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    Hi Joy!

    I spent over a week with not one minute of sleep as a teen, as I was sole care provider for near death very young animals.  I got dark rings under my eyes that lasted more or less a quarter century.  For my dark under eye circles, the best thing that made them go away is fermented kidneys and no dairy.  I do dairy, but I didn't do it for a while, and this is when it left.  Any of the raw meats and high meats helped, but kidney ferment most of what I tried.

    Enjoy your trip!

General Discussion / Re: feeding a new born
« on: June 21, 2012, 12:25:36 pm »
    One problem possibly, PaleoPhil.. A raw milk farm, an organ donation or a blood donation are not like a milk bank , as milk banks both freeze twice and pasteurize at 132.8 ºF.  The women donors are non smokers, but they can eat and drink almost anything I think.  Yes, it is good that it wouldn't be made of preservatives, plain vegetable oil and who knows what, I don't know. 

    She should go to La Leche (if she doesn't choose raw milk/ground meat) or if you find another equivalent group and hang out with breastfeeding mothers and learn and share there, if she's inclined. 

    Milk bank may be the best in this situation, but I don't see myself doing it.  Each time I heard my baby cry, my milk "let down" (started flowing).  This will help her relactate.  I felt good hearing my baby cry knowing the resultant milk letdown was the best food out of billions, totally individual.

    She should pump milk looking at the baby or something like that.  Lactating helps certain mother child bonding and mood and health for mother too , not just baby.

General Discussion / Re: Eye Contact
« on: June 16, 2012, 03:00:06 am »
its important to stand up for your self from the beginning to help things go the way you want.

    And when someone is an opportunistic parasite and gets you when you're down, raw meat will lift you up with the strength you need to keep alive.  I can give such a stare now.  I could before, but much better now. If someone wants to lie to me, no matter how much they want that, they back down now from my stare.

General Discussion / Re: Eye Contact
« on: June 15, 2012, 03:11:20 pm »
It means that a RPD makes you less fearful and submissive.  This is one of the ways in which this diet "robustifies" you,

    People in command who really shouldn't be could get me to leave them to do that before I tried RAFs. Since I started them :P, it's a different story. Sure, it can mean some trouble when they're meaning to do harm or do something that they might not even realize will cause ills.  In the long run though things are always better than no RAfs, IME.  A little trouble and then things getting better is better than pernicious chronic worsening all the time.   

General Discussion / Re: feeding a new born
« on: June 15, 2012, 02:56:34 pm »
also donor milk is not an option because the hospital pasteurizes the donor milk before they give it to the baby and the  wont let him even have it . 

You can also look for a wet nurse.  A friend did this.

And my grandma used to say that when the baby is too weak to stimulate milk sucking action... it's the husband's duty to do so.

    Get in a natural foods playgroup. The mothers meet with the babies regularly, usually all are breastfed babies.  One or two mothers can go run errands, and if the babies they left with the other mothers need feeding, there you go!  The milk is unpasteurized and straight from the source.

    GS, in La Leche they recommend readying the nipples for feeding by rubbing them with a coarse towel and exposing them to the sun.  These are my experiences.

    Baby spending time on your or his mother's bare chest and stomach should help entrain him to to your heartbeat and breathing. Babies need this.

    Yes, get that rod out of her arm, if she will agree. Suiren is right, those hormones prevent breastmilk. Medical doctors in my experience are ignorant that breast milk exists, they seem to think it's a fairy tale about something that has never been since the dawn of time.

    Unheated honey has not only been tolerated well by small infants, but it has been helpful.  I would think the same think women have done for millenia would help, putting honey on the nipples to atrract the new baby to nurse, who doesn't know how etc trouble latching on.  Touch the nipple to the baby's cheek. He will turn to nurse. This is an infantile reflex.

Any ex-vegans wanna add to why the veg life doesn't work? I would like to hear someone's perspective before going down this path.

    My reasons are personal. If you want veges that bad, more power to you.  Raw animal foods help my health.

Health / Re: weird sensation at night
« on: June 15, 2012, 02:14:37 pm »
She said she got hers out by ... sat in a tub of MILK! The tapeworm came out to eat.

    A friend wrote that in a forum a while back. I didn't think I had worms, but I figured I'd try it. Bathed in milk. Nothing came out. Oh well, I guess that's good.

Primal Diet / Re: sheep milk
« on: June 15, 2012, 02:10:08 pm »
Even though it's 2 to 3 times more expensive

    You're lucky. I found it to be 6-7 times more expensive than raw fresh grass-fed jersey milk, and further away. I wish I had sheep.

Health / Re: cellulite
« on: June 15, 2012, 02:04:44 pm »
Dairy did not make me feel bad in any way other than this surprise bone factor...... and maybe the cellulite???

    Butter got rid of cellulite for me. I can't speak for milk or food combinations as far as that goes. Actually, maybe milk causes cellulite come to think of it. While even in Junior High all the other girls than me had a little cellulite, I had none till my thirties, and I almost always avoided milk (not pushed to drink as child and became vegan).  I assume most of my classmates drank milk.

