon release, the blood sugar drops - enough to cause yawning in my case. Other hormones then kick in to compensate, which constitutes a stressor.

My teeth are still actively cavitating in spite of a nutrient-dense meat+fat+organs+bone_meal diet, so I can imagine that blood sugar control (and endocrinological impact) is implicated.

I notice this same yawning after starchy fruits like bananas, although this doesn't happen with non-starcy glucose/fructose/sucrose fruits.

Can anyone relate to me here because every time I yawn, it's a reminder that something's very less-than-ideal? Furthermore, I don't understand how this can fit into the concept of a diet with or without direct carbohydrates.

Ahhhh (yawn)...

Very best,


General Discussion / Spring Lambs - Yum! ;-))
« on: May 04, 2010, 12:01:11 am »
Hey all,

I just bought some "spring lamb" chops and they were amazing tasting (raw).

What's the consensus on the nutritional superiority of spring-finished meats over other seasons, given Weston Price's observations that springtime cow butter is richer (particularly in K2) in nutrient value. Does it make much difference to the nutrient value of their fats?

I was considering maybe buying a bulk of spring meat for freezing and enjoying it a little longer. Yum...

Any thoughts please?



Hot Topics / Cooked Starches
« on: March 04, 2010, 09:09:07 pm »
Hey all,

I've been struggling with weight maintenance, energy levels and kidney health on high RVAF and as an experiment, I've been including some cooked starches (butternut squash, carrots, potatoes etc.) to augment my raw meat/fruits/vegetables diet (a la the Kitavans). I can say that for the first time in a couple of years, I feel more motivation/energy, increased strength and weight regain.

I realise it's taboo to introduce this topic in a raw forum, but frankly, it's just an "augmentation" of my raw paleo effort to assist my energy levels and weight gain.

I must say that with these cooked starches, I never feel any subsequent hypoglycemic response (tiredness, yawning) and it seems already that my glucose tolerance has improved, as well as bowel movements, metabolism and weight gain.

Has anyone else experimented with this augmentation to RVAF with beneficial efficacy?



Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Raw Omni + Tooth Healing
« on: January 02, 2010, 10:30:29 pm »
Hey all,

I've been trying to heal my teeth (a la Weston Price proposition) on a raw diet over the last couple of years, although it's proved quite unsuccessful thus far (actually losing more enamel).

I realise that it's problematic for me to be raw zero-carb (which has been effective for others hoping to increase bone density and repair teeth), so I'm generally trying to include minimal carbs to keep me out of ketosis.

However, most of the raw carb choices are fruit and honey (overly-sweet and acidic), plus nuts seem to promote tooth decay (I've eliminated all nuts for the foreseeable future).

Has anyone noticed tooth healing with raw omni (with maybe 100g raw animal fats per day) and the inclusion of Green Pasture raw fermented cod liver oil, Green Pasture butter oil and maybe some supplementary D3 and 6-12 (very orange) egg yolks per week?

I realise that raw butter is not paleo and that some strains of raw grass-fed butter are more suitable than others (that is, from A2 milk instead of A1 milk), but it's meant to be high in K2, which is very beneficial for tooth healing and bone building.

I realise that zero-carbers don't need raw butter to strengthen bones/teeth, but currently my low carb trials do not seem to be having the "stop the rot" effect that I need to save my teeth (functionally and aesthetically).

Is it possible that I'm just being impatient and that my nutritional status will gradually improve after 6-12 months, or should I change my protocol to just having fruit every couple of days? Personally, I reckon that eliminating the nuts will help, although I do reckon that fruit has a negative impact on my teeth, even in small quantities.

Does anyone alternate daily between honey and fruit, or anything else carby? I do secure possibly the finest honeycomb in my locality, which I could eat regularly in small amounts, but I like the idea of enjoying some vitamin C intake too. I've also been enjoying bee pollen from the same source, which I really enjoy.

