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Personals / Where is the best land for a Raw Paleo refugee?
« on: January 14, 2022, 02:03:42 pm »
This is just a hypothetical, I’ve been pondering lately. My homeland has been infiltrated by legions of Covid Mad Walking Brain Dead Lemmings and as much as I plan on standing my ground and fighting the good fight, it would be prudent to have an escape plan in such times of uncertainty and persecution. Where I live is a liberal leaning city of over 300,000 people, so if things begin to go zombie apocalyptic, there will be a need to relocate asap.

So instead of waiting until the last minute to prepare an escape plan, I would be interested in brainstorming with others about prospect locations that would be ideal for raising sheep semi off grid, near a community of people dedicated to maintaining maximum personal freedom through the duration of the War. A place of low enough population density with enough quality grazing land to actually support a small self sustaining community.

Personals / Where is the best land for Raw Paleo refugee?
« on: January 14, 2022, 02:03:15 pm »
This is just a hypothetical, I’ve been pondering lately. My homeland has been infiltrated by legions of Covid Mad Walking Brain Dead Lemmings and as much as I plan on standing my ground and fighting the good fight, it would be prudent to have an escape plan in such times of uncertainty and persecution. Where I live is a liberal leaning city of over 300,000 people, so if things begin to go zombie apocalyptic, there will be a need to relocate asap.

So instead of waiting until the last minute to prepare an escape plan, I would be interested in brainstorming with others about prospect locations that would be ideal for raising sheep semi off grid, near a community of people dedicated to maintaining maximum personal freedom through the duration of the War. A place of low enough population density with enough quality grazing land to actually support a small self sustaining community.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Good Samaritan SOS
« on: December 18, 2021, 08:56:40 am »
We are under major bot attack!!!

Anyone else know how to get in touch with GS please let me know, he hasn't been posting for months. I've tried to PM but no response.   Hopefully he is just been too busy fighting the good fight.

Personals / Looking for Primal Quality Sources.
« on: April 21, 2020, 08:19:31 am »
The events of the last couple of months has put a strain on my supply chain, and I do not have sufficient backup to ensure optimal food security, so Im foraging around online for decent mail order meat to try.

If anyone knows of anything( Beef or Sheep) of exceptional quality I would be interested in hearing about it. For a good enough source I would even be willing to drive half way across country if need be to check it out, but I would prefer to be able to taste test some mail order samples first.

General Discussion / Roots and Shoots
« on: June 08, 2019, 09:52:08 am »
Ive experimented with different plant foods over the years, and for the most part most plants don't work well with my high fat whole animal approach.

Recently I have discovered Burdock Root growing in my yard and have harvested some and eaten it raw, in small amounts it feels real refreshing, and seems to have an overall beneficial effect. If I eat more than a small root at a time I will feel a little bloated, but no where near the negative symptoms I would get from other vegetables.

The main inquiry here would be to ask others what raw roots, shoots, and tubers might go best in moderation along with a raw meat based diet? I am also interested in tonic roots that may not work as a primary food source, but could be used from time to time for their interesting and  adaptogenic effects....such as Ginseng or Sassafras?

It seems that there are many roots which have much less oxalates and other anti nutrient profiles, than many leafy greens . Perhaps there are minerals, resistance starch, and undiscovered synergistic factors contained in some roots that could be complementary a raw paleo diet?

I have built a large freshwater pond, and am currently planting some edible roots and shoots around the yard. I already have Burdock, lotus, jerusalem artichoke, bamboo....and am planning on adding in some cattail and horsetail.

Does anyone else have any insights or recommendation for additions to my raw root garden?

General Discussion / Fermented Coconut
« on: September 05, 2018, 12:20:19 pm »
100% Raw fermented young coconut

My girlfriend has been eating this stuff for a while, I just tasted it the other day and found it to be very satisfying.  I am hopelessly addicted to coconut butter as it is, and perhaps this may be a better and rawer alternative. Still going to give it a little while before fully endorsing the stuff, but the first impression has been positive.

