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Journals / Re: Pagangoyims Journal
« on: February 14, 2018, 05:51:46 am »
Could you give us a quick overview of yourself? The health problems you had prior to going raw paleo and what you hope to cure. Also a small biography would be very interesting.

Personals / Re: California
« on: February 14, 2018, 05:49:10 am »

The lady who distributes raw milk in our zone has been told by a "doctor" working in the Parmesan industry to feed her cows with a grain & soy based multivitamin supplement. No wonder one of the cows had a river of mucus dripping from her nose...

Fucking disgusting, people that mistreat their animals like that.. I have no words. Not only does it destroy the animal's health, it also destroys the health of the consumers.

We should compile a list of places in capital cities/big cities where raw paleo people go to buy meat/food. That way people can go on holiday to places while they are sure they can find good quality meats to continue their diet. I could do Amsterdam.

I would eat it without preparation. Careful though, it is best to consume fresh raw meat, unfrozen that is. You actually don't want to kill the bacteria because it also gets rid of the good bacteria and enzymes. The same problem with cooking basically although it destroys less nutrients by freezing.

As for the rest of your new raw meat journey; be sure to try different kinds of meats. Liver is a staplefood in the raw paleo diet and it is best to get used to it early, considering the amazing health benefits of regular liver consumption (liver = live). For the rest I would try things like raw bone marrow and raw seafood, both contain a lot of essential nutrients that will surely make you thrive on the diet. I wish you great health on this amazing diet!

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: How to Fatten on RPD?
« on: February 13, 2018, 05:59:13 am »
If we aren't supposed to be really big, then how do we gain muscle? Can you gain a lot of muscle without fattening up?

Testing for minerals is always hard. If you are worried about mineral intake, eat some raw seafood here and then. For the rest your diet seems perfect to me. Maybe eat some fruit in the summer to gain weight, and some raw butter for that extra fat. Or do you add fat in your ground meat?

Health / Re: Pressure in head from raw fat/meat - cant eat raw meat
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:21:48 pm »
Toxicity and imbalances are common with adrenal fatigue, and could be playing a larger role in your symptoms than the carbs, fat, and protein ratios you are consuming. If you are simultaneously toxic and deficient Zero carbs might not be able to help even if the animals being consumed are of good quality. You may be simply lacking the mineral balance necessary for optimal endocrine system rejuvenation.

I think this is why the high amount of raw fat caused problems for me. The raw fat was working hard to get rid of toxic metals in my body, but my endocrine system was not strong enough to get rid of them. This resulted in heavy pressure in my head and blurry vision.

I'm thinking of getting a hair analysis in order to understand what minerals I'm lacking severly. Only this way it's possible for me to combat these deficiencies by eating whatever foods contain a lot of the missing nutrients/minerals.

I already consume raw liver regularly, my next step would be to add in raw forms of seafood because I noticed Iodine did wonders for me, hinting at a possible deficiency. What raw seafoods do you guys recommend?

Health / Re: Pressure in head from raw fat/meat - cant eat raw meat
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:49:50 pm »
Yes raw liver helps me, for that reason I also think that vitamin A overdose can't be the problem. I read that the adrenals are important for processing vitamin A, so if mine are not working properly (I have all the symptoms) then that maybe is the reason that I can't take all the raw fat.

I don't think caffeine is the problem, I don't even drink coffee. Maybe once in 2 months. Caffeine only makes the symptoms worse, it doesn't create them. This complements my adrenal theory, coffee is one of the foods you should avoid when suffering from adrenal fatigue.

I ordered kidney with the adrenals attached to them from my organic butcher, gonna eat them raw to see if anything changes.
Saber, I read somewhere that you suffered from adrenal fatigue as well? Did raw adrenals help you back then?

Health / Re: Pressure in head from raw fat/meat - cant eat raw meat
« on: December 01, 2017, 01:59:18 am »
Don't you think it is adrenal fatigue that got really bad because of zero carb/too much fat?

