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I dont know If im getting enough or too much...

How long do you spend in the sun?  shirtless?

Health / Re: Cyst disappeared? WTF?!
« on: January 04, 2018, 06:07:40 am »
update on my testicle calcium deposit/cyst thingyyy  lol.

It seemed to come back all though it is much smaller.. My diet has been really poor lately..
Wondering if that has an affect on it.. (did I use the right version of affect/effect haha?)

time to bust out the ACV again and eat more fruit with more pectin.. Its just weird..  How would pectin rich fruits
helps dissolve calcium in my testicle?

Can you explain that to me?

Off Topic / How often do you bathe and whats your routine?
« on: August 20, 2017, 11:58:53 pm »
I shower too much.  I use too many products too often. 

How often do you bathe and what do you use?

Hmm I have wondered what soap to use when using it.  Obviously soap isnt a necessity.
This leads me to a thread Im about to make on here.

I currently use that soap how do the ingredients look?
Saponified 100% food grade olive, coconut, palm & castor oils, in a goat's milk base, with herbs, pure essential oils and natural colorings.

General Discussion / Re: What kind of water do you drink?
« on: August 17, 2017, 03:07:17 pm »
I did not notice an issue with plastic bottles, myself, but who knows? I am unable to go to local springs and glass spring water bottles are not easy to find.

When I was in the UK,  the tapwater in London  was so bad that I found it killed off my appetite completely once I went fully rawpalaeo. I duly found various 5-litre plastic bottles of spring water. I found that the more natural ones, with an alkaline PH value of 7.8 to 8.4 were the best as regards taste etc. The best was a Brecon Beacons 5 litre bottle, which was so good that I found myself drinking a full bottle over 36 hours or so, sometimes. Surprisingly, I never got hyponatremia, as a result. Now, in Austria, I find the tapwater, which comes from the mountains, is fine re taste and, anyway, most local spring water bottles  are too neutral or acidic.

Do NOT ever drink distilled water. I used to buy some distilled water from Planet Organic in the UK, and I found to my horror that it never quenched my thirst. Very dangerous stuff that leaches nutrients from your body etc.

Hmmm.  I have so many different opinion on distilled water.. some say its the only pure water and the only water you should ever drink.
Some see it is terrible and leaches minerals out of the body, etc...

when you drank distilled did you purchase it in glass bottles?

General Discussion / What kind of water do you drink?
« on: August 15, 2017, 04:00:48 pm »
spring, purified, tap , etc.?

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:06:45 pm »
This is alarming! I just tried to find some kind of a food chart showing fluoride and it's very confusing though I am surprised at how much there actually is in our food! One article linked to below even said that iceberg lettuce can contain as much as 180 times more than in tap water. If that's true then what validates adding it to tap water in the first place? Also there is no distinction between naturally occurring calcium fluoride and man made forms like the kind used in pesticides and/or sodium fluoride which is a hundred times more toxic. I wonder how much of the fluoride used in iceberg lettuce is natural and how much is from pesticides.

I looked up beef and according to the chart in the first link below it's actually very low.

This new information makes the fluoride in tea seem totally hyped up and insignificant. It also makes me wonder how harmful the 900 PPM in a teaspoon full of Azomite really is.

This is getting really confusing! Seems like the more I study the less confused I should be but I am finding it to be the opposite.

To my knowledge the studies on fluoride and tooth decay were all done with calcium fluoride but the stuff they add to drinking water is sodium fluoride which doesn't make any sense unless they are intentionally trying to drug or poison us.


The fluoride food chart below claims it's based on 200 calorie servings which is very confusing because sweetened tea would have a lot more calories than unsweetened. As confusing as it was, it was the best information I could find.

Common Food Items Could Contain 180 Times More Fluoride Than Tap Water.

Ya I too was looking up fluoride in food!  Its unavoidable!  Unless you grow your own food with fricking filtered
water and have pristine soil.

Im right with ya lol!  I just wanted to know If I should be drinking a certain kind of water or spring water to avoid fluoride
and I ended up down a week long rabbit hole researching fluoride.  It's actually not easy to find detailed information
and quite hard to properly ask my questions.   Is Natural Calcium Fluoride in soil and water something we should avoid
or something that is harmless or beneficial? (who really has information on this? doctors, biologists, earth scientists?)
  A confusing question. When I ask that question on other forums it just turns
into a debate on if the government is trying to poison us with sodium fluoride and its effects on dental heath.