General Discussion / Primal Edge
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:32:00 am »
The primal Edge has been featuring some Raw carnivores sharing some good experience based information.


It seems possible that tick bites could trigger such reactions, but I am fairly sure that there are other factors involved that are not being identified which make these people more susceptible. 

General Discussion / Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
« on: July 03, 2018, 08:43:06 am »

This testament is good publicity for a meat based diet, though they eat cooked meats....... perhaps if anyone could reach out and suggest the benefits of raw paleo to Jordan and his daughter it may help raw paleo get some positive attention.

Rogan would also be someone to reach out to regarding raw paleo, he has already interviewed a number of cooked paleo, and heavily carnivorous people but the topic of going raw has yet to be broached. His audience is huge and if anyone in the raw community could contact him, he might be open to give us a fare hearing.

Personals / Contacting Sv3rige
« on: March 16, 2018, 09:07:05 am »

I would like to reach out to Sv3ride and offer a ride through my part of the world, already responded to the comment section of the video, and was wondering if anyone here has a direct line of communication to reach him?

Personals / Searching for Greener Pastures
« on: February 25, 2018, 01:49:49 am »
Ive recently begun searching for more optimal sources of pasture raised Sheep, I have a truck and would be open to hearing of any sources of prime live animals located within or close to the South East region of the United States.

Been calling around and searching the web all week and I have some good leads, but am still unsure about where else to look before making a decision. Some of the larger farms in my region either use unpaleo methods, or wont sell directly to the public; while other smaller farms wont sell their fully mature optimal breeding age animals. Many farmers simply dont have sheep that are naturally fat and robust enough for my needs.

If anyone knows of a farm that would provide a regular supply of large fully grown paleo quality Sheep please let me know?

Personals / Cross Country
« on: May 01, 2017, 01:09:29 am »
I will be Driving from Kentucky to Arizona to pick up a beef order on May the 9th. If there are any Raw Paleos that live not too far off the trail, who would like to meet up, feel free to send me a message

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Primal Shift
« on: April 24, 2017, 09:45:17 am »
I'm operating from an instinctive primarily carnivorous diet and its been a while since I have made any major changes to the day to day diet... in which whole animal( meat, fat, glands, organs) eggs and blood are the mainstay...along with some greens, herbs, and coconut.

This past month I began to have extreme Dairy cravings out of the blue. I think my body has been missing something, and my energy has been lower than usual, and its been harder to recover from workouts. It got to the point where I would literally dream about nursing big breasted women( much more than usual) TMI

So for the last three weeks Ive been drinking about a quart of raw whole milk a day along with some blood. Ive also been eating a fair amount of turmeric and have been using shilajit. So far its been working good, its odd but I think that as long as I regularly consume blood, and some turmeric, the usual mucus dairy gut condition isn't an issue. In past experiments within a week my stomach would rebel entirely against dairy. This time around its been surprisingly calm. Around the two week mark I had a day of constipation after running out of fresh blood, but after a fresh kill everything was fine.

Its too soon into the experiment to make definite conclusions, so I will continue to post here on any changes.
So far I feel strongly that there is a real benefit to the shilajit milk mixture, which is an ancient ayurvedic practice ; having experienced increased stamina, strength, since of well being and libido.

General Discussion / Garden Tips
« on: February 23, 2017, 07:23:08 am »
Im getting my garden together and plan to have the best growing season ever. My primary crops would be fresh greens, culinary and medicinal herbs, tomatoes, roots like ginger, and turmeric....and would be willing to experiment with others?

My main question is regarding how to find the best strains of the best variety of heirloom seeds....Ive looked around the web and there are just too many to chose from...and it seems to be hit or miss when it comes to the quality...some of the heirlooms Ive bought in the past were wonderful, while others didn't seem so good...

Is there a go to site that is known for being the best?