Health / Pressure in head from raw fat/meat - cant eat raw meat
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:20:05 am »
Hello all,

I've been mostly zero-carb for almost 7 months and tried to go raw. But everytime I eat raw meat my vision becomes blurry and I have trouble seeing stuff in the distance.  I also feel pressure in my head after a couple days of eating raw meat. It also happens when I eat raw eggs. After a couple days of the pressure in my brain I would feel sensitivity to bright lights and to loud noises

Each time I had this problem I would eat raw liver and the symptoms would go away, does anyone know what could cause this? I was thinking a vitamine A overdose because that matches my symptoms exactly but that normally doesn't happen. Does this mean I have kidney/liver problems causing my body to not process vitamin A correctly?

Please let me know if you know what causes this. Some other people suggested adrenal fatigue but I just don't know how to fix that, I really want to start eating fully raw.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: High liver is spicy
« on: November 07, 2017, 04:41:23 am »
My friend had high liver that tasted like chocolate. Then the next bite you would take would taste like strawberry. Fermented liver truly is amazing food.

Health / Re: Liver problems, high cholesterol - NEED HELP
« on: November 07, 2017, 02:20:45 am »
Thanks for all the tips guys. Even though I haven't exactly cured whatever I have, it's nice to know that there are people out there willing to help me!

I was wondering, could it be that I have a liver infection? Something like hepatitis C or Lyme disease.
The raw fat that I eat destroys a lot of toxins in my body, but they aren't cleaned up because of my disfunctioning liver. When I eat raw liver it feels like I get cleaned up and all the headaches and pressure in the head goes away. Maybe I am really toxic because of lyme or hepatitis? Could that be the case?

Health / Re: Liver problems, high cholesterol - NEED HELP
« on: October 28, 2017, 01:08:12 am »
You sound like one for the medical textbooks. I'm sure you a probably aware already but liver is very high in cholesterol. I read that a lot of Italians have high cholesterol though not as high as yours and live extremely long lives. Why do you assume there is something wrong with your liver? Could it be your liver is merely responding to a condition demanding lots of cholesterol that you haven't figured out yet?

Because when I eat raw liver, the blurry vision and feeling of light-headedness go away. I also read that liver problems cause eye problems most of the time.

My liver could very well be responding to a condition demanding lots of cholesterol. But it is producing so much cholesterol that I feel a lot of pressure in my head and other body parts when I eat raw fat (which produces lots of cholesterol) or fructose. It got so bad today that I had to go home from school and eat raw liver for the feeling to subside.

Isn't it more likely that there is something wrong with my liver?

Also, my doctor said my liver might not be able to regulate cholesterol production because of gene-expression. Doesn't that sound like the problem?

Health / Re: Liver problems, high cholesterol - NEED HELP
« on: October 27, 2017, 04:41:16 am »
Super high cholesterol could be related to a liver issue...but for the most part the liver is a self healing organ so if there is a problem it could be resolved by eliminating the sources of the damaging factors, whatever that may be.

Are you taking any drugs, alcohol, caffeine, or supplements or eating any other foods which could be an issue?

Grapes may not be the best kind of fruit, pesticides used in conventional grapes can be extremely toxic to some carnivores and perhaps even people who lack proper enzymes to mitigate the poison, plus the way most grapes and other commercial and or "organic"fruits are produced these days are questionable. I am often wary about the quality of grass fed beef and wild caught sea food people are eating? The world is becoming a cesspool and labels on food bought at the market are often worthless in determining quality of the food.

If possible I would recommend getting a hair analysis, it would tell you if there are any major deficiencies or imbalances.

I ate zero carb for a while which is basically zero inflammation so I don't know why my liver still produces cholesterol. When I eat raw liver the symptoms go away but only a little bit. The doctor told me he think I might be a carrier of a gene that makes my liver unable to stop producing a certain kind of cholesterol, resulting in my symptoms. He says I need to take pills but I already know that eating raw liver works better for it.

The hair thing is interesting, my dandruff came back as of lately but my hair has been brighter and stronger since I've started this WOE.