I do know that my Dad is 70 and is in good health and I have never seen him drink a bottle of water in my life.
He's drank about a pot of coffee every morning with tap for 40 something years with Tap water, drinks
tap water, cooks food in tap water., bathes in it, etc..... Maybe it will do something to him one day lol.

My grandma is 87 and drinks pots of tap water coffee everyday for her whole life also.

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: July 03, 2017, 12:47:31 am »
Since fluorine or calcium fluoride is the thirteenth abundant mineral on earth it is pretty much unavoidable in small amounts!

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: June 30, 2017, 03:30:31 pm »
.24 is a harmless amount if it's calcium fluoride. I said in an earlier post that it was a thousand times less harmful than sodium fluoride but my math was a decimal point off and is actually around a hundred.

I figured it was a harmless amount but wasn't sure.

  That was one of the brands with a little more CF than the others also.  Mineral
waters like san pellegrino have more than plain spring water.   I think its all the fear mongering that got me questioning.
Even after all the research I did on the added man made "sodium fluoride"  in tap water I still havent found any real
telling research on it being negative or positive.  (besides some articles on dental health obviously)  Everybody just has
a strong opinion about it being a government conspiracy or completely safe lol.   I want some more research done on
CF.   So if it is a healthy micro mineral for us people arent avoiding this natural source of fluoride  because they are mistaking it for sodium fluoride and missing out on its potential benefits.

Interestingly Wilhelm Heinrich Schüessler wrote about the 12 essential cell salts in the mid 1800's.
And Calcium Fluoride was #1.   Could again though........ all be pseudoscience

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: June 30, 2017, 07:49:33 am »
I think what Im wondering most about is if calcium fluoride is a beneficial or necessary micro mineral in small amounts
I have only been able to found one or two spring waters that dont have a small amount in it.   Purified water
doesnt usually have it unless added because its been treated.  So since most natural sources of drinking water have
calcium fluoride in them... Im assuming that Calcium Fluoride is something that is either good for us or
are bodies have adapted to.

The minerals in water are measured in Parts Per Million (ppm's).

for example here is fiji waters fluoride content

now is 0.24 ppm's a good amount?  is it good or bad for health blah blah blah.   Fluoride is confusing

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: June 30, 2017, 03:50:35 am »
Strange that Weston Price foundation is promoting the consumption of azomite when it is so high in fluoride and be putting out articles promoting the dangers of it. Even in tea!

Fluoride: Worse than We Thought
Repost of links showing fluoride in Bentonite clay and azomite just in case anyone missed it in the other thread:

an interesting contradiction by weston a price lol.

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: June 27, 2017, 12:53:25 am »
can anyone confirm that Fluorite or Calcium Fluoride is in all natural spring water?

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: June 25, 2017, 09:37:44 am »
i am an idiot lol.

Calcium Fluoride= Fluorite   CaF2

Hot Topics / Re: Calcium fluoride discussion
« on: June 25, 2017, 09:25:49 am »
The guy's name is Tim Goyetche. He also goes by the name Witch Dr. Tim. As far as I can tell he is the main proponent other than dentists going around saying fluoride is good for you. The more I research the more I believe he is a fraud and a total con man. I found no evidence that any form of fluoride is necessary for survival and very little to suggest it may be beneficial.

I agree with you.  I researched him and he is not the guy to be following lol. 

But anyway..Back to Calcium Fluoride.   I found that video because I was looking up information on natural fluoride.
And basically what its purpose is.

Pick any popular brand of "spring water" or "artesian water"   Ice mountain, crystal geyser, fiji, evian, volvic, deer park
any brand at all..    They all will have somewhere between 0.08-0.3 ppm of calcium fluoride"  Mineral waters like pellegrino and perrier will have even more.    So my questions still linger?   

Calcium Fluoride is found naturally in all spring water?  All forms of spring water and basically all natural bodies of water
have some source of Calcium Fluoride in it ?  Again NOT sodium but Calcium fluoride

And is it good for us?

General Discussion / Re: Whats everybody eating?
« on: November 18, 2015, 04:43:55 am »

3 eggs (soft scrambled), 2 lara bars, a ginger-goji kombucha

plan on eating a grass fed ribeye with avocado and cilantro tonight  O0

General Discussion / Re: Do you wash fruits you have to peel to eat?
« on: November 17, 2015, 08:41:52 am »
I literally only buy organic fruit and vegetables.  Even the ones that don't need to be purchased organic according to the "clean 15".
and I also have no health problems or have ever had any problems with anything related to not washing fruit..

