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Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: June 19, 2020, 09:38:54 pm »
I tried Methylfolate from Jarrow brand. It didn't seem to help.

My diet had been fairly limited the last 10 years. It was a good quality grass-fed/finished ground beef with lots of supplemental suet from the same animals. The occasional organ meat as well. The last 5 years I've had varying degrees of success eating this way but also indulging in various SAD foods. I think the stress of work as well as the mold working on me in the background messed up my gut and made me crave more carbs. This would just perpetuate the issues I had prior to raw paleo (I believe there was issues with Candida as well as leaky gut and food allergies/intolerances).

With my diet basically limited to farm eggs at the moment I'm sure I'm getting deficiencies in a number of things.

I haven't found a good link yet on the low folate and how it is involved with mold. It is used to detox so that's probably the link.

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: June 14, 2020, 08:38:41 pm »
Hello djr,
did you ever look into vitamin b6 deficiency? There are some conditions in which the need for b6 is higher than for other people. I am asking because histamine reactions, mast cell activation syndrome, sensitivities, smell sensitivy is all very much related to b6 issues. Ground beef gives reactions to many people with these issues because beef itself is already aged and ground it gives even more surface for histamine buildup.
There is science about it, a not so uncommon issue. Depending on the root cause you will find other common nutrient deficiencies that might be involved in these issues.

Just in case you or anyone else ever considers the above as
ones own issue after researching or maybe even doing some testing on it:
If supplemented, the experts and experienced advice to use the p5p form of b6.
In general I think it is better to solve health issues with whole foods, but I came across more and more people and conditions which question if diet can solve it alone. Still, in my opinion, just with all supplements, caution and listening to the body is necessary.
Here on the forum I think it was PaleoPhil who reported in his journal of his experiences with p5p.

Thank you Susadele. My folate (B9) was low when tested (2.4, low is around 4) so I've tried a multi-B which flared anxiety. I'll source just a P5P supplement and see if that's better tolerated. It's interesting in that I've wondered if part of the ongoing issue is anemia. B6 is a cofactor needed for proper red blood cell function. Thanks for the insight. :)

The full scope of the situation is we have confirmed a lot of mold in our home and are working on selecting a company to perform remediation. My wife, dog, and I are no longer living in the home as it is causing marked health issues.

I think I had been treading water dealing with it for a couple years (my guess is the "gout" I thought I had developed is related to inflammation from the mold) but as the mold spread to where we can see colonies it's releasing more MVOCs/Mycotoxins. This triggered development of chemical sensitivities which are turning out to be the most difficult aspect to address. I'm also convinced my gut is damaged/leaky and that's contributing to a Candida overgrowth also perpetuating the cycle. I've read some research indicating Candida may have a synergistic relationship with mold perhaps even feeding on the mycotoxins produced. Possible connections between it and aldehydes from chemicals in the environment too. My fungal skin issue (Tinea Versicolor) which flares when Candida gets bad has also been flaring after mold or chemical exposures.

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: April 08, 2020, 12:40:21 am »
Time for another update. Not nearly as encouraging this time.

I had been struggling with the pain in my feet all of January right up to 2/10. I did try to clean up my diet to strictly zero carb raw paleo (grassfed ground beef and suet fat). I was in constant pain and nursing myself along with NSAIDS (Aleve), icing, and cream for gout. Not having insurance all of this was self diagnosed and addressed the best I could (really regret not going to a doctor sooner). The week before 2/10 was particularly busy and I got very little sleep, lots of coffee, lots of stress, just a perfect storm to crash my system. I spent the weekend fasting and then trying a couple other foods to see if something would help (squash, dandelion greens, beets).

I had what I believe was an acute reaction to histamines on February 10th. I hadn't had any of my meat since Thursday. I had a small meal the morning of the 10th and had all the hallmarks of food poisoning. Cold sweats, racing heart, nausea, disorientation. A number of the signs of an anaphylactic reaction. I felt miserable and had no idea why. After a lot of testing I've had a really good allergist diagnose it as a Mast Cell Activation issue. I haven't been able to eat my grassfed beef (or suet) without a flare and subsequent joint pain in my feet and ankles.

