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Personals / Re: Raw meat in Chicago
« on: August 12, 2010, 05:55:10 am »
I had an interesting revelation recently, and haven't seen it in the posts as of yet.  As much as I love my raw flesh and organ meat, certain consistencies such as liver and brains seemed a bit, well, morbid to chew until I watched my dog eat his dinner of raw liver, chicken, and beets..  The beets he chewed with his rear teeth, and swallowed, however, the meat/organs he swallowed whole.  When it came time for me to eat, I chopped my liver into smaller slices, put them into my mouth one at a time, swished it around lightly and swallowed without the benefit of mastication.  It was tasty and filled me up with half the amount of liver I normally consumed.  I've since tried this with different organ meat and certain flesh.  Beef I love to chew because the taste is incredible.  Anyone else have this experience?

Personals / Re: Chicago
« on: August 12, 2010, 05:44:13 am »
Thanks Tyler!  I actually went to one of Aajonus' lectures recently and spoke to a couple people.  Unfortunately most people live an hour or more outside of the city, so it's not very convenient for meeting up.  Also, even though I'm only just easing my way into this way of eating, I was more experienced than a lot of people who attended.  Most hadn't eaten raw meat. 

I am part of a co-op where I can get raw milk, veggie juice, and meat on occasion.  I picked up a carpaccio from the co-op (a woman in IL sells ceviches and carpaccio in accordance with Aajonus' diet) and when someone mentioned I eat raw meat, there was a gasp from a couple people picking up their milk.  It didn't really bother me and I found it kind of amusing, but even at a raw dairy co-op I can't seem to find people who are open-minded enough to try this out. 

I bought some organic raw veal at a local grocery store here in Chicago, decided to eat it with my fingers at their salad bar seating area, and was asked to leave the store by a grotesquely over-weight manager who stated that he did not wish the store to be responsible for poisoning me.  I chuckled, huffed down my raw flesh heartily, and left, but not before I gave his massive gut a once over and uttered "yeah right."  Been raw here for two years, never felt more healthier, yet never felt more paleo-alone.  Any other raw meat eaters in Chicago?????
Ah well, I shall endure. 

Maybe I will move to the west coast  =) 

Any of you in or around Chicago?  Would love to eat meat with others.  Because I'm a newbie, still a little nervous about trying certain varieties of meats... if I eat it with someone else, might be more comfortable taking the plunge.  Also want to exchange tips on local farmers' markets, etc. 
Any of you in or around Chicago?  Would love to eat meat with others.  Because I'm a newbie, still a little nervous about trying certain varieties of meats... if I eat it with someone else, might be more comfortable taking the plunge.  Also want to exchange tips on local farmers' markets, etc. 

Hot Topics / Re: paleo dairy
« on: July 07, 2010, 04:49:06 am »
I've been drinking raw dairy for ten years and wouldn't give it up if you offered me the cow to eat, raw of course.  If paleolithic man had access to the utters of healthy heifer, he wouldn't hesitate to suck the white wonder from the 4 inch nipples of this miracle animal.  Give me my raw milk dagnabbit, or give me death!

The first diet-coke drinking drip to disagree with me is automatically disqualified.

Oh, and raw honey does NOT cause pimples, epidermal bacteria would be the likely culprit, but I digress..... 

Hot Topics / Re: Hangover treatment recommendations?
« on: June 15, 2010, 06:30:44 pm »
I know this isn't popular, but the best cure is not to drink at all.  Aside from that, in the less then healthy days of the past when I consumed alcohol on a regular basis, my ideal hangover cure entailed a grueling 8-10 mile vigorous run, followed by a long hot shower and a 45 minute nap.  After I woke from the nap, I took another shower and got dressed.  It works.  The cure is not paleo, but neither is a hangover. 

General Discussion / Re: little help?
« on: May 11, 2009, 05:03:29 am »
If someone reacts poorly to my raw diet, I make it a point to focus down on their oversized mid-section, and cordially explain to them how it's not their fault they're overweight, but the fault of a corrupt food processing establishment which has lied to them the better part of the twentieth century up until now. The problem with most of us Americans is we believe verbatum, almost anything told to us without an iota of personal research...sad.   

Journals / Re: Josh's Newbie Journal
« on: May 10, 2009, 03:42:52 am »
When I have a carb craving, I eat raw surloin steak, thinly sliced and mixed with chopped Granny Smith apples, dripped in lightly heated coconut oil.....Eliminates my craving immediately.

Suggestion Box / Re: suggestions
« on: May 04, 2009, 05:58:55 pm »
I had an interesting situation this past weekend.  I had to go out to dinner with a group of family members to a conventional restaurant that served burgers, wings and etc.  When the waitress came to me to take my order, I simply asked for two uncooked hamburgers minus the bun on a slice or two of lettuce, three raw eggs in a separate bowl, and a bottle of spring water, that's it.  Of course the family members NOT used to my diet shrieked in horror as I consumed my wonderful raw meal.   I simply bared my teeth, and made an almost inaudible growling sound, as they consumed their over cooked, sugar laden chicken wings and BBQ sauce.  I don't care to order raw meat in any restaurant, however it beats the cooked alternative in my book, and Ive never gotten sick.  One also has to have a sense of humor around those not used to our unorthodox manner of food consumption.

General Discussion / Re: Healing Scars?
« on: April 21, 2009, 01:22:54 am »
I rendered some pork fat in a frying pan, and use it as skin moisturizer, and hair tonic.  It's light, has a quickly dimishing pleasant odor of bacon, and has caused some age spots to lighten and dissapear.

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