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Hi Guys,

I'm currently eating zero carb I'd say 1/2 raw 1/2 cooked plenty of fat, raw liver and heart adding other organs in soon when I get them also have eggs, salt, still and sparkling water.

I have one small meal in the morning raw sees me fine all day then in the evening I have cooked and im picking at lots in the evening especially fat eating lots of that beef fat trim in particular from the freezer im mad about it especially the yellow bits.

I have a history of overeating used to be 19stone always feel like im fighting overeating.  Ive putting on weight at the moment eating this way, feeling happy in myself mood wise but a little lower on energy and the weight gain is annoying and wondering whether a shift to all raw would help me feel satiated and get my energy levels back on track.

Any advice or experience you have to share would be greatly appreciated

Thank you ki

Welcoming Committee / Hello from Scotland
« on: April 26, 2023, 04:20:41 am »
Hi from Scotland

Its been so good to find this forum I'm 38 leaving in Scotland.  Im currently on my way towards Raw Zero Carb approach (im zero carb but still have zero additive sausages and bacon at the mo though I feel like they take away my energy) I quite like the work of Paleo Medicina and their approach and definitely feel better when I eat raw.

 This isnt my first foray into Raw meat i was raw meat and fruit for a while previously, raw vegan before that, keto before that, atkins many years ago for several years.  For sure feel so so so much better without dairy.  Still love eggs.  Read a great book on the subject of raw diet including meat on a library bookshelf in Auroville India a few years back which was a big inspiration wish I could remember the name! 

Also any tips or anything I need to know on eating raw meat greatly appreciated also, i've been going of instinct thus far and including plenty of beef fat trim and bone marrow, heart & liver in small regular amounts. Found a local farm who is going to supply brain Im looking forward to including.

I also want to do high meat any instructions on how to get started?  im on the lookout for a mini fridge for the smell issue have jars ready.

Great to be here and meet you all

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