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Primal Diet / Re: High Meat for Candida
« on: December 13, 2018, 04:10:03 am »
I had the same question some time ago when I finished another batch 2 weeks ago, but in the end, I didn´t bother posting it here. I had done HM in the past and I had a good effect on it when eating it around the evening time, without any other food. It released the blockages I had in my intestines. This recent time, I did a batch of around 6 pieces of ground meat and tried eating it in the morning on an empty stomach, with food and in the eve. I found that morning was a bad idea, i got bloated and didn´t feel too good throught half of the day, also my stool was extremely green, then I ate it with raw dairy and some cooked meat and digestion was a bit better, then i ate it alone again in the eve, digestion wasn´t the best. Basically I was experimenting on these consecutive days. I also thought that I should maybe do a break, not eat it every day. But I thought let´s have it done to maximize the effect, and it did nothing beside causing problems. I too have/had candida (didn´t check my levels lately) and the reason why I wanted to eat it again was due to some of the missing bacteria that I believe I am lacking for optimal digestion. And I thought that maybe the bacteria of HM could battle the bacterial/parasitic imbalance that I think I still have.

Either way I could not reproduce the same effect that I had when I ate chunks a year ago and some month after. I had no energy boost, better concentration what so ever. It could be due to my cooked carnivore diet, as back than I ate more raw meat. One thing that had a very positive kinda cognitive/emotional effect was when I ate clabbered raw goat milk. I found that even better than HM or Kefir. Maybe ground meat is not ideal for HM? I had a harder time digesting ground meat than the chunks back than, which makes no sense. I doubt that the inuit or dogs ground their meat first to eat it "High", so maybe it has to be in one piece for the bacteria to grow as they should?

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus Vonderplanitz and HCL
« on: December 11, 2018, 06:12:53 am »
I didn´t really understand all that you wrote, but I kinda got it :) Are we talking about THE Bernard Jensen Iridology guy? So you knew him? Great stuff! And in retrospect, do you think that the goat milk did a good job in healing your health issues? I eat and drink a lot of raw goat milk and cheese, but one thing I found that it´s pretty useless if you want to gain weight.

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus Vonderplanitz and HCL
« on: December 10, 2018, 03:29:55 am »
@van why did you actually choose to raise goats back in the days, instead of a cow or sheep?

Off Topic / Re: Vegetable police turned raw carnivore
« on: December 07, 2018, 06:14:12 am »
Whilst it would make more sense to look up or learn from people of a social status or a scientific association, I do believe that every new 'trend' or new diet sometimes needs the gurus, the ideologists or the show-offs, in order for a good idea, such as carnivourism, to spread and become more popular. I strongly doubt that if the German Nutrition Association DGE would do videos on youtube, many people would watch them. Considering that social media is one of the most effective tools to get things across. Instead, you have people like Sv3rige, which through their straightforward and sometimes radical approach, have more powerful abilities to spread "the message" of a good diet, rather than any 'well behaved' person or institution could ever achieve. So after the signal has been received, people will start to do their own research and that would be the time were the DGE or whichever institution has the evidence, should be able to show the scientific facts. Common people will always listen to the 'populists' first. Reasonable people are often considered boring and not worth listening to, at least by the masses. And these are the people that need to be reached.

Off Topic / Re: Vegetable police turned raw carnivore
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:43:31 am »
That is correct. People will start to realize their mistakes, but at the same time a lot of people will fall into the vegan trap and will suffer a lot until they find out what´s going on. But then again you can´t educate people that don´t want to be educated. Sometimes you need to suffer to see the light.

Off Topic / Vegetable police turned raw carnivore
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:17:30 am »
Long term plant based "Vegetable Police" realizes that raw meats were the answer to all his health issues and in a month he will try High liver. Hilarious how so many ex plant based morons go carnivore. One thing I like about him is that he is pretty honest about his thoughts and actions by now, he doesn´t hide that a vegan diet didnt work for him. Some people claim that the world is going vegan, but in reality more and more vegans are turning carnivore.

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: December 03, 2018, 05:46:43 am »
@van how often did you do the probiotic implantation? Was once enough for you?

