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Hi all,

So I’ve tried chicken liver both cooked and raw in the past and always found the taste and texture repulsive.

Today I tried raw beef liver from 100% grassfed cows (I’ve tried the meat from the ranch it’s good quality) and absolutely could not handle it. It was viscerally unappealing and I was making some pretty severe faces (like when babies are fed baby food) and honestly felt like crying a bit.

Is this just deep rooted cultural conditioning, a sign my body truly doesn’t like it, or perhaps something more complex like a sign that I have issues related to my liver?

Anyone have similar experiences who can shed light? I’ve read that the liver is packed with nutrients but after this experience I’m not sure I even want to continue with raw meats. TIA

Welcoming Committee / Greetings from Hawaii
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:51:10 pm »
Hello friends,

I’ve been on a health journey since 98’ , have tried vegetarian for several years and vegan (briefly) and lately have taken an interest in going full raw animal products at least for a few months to see how I feel.

It’s great seeing old members like goodSamaritan around- I remember you from the curezone days. I was always kinda jealous of those fresh fatty cuts of meat you were able to acquire ;)

It’s a little difficult/impossible to get raw animal products here other than fish and eggs but hopefully the legislation will change soon.

See you around!

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