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Health / Re: Raw meat causing depression
« on: March 02, 2023, 03:24:25 am »
To me it sounds like your body is telling you to change it up for the time being. There are seasons for everything. Might be worth leaving meat out for a while and focusing on milk, eggs, fish, etc for protein and animal based nutrients. Instead of junk food, you could use rice, potatoes, or tubers for carbs.

You might be pleasantly surprised how light and alive you feel going primal vegetarian/pescatarian. Red meat digests nearly perfectly, but it is indeed more energy expensive and slower to digest than milk and eggs. Your body might need a hiatus is all. Depression is a symptom of gut distress as the gut and mind are intimately linked.

It's been 2 years since I've been able to do Raw Primal. I think
Thats a pretty long time. Raw fish, milk, eggs give me the same symptoms too unfortunately. Also ive done all the diets there is around town. Keto, paleo, plant based. Plant based was easily the WORST one. Never again.

Health / Raw meat causing depression
« on: February 27, 2023, 06:41:35 am »
I used to THRIVE on the primal diet. It was the literally the best thing that had ever come into my
life and simultaneously fixed almost all of my issues. A euphoric time that I miss dearly.

Being so enamored with this new found health, radiance and energy...i kept experimenting. I did
a whole bunch of fasting for a summer plus zero carb. By the time it was time to eat after 48hrs or 72hrs I was so
hungry i was refeeding on junk foods and it wasn't something that could be maintained long term.

When I tried to return to my beloved raw meat meals, the day after eating them I would wake up with EXTREME depression.
My digestion was fine, no gas, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting nothing. Just awful shaky anxious, depressed
suicidal feelings. Of course no one can continue on eating the diet if thats what keeps happening. So its
been over 2 years of not being able to do Raw Primal.

Things ive ruled out: High meat. I dont have a history of anxiety and depression. At all. I only have these symptoms after eating raw meat
and I dont have them when im eating the standard diet. I'm typically a happy, optimistic person. So high meat made no difference.
Clay and milk, juicing, eating more fat, milk, kefir, calcium from bones all have made no difference.

My efforts to pass it off as DETOX and to push through the feelings went horribly and made things alot worse. I used to
react this way off of 1lb of meat and the feelings would poof and dissipate halfway throughout the next day. Nowadays I will
get a extremely bad reaction from eating only a few bites of raw meat and the depression will last well into 2/3 weeks and
eventually dissipate.

My gut after all this trial and error has led me to believe that I depleted something while fasting. Something used in
protein synthesis or utilization. Something such as Vitamin A being necessary for protein utilization. But ive eaten liver
and gotten same reaction so its not exactly that but my gut tells me something similar. A nutrient, vitamin or mineral has been
depleted. I plan do get a hair mineral analysis, full vitamin panel, thyroid/pancreatic enzymes check.

I wanted to post this here as there are alot of experienced people on this forum with tons of experience going back to 2010.
Please please reach out to me if you know anything about this issue or have any ideas. I am really struggling right now and
appreciate any advice, theories or discussion!

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