I know that you (my good contemporaries) will have some useful guidelines for me, so here I am putting my enquiry into the ether...



Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Kidney Stress
« on: December 30, 2009, 02:18:20 am »
Hey all,

I've been a way for some time again due to travelling and family events, although I've been managing to carefully maintain my raw, low-carb omnivorous eating style amongst the onslaught of invitations to eat of the fire that burns...

Well, in the last month, I noticed dark circles under my eyes (I eliminated them years ago with raw veganism), which could've been a number of things, including overtaxed kidneys according to some traditional medicine.

The point is now that I have pain/burning proximal to both kidneys (bilateral, posterior, low abdominal pain), which is disquieting. I find these two manifestations to be more-than-coincidental (dark circles, kidney pain) and I'm searching some of the online literature/anecdotes for a clue about the appropriate next step.

Has anyone transitioning to RAF from medium-term raw vegan experienced a kidney challenge?

Just out of curiosity, I've been checking the pH of my morning urine (not sure how this may be relevant), which has been between 3.5-4.0 - quite acidic.

Currently, I've just been eating 200g fatty meat + 100g fat (all grass-fed) each day, along with some berries, avocado, coconut meat etc. and plenty of water (2-3 litres).

Is it possible that the change to meat+fat is eroding some kind of oxalate precipitation in the kidneys, which is working loose, or otherwise buildup/precipitation of uric acid crystals?

I read about Lex passing some stones recently, which may have been oxalate-based (eroded over some time on ZC), so I'm wondering if my enquiry is particularly relevant.

I'm confused because Tyler said to me in a recent post that nobody here had experienced renal/kidney problems, yet here I am after only a few months on raw meat+fat with renal pain (not superficial either - the first thing that I notice when I awaken in the morning).

If anyone has any constructive commentary about this phenomenon, I would greatly appreciate their contribution, thanks.



Journals / Anthropomorphistic Intent...
« on: December 03, 2009, 06:15:09 am »
Well, school's closed today, so I thought I'd begin my foray into journalistic anthropocentricity.

Nature proving to be the chief undertaker, I'm int'rested in the various schools of naturalism as far as I can be self-sufficient and altruistic without proving to be oppressive to my kinfolk.

My burgeoning dietary funk has brought me to this compassionate nexus of the paleorati, for which I'm thankful...;-)) Actually really thankful...(thank you for having me!)

It's actually one of the best communities I've been a party to, which is a strong testament to the original paleolithic mindset (orgiastic!).


Most of my youth was misspent, although instead of dying young, I decided to explore the possibility that most people are digging their own grave with their teeth and various less-than-benign pharma-peddling industrial complexes are profiting somehow. Misinformation abounds, even in the counter-counter communities...

I seem to have an (accultured from the womb?) affinity for the sweet and the sour, so as a long-term citrus junkie, my tooth enamel has been subjected to some demineralisation and as a family member who faithfully trimmed the fat off his meat and passed it on, I could imagine that the combination of sugary-acid payloads and lack of fats has severely diminished my dental sufficiency. Ignorance was not so!

Nevertheless, in my stumbling, meandering manner, I happened upon the work of Weston A. Price, which proved to be a revelation of sorts - something that I did not value highly enough at the time, given the advocation of dairy, which I had long been avoiding. I was also not much of a cook, so I couldn't imagine boiling bones, plus I knew that most cod liver oil was already rancid and heat processed. In a twist of madness, I happened upon the raw plant-based community with its anecdotes of tooth healing and the power of greens etc. (hehe), which ushered in a retrospectively futile two year pursuit of the hallmarks of healing. I'd read about the raw paleolithic approach almost at the beginning, but concluded immediately that it was impracticable (what, meat, raw?!).

Although I've disposed of the temporal dimension in my realisation of the intensity of the here and now (which is all we have), I'm beginning this chronicle as a means to facilitate my recollection of experientially-realised states of health-reclamation - something that I've not necessarily fully realised thus far (and wouldn't necessarily expect to either!). Damned if I do, damned if I don't!

