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Primal Diet / Primal Diet Youtube Channel
« on: April 10, 2019, 04:47:47 am »
For those interested in primal diet videos, here is my channel:

Aajonus wrote about Trichinosis being desirable to have as part of your gut flora. This idea is based off the research of Dr. Joel V. Weinstock, MD, Gastroenterologist.

When I returned to my laboratory (then at the University of Iowa in Iowa City), I told my colleagues about my theory. Some of them were intrigued and wanted to start experiments. Others thought I was joking.

We had access to parasitic worms — already a focus of our research — and to mouse models of inflammatory bowel disease. Sure enough, when we gave the mice enteric worms such as Heligmosomoides bakeri or Trichuris muris by feeding tube5, or schistosome eggs by injection6, the animals were protected from autoimmune disease.

To test the therapy in humans, we selected Trichuris suis, a whipworm that typically infects pigs but can survive for a few months in people. Evidence suggested that this was a safe choice — if swallowed, the worm remains in the gut and does not pass into the bloodstream, and pig farmers are commonly exposed to it without medical reports of associated illness.

We began with a dose of 2,500 eggs — one investigator in an earlier study had given themselves a similar dose to prove that this organism could colonize the human intestine, and reported no clinical symptoms7. We infected pigs with T. suis eggs, then isolated adult worms from the infected animals and cultured them in vitro. The worms survived long enough to produce eggs that could be harvested and cleaned for clinical use.

Our institutional review committee gave us permission to try a dose in one patient. It was not hard to find a volunteer; many patients with inflammatory disease do not do well on conventional therapy and readily seek alternative approaches. The first patient in the study had untreatable Crohn's disease, and he eagerly consumed the 2,500 nearly microscopic eggs, which we gave to him in a popular sports drink. We held our breaths.

After six weeks — the time it takes for T. suis eggs to mature into adult worms — he reported no adverse events and showed improvement in disease symptoms that lasted for several months. Three more patients with Crohn's and another three with ulcerative colitis all reported substantial improvements (or complete remission), with no side effects.

Eventually, we administered live eggs every two weeks for 24 weeks to 29 patients with Crohn's disease. By week 24, nearly 80% of them reported a decrease in symptoms, and 72% were in remission — more than one would expect from a placebo effect. None reported side effects8. In another trial of 54 patients with ulcerative colitis, about half of whom were given placebo, 43% of helminth-treated patients improved after 12 weeks, compared with only 17% of those given a placebo9.

Primal Diet / I want to share some AV writings
« on: November 19, 2016, 05:40:30 am »
Here are writings and interviews of Aajonus. I believe the information AV had collected should be publicly accessible for those who want it. Eating as closely as AV recommends continues to bring me greater health.

Personals / Edmonton Raw Networking
« on: March 15, 2016, 08:57:51 am »
If anyone is interested in networking in Edmonton, let me know!

Primal Diet / Looking to Buy Aajonus Workshop DVD
« on: January 14, 2016, 07:48:25 am »
Let me know if you have this. I want to buy a copy.

General Discussion / Depression
« on: October 25, 2015, 07:31:39 am »
Tips for depression anyone?

Primal Diet / AV diet
« on: July 11, 2015, 11:24:41 am »
Has anyone here tried the dietary guidelines laid out in AV's second book. Has anyone followed his daily protocol to gain weight? To anyone who has, how'd it go?

The diet he outlines is:
fruit - 5%(4-6 oz)
Meat - 25%-30%(1-3 pounds)
Fat(liberal amounts butter, plenty of eggs) - 25%(8-24 oz)
Veggie Juice (mostly celery) - 25-30%(2-6 cups)
milk - 10-20%(up to 2 quarts)

Wondering if it's worth the effort to get my hands on raw dairy in Canada x.x. I'd really like to gain some healthy fat on my body.

General Discussion / High Chicken
« on: June 13, 2015, 12:24:37 am »
What is high chicken supposed to taste like? I've been eating small bites of two week old chicken thighs and the taste... It's not good. It taste a little toxic and smells that way too. It's been in a sealed mason jar in the refrigerator with plenty of air. I've been letting it air out every couple days. Also the chicken tastes great raw and fresh. I just expected high chicken to taste more cheesy.

Health / Fatigue
« on: April 12, 2015, 01:02:37 pm »
What foods do you guys recommend for helping fatigue? I just constantly feel tired.
For the last 16 days I have been strictly raw paleo. I have been eating:
Raw Ground Lamb
Raw Chicken Thighs
Some Beef
Some Vegetable juice every several days
Some raw vegetables like Tomato and cucumber.

It was very weird the first three-four days the fatigue was lifting and I started to feel better. Brain fog was getting better. Actually felt like talking to people(stuttering and social anxiety seem to get better sometimes). Went out for a run(and felt good afterwards). But for the following two weeks everything went back to my norms. Do an hour walk with my dog a day and for rest of the day I just lay on the couch playing on my phone and watching TV. I need help. I'm trying to emmulate what I was eating the first four days which was mostly Lamb and Chicken. Wasn't eating much eggs, fruit, honey, or tomatoes at first. But the fatigue is just constant like it usually is. I am running out of hope here I have constantly tried new things for my generally poor health for a long time and if a raw paleo diet does not work I know of nothing else I could try. Sometimes I wish I was just non-existant and it's sad because I want to enjoy life. I just can't and I am losing hope I'll ever find a way to.

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