So what I know so far:

- There is something wrong with my liver, and eating raw liver helps but it doesn't completely solve the problem.
- My doctor thinks it's in my genes, which could be possible, however, does this mean I can't cure it? We all know that gene-related stuff is bullshit 99% of the time, it's always due to poor diet. (however it doesn't make sense in my case)

Health / Re: Liver problems, high cholesterol - NEED HELP
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:56:15 pm »
My diet consists of raw ground beef with extra fat, this is my main fat source. I also eat high meat every once in a while and raw liver every week. Unfortunately when I eat too much raw meat I get blurry vision and light-headedness. This has led me to cooking my meat more often and mixing in grapes and pineapples from time to time. I also eat raw herring twice a week and mussels once a week.

The blurry vision makes me think that I have liver problems, and I do notice after eating raw liver that the blurry vision gets a little bit better. My plan now is to eat lots of raw liver and lots of pineapple to help these symptoms go away.

Stress level is normal I would say. I go to university and I am in my second year of my bachelor. My field is also not that hard and I got plenty of free time so I don't think that's it.

So do you think that it has anything to do with my liver? liver blood deficiency perhaps? Fatty liver disease?

Health / Liver problems, high cholesterol - NEED HELP
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:10:47 pm »

My doctor said that I have LDL 6 times as high as the people who are treated for high LDL, so that is really high.
Even though I know cholesterol isn't bad for you and that it is sugar that causes heart disease etc. 6 times is still way too high, even for raw paleo diet.

I think that I might have a liver problem that is making my excess cholesterol not be filtered by the liver.
Something like fatty liver disease.

Does any1 of you know how to heal fatty liver disease or liver problems? I am already eating more raw liver but other tips are welcome!

Health / Re: Blurry vision and light headed
« on: October 19, 2017, 12:24:21 am »
I was thinking maybe my arteries are clogged up because of past sugar consumption. I've tried eating avocado and grapefruits as this is what AV recommends. Still, whenever I consume raw fats in the form of eggs or meat my symptoms (blurry vision and light-headedness) return quickly.

Does anyone know what could be the cause?

Journals / Re: Robin Love's journal
« on: October 04, 2017, 04:41:16 am »
Depression? Are you gonna eat high meat?

General Discussion / Re: Is it possible raw beef to make me worse
« on: September 27, 2017, 11:41:18 pm »
We can't draw a conclusion here. What are your symptoms when eating raw beef?

Health / Blurry vision and light headed
« on: September 22, 2017, 01:33:18 am »

I've been doing a zero-carb diet for around 6 months now and recently got problems with blurry vision and light-headedness.

It started in the holidays, I was gone from home for 3 weeks and couldn't find any fat to supplement my diet with. When I returned home I got problems with my vision and I could feel my heart beating in an unpleasant way. These problems went away (but never fully) when I started eating more fat again but now have returned after not eating any supplemented fat for a couple of days.

Do you guys think this could be a protein overdose or lack of fat? I've read that a protein overdose makes your breath stink and one of my close friends commented that my breath started to stink after the summer holidays (we didn't see each other during the holidays and he said that before the holiday my breath was fine.) I'm starting to get worried because the lack of vision can make me dizzy sometimes.

I've been fermenting my high meat for a month now and the smell and also the taste are really strong. After the first 2 weeks it actually tasted pretty good and I would happily eat it, but then in just a couple days the small started to change drastically. After that I didn't touch the meat (only aired it every 2 days or so). Now after a month I tried 1 piece and I barely got it down my throat. It kind of smells like someones shit and the taste is just too overwhelming for me, but I suppose I could get used to it. I just hope I didn't do anything wrong, like let the flies get to it when I wasn't looking (fly eggs should be noticeable yeah?), because that change of smell after those 2 weeks really surprised me.

Yes, this is normal. The smell really gets strong around the 2/3 week mark. Don't worry about it, it smells worse than it tastes. The taste is hard to get accustomed to but it will get easier. Just slowly increase your dosage over time and start with small bits.

If your high meat was infested with fly eggs or gone bad in any other way then your body would've told you so. Consuming bad meat always triggers a reaction such as vomiting or diarrhea.

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