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Off Topic / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: December 18, 2010, 06:30:23 am »

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: December 18, 2010, 05:56:51 am »
ok..well this journal has become rather uneventful, I'm willing to take no more than half the responsibility here.

HEY! ...good one!!!!! :D

I appreciate the KD porn. Renew my subscription.

Off Topic / Re: New TSA Regulations
« on: November 25, 2010, 03:22:06 pm »
As long as groping is done in a respectful and professional manner, I'm fine with it.

Off Topic / Re: Musical instruments you play?
« on: November 25, 2010, 02:24:46 pm »
Piano, when I was younger. Violin, when I was older.

Zills, currently/regularly... And doumbek, occasionally.

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: November 25, 2010, 02:00:26 pm »
Omg, reminds me of Christian the Lion - waterworks everytime! I LOOOOOOOOVE Christian. <3 <3 <3

It was chilly today! I was cold. Don't tell anyone, but I'm craving s'mores -\... I think it's the weather... and maybe also the commercial I saw on TV...?

Say, that was your Mammoth Hunter-crowning post - congrats!

Journals / Re: Louna
« on: November 25, 2010, 01:53:11 pm »
Hey how did you know all that!

Haha! I don't know, Yuli - it just came to me! I have an incredible "imagination" when it comes to food. ;)

great dieters binge alike

Fo sho! :)  They binge "creative" too.

Journals / Re: my so called journal
« on: November 25, 2010, 01:42:33 pm »
Update: pursuing application to Rutgers PhD program in nutrition. Going to Nicaragua to meet a friend and see his farm there in mid-December. I'm going to take a bunch of pemmican with me and try and only lightly sample the traditional cuisine there. To completely abstain would be out of the question for me, as although I am a health enthusiast I am also an ethnic foods lover.

For sure, sample the traditional cuisine - even more than only lightly if you can handle it and like it. I am a huge ethnic foods lover as well and sometimes (like where you are likely going), it's so super fresh, even cooked can feel good/nourishing/alive (when one can handle it). Have fun! :)

Journals / Re: Ioanna's Journal
« on: November 25, 2010, 01:26:56 pm »
Hahahahahahaha! My favorite is the canteen/lip balm scene, lol... reminds me of my sis, b/c she's addicted to lip balm.

Wow KD, did you transcribe all that dialogue? Or did you copy and paste? Wait... nevermind. ;D

Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: November 23, 2010, 03:29:39 pm »
"We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present."

Marianne Williamson

Journals / Re: Ioanna's Journal
« on: November 23, 2010, 03:19:49 pm »
i love how when i eat my body turns into this little furnace and i'm so pleasantly warm, haha, a silly thing to say.  hope this is normal??  my first healthy rpd winter, and the cold is not so intolerable as i remember it.

Aw, you're like "un radiateur" a la "The City of Lost Children"! Several years ago, I had a crush on Ron Perlman so I freaked out a little when I saw him at a performing arts high school musical (attending the show, not performing in it). He just seems so wonderful.

Last week, I performed at a lesbian nightclub event. The dj was redunculous (redunculously amazing). It was the first time they were having this event at this particular locale... Whether they hire me again or not, I hope the event becomes successful (it will be monthly).

I was toying with the idea of doing troupe work again. I thought a show last Saturday would convince me that I wanted to, but no... still preferring to solo. :)

This complete winter will be the real experiment for me too, unless I duck out to cali!!!

That would be the prudent thing to do. :)  When Ioanna gets here, we can finally be the Three Amigos - as the universe intended. ;)

Journals / Re: Louna
« on: November 23, 2010, 02:07:50 pm »
:'(  I was feeling not very good today, missing sugar...
So I ate sugar...
3 apples, and chewed a lot.
And now I have classic intestinal pain (have always with fruits and vegetables, all fibers in fact).

Am I maso or is it just that sugar is so addictive, specially from my fruitarian recently past ?!   -\
I know my response, just want to share and maybe searching for encouragments in my zero carb adventure. I feel so good without fibers.

For sure, Louna, don't ever beat yourself up (mentally/emotionally) or feel guilty when you do eat three apples or some fruit every once in awhile - the indigestion is punishment enough. It makes sense that you would miss fruit a little sometimes. :)

If it makes you feel better, just tell yourself, "At least I didn't eat frozen yogurt with three different kinds of crushed chocolate bar toppings and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and creamy caramel sauce, a slice of disappointing pizza, a small decaf gingerbread latte from Peet's (they are seasonal!), a blueberry muffin top, and a lemon poppyseed muffin within two days like some other RPDer might have..." Um, that's just a random "hypothetical" example... so compared to the random "hypothetical" example, you are doing just great. :)

Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: November 20, 2010, 07:33:31 pm »
"lol i dunno. i just feel like destiny child r kinda lame. i have no prob w music lyrics, just destiny child? rly? they dont even write their own shit"

The PresidenT

Lead singer Beyoncé Knowles is a singer-songwriter and according to Wikipedia, "wrote and produced almost every single track on the [Survivor] album." The quote is perfectly worthy here.