I've been trying to find other safe foods but I've basically been living on a dozen hard boiled eggs every day for the last two months. I think I pushed myself way to hard for way too long and the stress of that as well as dietary indiscretions and 6 weeks of NSAIDS may have wiped out my gut bacteria. A lot of the good bacteria help break down histamine as does DAO in the gut. If my intestinal lining is leaky right now it would explain the extra sensitivity. I'm working my way to try and heal up my guy and repopulate with good bacteria. Hoping the sensitivity lowers as things are healed. I'd love nothing more than to get back to eating raw paleo but it is definitely not working for me right now.

The other really difficult thing that has shown up with all of this is a severely heightened sensitivity to smells. This was slowly building before the acute episode (since at least November) but didn't present as a problem until this whole crash. Now different chemical or strong natural scents can give me trouble breathing, coughing, headaches, sore throat, brain fog, etc. It's not as bad as what I've read some others with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities deal with but it's still really difficult. I'm actually living with my parents right now as I can't deal with the smells at home. We have a dog who is mostly housebroken but did enough damage over the years that I can't tolerate home right now. We pulled all the carpet and OSB subfloor out already. We have an enzyme spray coming this weekend to try and get a handle on it. It's a real pain as I need to carefully research everything to avoid possible scent triggers.

Now looking for insight from the group.
Plan to use "Restore" which is a humic acid solution to help heal the gut lining as well as "Gut Pro" probiotics. Also thinking about using slippery elm to help feed things as a pre-biotic (dried me out some each time I took it but may be worth the discomfort). I have marshmallow root as well as may trial that. I also have N-Acetyl Cysteine to help build Glutathione. Any other recommendations?

As far as the chemical sensitivity I've picked up a copy of a Dynamic Neural Retraining Program. This may help based upon the concept that the sensitivity is from limbic damage in a "fight or slight" state which is reinforcing itself each time it's triggered. The program has exercises to encourage alternate pathways for the processing of the trigger scents and reduce or eliminate the physiologic responses.

Lastly, thoughts on the possibility of mold being a co-factor in this whole thing? We had a spot on our house where the gutter was leaking which caused a hole in the siding. Water got in and caused mold issues in our closets. We had visible fuzzy tan/green mold in our closets, bedroom, and a couple spots elsewhere with poor ventilation. We had a general contractor come out and repair the damage but in hindsight no proper containment was done and we didn't throw out anything that wasn''t mold damaged. This was maybe October.

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: January 08, 2020, 10:14:30 am »
And 20 months is even more excessive. :)

Been nursing a flare up of Gout in my foot the last week and thinking about getting all of my shit together as this is really painful. Currently 245 pounds with limited activity to work any of that off. I've eating 1-2 of my 2 meals per day raw zero carb but the meals which haven't been are not great choices. Most are at the far limits of cooked paleo but just barely.

I felt like I needed motivation to refocus my willpower. Spent a couple hours re-reading this journal remembering just how great I can feel living deliberately. I miss a lot of the old faces although it looks like many are no longer around.

I've been eating purely raw paleo the last 6 days. Also knocking back a ton of water to clear out uric acid. As soon as this foot can bear weight again it's back to the gym. Let's see just how powerful this way of eating can be with laser focus and a foot in my ass.  8)

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:07:37 am »
I guess 18+ months between posts is a bit excessive. :)

Living life. Eating at least one meal a day raw and truthfully more often than not the second meal is. Just having a hard time sticking to 100% raw. When overloaded with stress from work or life I find myself reaching to more readily available calories like dairy or carbs. Since I have so many allergens this starts a cycle of cravings it takes time to work out of.

I've been doing a lot of reading on the far flung corners of the internet the past few years and have found an interesting kinship with many of the folks out there who have moderate to severe corn allergies. The prevalence of it in (and on) so much we consume is frightening. For example most meat processed in the US is cleaned/wiped down with a corn based vinegar and the soaker pads in the wrapped packages are soaked with corn derived citric acid. Ghosting groups who deal with these issues on a daily basis has given me a lot of insight which helps refine my daily approaches.

For those looking for a input on diet I'm eating two meals, one at 12ish, one at 6ish. 1/3 pound (150 grams) of a moderately fatty grass fed/finished ground beef and up to 1/6 pound (75 grams) beef suet fat. A couple dashes of Redmond's Real Salt as well. Most waters have corn additives in the form of salts or are in corn based plastics. I drink a gallon of water a day from the Poland Spring opaque gallon jugs (like milk jugs). Trying to figure out a way to use a more morally responsible water source but so far none are working for me including my tap. Also drinking a couple cups of coffee a day which I can tell my body does not like but it addresses the constant sleep deficit I run.
Light to moderate exercise at this time. If this goes up I'll probably need to bump the meals to 1/2 pound servings.
Currently overweight at 215ish pounds due to the coffee and the infrequent cooked meals both of which are leading to water retention. Cut both out for a couple months and dropped down below 200 but went back to the coffee when work picked up. For reference fighting weight is 185ish.