My staples are currently raw grass-fed rump/chuck steak, lamb chops, brisket fat, creamy marrow fat, lamb's/cow's liver and other select cuts when I feel the urge. I like to lacto-ferment my liver in sparkling water kefir, so it usually has a fizzy tingle (maybe my teeth are affected by that though). I consume F-CLO, raw butter oil and krill oil, along with sporadic GLA oils etc. I enjoy odd fruits including cucumber, avocado, coconuts and various berries (sometimes half a mango or papaya, if I feel like it).

I continue to attempt to transition to RZC as a means for healing my teeth, which are compromised to the extent that anything other than meat/fat feels like it's penetrating the dentine and irritating the nerve tissue. However, since maturing into RVAF, I've noticed a strengthening of feeling in the teeth, as if the roots are held in tighter or something.

I respect circadian rhythms and it's ~22:00 here, so I'm ascending to my darkened, electrically-silent room for the matter of deep, deep sleep (sleeping with no clothes seems to be even more effective for the deep delta brain wave state).

'til the next time...

Hey all,

I've been travelling a little, so I've only just managed to get myself together to start posting again...

Nevertheless, in the last couple of weeks (since I've been carefully low-carb 100% grass-fed RAF for a few months now), I've noticed an old visitor returning, which I haven't entertained since before my raw-vegan/cleansing/flushing shadows/dark circles/eye bagginess/loss of skin tone under eyes...(it was one of the first things that subsided after transitioning away from a standard Western eating style).

My sleep follows circadian rhythms and I avoid stimulants or anything that may be bordering on toxic (I typically don't eat after 19:00 to allow the stomach to empty before sleep begins).

I could speculate a toxic/overworked liver (even though I've done plenty of liver/GB flushes), overtaxed kidneys, compromised endocrine glands, dirty or sticky blood - who knows?! Parasite activity? Overgrowth die-off?

Has anyone else experienced a re-emergence of this dark phenomena since progressing through high RAF? It seems counter-intuitive to healing, given that they subsided with raw-veganism and now they're returning.

Are there any adjustments that I could make (e.g. in ratios) that have been applicable for others, because at the moment, I look like I'm hungover with a poor night's sleep every day?!



Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / To Hearty Effect...
« on: August 26, 2009, 04:48:11 pm »
Hey all,

I've been away from the forum for some time, trying to go with my intuition and attempting to transition of low/zero carb RAF.

However, this last week, after eating mainly meat, fat and egg yolks (usually 60% fats - for last 2 weeks), I've noticed some aching in my upper left quadrant and often an almost hypertensive/tachycardic state. I've been using my training heart rate monitor to check my resting/walking pulse, which is generally between 85-105. My breathing also seems to be more pronounced/hyper when I'm conscious of it. I've also been drinking coconut water with a few drops of ConcenTrace (trace elements without the sodium) for extra minerals, as well as taking a few capsules of french clay + shilajit.

Is this a typical effect of transitioning to keto-adaptation and should i fall back to a certain weight of carbs again to gauge the effect? I know there are posts on here documenting various ill effects from immature transitioning to zero carb RAF but I don't recall when anyone/everyone posted now.

I've never known my heart/circulation to be this restless before, so I'm wondering if anyone has any insights.



Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Fermenting Flesh/Organs/Oils
« on: July 29, 2009, 09:00:25 pm »
Hey all,

Hope everybody's good...I've not been on here in a week or two, mainly because I've not been near my PC...

I was wondering if anyone had experimented with fermenting meats/organs, such as with biotic marinades like unpasteurised, soured whey or sauerkraut water etc. I've been marinating meats and organics in whey, which seems to tenderise the fleshy/fatty parts quite nicely (it's not something I do all of the time). Obviously, there are other options like kombucha, mother of vinegar etc., but I've not tried them.

