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How can I recover from adrenal exhaustion and low blood pressure? (90/50) I have 2 days with all the symptoms.
I eat according to the Primal Diet but without the dairy, so perhaps not all animal fat suggested on diet. I use plenty of avocado and some coconut cream.
Any suggestions are very welcome,


This link shows the environmental conditions of this city, I live temporarily here.

1.- How can I deal with outdoors humidity?, today is about 100%.

I am pretty sure the Paleo inhabitants of this place had this problem also.

Are some RP eaters living in similar places, can you share your experience and solutions please?

Thanks and regards

I discovered I have candida since 2009, I was living in South America, I probably have candida since 30 or 40 years ago. In April 2010 I began Primal Diet, I was improving.

Then, I move to Spain last November 2010 and began to take dairy. First, I got strong and gain weight, before I was under weight, then I got worst with indigestion and insomnia and I totally suspended dairy last march 2011.

I began to eat bone marrow, suet and pork fat. I dislike very much suet and with pork fat and suet I feel like little seasick and tired. I suspended suet and pork fat about one month ago.

For fat I take per day: 2 or 3 avocados and 1 or 2 small bone marrow with the meat meals and about 1 ounce of coconut cream when I got the coconut. A couple of small glasses of green juices, 1 or 2 small glasses of water with 1 spoon of lemon and 1 spoon of honey a day. Each 2 days I eat little fruit: 1 banana or cherries or 1 fig.

I eat 2 to 3 meat meals a day: beef, liver, turkey (not 100% pasture), blue fish, 4 to 6 eggs a day, they relieve my thirst, either rocky style, 2 each time, or blended with coconut cream and 1 spoon of lemon or lime juice. Sometimes I add to the smoothies 1 spoon of lime and 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar.

I have about 2 weeks extremely weak, difficulties to breathe sometimes, very lethargic, annoying rashes and with difficulties to get sleep, could it be the candida die-off due to lime, lemon and coconut? or what else?

I appreciate a lot your kind suggestions to improve.
Best regards

Hello  Ladies and Gentlemen, have a nice day.
Sorry for this long message but I have to explain my situation.
1.- I am having strong recurring problems with my body since 1994. I never trusted Doctors, due to what they did to my very sick mother, they converted her, from a strong and nice woman, into a totally devastated, drugged and disabled human being from 1984 to 1996, now she is almost a vegetable, barely subsisting.
2.- I live in South America, in a very hot weather country. In 2009 I requested a stool laboratory test by myself and it showed I had "Candida Krusei," I suspect I have it probably since I was a kid. I was not fat, I weighed 74 kilograms and height 1.70 m. But after 5 months of Blood Type Diet/Genotype Diet combined with the Candida diet, by the end of March 2010 I was on the bones with about 56 kilograms. I have a body that is Blood Type 0+ Genotype 4 (Explorer) non-secretor. With those restrictive diets my cholesterol jumped to 344, I was able to lower to 250, only with food, but no less until I found 2 links to the Primal Diet.
2.1 In April 7th 2010, I did a new cholesterol test early in the morning, I had 239, by lunch I began with the Primal Diet. In April 15th I did another cholesterol test and it dropped to 185, this  was amazing to me and I gained confidence in the Primal diet.
2.2 From April 7th until end of October 1010, I was eating raw eggs, fish, red meat, avocados, tomatoes, some green juices, coconut milk and cream, almonds, walnuts, honey, some fruit, little salted cheese, lime and honey in water, it was impossible to get natural and unsalted raw cheese, butter, milk,  it is a very hot country, so raw dairy is forbidden. Animal fat is very difficult to get. In 3 weeks I felt I had more energy. I had experienced various detox events no more than 2-3 days long.
3.- With the extra energy I was able to finish some work and get some resources to try to help my mother in Europe and rescue her from the terrible SS (Social Security). Please note that I work with computers so I do not have much chance to exercise nor energy. I am in Europe since last November,  you can not imagine what I have found here, I had to get the advice of various lawyers, given the situation of mother with the SS. My levels of stress jumped to the roof. Here I was able to find raw milk, butter, cheese and kefir and increased the amount of green juices and honey, I guess I was eating too much.
3.1 In 3 months in Europe I increased weight to 66kg, disappeared, my joints sound, and felt strong and happy, but suddenly my old problems appeared again. For weeks I was unable to sleep at random days, with nightmares, belly noises, very strong heartburn and pains in the chest at night and in consequence, a complete lack of energy, exhaustion, joints and muscle pains, thick blood, these problems were usual before doing the Primal Diet, and what is new: itching and rashes on 20% of my skin.
3.2 I suspended dairy since a couple of weeks ago, but I still get plenty of honey, coconut, avocados and green juices (1 litter a day = about 1 Quarter Gallon). What can this be: too much food, sickness of carbohydrates or candida die-off?.

3.3 I discovered that here cows are not fed only with grass but in the last 2 months before they are sacrificed, the are feed with compound fodder. I think I will increase oceanic blue fish intake, I do not like white fish. Here I some times get suet (I do not like it) and pork fat which I like, but it is not pasture pork. Mainly my fats are eggs and vegetable fats: coconut cream and avocado.
4.- Please, I would like to know the experience and opinion of the old and experienced people who are in a "Raw Carnivorous Zero Carbohydrates" diet, specially if there is an elder one, how many years the person is on the diet, a typical eating day, describe their meals, and how they feel and work.
5.- On the "Raw Carnivorous Zero Carbohydrates" diet my questions are:
5.1 How can I get raw enzymes, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients?
5.2 How can I hydrate myself?, because only water give me problems and with lemon it makes my belly hot and with the feeling I need to eat soon and some constipation.
5.3 How can I avoid carbohydrates withdrawal symptoms, and/or candida die-off?.
5.4 How can I repair my digestive system?.
5.5 What food to suppress and what to eat safety, without getting into malnutrition?.
6.- By the way, yesterday I reduced juices and honey to half, and eggs from 8 to 4 only in the morning in a smoothie with honey, lemon and coconut cream as in South America, so I had only 2 meat meals plus the eggs smoothie in the morning. I like eggs because if I am thirsty they relieve me a lot, I usually take 2 (Rocky style) as a dessert after meals. Last night I was able to sleep better. Today I have no breakfast and got plenty of suet and pork fat before cow meat at midday with 2 eggs Rocky style, I feel light but I got a slightly dizzy sensation during a couple of hours, it does not bother me but it is not usual.
7.- I have the feeling that this is my last chance to change diet and improve without relapse, I do not see any more choices for me, I tested almost all diets and I do not want to make more mistakes in this trial and error process to find the truth about human feeding.  I am also very concerned about my kids, they do not live with me but need my help (the right diet and life style), they are so young and with poor health and lack of energy, frustrated with no hope to reach their goals, her mother is addicted to coffee, chocolate and cooked food and carbohydrates, and they too except for coffee.
Thank you in advance for your patience, time to help me and kind response.
Best regards

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