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Primal Diet / Re: food poisoning from chicken
« on: March 14, 2019, 10:41:56 pm »
Any suggestions on how to consume organic chicken liver then? I've been trying to find out what they feed them - all I've come across is that they are pasure-raised and fed "high quality organic food".
I was planning to eat it raw but am unsure now. Would it be ok to just sear it on the outside or heat it lightly, or should I rather cook it completely? I've read somewhere that partial-cooking can be even worse?

Primal Diet / Re: food poisoning from chicken
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:54:15 am »
so, just because a chicken is "pasture raised", that doesn't mean it isnt also being fed corn and soy?
damn, I hope I didnt get any serious bad bacteria. I ate semi-raw chicken twice the last few days and my stomach has been feeling a bit upset and I'm nauseous. I thought this was mainly because of the newly introduced raw foods and change to keto in general.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Macronutrient ratio
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:15:06 am »
What are your macronutrients like on raw omni paleo? Do you try to stick to a certain ratio? Is it necessary to pay much attention to it at all or do you think the importance of macros is being exaggerated?

When doing raw paleo, even omnivore with some fruits and starches here and there, I suppose one would be in ketosis anyhow. But when starting out with keto, like I just did, I have to keep an eye on my carb intake.

Still experimenting with what's right for me. Been rough since starting, got all the typical keto flu symptoms. I consume enough fat, I think. I don’t track my macros, just the carbs and just gauge the rest. Perhaps I just need more carbs, too. Also switching to keto and introducing raw animal foods at once might just be bit much of a shock to my body…

What do you think about partially cooked/undercooked meat, like rare steaks? Im still starting out with the raw meats and find it hard to eat completely raw. Though adding enough spices to it would make that more achievable for me I guess. Just don't like eating it completely "naked" and cold. Last time I tried raw chicken, I lightly heated it in the pan with some butter and spices until it got white on the outside but was still completely pink inside.

also, what about adding spices in general? i like adding lots of them. But I think I heard somewhere that strong spices with antibacterial properties like ginger or garlic  also kill the beneficial bacteria of the raw meat?

Welcoming Committee / Journey back to health
« on: March 03, 2019, 10:13:38 pm »
Hello all,

Ive been experimenting with low carb and paleo-ish nutrition since about over two years. "-ish" because I never totally eliminated legumes and grains, only the processed high carbs like white rice, pasta, bread and also dairy. I've been on a gluten free diet since being diagnosed with coeliac at age nine. Diagnosed with depression three years later. 

I am 23 y.o. Now and still struggling with issues like fatigue, waking in the night, brain fogginess, lethargy, anxiety, poor mood etc.  I had a blood test couple of years ago according to which I no longer have coeliac but I still avoid gluten and other stuff as I have a sensitive gut.
In general my condition has become better now, especially since getting off the meds (against depression and insomnia) I've been on throughout almost my whole adolescence. They sure put a toll on my body, esp. hormones and gut, from which I'm slowly recovering. Also been dedicating lots of time to self care in general.

Still, I also noticed that diet plays a huge role. Since I started changing my diet about two years ago, eliminating dairy and reducing carbs, I noticed its positive effect on my energy, mood and general mental state. Especially from the increased intake of raw vegetables, I think.
Also shed body fat as a positive side effect.

During the last half year though I fell back into old eating habits. I started having irregular or complete absence of my period and as I searched online I read that very low carb could cause that in women. So I started adding in more carbs, which hasn’t solved that problem for me so far though. I never went super low carb or keto though. I think the problem is that I've been experimenting a lot without allowing myself enough time to actually adapt to the dietary changes.
Ive been reading and sifting through lots of material on the topic of diet and most of it is so conflicting and contradictory, it can be very frustrating!

Also I've been doing IF with a fast of 14-16 hrs. Ive read a lot if conflicting information on IF (and diet in general) and its effect esp. on women.

My goal is to find a diet that leaves me feeling nourished, satisfied and energised and allows me to eat less frequently, so I don't have to think about and spend so much energy on food. 1-2 meals a day is what I'm aiming for, currently still doing 3 with no snacks.

I've just discovered raw paleo and it seems like the right direction for me. I've been starting adding raw organic eggs to my diet and want to start eating more raw greens and vegs again.
Also been considering going keto as it lends itself well to this diet and especially IF.

This was long but thanks if anyone has read so far. Eager to learn more, exchange and reclaim my vitality and wellbeing!

All the best

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