Raw liver soaked in soured whey at ambient temperature for 1-2 days seems to come out quite nice. I tend to mix the whey with more water and the meats in a jar, which I then place in a sealer/ziplock bag on my worktop/counter.

Of course, with whey, there's the dairy element, but if it's rinsed to some extent afterwards, I'm not sure if this would constitute anything worth even thinking about.

I started experimenting after my great experiences with lacto-fermented/preserved cod liver oil from Green Pasture - one of the so-called "sacred foods"! Of course, I understand that the ferments are native/wild around that particular medium, but it's always good to introduce cultures into things...

I spoke to the main man at Green Pasture and he said that they couldn't even measure a peroxide value after leaving the cod liver oil at ambient temperature with full oxygen exposure for days on end, so the lactic acid and possibly other elements in the fermented mix must be keeping those polyunsaturated oils pretty darn stable. One wonders if other vegetable-based oils (i.e. small doses of flax, hemp etc.) couldn't be complexed with similar preservatives/cultures to keep them nicely, even in the GI tract and beyond.

On the subject of vegetable-originated lipids, has anyone ever read about black cumin seed oil - pretty amazing stuff! I'm lucky to have someone who will press it to order for me (same as my flax and hemp oils), so it's super fresh/safer.

Any ideas/counter-ideas would be cool, thanks.

All the best,


Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Raw Goose Fat + Skin
« on: July 19, 2009, 01:18:37 am »
Hey all,

Hope everyone's good...(another miniscule thread!)

Is raw wholly pastured goose fat with skin good to eat raw, or should i give it to the birds?

Nice one!



Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / RAF Straying
« on: July 11, 2009, 06:39:13 am »
Hey all,

Hope everyone's good...

I'm just wondering if/how everyone (if at all) is straying from ZC-RAF for serving other purposes like mineralising, facilitating recovery, mental wellbeing, heavy metal chelation, overcoming trauma etc.

Examples might include bee pollen, soaked nuts/seeds (e.g. macadamias, hemp/sunflower/pumpkin), any kind of structured water (quartz crystal/magnet, fruit-infused, sun-dried sea salt, fresh urine/plasma ultrafiltrate of self), wild forages of local plants/flowers, alcohol/glycerine-based cannabis tinctures, other herbal tinctures/extractions, lemon juice+egg shell, well cleaned/hollowed bone broth, chelators/clathrators/zeolites, geophagy, MSM, lecithin granules, CLO, "high"/fermented meats (yeah, I know it's RAF), veggie juices...All the weird and potentially wonderful stuff aside from or supplementary to basic RAF, yet still in the true spirit of RPD...

Also, how old does meat have to be to be considered "high"? I've had various bits of meat in my fridge for 1-2 weeks, which I'm still enjoying (and even more so for the slight aging!).

Admittedly, I'm already looking forward to the satiation of my next raw meat preparation(s) again and again...Yum!

All the best,


Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Fat-soluble Vitamin Toxicity
« on: July 04, 2009, 07:11:12 am »
Hey all,

(moderators, feel free to displace the thread if it's misplaced, thanks!)

Finally, I'm kicking off a new thread, which is about a point of interest that's kept me intrigued for a few months...

Well, it all started when I was taking a non-wholefood vitamin K2 MK-4 supplement based on some research that I'd been doing about strengthening skeletal/dental tissue. I was aware that this supplement was synthetic, but I was willing to experiment with the RDA for a short duration to gauge any effects (as a means to identify any deficiency - strange approach, I know). This was during my raw vegan days...Ultimately, I believe this impacted my blood coagulation, which may have caused a very slight oxygen starvation to the brain tissues, leaving me with some strange cognitive and motor disturbances (which I still notice to a lesser extent now - e.g. a slight tremor when making fine hand movements)...

