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General Discussion / Re: General Mood while on RAF / non-raw family
« on: March 15, 2009, 12:37:01 pm »
I also used to be really shy, now I feel more sociable, despite the fact that raw paleo isn't socially acceptable for most people.

My boyfriend has been pretty nice about it, one time he came over and brought me a bunch of sashimi and some tuna sashimi which he mixed with avocadoes, cucumbers, and a chili sauce that was tasty. Sometimes it's hard to tell how he feels about it though. He says he likes me no matter what I eat, even if it's weird, the only thing that bothers him is that I smell fishy or meaty. Guess I just gotta brush my teeth a lot more now lol. Of course now he wishes we could eat the same stuff together, and says that my diet worries him  :(. In the back of my mind I start thinking that he should try cooked paleo, he'd be much healthier that way than how he eats now, he loves bread and grains, he eats cereal and pizza most of the time, and loves pretzels. Maybe I'll just have to fix cooked-paleo meals for him and see how he likes them. ;D

General Discussion / General Mood while on RAF / non-raw family
« on: March 15, 2009, 10:40:26 am »
When I was on both the SAD diet and a vegan diet I had a really unpredictable mood, I would get easily upset, depressed, anxious. I'm noticing after almost a month now eating raw meat, raw eggs, raw fat, I'm generally happier. It feels like I'm just enjoying myself more all the time. I used to have really bad anxiety, and I feel calmer now. It's really nice.

Though, I do still get frustrated when family members and people who care listen to their socially influenced fears instead of the information I have based eating this way, even though I had known about paleo and raw paleo for a long time before doing it. I know that they care, and that they don't understand it much, but it's still stressful. I don't mean to just complain about this, I just wonder if anyone else has family members or loved ones who oppose your diet or are uneasy about it. How do you deal with it, and did they eventually come around and accept it?

Stuff like this just makes me feel like moving to another country sometimes...

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 13, 2009, 09:21:24 pm »
I tried the honey/eggs/limes and my bowels feel like they're moving something, but all that comes out is gas. I even tried honey and ACV and then eggs a couple hours after that, then ate some fatty meat and marrow.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 12, 2009, 11:26:27 pm »
You would probably do best to up your fat intake as much as possible and have a low but present carb intake. Maybe one or two pieces of fruit a day, any more than that and I think it may eventually cause problems when trying to eat a mostly protein and fat diet.

I have a question about this: I'm curious how it would cause problems, is it blood-sugar related? I guess it would help to understand what you're basing that on before I make a decision regarding it.

The day before I had the severe diarrhea, I had eaten some raw garlic and ginger, then later I had some carrot and beet juice. I stayed away from any fruit, but I did eat a little honey. I noticed that my weight continued to decline when I ate like this. When reading through different posts, I've noticed that early on in this diet some people did eat a moderate amount of fruit for a while, and eventually worked their way off of it.

Either way, I'm going to keep up with what I did before to see what happens. I hope to get a few pounds back because my mom is taking notice that I've been losing it, and since she doesn't understand how the body changes when going to a better diet, she assumes weight loss = bad. Of course, I admit that I freaked out too, I guess I'm still learning to be patient with it. I'm going to find out if the grass-fed farm I've been to in the past has suet. If not, I'll get some of their soup bones, because they've got fatty meat on them and the fatty marrow inside at least, and they're cheap! Then I guess I'll ask the butcher I've gone to for fish if I can get some suet there.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 12, 2009, 11:16:43 am »
I should apologize for getting upset earlier, I guess I need to view this as experimental, and weight loss was just the result of what I was doing.

This morning I did something different. I ate about 14 oz of raw fish, ate two oz of raw beef bone marrow, and two pieces of fruit in the afternoon. I did this to make sure that I have enough to eat for the whole day, I think that may have been linked to my weight loss. 1.) I was eating too much fiber and not enough animal fat. 2.) I waited until the end of the day to eat, which is when eating became a burden.

Eating half my day's food in the morning as breakfast gave me energy through the afternoon, I didn't feel like I needed to eat much, and I actually had more energy than I have had in the past few days. Also I'm not having to worry as much about how much I need to eat in the evening, it feels like a reasonable amount. I think this is something I can keep up with too. I like having raw meat early in the day, after the digestion is out of the way I feel great the rest of the day.

By the way, I'm taking note of that stuff about fiber, and I'll make an effort to get less. Oh, and Guittarman, I'm gonna try what you suggested tomorrow morning--I now have my eggs.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 11, 2009, 07:34:12 pm »
I'm freaking out, I'm now down to 101 pounds, and I look BAD I mean almost anorexic. I'm considering going to cooked paleo for a while, I mean, I can't let my weight drop into the 90's just because. I'm serious, I fucking feel like shit, and now my muscles have even been deteriorating. IN TWO DAYS I've gone from 103 to 101. At least at 103 I still had my muscle strength and felt ok. I don't think I have time with my schedule to be strict and have positive results with this diet, I'm about to eat some cottage cheese, and I don't care, I feel like it will help me gain some weight. I feel like calling the doctor, because nothing I'm doing right now seems to be working.