I don't know what a dexter is, but if you have a specific suggestion for NYC let me know... metropolitan areas aren't specifically known for their love of grass fed organs.

I have a guy in Pennsylvania I used to order Raw Milk from. He sells some organs but not all of them, and definitely not Bison, definitely all frozen and not the cheapest. I know a place about 30 minutes from me that receives like 1 or 2 cows every week. I don't know how many livers a cow has but it doesn't seem practical to me to depend on that.

I essentially need high quality grass fed organ meats that can be delivered to NYC... that's alright not easy. So I'm going to stick with this for now. My original question still stands though.

I've been buying from them for years (like 6-7 at this point, I probably put a kid through college). I live upstate so make a trip out to the farm in Hudson but they have stalls in Union Square and the Museum of Natural History on the weekends (scroll to the bottom of the page). I'm not sure who mans the stalls but if it's Dan or Keith tell them you're Raw Paleo and Dan sent you. They'll do you solid.

It's the absolute best frozen grass-fed/finished meats I've found for sale. It's pricey now ($12 a pound for many of the muscle meats) but they have fantastic fat and regularly stock a good selection of organs.

I can't speak to fresh versus frozen cattle but it's a marked difference in wild game or fish so I assume it's the same in cattle. That said I have thrived on quality frozen ground and suet fat as a base for my diet. To each their own.

Off Topic / Re: Barefoot running review and Vibram 5 Fingers shoes
« on: April 28, 2017, 01:16:43 am »
I've been running with Luna Sandals for two years now, after reading Christopher McDougall's book "Born To Run" that I highly recommend to anyone who is into minimal running.
"Natural Born Heroes" was even better. Definitely read it if you haven't. Not quite as much about the running but an excellent read.

Off Topic / Re: Barefoot running review and Vibram 5 Fingers shoes
« on: April 26, 2017, 01:23:05 am »
No, the Sockwas are super breathable. They actually have the opposite issue of being too cold as the temperatures drop.

FB request accepted. :)

General Discussion / Re: Disappeared members and mods...
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:02:51 pm »
I still stop in periodically but very rarely post. As mentioned earlier in the thread many of us who find success in our diets and way of life feel less of a need to spend time online. I know I personally went through a period of time where I was very grateful for all of the help and guidance I received here and did what I could to give back by regularly posting my experiences. At a certain point spending time doing what I could to give back in real life overtook the desire to spend much time online. I still espouse the diet and how it can help people but it's generally done in person.

Off Topic / Re: Barefoot running review and Vibram 5 Fingers shoes
« on: April 25, 2017, 07:52:13 pm »
I'm going to add my two cents here as I've been wearing all sorts of minimalist shoes for years now.

Vibrams were too stiff a sole. While mimicking the shape of the foot they inhibited true movement of the toes. They also start to smell bad quickly as most will not buy "toe socks" to wear with them. I gave mine away and would not recommend them.

I've had two pairs of Softstars. I had a mesh pair and a solid leather pair. Both were a good shoe with a nice wide toe box which allowed proper splaying of the toes. The mesh pair lasted a number of years but eventually wore out from abuse. The suede pair was used for work as they were much more presentable with a suit. These have just started to break along crease lines and were just replaced. I probably got 5-6 years of mixed use out of them. Note the soles on both, while "minimal", were still too thick for my liking as I got used to a thinner sole. Mine were 5mm I believe. They also had a minimal amount of tread so traction could be an issue.

I'm on my third pair of Sockwas now. I've had a pair of G2, a pair of playa, and now a pair of G4. These are the most minimal shoe I have used and became my go-to for most activities. They're a stretchy body (lycra, neoprene, something) with a very thin (2mm?) plastic sole with very good treading. The G2/G4 are low tops with a stretchy neck to hold it at the foot, the "playa" is a high top with a velcro wrap. These were my go-to shoes in spring/summer/fall and I've worn them across the country with no issues. Each pair has been tossed purely from extensive wear. The seam at the edge of the sole gives way after years of use. I love the shoes because it feels like you're wearing a martial arts slipper but have just a bit better protection on the sole. They're the most tactile feel of all shoes I have tried and the next best thing to going barefoot.