I have apple cider vinegar and glass bottled water because I refrain from plastic and heard about cleaning my fruit with ACV.
But then Im like...I mostly have citrus, avocados and bananas (my favorite fruits) Why am I about to waste all this glass bottled spring water to wash my fruits?  And am I actually cleaning them or doing anything good? lol
enough to make any kind of difference?  I give my apples a good 25 second rinse and scrub before eating.   Some times I peel them as well.
And berries I usually buy organic frozen and only fresh when in season from my organic farmers market.

Washing fruit and veggies has always confused me.  Usually as a child parents just teach you to give it a quick rinse under tap water and a wipe on a towel or paper towel and thats what most do for the rest of their life.... and also I never really have washed meat.. I was always baffled when people washed grass fed beef under tap water?  WTF  -v

General Discussion / Re: Do you wash fruits you have to peel to eat?
« on: November 17, 2015, 08:08:36 am »
Along with those pesticides, you're removing bacteria that may be beneficial to you. *shrug* it's not as simple as the gurus say, or as their followers want it to be. It's complex, but at least you'll get the hard, difficult, complex truth here.

true.  Now you guys are confusing me!

General Discussion / Re: Do you wash fruits you have to peel to eat?
« on: November 17, 2015, 08:00:50 am »
I do eat only organic.  I was referring to those fruits I mentioned above more so.   Avocados, Bananas, Limes, Lemons, Oranges.   Should I wash them or am I wasting my time?

and there is the berries and apples I eat?   I only really have tap water to wash them with.   Am I doing any good?

General Discussion / Do you wash fruits you have to peel to eat?
« on: November 17, 2015, 04:40:49 am »
Do you wash fruits with thick skins you peel off

Banana, Avocado, Lemons, Limes, Oranges, etc.... Do you need to wash these before consuming them? I don't eat the peel/skin obviously but. Any reason to wash them before peeling? Pesticides, etc...

im just a big fan of a dinner at least with a nce veggie, starch and slab of meat... Didn't know if I was doing myself any harm by eating them in random order or anything.. I mono eat for breakfast everyday of course?  either fruit, or eggs!

but as long as they agree with you.. there is no reason to eat foods in a certain order right?

I like to vary the bites of my food or eat a salad with loads of different ingredients.
Like with nutrient absorbtion?   I digest things fine in combos and varying bites just wondering.

Ive read all about food combining and sequntial eating. (chinese, broscience, bullshit or fact based truth?)
I find that worrying about order of eating actually makes me more stressed out! but anyway.. answer if you can understand my terrible typing and way of wording questions  O0

Now, I totally understand that certain food DO combine well with othes.  Eating some salad before my steak always felt right to me.   But is there any reasoning to eating foods in a certain order.  A paleo man or woman wouldnt give a flying f word about what and when he ate or in what order would he/she?

Lets say at a single meal you have:  Steak, Sweet Potato, and Asparagus (just for example)
In food combining or more so "sequential/order of eating"  you would want to first eat the asparagus, then the potato, then the steak.  A la the "order of digestibility"  according to the length of time it takes certain foods to digest.  (animal protein being the "hardest to break down)
So my question being.  Does this make any sense?   Personally when I eat I am going to take random bites out of whatever food I want at whatever time I  want to vary the taste and texture.  A bite of sweet potato here, a bite of asparagus there , some steak, etc...  Does anybody eat in order? or eat one food item competely before moving on to the next?  Is this all broscience and pseudoscience?

General Discussion / Re: Fear of high Oxalate Foods
« on: October 12, 2015, 06:59:48 am »
thanks tyler.. Definitely been on the regular paleo diet for a while now. But I do eat all my greens and fruits raw obviously.

So no need to worry about the oxalates in spinach or anything?

General Discussion / Re: Fear of high Oxalate Foods
« on: October 12, 2015, 04:51:02 am »
Im very healthy the the moment knock on wood.  25 yrs old, My digestion is great since giving up processed foods, been sleeping great, been exercising everyday.   Ive always found spinach really easy to eat

General Discussion / Re: Fear of high Oxalate Foods
« on: October 12, 2015, 04:30:39 am »
also I found that my body loves sour and bitter things..  I love raspberries, lemons bitter herbs.

I like to make my main meal of the day sometime of greens with a nice slab of extra rare beef, bison, or some fish.

Any ideas of what is best for greens/herbs?   should I stick to something like romaine lettuce covered in bitter herbs? 
Or should I try just eating the herbs?

You said that the more tasteless the more antinutrients?  Does this mean something like lettuce is riddled with anti nutrients?

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