Off Topic / Re: Freelee's brother jumped ship.
« on: June 05, 2012, 03:32:20 am »
I learned that by mushing them up in a bowl they for some reason became more palatable. Adding cinnamon also helped.

    Bananas made me nauseas as a kid, in particular on an empty stomach. The cinnamon trick sounds good, maybe I'll try it in a pinch. Sorry for bringing in SAD foods, but I had to put "tons" of cinnamon on bread or cereal in order to tolerate their (lack of) flavors. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar? I know it does something, and made things palatable. Mushing the bananas too, helped bring foods to room temperature and made them nicer to eat. I guess that's only with foods I didn't like. Juicy fresh fruit I had no problems eating as it, nor raw veges etc. 

Off Topic / Re: Freelee's brother jumped ship.
« on: June 05, 2012, 03:22:15 am »
Ayurveda says that fruit is apropos in the morning, OK in the afternoon and not a great idea at night.

    Kapha (morning-damp cool heavy relaxed) doesn't have as strong digestion as Pitta (midday sun-sharp direct). You might want something that gives a lighter energy at those times, with quicker release of said energy, like ripe fruit.  Midday fires of agni? (powers of digestion) help break things down and get them where they need to go. Sound plausible, Raw-Al? 

    I wonder what the practice of Ayurveda was like five thousand years ago before vegetarianism and excessive cooking became popular.   

Hot Topics / Re: wapf salt article
« on: May 31, 2012, 03:57:58 am » is interesting when it comes to salt. Zi - according to that if you don't have salt you can't absorb water into the cells and that's where swelling comes from.

Zi - that's so cool that cows like fruit! Never new that.

    Thanks D. I think I had that book over a decade ago. 

    Yep. Maybe green is better for cows.  They liked everything I gave them, except flour products (which I only had possession of a couple of times back then), but fruit and vegetables the best.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello
« on: May 31, 2012, 03:53:39 am »
  Hi Titus :) welcome to you and your kind sweet wife. You sound like a nice couple.

Off Topic / Re: Freelee's brother jumped ship.
« on: May 31, 2012, 03:49:50 am »
why just fruits, what's wrong with all the other parts of a plant?

    Save the world one plant's life at a time. If there were no animals on earth, then animals and people would never kill anyone.  This would be quite a vegan world. Take the stalk or the root, and kill the plant. Also, more digestible. Or..for the fun of it! They are sugar high addicts perhaps. Take your pick or come up with any reason to make a limit.

Off Topic / Re: Freelee's brother jumped ship.
« on: May 31, 2012, 03:47:32 am »
I didn't mean in any way to be insulting to you Zi - but I bet you never told anyone that when you very skinny that it was what was the best body to have did you? Most women when they lose weight and exercise a great deal and eat close to no fat also lose size in their breasts. Not everyone is the same of course - but to say to women in general that if you lose your blubber you will look like me and not have the disclaimer constantly that the breasts are fake gets my goat as an older woman seeing how younger women are seeming to hate themselves more and more over time instead of less. This  hating who they are thing to the point where women are now cutting themselves with razors  - I was hoping some of that would start to subside already - not get worse.  I think that Freelee has become part of the problem promoting self-hatred. You're not good enough unless you can become a skeleton and still have breasts! For 99% of the women out there - that's impossible unless they have surgery.

    Well, thank you D.  Nope. I never told people I was better than them. I think I had always considered everyone equal.  Oh, and one of the times I was all fruit, for certain that ten pounds came off all from my breasts. Actually, it's what I did want to happen. So I didn't mind that. Some fruities with distorted perceptions may have minded if it went that way for them.

General Discussion / Re: Digestion times?
« on: May 31, 2012, 01:01:33 am »
Chewing will always improve digestion.

    I think it may be best NOT to chew raw meat, for digestion, energy, healing etc.

Off Topic / Re: Freelee's brother jumped ship.
« on: May 31, 2012, 12:59:20 am »
If they overeat sweet fruit, won't all those sugars in the sweet fruit put fat on them?

    Their fruit is mostly ripe and they don't cook it. It has simple sugars. They don't usually eat anything else. Many get quite thin. Did you try it? I ate only fruit for a number of months. I did lose weight. Never more than ten pounds weight loss in total from it, start to finish each time.  I hear if done long enough they gain muscle from it? I don't feel it's for me, and I cannot feel good about recommending it. I stopped; because it felt like time to stop.

Health / Re: Impact of a C-Section on the body
« on: May 30, 2012, 10:26:53 pm »
My outer scar is not too bad, but hypotrophic. I seemto have a tendency for raised scars with bigger cuts. Luckily I did not have an infection.
Most of my pain comes from underneath the scar.
And also, what may be TMI...I have vaginal pains, like closer to the cervix. Worst during intercourse. They have very slowly bettered, but I have ups and downs.
My OB thinks its due to breastfeeding, but it does not match the description, and why would it get better every month since giving birth? She also stated it will get worse the longer I breastfeed...which does not make sense at would that even work in nature...<_<

    You're welcome, Suiren!