I just picked up a pair of Xeroshoes Hanas. So far so good with these. They're fairly tactile, about where the Softstars are, but look great for work and give me almost all of the benefits of the Sockwas. You have to take the insert out of these to get the right feel.

Winter time I have neoprene arctic dive boots. Water proof with a 5mm sole. My current pair are wearing through on the foot pad. I picked up a pair of minimalist combat boots last fall to try out over the winter and they're ok but not a true minimalist shoe like I was looking for. They're more zero drop with a moderate sole.

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: August 27, 2016, 06:36:41 pm »
We closed on our house August 4th and have been slowly settling ourselves in. The living level is mostly squared away but we still have a ton of boxes packed in our basement which we need to unpack and put away.

I have noticed an Aikido dojo in our town which I pass on my drive to/from work. I plan on starting classes in a couple more weeks once we have finished settling into our home. I have always wanted to start practicing a martial art but never spent much time reading up on Aikido. After doing some research on it the universe may have lined something else up for me in the right place at the right time (just like our zen buddhist neighbors). It certainly aligns with my personal spiritual and philosophical beliefs. We will see. :)

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: July 09, 2016, 10:08:44 am »
Oh yeah, I forgot the most important part (to me). I've been maintaining a gratitude journal for almost two years now. I've been chronicling three unique items I am grateful for each day as a means to foster gratitude in everyday life. It took a little bit of work at first but it's a very natural process now and I've found my general outlook changed from one of a somewhat pessimistic nature to a heavy optimism bias. A great side effect is that even with the reduced exercise and poor diet choices I really don't get sick. I'm excited to see how this all works out in conjunction with proper care for my body itself.  :)

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: July 09, 2016, 09:57:21 am »
Thought I would stop in and post an update.

The last 8 months since my last post have been pretty stressful and my constitution has not been great. Work had been ridiculously busy up through a couple weeks ago which kept me in the throes of an ongoing coffee addiction. This kept me flirting with other dietary choices which were poor for my body. Most of them being fruits, veggies, cooked meats, or dairy. To someone on a SAD diet I'm sure it would have been the epitome of self control but it's definitely not for me. Regular exercise also tended to fall to the wayside when I had to make the choice between pushing work out or taking care of myself. Hindsight's a bitch. :)

Work has settled back into a 40ish hour week (from 60+ most weeks) which is affording me the luxury of reevaluating all the damage I've done to myself. I've been getting out in the mornings for walks & jogs. I plan to go for a 14 mile bike ride this Sunday to kick start my ass into gear. Also slowly getting back into bodyweight exercises as we're giving up the gym memberships shortly. Food is on point though with two regular meals (12ish and 5ish) of raw suet and raw ground beef.

Short term goals are to do a water fast this weekend to kick-start my keto-adaption back to where it needs to be. Shooting to be running a mile or two each morning by next weekend. Tired of half-assing my way through a couple weeks and then getting sidetracked.

Oh yeah, we've been sitting in limbo on buying our first home the last three months. We're hoping to get word next week on closing date. The stress of that whole situation has not been helping things. The home is cool and my wife & I are really excited to move in. 2 level mid-century, with space for us to have people come visit, on 1.3 acres on top of a mountain ridge. And abutted on 2 sides by a 60 acre Zen Buddhist retreat. Definitely looking forward to a positive environment I can be a part of.

So what's everyone been up to?

Raw Weston Price / Re: Green Pastures FCLO could be sham
« on: February 10, 2016, 06:55:53 am »
Just throwing my two cents out there. I started taking FCLO maybe 4 years ago and noticed a marked improvement in myself immediately. I never had fish burps or any of the other complaints others have expressed.
I just spent the last two years on and off diet but am back on it full time now. I ordered another bottle which I plan to start taking soon. We'll see how it works for me.
Took my first dose this morning. I could instantly tell it's not what it was and spit it out. VERY clear response. The older fish oil tasted clean. This stuff tastes burned. I strongly discourage others from using Greener Pastures.

Health / Re: Water intake/needs
« on: February 06, 2016, 09:47:35 pm »
what type/kind of water you drink?
Regular bottled water. Poland Springs. Definitely not ideal but the quality of our tap water varies greatly being a shallow well.