General Discussion / Engaging the Scientific Establishment
« on: December 28, 2016, 08:49:18 am »
For Far Too Long I've been witness to the Ethos which prohibits outsiders from engaging in scientific endeavors. From what Ive Gleaned there hasn't been any viable route, for the study of Raw Paleo Nutrition, to enter the mainstream scientific establishment apparatus.

Despite the seemingly slow progress, the "alternative health movement" has been making inroads and "integrative medicine" is a burgeoning phenomenon; I feel the time is ripe to begin some Raw Paleo Mission work...its nothing Overly Grandiose or Unrealistic.... all I have in mind as of now is to look up researchers, Doctors, and scientist in the field and personally engage them in discourse or correspondence, regarding my own personal experiences with the Raw Paleo Diet.

Today I Left Messages for Low Carb researcher Dr. Mark Hyman, sent emails to Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney. I also had a remarkable conversation with  Dr. Robert Lustig.  I politely told him what I have been doing and inquired about wishing to participate in scientific research, while he told me that it was very unlikely that any institution he knew of would be willing to conduct such research, though he believes my testimony and commended me for my efforts.

This may be a good hobby for me, bugging the ears of luminaries in the alternative and establishment, and I would be happy for anyone to suggest worthy targets for the Inquisition? Who knows what may come of it, but I think its worth while to reach out to these crusaders who have already taken a strong stance against Drugs and Processed foods, and encourage them to look into the Benefits of Raw.


General Discussion / A raw paleo week in the Florida Keys
« on: December 17, 2016, 10:24:26 am »
I recently went down to the keys and spent a week camping out on a yacht in the middle of the ocean....It was about the best Raw Paleo friendly vacation Ive ever had.

I brought with me some jojoba beef suet, ground meat, and liver; to supplement the plethora of fresh seafood. I found a restaurant in Key Largo that served Caribbean Wahoo Ceviche seasoned with their own herbs. Wahoo is a damn good fish! They also severed oysters which were also good...The "moscow  oysters which were topped with caviar and a dash of horse radish, were out of this world rawlicious. The local yellow tail, and Raw Conch were also good. If I had more time and money I could of easily spent a month down there basking in the sun and feasting of fresh sea food.

The boat had great fishing, I used a beef liver vain as bate and caught a Mutton fish within seconds of my first cast, and chopped its head off and ate it while it was still moving.

After returning back to the homeland I kind of miss having access to quality seafood, and have been seeking out a good source.....I was wondering if anyone knew of an online source which would ship high quality fish direct?

Hot Topics / Raw Cannabis
« on: November 08, 2016, 09:04:31 am »
Just asking for any feed back from others who may be into the Cannabis. I know smoking it is typically demonized in many health conscious communities, and for the avid rawest cooking "it" goes against the fundamentals of Raw Living, but what about eating the raw herb, as our foraging ancestors may have done?

I have a theory that our brains are wired with receptors to certain plant substances which were once a part of our foraging diets. Certain plants had trace amounts of opioids, and canabinoids, while others had certain tryptamines and when consumed within whole unprocessed forms in accordance with a well functioning instinctive stopping mechanism would elicit generally positive effects, and may have helped us form a unity with the environment, which has been in many ways lost after the rise of the agricultural revelation?

Ive used small amounts cannabis off and on for years, I quit smoking it entirely a couple of years ago, and since then only used small amounts of homemade infused oil. For the last few months I found that eating raw cannabis buds have a pleasant and much more mild effect than consuming cooked oil.

Apparently it is a myth that the Psychoactive components have to be heated to become active, because the liver is able to decarboxylates the THC and CBD, in a process that is much less damaging to some of the other beneficial canabinoids, than smoking.

If anything I would like to suggest to those in the raw world who have smoked in the past to try and eat it raw and see if there is an effect? 