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: November 20, 2010, 10:30:36 am »
I think that is perhaps a bit diffent, particulary with the surrounding conversation and me regulary shareing my experiences with women in this journal. I wasn't saying 'oh like i havn't heard this before', I was just repeating fom the previous conversation that I get alot of indirect opportunity-tease type mixed messages from girls ("I want you to come over right now..but wait... I have something else to do that probably isnt important. Why don't you wait around and I'LL call you some other time??"). Of course yours didn't truly fit this category as the sentiment was in the thought and not the practicallity of actually happening - thus the irony in being opposite in similiarity. I regret that you took it the way you did, as on my end it was just meant to be a joke on me.

OK, thank you for your kind/gentle and non-defensive response. I do take full responsibility for how I took it - I was aware of my sensitivity, yet I still had to post something pouty - no matter how "ridiculous" the situation considering how we are joking around all the time and I did indeed invite you to something that neither of us would be able to go to (but perhaps in a parallel universe, we would be going!) and then took it back (joking around, as usual). (Like when my sis would come home and tell me about the most incredible dessert she got me at Mani's and then apologize because she couldn't help herself and ate it on the way home. Yeah, that sucks.) I love SD's recent quote post, b/c it makes me feel better about what happened (how I reacted and responded - there was some consciousness and awareness there). :)

"The great moments of our life are at the points when we gain courage to re-baptise our badness as the best in us." (Nietzsche)

In this case, I'm interpreting "badness" as also "weakness" - b/c we're taught that shadow emotions are "bad." They are somewhat messy and ugly and inconvenient - but also beautiful because they are very human and honest and pure. It would have eaten at me inside if I tried to push the sulky/pouty feelings aside... at the risk of looking extremely silly and ridiculous (where the courage plays in actually), I had to express myself. I took pains to be sincere and not bitchy/sarcastic. I was fully aware that you did nothing wrong. :)

I believe our journal vows included "in tantrum and in Alien Nation".

You're right... Funny you should quote something that mentions period and tampons at this moment. ;)  I already know that refined sugar and pre-menstrual/menstrual are a volatile combination for me and I get to see it play out on the public forum. YES! :D

would it help to send the flowers now?  :-*

Oh, your post was my flowers... thank you so much, they're beautiful! :)  (I had a forum moment - thank you again for understanding, I really appreciate it.)

Off Topic / Re: Orientation poll
« on: November 20, 2010, 09:15:53 am »
He used to be called ForThkHunt.

Lol - I like that word.

Journals / Re: The Wodg Journal
« on: November 19, 2010, 09:25:03 pm »
Hello Wodg, I hope you are well. :)

I'm always scouting thrift stores for boots/shoes I can convert. There are so few footwear they sell that are purely made of natural materials/animal hide. even alot of the 'traditional Indian moccasins' I tried to get off ebay had some rubber in them, and the only 'barefoot' type footwear on the market that doesn't have composite materials seems to be those Huarache running sandals templates that cost like 50 bucks! Not to mention wouldn't work here in the winter. There must be a way to just sew a piece or two of leather on to something that looks presentable in society. :)

These wouldn't work in your winter, but half-soles would be interesting to try. Sometimes when I dance, I use Capezio's Half-Sole Sandasol. They are cool because your foot is still "in contact" with the floor (your toes and heels) - so it's grounding - but the ball of your foot is protected (helps with turns).

They come in tan/black, but I believe tan is more popular b/c the point is to have a barefoot look on stage. They get dirty/darken easily from dirt/sweat and I don't know how long they would last with frequent wear, but they're relatively inexpensive and could also be a template for something you could make... They're made out of leather with a bit of stretchy elastic in the back and at the center-top.

Don't let the model dancer's posturing fool you - they're not that pretty/feminine-looking on the foot. They almost look like a real full sandal from the front. If I were trying to go "barefoot" anywhere, I would use these. Also, inevitably debris/dirt would still get "in" (just like some sandals sometimes) - so your feet will still get dirty, but at least half of your foot is protected.