Last night I had some serious diarrhea (at least not constipated anymore) and this drastic weight loss even though I'm eating as much as I can stand and this morning after going to the bathroom I weighed myself. I'm really close to just setting this stuff aside because it's causing more complications than I had with any other diet. I know that the whole "symptoms of improving diet" is that I'm supposed to lose weight despite what I'm eating for a while, but I really don't feel that it's healthy to just believe it's that if the weight loss has gone on for 3 straight weeks.

I really need to know if anyone else here had this fast weight loss occur for this long or even a little longer, but when they continued eating that way never the less, they eventually stopped losing weight, and eventually gained it back. I know maybe I shouldn't be so hasty, but seriously, I don't think becoming weak and emaciated is to be viewed as a good sign at all.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 11, 2009, 11:31:09 am »
I generally eat fish 2 or more times a week, about a pound a day. Usually I get arctic char, and I can get it fresh. If I can't get that I go to Whole Foods for beef. The last few times I've had grain-fed meat it had an odd subtle taste that I just didn't like, it wasn't "bad" but it just made me feel gross. That was when I had bison though, maybe beef isn't like that for me.

I was eating a lot of fruit, a banana, some apples, but I've switched to eating more vegetables, carrots, bell peppers, spinach. I'm trying to eat less sugary fruit because I figured that I might have candida (i've had actual infections of it that the doctor prescribed in the past) and I didn't want too many carbs, but I figured I shouldn't abandon vegetables entirely.

As for fat, I know where I can get some good eggs, I just need to get them tomorrow. I've got a jar of unrefined extra virgin coconut oil which I try to eat. I can only really eat 2 tbsp, I can't stand to eat more than that. I've been trying to get fat from creamy almond butter and macadamia nuts, but I guess that would be more fiber than I need. I don't have enough animal fats like marrow or suet, i only have 2 packages of marrow bones left, I'm going to eat one tomorrow.

I don't have an appetite to eat, in fact when i tried eating some coconut oil tonight I got a headache and felt kinda gross for a bit, even though all I've had so far today was some raw honey, some juiced carrots, cucumber, and beets. Still, part of me worries that I'm not eating enough, because when this happens the next day I feel light headed and weak. If I wasn't in classes where attendance mattered so much I would take a day off and get the rest I badly need, but my spring break comes up in 2 days anyway.

I've been taking cod liver oil lately because most of my beef is grain fed. I try to eat early in the day if I can, though most of the time I struggle to eat enough around dinner time, because I can't take everything to school with me. I've made jerky a few times, and that worked out well, but I haven't had time to make it lately. It will take me almost a whole afternoon to prepare jerky. I think this weekend I'm going to spend my free time on that. I use Lex's $10 jerky maker.

I'll have to get some eggs tomorrow after school, so I can try this thing on Thursday. For now though, I'm gonna have to eat some more raw almond butter just to feel like I've eaten enough. Hopefully one more night of that won't make it too much worse.

I did notice that when I ate some raw honey this morning it caused me to have a bowel movement after an hour, even though I'd already had one earlier that morning.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 10, 2009, 10:55:53 pm »
I stepped on the scale this morning and I've lost another pound. For a little over a week now I've been having intestinal discomfort, and last night after eating I had a horrible stomach ache. More regularly I don't seem to have bowel movements often, but when I do they're often loose, and almost look just like really finely chewed food, like there's still teeny tiny little chunks in there. Yesterday I was really tired, though I blame that on not getting much sleep last night. I've got gas and bloating a lot, sometimes with some pain. I didn't have a whole lot of appetite yesterday, but I still ate as much as I could, and I still lost weight. Now I'm worried that I might have a parasite.

Searing meat definitely leaves most of it raw. That's a very good compromise in my opinion. The only problem is that doesn't take care of your energy requirements, especially if you want to gain weight. The general consensus is that you have to get a lot of your energy either from carbs, fat or a combination, that protein would not work no matter how much you ate. And if you're talking about eating seared steaks, that is very low fat, almost no carbs, and high protein. Even fatty meat I would say needs supplementing from more animal fat or from a carb source.