Health / Re: Water intake/needs
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:21:46 am »
I do best with close to a gallon of water. There's a natural stop. A little salt can be good but too much and I find it triggers a bowel movement for some reason.

Health / Re: Support Health via conversation/chat
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:20:23 am »
No offense but I can't figure out if you're the most persistent spammer I have ever seen (literally 2 years between first & last posts) or someone grossly neglected with a response. Either way I appreciate the tenacity. :)

I set up something, maybe Tinychat, years ago but it never took off. I don't know about others but I interact enough via posts on here. Some forums are more social boards but much of our posts here stay on topic.

General Discussion / Re: Liver support
« on: January 17, 2016, 08:01:42 am »
The following works for me on an entirely animal based diet but I don't believe I have any liver issues so take it for what you will...

2 meals a day roughly 5-6 hours apart similar to the warrior diet. This provides approximately 18 hours a day for intermittent fasting. My meals are lunch and dinner.
My meals are high fat & moderate protein. 1/3 cup beef suet fat & 1/2 pound ground grassfed/finished beef.
I drink a lot of water each day. I shoot for a gallon and usually hit it. I find that the high fat & moderate protein composition of the diet dries me out some which requires additional water. If I don't get enough I have focus issues (brain fog).
Exercise is extremely important for me. If I don't get regular exercise I don't break the fat down as efficiently and have energy & focus problems as a result.
I eat the occasional organ meat but it's not as much as I should (or plan to eventually have in my diet). I am dealing with yeast/candida issues and know when I exceed my personal thresholds. If you can tolerate them well I would definitely have a regular serving of liver to help with your liver.
Lots of sleep.
Mine is a regimented plan of necessity. I encourage others to eat omnivorously if possible and get variety in their diets. I am not there yet and not sure if/when it will happen but I am content with what I have found.

Health / Re: What foods hurt you the most before you started a raw diet?
« on: January 12, 2016, 11:50:58 am »
During my first two blood allergy tests I tested positive to:
Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Corn, Rice, Soy, Shrimp, Crab, Peanuts, Milk.

The last test included everything they could do. I tested positive on practically all of it. Basically all nuts, all fruits tested, most vegetables tested (good with Bell Pepper), many meats. I don't have the results in front of me. I just avoid it all. :)

General Discussion / Re: World's vertebrate biomass
« on: January 10, 2016, 04:41:30 am »
CK: yes, yes, graphene batteries and capacitors will certainly save the civilization!! Are you aware that these things don't generate energy but can only store it?
The single biggest issue we face specifically as a species is the looming end of fossil fuels. The sooner we can develop a battery capable of retaining power generated through alternative measures such as hydroelectric and solar the better. We are literally in a race to beat that clock. All the reforms to consumption can help but they won't stave off that crash. We have become too dependent on retained energy to abandon it and sustain current population levels.

I am disheartened by the significant loss of wild animal biomass. The niche that so many of these animals play in ecosystems will not be filled by domesticated animals. We're marching towards a homogenized ecosystem we think we can control but many of these animals support us in ways we can't replace. Bees are a great example of this.

Health / Re: Happy New Year to everyone!
« on: January 01, 2016, 11:01:00 pm »
Happy New Years all. :)

General Discussion / Re: FOWL CHRISTMAS!
« on: December 29, 2015, 05:57:19 am »
I strongly recommend some intermittent fasting if you're having trouble getting over the cold. Even fasting until dinner should help give your body time to rally. Lots of fluids too. :)

« on: December 04, 2015, 09:56:31 am »
Have you even had raw bison?
Yes. A couple times years ago. I can't confirm it was grass fed/finished though which would make a huge difference for me. Being in New York my access to bison is limited and I'm not going to ship it across the country.

« on: December 03, 2015, 07:27:46 am »
It's hard for me to get excited about beef anymore. Bison is SOOO much more flavorful. It's like cardboard versus...meat.
I don't know. The farm we frequent has very healthy animals who are treated right. It comes though in the flavor especially the fat cap. I personally prefer deer but it's been hard to find animals who haven't been foraging on foods which give me issues.
I also have varying degrees of issues with other animals so don't push it too far.

« on: December 01, 2015, 06:44:45 am »
I splurge on a quality piece of extra fatty brisket. :D

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