Science / Re: Worrying article re diet and cats
« on: November 25, 2018, 09:40:43 am »
correct, but hard to find

I don´t think that Shawn Baker looks unhealthy, I think he looks very healthy for his age. I also don´t think that eating a cooked carnivore diet is as unhealthy as many people might think it is. There are so many people that healed their deepest health issues while eating cooked meats, that one can only explain it, maybe, by an absence of vegetables and fruits. I get daily notifications of the carnivore diet forum on fb and I sometimes can´t believe that people get that healthy on cooked foods. I know that cooking destroys enzymes, denatures vitamins, creates AGEs, carcinogens and what not, but for some reason cooking meats to the death still heals the most difficult health maladies for these carnivores. So something doesn´t make sense.

Sometimes I think that our health mainly depends on our mental state and most importantly our environment, rather than our food choices, except eating junk food or an SAD diet or course... Whenever I go abroad I usually have a much better digestion, gain healthy weight, get more muscle, have a higher sex drive, more energy and need less sleep, so what´s the reason? After all these years of experimenting and trying out different diets, all kinds of supplements one should lean back and look at yourself for once second, rather than trying out millions of different things to find a 'cure' to ones health problems. And as I said the environment can sometimes play a major role. Let me give you an example.

Some years ago I used to come home from work and my partner was cooking some stuff in the oven. While being outside I was joyful and happy, but the moment I entered our home I got angry and aggressive. I never understood that until, after many years, I could nail it down. The oven that I use to cook foods in was never properly cleaned. There is so much grease and dirt in there that even a proper cleaning won´t clean things such as the inside fan. So, every time I use the oven now my stomach cramps and I felt really agressive and sick. The reason must be coming from the dirt inside there blowing out to the environment in my own home. I first thought it´s the magnetic field from the oven, but even after being further away from it I can feel there is an issue. It´s like parasites come to life or multiply whenever the shitty oven is turned on. And by now I have a shitload of experience when it comes parasites, trust me. I still believe that raw meats are superior when it comes accelerating your healing process, but I also think that that your environment plays the major part. And that´s something you should never neglect. So things like Yoga I would highly recommend. Everything that calms your mind will be beneficial for sure. You can eat the healthiest diet in the world, if you mind is unsettled you will never heal yourself. We are so desperately trying to find a cure to our health, that we forget to focus on the most important thing. Our spiritual and mental state. Because our microbiome vastly depends on our wellbeing. If you are not happy your bacteria won´t be happy and you will have all kinds of health issues until your psychological wellbeing has been adressed and your environment has been changed for the better.

I need to give another more drastic example here. My best friends sister has cancer. It´s all over her body including the bones. Doc´s gave up on her a long time ago. She should be dead by now. So she started to search for a remedy herself and tried all kinds of remedies and treatments. She was in a wheelchair not a long time ago. It was really bad. Then she started to meet with a good psychologist of some kind, I don´t know the exact details, but since then she is out of a wheelchair and can walk again. A kind of a miracle. So if your mind is not ready to heal you will never heal.

Science / Re: Worrying article re diet and cats
« on: November 25, 2018, 02:52:47 am »
which wifeswap episode was that?

General Discussion / Re: What Does the Bible Say About Eating Vegetables?
« on: November 19, 2018, 02:57:19 am »
Just stumbled across this. What the bible says about eating animals. Which are clean/unclean to eat, about phytotoxins, carnivores and scavengers and other things There is some interesting information in there, but also some things that don´t make any sense. Whatever you make of this :)