General Discussion / Lean Times
« on: July 29, 2016, 11:49:13 am »
I have managed through much effort, over the years, to obtain enough fat to make ends meat. From time to time I have fallen on lean times, where the only animals available are not fat enough to supply my needs, and I have to search for quality supplemental fats.

Lately its been like playing find a good source roulette, and now that it is the hottest stretch of the summer many of the prospective sheep I have relied on have gotten lean, while much of the supplemental cow fat I have tried has been less than optimal.

My taste have become so attuned that I can tell the minuet and subtle differences, from different sources, and have thrown a lot of what I have buy to the compost heap because it didn't taste right.

Yet every now and then I will find a beef fat source which is absolutely wonderful, so I think it is possible to use beef as a fat source, but quality is a huge issue?  For the last couple of months I have been unlucky, in finding the "fat of the fat" I often think there may be a systemic ecological quality issue in my geographic area, many of the animals I cut open look like they have some sort issue. Liver lesions are the most common, which "they say" are caused by parasites. Also most of the kidneys from animals in my area look pale, and dont seem quite right????

So I am on the lookout for any temporary sources to get me through until the Jojoba beef connection comes through. They only slaughter twice a year after the rains come in, and wont have any suet until September. The Liver, Marrow Bones, kidneys, Sweet breads, and rib meat I sampled is the best beef I have ever tasted, so I am confident that the fat will be par-excellence.I plan to stock up on all the fat I can get them to save off an animal.

Until then I may try a Slankers order. Ive tried them a few years back and it seemed decent enough...... unless anyone here knows of a better delivered to your home source in the USA?

General Discussion / Beyond Grass fed
« on: June 22, 2016, 01:28:35 pm »
After seeking out Paleo quality sources of the finest pasture meats available, searching far and wide for the best tasting animals, over a number of years, I think its past time to write down some of my thoughts ideas, so as to encourage others to think "Beyond Grass Fed" when seeking out Paleo quality meats.

After sampling Grass Fed Labeled Beef from local markets, as well as travailing abroad to Europe and other areas across America, I am very disappointed in the taste of much of what is being sold at the average market place. I believe that there are a good number of reasons for this, (other than the fact that I am as Finicky as a feline). Its been obvious to me for some time, how typical grass fed operations are being run does not make for the kind of qualities I have been seeking. Ive seen the limited fenced in pastures, which have been striped of all wild vegetation and contain primarily only a few grass varieties... the hay which is supplemented is often even more limited in its variety of wild forage. Then there are many other absurd practices of vaccinations, chemical worming, castrating, and butchering before optimal maturity, which makes the Grass Fed Label nearly worthless to Me.

These observations of how beef is typically raised and the poor taste it often has, lead me to prefer pasture raised Mutton from small family farms. This has worked fairly well the last few years, especially because it allows me to harvest all the organs as well as being able to inspect the animal carefully...... though Lately I have exhausted my best sources and have not been very pleased with the last few I have received from elsewhere. Many places that raise sheep also have limited access to ideal forage, so the taste and quality can suffer as a result.

Many Ideals have come to mind in regard to how our pasture lands no longer contain the dynamic and synergistic balance of wild forage, which is necessary for the grazing animals to become fully and optimally adapted to and integrated into the local ecology. Much of these realizations remained in the back of my mind and are ruminated upon every time I have to chew on a Bad tasting piece of meat.

Recently after a chance encounter with a Rancher at a farmers market in Tucson Arizona, my faith in domestically raised beef has been restored, and many of my theories have been affirmed.( Back Story) After spending a few days in Santa Fe with the Girlfriends family, and having to suffer through some very mediocre Grass Fed Beef from the local chain markets, hiking many miles, I was ravenous for something good. A Friend in Tucson took us all to the local farmers market. I soon found a booth where there were plenty of beef marrow bones for cheap and I bought a bunch, but the cuts where 18 dollars a pound so i decided to go to the car and taste the bones before buying any cuts. OMG!! after a couple of weeks being low on quality fat, those marrow bones where a gift from the divine! I went back and told the man that those bones where very good, and I would like to buy some of the fattest cuts. He looked at me and asked how did you eat them, knowing that I couldn't possible had cooked them, so I told him about being a Raw Paleo and about all the particular requirements of the diet.

