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You incessant "more conscious than thou" behaviour is predictable, Van. It's an avenue to contact actual members of a historically raw meat peoples, and it's just there for people who desire to use it. Are you bored with right where you are perhaps?

Was Following Leads From Aajonus and bumped into the comecrudo tribe.

Here is a link to their website:

We lost So much wisdom. It appears, based on Aajonus' observatioms that most tribes knew of Raw Meat's curative properties and used it thusly even if for some bizarre reason (probably addictive) they didn't center their diets around raw meat. This tribe tho apparently consumed it sufficiently to be named in character of it.

Do you have a moment to hear about our Lord and Saviour, Ra Foods?

Hey, 11years raw meat, sad that utopia is so easily in reach but for peoples' programming and hysterical attitudes

Im not here for friends or chitchat.
Just here to help put all the pieces together as concisely as possible so the Goyim can free themselves from their voluntary sadomasochism.

These keywords will be the focus of my injections:

Epigenetics, Epigenomics, Editase, Methylation, Histone modification, acetylation, telomeres, telomerase, biophotons, UltraViolet-B, Structured Groundwater, Ionic Polarity Management via Grounding or Earthing, Maillard Toxins, AGE's, antinutrients, phytates, PhytoAntibiotics, Ancestral Fertility Foods, Vitamin k2-Rich Foods, Menaquinone, Menatrenone, Natural Law, Biologically Intact, Permaculture Worldwide Mass StewardShip, Hermetics(But only in passing, keeping thing biophysiological mostly)

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