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General Discussion / Re: Need some help getting started
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:33:23 pm »
Tyler, I think what you are saying actually resonates with me quite a bit. I did my greatest healking ever when I was blending every meal, dramatically lowering the digestive load on myself. It worked great until the veganism part of it all came back and bit me in the ass. Perhaps I'll be less afraid of "Conventional Wisdom" on this one.

RawZi: where can I order this marrow out of the bone? In case I can't find it locally I'd love a source.

Has anyone considered putting it in a ziplock bag and putting it in a bowl of warm water?

General Discussion / Re: Need some help getting started
« on: August 09, 2010, 09:16:25 am »
Based on the food I had on hand tonight, and what I could get easily at the store, and the fact that I just couldn't bring myself to eat another steak, I went out and got some macadamians.

Not raw, not ideal, but 6oz of macadamians went down easily and left me without the post meal tiredness. I am hoping getting some animal fat this week will provide similar benefits.

Does the marrow come in any other form than Marrow bones?

I am a little uneasy about suet, but I am not going to let that get in the way. I am really hoping to get some grass fed animal fat tomorrow at the butcher.

Hot Topics / Re: Cod Liver Oil
« on: August 09, 2010, 07:45:21 am »
Finances are only an issue in that I have a $350/month supplement regimen as it is now, and I am starting to feel a little stretched thinly. The supplements I am taking are prescribed by my naturopath. $44 is only a lot if I need 4-6 bottle per month. If a bottle actually lasts for a month, then it is not so bad.

I am definitely vitamin D deficient (I am frequently tested, as I am aggressively supplementing).

Anyone have any thoughts about Mercola's claim that only Carleson's has the right ratios of Vitamin A to Vitamin D of all the CLO on the market?

5ml per day means a bottle would last 2 months. That's cheap in my book. I'll try it when my Carleson's runs out.

General Discussion / Re: Need some help getting started
« on: August 09, 2010, 07:37:40 am »
The post meal fatigue seems to be a post feeding issue, not healing. I may be wrong, but it is like my body is using a lot of energy to be digesting the food I just ate.

I am concern with cutting out the salt, as I have read it is helpful in adrenal recovery. Also, I am concerned with 2 meals per day. THe larger the meal I eat, the worse the fatigue, plus fasting is discouraged with adrenal fatigue, and I am unsure what duration between meals constitutes fasting.

I am going to experiment with salt fee for tomorrow, and try grazing more by gradually picking at my food over the course of the whole day.

I will look into getting my hands on both marrow and suet this week. Does the marrow come in the form of "soup bones"? I am really interested in trying marrow anyway.

Thanks for all the pointers so far.

General Discussion / Need some help getting started
« on: August 09, 2010, 12:11:11 am »
My short history:

Many years of SAD. About 15 years ago, had some success with atkins for weight loss for a year. Revisiting atkins a year later resulted in kidney stones. Many years of mismanaged health care led me to my worst condition ever, with a doctor playing the blood test -> treat the numbers with pills game. This led to out of control blood chemistry, diabetes, high blood pressure, and at least 150 pounds of extra weight. I felt like I was dying, and his solution was to tell me I needeed even more pills rather than work with me with lifestyle changes. This is when I started taking control of my own health.

Did raw vegan (mostly green smoothies) for about 9 months. Not 100% faithful, kept cheating with cheese as I craved it. Reversed the diabetes, got the blood chemistry under control. Lost 70 pounds (probably including lean muscle weight). Felt bad, was b12 deficient and suffering from adrenal fatigue (diagnosed with spit test).

for 12 months I Started eating raw red meet in addition to raw veggies and fruit. Stress would push me to icecream binges during this period. Also, my adrenal condition was unimproved after a year of eating like this, and taking a ton of supplements prescribed by a naturopath. This bummed me out. I got back in there and did more research. I had been too wiped out to do my own adrenal fatigue research and let my naturopath guide me. Learned sugar was the enemy for adrenal recovery. This led me to the idea of low-carb raw paleo.

So, for the past 3 days I have been <50g carbs per day, and I am sure I am entering ketosis. I have lost 8 pounds in water weight in those 3 days as well. My appetite is largely suppressed.

I am eating almost exclusively grass fed pastured beef I bought from a local farmer last year. It is the lean meats, ground and steaks/roasts. When I was eating this for one meal a day, I really looked forward to it, now at 3 meals a day of just this, I am already bored with it. The flavor no longer excites me, and it is a chore to eat it. Once per day I have a little treat with some raw unfiltered honey, pumpkin seeds, and raw cacao powder. Just a small amount as a treat. I hope to get this out of the diet over time, but I am keeping it to a small amount (<20g honey, 1tbsp cacao, small handful of seeds, total carbs <30g).

Also, when I eat my meals, usually 1/2 pound to 1 pound of beef, I am really tired about an hour after i finish eating. I fight to stay awake. Dose in and out of sleep. And it lasts for about 40 minutes.