Yes, that was another thing that I didn´t mention. If you have them you need to feed them. lol that look had me  ;D And yes, I was thinking who, if I were to do that, could become a donor. There is a very healthy nutritionist I know, but the problem is that she´s a vegetarian, and her brain is so messy and slow that I think I´ll opt out. Alps would be one place I thought of but I´ll first experiment more with probiotics. And speaking of which, I did your suggestion today. Turns out that my oven light had a good temperature of 36C, cultured the strains in whey for a day, and held it for roughly 2 hours. I had a slight emotional reaction while holding and changing positions. Had a huge meal with inulin at the end and when I lied down my stomach was doing lots of noises and movements, I felt very relaxed and had some cognitive sensation going on. So the implant definitely had some effect. Will overdose orally tomorrow and see how I can enhance that. So it makes sense that fecal transplants work, if only 16 strains can be beneficial, what can possibly hundreds or thousands of fecal matter achieve.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Best water source?
« on: November 18, 2018, 05:28:10 am »
I think locally sourced spring would be the best, considering the locality of the water. If it´s somewhere close to towns or cities you might need to be aware and test it. Petrol stations for instance can leech fuel into the groundwater. And as tyler said, I´d stay away from distilled, same as RO, that takes away minerals. First I used a water filter from brita, then I bought tons of plastic mineral water and glass mineral water, and now I changed to a water filter from berkey. I got fed up with buying all these plastic bottles and generating huge amounts of waste and all this carrying around pissed me off, then you have the storage space, plus the plastic has so many chemicals in it, no thanks. I think glass mineral water is the 2nd best option, but since that became too expensive I went for a berkey. I also overconsumed on mineral water, to the extend that when I sometimes drink them I get bloated, which I find very strange. I guess too many minerals for an extended period of time wasn´t the best choice. Could have also been the plastic bottles, no idea. But I have no issue with plastic table water (man made water). So can´t really be the plastic there.

I have already heard of this but I never quite looked into it. Until recently when I started experimenting with probiotics/bacterial strains to heal my IBS, Crohns and Food sensitivities, low HCI and other digestive issues. And the more I look into this, the more fascinating this subject has become. This method seems to have a big success rate when it comes to healing C. difficile, Crohns, Inflammatory bowel disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Auto immune disorders such as Autism, then Multiple Sklerosis, Alzheimers, Asthma, Food sensitivities, and possibly food allergies such as a peanut allergy after this trial will finish in 2019 ( The treatment is mainly done in liquid form via colonoscopy and enema, or pills that contain dried fecal matter. Apparently it has a big success rate of around 80-90 Percent and healing can sometimes occur extremely fast within 1-3 days or weeks. Sometimes it needs to be done more often. I strongly suggest watching these videos to get the idea: (didn´t watch this one fully but could be interesting)

For the ppl that don´t know it, it´s very simple and can be done at home. This is a tutorial that shows one way. But it´s simple. You take fecal matter from a healthy person, either mix that with water in a container, strain and then insert via enema, or you put the crap in a mixer with water and a possible saline solution, strain and insert via enema, or you get the pill from a donor bank such as or and do it with your practitioner. For the UK it should be This video shows roughly the process how Openbiome is getting the bacterial strains into their pills

The more interesting part for me would be regarding the donor. You should only do it with feces of somebody that you know is healthy, because you will implant these bacteria into your digestive tract. But what does healthy mean exactly. I read that when you would get the feces of somebody obese, you might end up obese as well. Which is very interesting. Because you could theoretically get the bacteria you want to digest any kind of foods. I wonder if a celiac would get feces from a tested non-gluten intolerant person, if this new gut biome would change the body in such a profound way that gluten can be indigested. But it could possibly also have negative side effects, if you implant feces from a vegan, and you are a carnivore, would your body have issues digesting meat as a consequence? And let´s say you would obtain feces from a HG tribe, somebody that has an immaculate track record of no disease, eats an ideal raw diet, after implanting, would you then have issues digesting foods that the tribesperson never ate? Such as greens, carrots or nuts, or anything that is not a tribal food source and never has been. Or if people such as Mikaela and Jordan Peterson, which only eat cooked beef, water and salt and get huge issues when they eat anything except that, if they could start eating 'normal' again if they get the feces from a healthy 'normal' eating donor?

Or imagine you have huge problems with HCI, underfunctioning thyroid, and you insert feces of somebody that is able to eat glass or metal, which means these people must have extremely strong bacteria and HCI to digest this materia, would you then also be able to do this as well, or at least digest very hard foods (maybe bones)?