    Breastfeeding may trigger prolactin release which may cramp the uterus to expell the placenta. Cramps may be uncomfortable. This is all natural. It goes away. You're OB may not be familiar enough with breastfeeding. How much did she breastfeed? What kind of familiarity does she have with breastfeeding support groups? Maybe she wants you to stop nursing for another reason, but does not find it necessary to tell you her other reason.

    Did they cut your cervix? Is it just healing?  In time, things usually heal normally, if left alone, nourished and not overly stressed.

Primal Diet / Re: Blue Cheese Anyone?
« on: May 30, 2012, 10:19:24 pm »
    Blue cheese should be raw.  It's very salty though. I've only had it here in America.  Unfortunately they often pasteurize it here. I think they grow it with penicillin, that's the blue. No? My highmeat does not taste the same.

    I have not been around lately, so, I have not tilted my bed. I'm not sure if I will tilt it. I will discuss it at home.

    D, what you say from time to time often hits home, and is amazing of course!

the bed tilt because our heart chakras both have been more open. We have both been wanting to touch more, have more sex, be more lovely dovey and say kinder more generous things to each other and I can feel the difference in my chakras. It's hard to say that this has been just the beds - but I think it has had a impact.

I will try to eat more fat today to see if that helps with the thirst, but the thirst has already started to subside somewhat. It peaked 2-3 days after the tilt.

    I think it may be partially astrological or something else, perhaps a coincidence. We've been more amorous etc here too, without a tilt.

    I think I've been snoring a little lately. Maybe I'll use that angle to tilt it.

    My head can tend to be warm when I sleep. Perhaps tilting would cool it.

    I didn't read the other pages of this thread yet. Did man during paleo era tilt when he slept?

Hot Topics / Re: wapf salt article
« on: May 30, 2012, 10:07:04 pm »
    Not just leaves, grass and no salt. I've seen cows with plenty of greenery around go "ape" over fruit. They quickly suck whole fruits down their throats and spit out the pits right away. They can eat fruit better than I can. I didn't feed them oranges, just because I didn't have oranges when I was with the cows. I fed them fruit that grew in their fields.

    I had some swelling since my period last month. It wasn't going down. I don't normally use salt. I don't recommend it, as I do not know why the salt got rid of the swelling. About two weeks ago I got a craving for salt. I ate almost pure salt, a lot, at one sitting! The next morning? All my swelling was gone. The swelling has not come back yet. I have not repeated the salt. I know what I did is not Weston Price. It was more like instinct? Or craving.

Off Topic / Re: Freelee's brother jumped ship.
« on: May 30, 2012, 05:27:57 am »
    It is, D. 

    Still, it felt bad reading what you wrote, before I knew she might have breast implants. I was that thin, bony, very, no matter what I ate or over-ate, fat only in breasts.  Like I said, RAFs are key for me. With them all my bones have muscle. Some people are different.

Hot Topics / Re: grain fed controversy
« on: May 30, 2012, 03:07:03 am »
   LOL! :D (to the link in the OP)

    My response would be exactly as D's.

Health / Re: Impact of a C-Section on the body
« on: May 30, 2012, 03:00:18 am »
    Suiren, I wish you the best of recovery.  When I birthed, it could have been better, had the doctors not interfered..  but I was grateful too, as I had a healthy baby :) Do you have a lot of scarring?

until the placenta stops pulsing is extremely important as it fill the child will a ton of nutrient and blood as it pulses to its own end, this can take from 15 seconds to a few minutes, after

    Jessica, it may be better to wait longer than a few minutes:

    I don't know if animals go straight for the cord after birthing. I think they eat the placenta first.

Off Topic / Re: Freelee's brother jumped ship.
« on: May 30, 2012, 02:45:07 am »
    I'm glad FreeLea[nne]Love's brother came to his SENSEs, for his own good health. 

    Sabertooth, you are looking better and better.

I wonder if the general populace would find someone that thin without the fake breasts appealing. Breasts are made of FAT! She doesn't eat enough fat to have breasts. When you eat enough fat to have breasts you also have fat on other parts of your body. It's a package and what Freelee is is the result of modern surgery - not something that can be found in nature.

I personally think what she does and says is dangerous to young women. They think that if they eat ... like she has - when it is impossible without surgery.

    I think she could be dangerous cause she does push her way relentlessly, and that's only healthy money-making for her.  But, to have a thin body with large breasts is not only had via surgery. So I kind of felt bad you writing that. Maybe we shouldn't say things like it. Some people are thin and toxic, and the great majority of the toxicity resides in their breasts, and the breasts get large accommadating that. I used to try to gain weight, but the only things that can put good weight on me are raw low glutamine easy to digest protein and raw fat (not oil).  I think you're right though that that is not a perfectly healthy body. I didn't know she has implants! It makes sense. She's not the first high profile extreme vegan mostly rawist who got breast implants to make up for the over-skinniness of fruitarianism.

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