So my questions:
Any reading advice on making food choices. I have a lot of grass fed beef in the house, so that will be a staple for a while. I already have a deposit on another cow for this fall, and will be getting the organ meats this time around. I am guessing I am eating about 50% fat (thanks to cron-o-meter estimates). What should I consider adding for additional fat? What can I do to get over the post meal fatigue? Is more fat the answer?

My primary dietary goals are: general good health, weight loss, adrenal recovery.

Thanks for any pointers.

Hot Topics / Re: Cod Liver Oil
« on: August 08, 2010, 10:48:56 pm »
OK, so if using the Blue Ice, what is the recommended daily consumption? That stuff is pricy.

I am eating grass fed beef for most of my food, so I'd love to hear recommended amounts in that context as well.

Hot Topics / Re: durianrider on youtube has holes in his food theory....
« on: August 08, 2010, 10:42:00 pm »
One thing I find interesting about DR is that I once observed him show up at a raw vegan forum and he berated everyone for not be fruitarian. The guy is an extremist, and just wants to hear what he believes to be the truth from his warped perspective.

Health / Re: the cure of type one diabetes for my vegan friend
« on: August 06, 2010, 11:27:02 am »
I cured myself of type 2 diabetes a couple years back with a raw vegan diet, but the diet was bad for me in other ways. It took about 60 days to get off all my meds except half a blood pressure pill, and I was taking a lot of meds. I am now a raw meat eater of the last year and a half, and my blood sugar tests, including my Hemoglobin A1C are all perfect and remain so. I have remained grain free but not refined sugar free over the last 18 months. I am now committed to a raw primal lifestyle and am hoping for further health gains, as I think my raw veganism, and my sugar indulgences of the past have exacerbated my adrenal conditions. They certainly have slowed my recovery if nothing else.


Welcoming Committee / Re: New to Raw Paleo, in search of health
« on: August 06, 2010, 02:11:39 am »
Thanks for the feedback. I am moving back to a committed 100% raw whole foods meat centric diet. I have about 40 pounds left from my last side of beef, and have another side coming in a couple months.  I guess the local butcher will have to fill in in between. At least grass fed is easy to come by here. I will be sure to get the adrenals from the new animal, my farmer and slaughterhouse are very accommodating. Maybe the local butcher can get them for me as well. Any advice how to consume the adrenals? Quantity/frequency?

My processed and junk foods are largely in the form of delivered salads I get delivered for lunch at work. These typically have cooked deli meats and store bought dressings. I have also been known to fall into sugar spirals when traveling. The extra stress, and the fact that I sleep poorly away from home really leads me to sugary lattes, which sets me off. I know it is bad, but sometimes you need to perform for a job. I am making it a point to avoid this trap over the next year at all costs. The only reason I eat this cooked/processed food at all is because I am too tired to plan food to bring to work most nights and mornings. I am making it a point to end that cycle as well. I do prefer the raw food, it makes me feel better, tastes better, and is cheaper.

I am currently taking pregnenolone and dhea supplements for the adrenal fatigue, and am curious about the Dr. Ron's stuff and getting the adrenals from a local butcher. Is this something I should discuss with my naturoppath, or is it just food? I've read some conflicting opinions of the hormone drops, and would be into the idea of replacing them with food, but I do want the support of someone to monitor my health while I do it, so any info I can bring to my Naturopath is appreciated.

High meat is an experiment I am willing to try. We'll see how that goes. And I am glad to avoid the raw dairy. Dairy is not my friend in general.

Welcoming Committee / New to Raw Paleo, in search of health
« on: August 04, 2010, 12:14:34 pm »

I have been in search of better health for a couple of years. I have tried the raw vegan thing, and it did reverse my onset of type 2 diabetes, and got me off all my meds (many, many meds) except the last half of a blood pressure pill, but left me exhausted after only 9 months to a year. Green smoothies were the cornerstone of my meal plans. I also lost 75 pounds during that time.

I am now trying to lose the rest of the weight (gained 25 back over the last year and a half) as well as continue to seek improved health. I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. My naturopath told me to start eating read meat immediately oupon that diagnosis, so I looked into eating it raw.

I am probably about 75% raw whole foods now, including raw grass fed pastured beef and elk, and have been for about a year. During this year I have struggled keeping my diet clean from processed junk, thus the weight gain and the other 25% of my diet. My work and life was very high stress, and this didn't help the adrenal issue.

I found this site after buying Aajonus Vonderplanitz' books, and reading about his claims about avoiding frozen meat. My only affordable meat option is to by sides of beef cryo-packed, flash frozen at the slaughterhouse. I was glad to see at least one member here is having success with frozen meats.

My goals are to heal the adrenal fatigue, and lose about 100 pounds of excess fat, and I look forward to learning from this new community and appreciate any pointers towards both weight loss and adrenal fatigue stories and advice here. I have a lot of searching and reading to do, and am looking forward to the crash course in figuring out what I might do to find what works for me.

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