Size might be an issue for bigger feet, but maybe you can play with altering it... I wear a size 6 1/2, sometimes 6 or 7, shoe and I wear size 5 half-soles. And mine fit perfectly and very comfortably. I love them, but I don't wear them all the time because I prefer to have even more protection (too many stories about dancers with bits of glass still embedded in their feet... -\  the hazards of restaurant work - broken glass/plates, broken beads, butter, shards of nutshell, et al.).

There are also Dance Paws (more expensive), but I don't know if I'd recommend them... the ones I tried on in the store were uncomfortably tight or didn't stay on/up well... But it's another option (also for a barefoot "look"). There are also things called "Foot Thongs" (covers the ball of the foot, but even less coverage and no strap in the back) but the ones I've seen, the leather padding is very thin, maybe too thin - but if you're in the store anyway, check everything out. :)

I saw Capezio's half-soles on ebay for @ $10, but for a true fit (and they stretch a bit after time), I recommend going to a dance supply shop (where they sell ballet slippers, jazz shoes, etc.) and trying them on - at least figure out your size... and happy dancing! :)  (The links above also have links to reviews if you want to check out some reviews.)

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: November 19, 2010, 08:30:04 pm »
Cinna this is exactly the kind of messages I get on my phone from girls. Good to hear the hermits are still playing though.

KD, this is exactly the kind of response I get from one of the guys at work... I'll pay him a sincere compliment or give a thoughtful response (feedback) to something he's said, and instead of saying "thanks," he says, "Do you know how many women have said that to me? Do you know how many times I have heard that before?" He is a good guy. Maybe somewhere inside he does feel special or flattered, but it doesn't make me feel like he really "received" anything from me - how special can it be when so many other people have told him the same thing?

Well, it is special coming from me. I thought of you when I found out about the concert (and I heard the two songs on two separate occasions). I thought that you would enjoy an HH concert, so I invited you. And even though you probably couldn't make it and I really do have to work, you are the only person I asked to go with me because you are the person I would have liked to see HH with. I'm having a very sensitive day and my tantrum is now over. Just know that you were being thought of.

lol, but maybe this time it's different because now you get to go see Cinna perform! ;)  duh!  :P

don't forget the flowers!! :D

Ohhhh, you're sweet, Ioanna... Actually, I'd recommend the HH concert (over my show). (These smilies are no longer descriptive enough for me... I can't find the right one.)

Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: November 19, 2010, 07:48:20 pm »
I like this one

Thank you, man - glad you dig it.

Journals / Re: Ioanna's Journal
« on: November 19, 2010, 07:45:38 pm »
i really struggle with the 'separation' i feel i must endure 100% of the time.  i just want a real and un-virtual friend  :'(  :'(  :'(

i will see cinna i a few months or so, and then i will stop my crying :)

Please don't cry. :)  We are connected, so there is no separation. :)

a very neat experience for me at the moment.. i reconnected, after years of searching, with my all-time fave childhood teacher.  he was the chorus and music teacher.  i used to help him carry his guitar or briefcase to his car at the end of the day because i would always be late at school waiting for my mom to come get me.  he used to call me "muscles", and he'd take me out to ice cream at the end of every semester.  he also wrote a ton of music, and i got to be in the chorus of one of the songs.  (you know the songs where there is a kids' chorus in the background?.. was one of those.)  was an awesome experience in the recording studio!! 

well, we got in contact last week, and today i received a care package from him with music (including song above) and photos. it's quite meaningful to me as i lost all of these kinds of things due to a tornado, and all the moving around when i was growing up that i've lost so much contact with anyone/thing from childhood.  i have some baby photos from my grandparents and some aunts/uncles.. but other than that, i pretty much lost everything to a tornado.  so even the photos he sent are so meaningful!

That is beautiful, Ioanna - I'm so happy for you. :)  I'm sure it meant a lot to your teacher, too! I can see you as a little girl, "Muscles" - so cute! :) 

Omg, my sis and I were also the last kids to be picked up at school. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was bad... By the time I was a sophomore, it was very bad and one of the "straws" that led to my dropping out of high school. To this day, it breaks my heart when someone says they'll be somewhere at a certain time and without notice or without informing me, they're not there when they said that they would be there. I'm usually running late (but sometimes I surprise myself ;) ) so I don't have a problem with people being late... I have issue with people not coming through. That's why reliability is so important to me. I'm very flexible and understanding - cancel on me, postpone plans, whatever - but just tell me beforehand, not after the fact. Don't leave me hanging, waiting, expecting... :)

I can't imagine losing so much in a tornado... :(  I'm so glad you have some "new" old treasure to cherish. :)

Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: November 19, 2010, 06:52:55 pm »
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

Lao Tzu

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: November 19, 2010, 06:31:17 am »
Haha! I've never been much of a dater... I'm trying to change that atm, but so far it hasn't seemed worth the "trouble" (I sound like I have a bad attitude). Perhaps I don't give people enough of a "chance," but I also feel like I "know" I like someone within three minutes or three hours or three days of talking to or knowing them. Even when I've been "wrong" about someone I liked, I wasn't really wrong because there was something significant (growth-enhancing or pre-in utero contract-fulfilling or karmic debt-paying) that I needed to learn/experience from my interaction with them.