He then told me about how his Cows where the closest thing to wild Beef there is. They are not even vaccinated.... they have full access to wild desert forage, these are not 'grass fed' they are "FORAGE FED" animals, eating mostly wild brush that includes jojoba( which is suppose to have some magical properties). If anything these animals by eating naturally occurring forage become well adapted to the desert environment. The animal that I bought was was a ten year old cow with flesh so tender rich and mild that I could hardly believe it was beef. Foraging livestock need time to mature. The CLA, trace minerals, phytonutrients nutrients, and fat soluble proto-vitamins, build up as the animal matures..... at the typical age of two years beef cattle are too young to be considered Prime( by Primal standards)

He only butchers an animal a few weeks after the rains came in and make everything lush.... around the time of hearing this, a light bulb when off in my head, and I could picture these cattle after the rains freely moo-ving from shrub to shrub, and brute to brush nibbling the lush new shoots as they pleased, in accord with their taste, before moving on to wherever their instinct directed. These Brutes , by being given the opportunity to seek their own forage, and the freedom to eat whatever their instincts direct them to, are able to incorporate the tastiest and most nutrition parts of their environment into their flesh, and these attributes and qualities pass directly to the whom consumes that flesh.

By direct contrast confined animals who are shovel fed grass, get no choice, no freedom to forage for the best that nature has to offer, and much less opertunity to lightly graze off of the lush new growth while leaving the bitter old stalks. In effect, the bad taste of a lot of the Grass Fed Labeled Beef comes from the limited freedom of range animals to intensively graze upon wild and pristine forage land...instead they are given a few varieties of odd grass and forced to chew on cud of bitter stalks.

After leaving the market and biting into one of the chuck eye cuts that night, I became convinced about the superiority of the Jojoba Beef. It seemed to have a taste, texture and mineral composition that was very agreeable. I called up the Rancher and arranged to order 30 pounds to take back with me to Kentucky. There where fatty rib cuts, and chuck eye, liver and sweet breads. The liver was the real testament, I have never had a beef liver taste so pure and delicious. I tried to convince the Rancher that there would be a huge market online for that kind of quality, but he just pointed to his sign which had "Local" written on it, and said that selling local was the only way. After realizing how knowledgeable I was and how much in agreement our philosophy's were, he did offer me a Job, and if it were not for my 4 children, I would be there now learning how to Ranch, Rope and is 8 miles through wilderness, on a mustang just to round up an animal when its time to bring it to butcher. Though as unrealistic it is for me to become a cowboy out west, I still might try to go out and apprentice for a month after the rainy season, and work enough to earn a truck full of cow parts to take back home.

Thats it for tonight, To be continued......Until then anyone else feel free to weigh in on the topic of Going Beyond Grass fed.   

Personals / Santa Fe
« on: April 11, 2016, 11:08:19 am »
I may be headed out west to New Mexico with my girlfriend to visit with her sister for a few day in June. If anyone knows of any good sources of Raw Paleo in Santa Fe or lives near the area and would want to meet up for a day, let me know?

Off Topic / Cruel and Unusual Punishment
« on: February 29, 2016, 12:51:55 pm »
"You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners"  Dostoevsky

I've recently had the chance to stay in one of our nations many jails. The city where I work had just gotten a grant from the federal government for safety enforcement. Which means in order to be eligible for the pork barrel bonanza, local law enforcement must send out the Roscoe patrol to round up and ticket seat belt violators.

I was pulled over for no seat belt and because I failed to show up to court and pay a fine for a very similar situation two years prior I had an outstanding warrant and was thrown into the local lock up. I was denied bond and had to spend 7 days in a hell hole. The first 36 hours on the drunk tank floor crammed wall to wall with other prisoners.... mentally ill people screaming all night in the strap down chairs all night. The place was so overcrowded that even when I got to go to a pod I had to sleep on the floor.