Then there would be the psychological aspect. Would you for some reason also get some behaviours of that donor? Or how will that new bacteria react to your own bacteria. I assume it will become more dominant and try to kill your own to make your body stronger. After all, gut bacteria controls the whole body and surely to some excent your mind, mood, stability and so forth. And lastly would it be possible to continously change your bacteria by adding feces from different donors depending on your desired results? This is a fascinating subject with so many question marks, but yet so many possibilities. Has anybody here ever tried a FMT?

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 17, 2018, 06:33:38 am »
Ok, and what temperature is essential so the bacteria can multiply? You mentioned body temperature, what if I cannot achieve that in my oven. Would the bacteria not multiply at all or would they just multiply at a much lower rate if its below let´s say 37 C?

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 17, 2018, 03:43:26 am »
You said the production of raw joghurt is tricky, but I assume you have tried it and succeeded. Mind sharing how?

I am pretty sure the magnesium helped you sleep. I know that some people take mag sprays in order to calm down during the night and have a restful sleep. You can also apply that spray topically for any muscle cramps, spasms and what not. And the indication for your cramps is very common when you lack these minerals. 12 hours seems a lot, last time i slept that long is when i got totally smashed :D Also goat milk seems to help when it comes to back pain. But I guess dairy is out for you. I don´t have much experience with organ meats, except bad ones. Digestion was a disaster when I ate sweetbreads and liver, raw and cooked. I am certain it´s because of the connective tissue. It was too hard for my low HCI to break that tissue down. So I stay away from organ meats. High liver might work though, in one of sv3rige´s videos I saw it became very creamy.

I did high meat with different types of frozen meats and there was never an issue. I´m sure fresh would be better but sometimes u gotta work with what u have.

I couldn´t agree more with you when it comes to formula. The question for me would be though, if the mother eats a certain type of food, and the baby shows clear signs that it has an issue with that food, is that digestive distress normal since the digestive tract hasn´t fully matured yet, and will it subside once the baby has grown up, or is that a sign that the mother should not touch this food because it could harm the babys future digestive development? In worst case develop a food allergy against it.

That is also the reason why I had started this thread. Because if the baby shows these food sensitivities to certain types of foods, not talking about junk foods but random foods such as dairy, pumpkin, chicken, tomatoes, even if organic, and the mother would not want to stop eating these foods, would it then not be better to start the child partly on solid foods, after let´s say half a year, in order to stop the baby´s suffering since the mother wants to continue eating these problematic foods? Unless of course these food sensitivities are totally normal and will subside after lets say half a year, in that case it would make sense to continue breastfeeding until 1-2 years.

It also bears the question if one should introduce foods such as gluten, grains and processed sugars from time to time, so the baby might not have an issue digesting these when growing up? Because the concern could be that if you cut out all the bad foods, and the child develops, it will for sure have contact with these bad foods sometimes, so it should then not have a huge sensitivity when eating them. Basically prepare the gut for the worst what might come, because you are never able to fully control what a child will eat when growing up.

As far as I know it also can depend on the mother what food choices the baby will make later on in life. If let´s say the mother ate a lot of cheese during certain times of pregnancy, and even in the first year/s, the baby will favour those foods when it grows up. What do you think about that?

Preventing the meat to be digested is the key word I think. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to give the carnivore diet a try. In my own experience alkaline veggies and acidic meats do not go together well in one meal, provided you have digestion problems. I used to eat like that and I could never properly digest my meats, and I used to drink a lot of freshly squeezed vegetable juice aside of that. When eating way too many plant foods my stomach acid became so weak that the only way out of that was to eat strictly carnivore to get back what the plant foods took away.

I am regularly on the world carnivore tribe fb forum and all the time the questions you have pop up there. Which are lack of Vitamin C, Magnesium deficiency, Electrolytes and Salt intake on a carnivore diet. When you go through the articles and opinions readers post there, it is concluded that the Body does not need much Vitamin C on the Carnivore diet, since the whole metabolism chances. There are quite some people that take magnesium and electrolytes as supplements, and the general consent is that salt is vital if you eat cooked foods, otherwise things like cramps (as you mentioned) and heart palpitations can occcur. And most of the people there eat cooked, there are some raw carnivores as well but it generally seems that you need more salt if you eat cooked meats. I mean there are people there which eat strictly cooked beef, salt and water. Nothing else, and they healed all their health issues. I think the microbiome is changed in such a way that it can heal whatever made you sick, but the only downside is that whenever these people do cheat, the consequences can be very heavy.