This first thing reminds me of the old Chris Farley routine with the quotes..on weekend update.

Let me punctuate in peace!!!!

Who is the pot, KD? Who is the pot...

But let's not squabble... Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone is playing at a local club Nov. 27th - wanna go with me? The last couple times I've been in my non-WF local HFS, a Herman's Hermits song was playing. It's a sign. Oh sh*tstickles! (supposed to rhyme with "popsicles," not "testicles") - I'm scheduled to work that night... I can't miss work right now. :(  I'm sorry. Nevermind.

Off Topic / Re: Raw Paleo Fashion :))
« on: November 17, 2010, 06:21:03 am »
;) Nothingz impossible.

Hocum no pics of Sophia Loren in whatever it was called.?.. 10,000 BC ? I couldn't find any but that's probably just me. : )

Do you mean Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C.? Hannibal actually did post some pix of her and Miles posted a video.

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: November 16, 2010, 12:06:16 pm »
i like old fashioned.. i thought all girls do? .. cinna???

an old fashioned gentleman in america hardly exists i think?  (present company excluded ;) )

Yes, I love old-fashioned! Especially donuts, men, general stores, stagecoach inns, westerns, saloons, log cabins, Harold Lloyd movies... old-fashioned is my cup of tea.

Cinna: I see you are working on your Asian squat.

Yeah. :)

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: November 16, 2010, 11:49:45 am »
This first thing reminds me of the old Chris Farley routine with the quotes..on weekend update.

"Maybe I'm not "the norm". I'm not "camera friendly". I don't "wear clothes that fit me". I'm not a "heartbreaker". I haven't "had sex with a woman"; I don't know "how that works". I guess I don't "fall in line". I'm not "hygenic". I don't "wipe properly". I lack "style". I have no "charisma" or "self esteem". I don't "own a toothbrush" or "let my scabs heal". I can't "reach all the parts of my body". When I sleep, I "sweat profusely"."

Lol, I think sleep deprivation brings out my inner Chris Farley... I was killing my cabinmates on the cruise, I was so hilariously funny... yeah, not so much when I'm better-rested.

Omg, I quoted you and I'm looking at your text in the writing box and you actually made the outside quotations BOLD?!!? That strikes me as unusually detailed and particular, especially for you! - I mean, grammar/punctuation-usage-wise, I'm sure you're very detailed/particular in other areas... I mean, I guess it wouldn't take long to do, but I couldn't even tell that they were bold... it's just now I'm seeing all the b'b's. You're thoughtful.

sounds like you are taking a half step forward. This is good. In fact its even better than 5 steps forward and then getting distracted and wandering off somewhere where we can't find you :).


I like going on dates, I think i'm good a the actual date part, just not all the game/drama/whathaveyou of when to call how long to keep your text messages and all this other shit. I think i'm going over to the dark-side soon ( as per the Women thread) because it seems like the only way to being totally "cool" in these situations is to already have something going on!...any sense of desperation is fucking fatal!

I kinda don't see that as being very "you," but you know, who am I to know what "you" is... I really don't know. I may not remember all the particulars of the dark side, but I figure, the more games you play, the more game-playing people you attract. You want something real? Be real, be yourself, keep it real. Games and contrivances attract more games and contrivances. I'm not saying you can't do different things to mix up the game and have fun, even faking more confidence to "make" more true confidence, but acting too cool for school - even if it garners lots of attention and puffery - isn't going to impress the real deal... As I continue to write, I have that sinkingness that none of this is really making sense, so I'll move on. Wow, it must be cliche/idiomatic expression night in the Cinna-centric universe.

I've also noticed the more beautiful girls I date, the more they say things like they arn't good enough or something...and then end up dumping me :) what is that?

Hm. I wonder why... any ideas or do you really have no idea?

I've been dating some girls in the early 20's which is sort of new for me. not having alot of luck thus far. Seems to be some major gap with growing up with more technology maybe. I think you are right though. I hate to say it but I particularly feel this was due to RPD, even though I really try to push it to the periphery of my mind in that dating moment.

What was due to RPD? Oh, and what am I right about exactly? (I wanna know.) :)

I can't even be sure I'm the complete package!

I think we're all complete-package works-in-progress.

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