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Hey guys I’m a 24 year old male 5’ 9” 145ish pounds I’ve been on the primal diet for about 4 years now. I’ve been extremely skinny my whole life before primal diet literally zero muscle most of my life poor masculine feature developement that seemed to have not progressed properly. Every male in my family is much taller over 6 foot where I look much smaller with super tiny joints especially wrists. Not to go too far into detail but I had a very abusive childhood which resulted in hardcore drug abuse starting at 12 until a heroin overdose at 20 that left me basically a brain dead vegetable. Primal diet was the only thing that helped me recover I started immediately after the overdose. It’s been years now n I’m glad to be some what normal again but I am wondering if I have permanent damage to my brain obviously but also if it is possible my wrists / back shoulder blades / joints never developed properly. I work a hard physical life now construction worker / farmer n I’m a shell of my former intelligence when I was a young child before drugs. I seemed to have been able to put on muscle but I have constant pain in my wrists and especially my shoulder blades which basically feel like broken glass it is getting to the point where it is almost unbearably painful and now prevents me from ever properly sleeping however I have no other option to fall back on in life as farmer / construction seems that there is all that is left as my potential in life now. My diet consists of mostly high quality Amish farm liver milk eggs honey and chicken as those are what I mostly crave. I am wondering if anyone has any advice that could help just make the pain a little more bearable as rest and recovery is not an option and nothing seems to be helping at all. I was thinking maybe bone marrow / brain and less honey / milk maybe? Any help would be so greatly appreciated thank you for reading this.

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