I eat plenty of Salt, drink big amounts of raw dairy, quite a lot of water since I cook my meats, have mainly beef, so I don´t think I´m lacking any of the things above, the only thing that I am almost certain by now is that I am lacking certain bacteria to digest the food. I lost too many for various reasons, so that´s why I am currently experimenting with probiotics supplements and prebiotics such as inulin. The more dairy, honey and fats (in form of lard which has no lectins) I eat the more energy I have, the better digestion works, the better sleep I have and the faster I gain weight. If I don´t eat any raw dairy I can´t digest anything. Bacteria is everything. If you don´t have them get them back in there. Focus on the gut first, that´s at least my opinion after all I read and experienced.

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 15, 2018, 04:03:04 am »
To get the whey I always let the goat milk curdle for 2-3 days outside on around 70-75 F, strain it and put it in the fridge. The recent batch I made is there since approx 5-7 days. I just tasted it and its not sour at all, so I guess I´ll use that. And I´ll boil it as u said to kill the bacteria so it doesnt compete with the probiotics. Regarding the kefir I always used to wait around a day until the whey separated properly, then mixed it to get one consistency again, and waited another day until it was more acidic. I didn´t know that it´s better to not let it turn too acidic, was always under the impression the more acidic it is the more beneficial. thanks.

And the whey with prob has to be anaerobic in order for the bacteria to multiply efficiently correct?

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 15, 2018, 01:31:53 am »
@Van I got my probiotics now and wanna do this experiment. I will take liquid whey that I got from making my own cheese, pour the powdered strains in (how many pills would you suggest for that pint?) and then leave it in the oven on roughly 100F to multiply for a day. Do I need to close the glass jar off, meaning it needs to be anaerobic for them to multiply?

You also said that you did raw joghurt. I´d like to do that as well. Same principle but just with milk? I don´t have something similar to a joghurt maker, so I guess the oven would work as much? Thanks

Im 4 months into a cooked/raw carnivore now and some days ago I did a blood test. Total cholesterol was a bit higher, HDL was way above the norm and LDL slightly higher, but it seems thats not bad. I found this video specifically interesting regarding LDL One blood marker went up a bit but that might have other reasons. So it all looks good it seems, considering I don´t touch fruits nor veggies, except maybe 5 cheat meals consisting of potatoes and some other things which are in sauces. My main food now is beef and chicken, previously lamb as soft as possible. For some reason I am put off by fish. Since I am doing well, except digestion takes energy as I think I lack the probiotics, I don´t think I am lacking anything on carnivore. After all its the best diet of all the ones I tried. I do sometimes think of other foods, but greens are definetely not one of them. I don´t want to mess up things again. It´s incredible what this diet, even the cooked meat version, did to my low HCI. Before I had huge problems digesting meat, now my HCI went way up. You might try having no veggies, nor juices at all. Pure animal products. Your HCI might then get back to normal without your HCI tablets.

Nuts can be very different. If I were you I would try pecan and macadamia instead of any other nuts. When I did my research about nuts I found that these 2 seemed to be the best. Pecan is moderate in phytic acid but high in fats, in this study it also had the lowest amount of fungal presence Macadamia is very low in phytic (you should only soak them for very short time like 2 hours not to spoil the oils), low in PUFA and very high in fats, plus macadamia has omega 7. Both seem to be good for the brain, and have a good nutritional profile. When you look at almonds the world´s main place of production is california in the states. I once saw a video how they treat that huge piece of land where they grow their almonds. They pesticide the shit out of it, killing the bees along the way. Watch the documentary "More than honey", it´s VERY interesting and mainly about bees, but they also show how the almond production works. So you will understand that you should buy them organic only. Furthermore both macadamia and pecans are very soft, when you grind them the oils come out nicely, so due to that softness I found they were easier to digest than other nuts on low HCI in my glorious plant based days... and you could try chestnuts or tigernuts as well, the latter is a tuber and high in minerals, the first is high in carbs but can aid digestion a lot.

what are HG women?

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