After 3 days of request I finally got to talk to the one nurse and explain about my diet, and told her I would have to fast....apparently any mention of fasting gets considered as a suicide risk and I was put into solitary for 24 hours. They wouldn't even let me have a book to read. I eventually had to just lie to them and told them I would eat raw eggs and salad greens if they would let me out of solitary. I tasted an egg they gave me and spit it out( totally tasted like chemicals) so I went back to general population and gave the other guys the raw eggs they brought me, and continued a 7 day tap water fast.

In just the last few years the local jails have become privatized for profit operations. The Chaplin told me that years ago he would eat the jail food, but then emphatically said" Not any more" Meaning the quality has gone down considerably. They barely feed enough food as bad as it is, that most people try to have money put on commissary where they can buy junk at inflated prices. Its 2.75 per phone call and they charge fees to upload funds. Its kept real cold and then charge 40$ for a sweat suit. They also sell E cigs. The nurse comes by twice a day and gives everyone their drugs. With all this money being charged by the privatized systems the jail is a dump and there is nothing going into basic upkeep.

The whole experience left me feeling depleted, and after being out for 5 days I am still attempting to recover physically and emotionally.

While the US government is literally waging  war against the producers of Free Range Beef, and through the FDA/USDA has subverted overall Food Liberty; Russia is importing cowboys, rejecting GMOs, embracing local organic, and plans to be food independent by 2020

General Discussion / Dairy indecision
« on: October 11, 2015, 07:36:20 am »
I've been a long time skeptic of Dairy being a food that is right for everyone, yet i reconize that under certain surcumstances certain individuals can do well with it.

Early on into my paleo transition I eliminated dairy from my diet. I use to eat processed yogurt and pasteurized milk with cereal for years and looking back it seems like dairy was causing me issues. I did drink raw milk and ate raw cheese intermittently early into the paleo diet transition, but I noticed negative effects if I used more than just a small amount, so I would limit it. I would get mucus stools and a bloated feeling.

More recently Ive been interested in finding ways to mitigate dairy intolerance, and followed Vitalis by using colostrum. The first case of it tasted wonderful and I had no issues with it. After a couple of weeks I ordered a bulk container of it and for some reason it didn't taste as good as the first batch. Not sure why?

A farmer friend had actually saved some raw sheep colostrum, I had the opportunity to drink some, and it was some awesome stuff. Tasted like a sweet creamy custard. She also had milking goats so I would get a little goats milk when i would get my sheep. I feel like Ive lost my intolerance to milk and started drinking it more often.

My dilemma right now is that I do not seem to have the negative digestive side effects and feel good when drinking milk, but there seems to be a kind of withdraw effect after a day without any? I recently run out and decided to take a break from it and am debating on if I should get any more or wait. I got a headache and fatigued depressed feeling, I feel a little better today, but still have a strong urge to go out and buy some more. I'm not sure exactly if its a withdraw from the opioids, or the milk sugars, or some combination of factors.

It seems my normally well attuned instinctual mechanisms are a bit confused on what to do next?   

Personals / An American Paleo in Europe
« on: April 09, 2015, 01:03:36 pm »
The Girlfriend and I are planning a two week excursion trip to Europe toward the end of the summer. We will be traveling by train through the Netherlands. We are couchsurfing and using Air B&B. So far we are leaving our plans wide open and would like to have some feedback from the forum on where the best places for a couple of far out American foodies to visit.

If possible I would also like to meat up with some Euro Paleos who could help arrange finding me an animal to slaughter, early in the trip so I would have all the nourishment necessary to undertake the journey proper.

Perhaps if there is any interest a few of us could find a place suited to host a gathering?

Please feel free to either message me.... or use this board to help brainstorm ideas that would make my first time to Europe an Epic experience.

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