Suffice to say, I should've known better to stay away from synthetic doses of vitamins that effect blood coagulation as well as bone matrix protein activation. I learned my lesson...

Nevertheless, the fat-soluble plot thickens...

I'd read (I think) on WPF's website that the high doses of retinol (A) and cholecalciferol were (D3) quite safe in reasonably high doses due to the synergistic balancing of these 2 vitamins along with K2 (menaquinone MK-4) from aquatic/land livers. Obviously, I've read the stories about polar bear liver-induced deaths.

In the last couple of weeks, I've been taking 6ml fermented CLO per day, plus I ate ~6oz lamb's liver this week, along with a good measure of trimmed fats. Already, in a matter of days, my teeth feel stronger than they have done for a long time...

So, I've just seen this video:

Now I'm thinking about it, does my back feel a little stiff after shifting 30 flag stones the other day, or am I already feeling the effects of fat-soluble vitamins in excess, which my body can't easily eliminate.

I never want to insult any of my tissues ever again with excess fat-soluble vitamins, so I'm looking for some advice about a careful approach to consuming these organ meats (or their raw pressed oils), especially in a tooth healing protocol.

It seems that there's a caveat with consuming anything and it's sometimes undermining to one's own esteem to realise that foolish overconsumption is an easily fulfilled potential!

Please enlighten me and accept my apologies if this is a well-laboured topic already.

All the very best,

MrBBQ (journeying yet again!)

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Confuzzled...
« on: June 21, 2009, 05:51:01 pm »
Hey all,

May I introduce myself as a curious party, hehe...Cool forum with interesting people!

I'm living in Sheffield, United Kingdom and I've been experimenting with raw veganism and raw animal foods. I initially became interested in raw food preparation due to dental cavities, but despite various anecdotes from raw vegans, I've certainly not been successful with that approach (2 years of great effort/fasting/cleansing). Apparently, there are people who thrive solely on plants/fruits/etc., but from what I've read, that's very challenging, even in the presence of a very symbiotic GI tract and no biliary/GB/liver debris to clear away.

I've noticed some anecdotes on here asserting that teeth have strengthened with zero carbs and all animal meat/fat, which I find very interesting (it totally flies in the face of renal acid load and internal hygiene/endotoxin/mycotoxin theory). Many disease recovery programs cite that meat promotes dysbiosis of the GI tract (recommending elimination of any raw/cooked animal products) and also provides no fibre or antioxidants...I'm confused!

Nevertheless, I'm considering transitioning to eating some land (already eating sashimi+egg yolks) animal meats raw, but I'm a newbie when it comes to a safe approach. I recently had a bad experience with raw farmed salmon, which I would not like to repeat!

Does anyone know a good source in the UK for grass-fed meat? I know only one shop in my city that offers grass-fed meat (, which comes from southern England.

Assuming that I use this company for my meat, what should I ask them to ensure that the flesh is safe for raw consumption (bacteria, parasites etc.)? Should the butcher be able to identify worms/larvae/eggs in muscles/organs?

Is there any marinade that destroys parasites/bacteria without denaturing the meat/fat?

Do most butchers give out free fat and bones? Is it easy to remove the marrow and then slow cook the bones for broth? Is fat difficult to chew?

Does anyone use the high vitamin fermented cod liver oil (high quality, unprocessed) and ghee as a supplement of fat-soluble vitamins (I realise ghee is cooked, but it would be the exception in a high raw diet)?

One last thing, I've heard about bacterial amines being formed on meat, especially after 2 weeks from slaughter. What does everyone consider fresh and how fresh/tender is a good compromise?

Is anyone just eating fat without all that protein? Really, I would like plenty of fat for the vitamins, but not massive amounts of protein. I also find it interesting that raw meat provides a measure of vitamin C (an antioxidant!).

I'll stop there because I'm sure I've already stretched your attention span to daydreaming point.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

All the best,

Scott M

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