I'm trying to get in extra fat, coconut oil, raw almond butter, bone marrow when I can get it. I need to ask the place where I last got grass fed meat if they have suet, they didn't list it on their website. Otherwise I'm going to see if I can make a deal with my parents soon to make an order to slankers, I've been thinking about that lately, it would be a lot easier and save gas too. Of course my mom will just say "Why don't you just go to Whole Foods to get your meat?" and they'll say that I'm being too picky when I say it's because the Whole foods here doesn't have any grass fed beef (and the last time I had grain-fed, it had a taste I didn't like, and I could feel some itchy spots on my arms and neck.) I've been eating as much fat as I can stand, and as much as I can afford to get at this time. Maybe next time I drive to the closest farm, which is 45 min away, I'll stock up on a bunch of the beef soup bones, since they're pretty cheap, and they still have the fatty marrow that I've been craving for (funny how the first one is hard to eat, but afterwards you feel like you can't get enough)

Anyway, my main concern right now is that I might have a parasite. When I went to the doctor last week, I'm pretty sure she ruled out parasites when I said I haven't traveled to any third world countries. Should I just try what Guittarman did with the garlic ginger and peppers, I'm pretty sure my symptoms are different, since I'm actually barely shitting as much as I feel I should. In fact, I feel like there's poo in my large intestine, but it's moving through really slowly. Or maybe that's just gas.

Health / Re: diarrhea
« on: March 04, 2009, 11:40:05 pm »
For the past week I've been having diarrhea every time I go to have a bowel movement. It seems to happen more when I eat a lot of fats, like bone marrow or avocados, one time after eating my first bone marrow I had the light yellow poo. I went to the doctor about it yesterday, and they said not to eat any high fat foods or spicy foods for a while, because if it's an intestinal "bug" it will have a chance to clear up and I can go back to eating how I want. They said to eat a lot of bland foods and prepared plain. I  decided to see if the fat was really the problem, and last night I ate some avocados anyway. Immediately after I started to get a stomach ache. I'm worried that I can't digest fat well because of a bile duct blockage or something, or I might have parasites, because I've eaten a lot of raw never frozen salmon and arctic char over the past month. I suppose since I read about eating garlic, ginger and pepper, I could do that just to see if that helps, if not then it's my own digestion that's the problem. For years, even before going vegan or now raw paleo I've had trouble with indigestion and would have a lot of gas. I'm trying mono eating now, where I eat each separate food one at a time, from quickest to digest to slowest, and lately I'm still having diarrhea. It's not like how the parasite diarrhea was described, getting the runs right after eating anything, but I'm still thinking of trying that anyway. I never did see anything like little worms in the fish I was eating, and I always look for them when I eat it.

I really want to figure out what the cause could be so I could then treat that.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 04, 2009, 01:01:08 am »
How tall are you? 5, 3"?

Your weight is just fine... Don't gain weight... Cut fat, gain lean muscle. I'm 5, 11 and feel my best at around 125-130. I gained weight and feel like shit. I only want to gain muscle not fat. You may seem skinny to the average person. Remember, the average person is over weight. I feel fat at 150. The average for my hight is 170 or something(i couldn't stand being that big). I hate being indoors in winter. I hate Wisconsin!!! I have to wear like tenpounds of cloths just to go outside!!!!!!!!:'( :'(

I feel like my weight is fine, I mean I can run and jump so much better than I could when I felt weighed down. I don't even really look skinny to myself, I mean I know girls who have really skinny arms, mine are definitely not skinny. Ever since I first did rock climbing, I've developed thick muscles on my forearms, and I definitely don't look emaciated. However, my taekwondo instructor did comment that my face looked gaunt and asked me if I was ok. I thought that was kind of odd, because she herself is small and skinny/lean. I guess it's hard for people to recognize whether someone is  just lean or too skinny these days because it's "normal" to have some chub.

Yeah, winter this year has been pretty annoying in Indiana, there will be a few nice warm sunny 50 degree days, then BAM freezing wind for a whole week. I feel like the weather is teasing me... :P

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 04, 2009, 12:54:35 am »
Good luck on your journey. You could, for now, persuade your parents to allow a cooked-palaeolithic regime, for now(ie grassfed meats, no foods with preservatives or chemicals). Plus, isn't it possible to ask your parents to , at least, cook the meat "rare", or "bleue" as the French say.

They would probably be ok with that, in fact when my mom cooked the meat she agreed to just searing it, I'm wondering if there's a way I could sear the outside without heating the whole piece of meat enough to kill all the bacteria. Without the bacteria, I feel like the meat just sits and ferments in my gut for a long time. People say a lot of things about meat "rotting" in your large intestine, because it doesn't get out of the body soon enough. Though I'm not sure whether to believe that for raw meat.

hey, I am 21 as you and my parents did the same exact thing when I started a year ago eating raw meats around them. They actually said they wouldn't allow in the house but I completely disregarded them and kept on bringing it in and eating it. Now they don't care at all because they have seen me eat it daily for about a year now. It's a joke to them now.  Sneak the meat in and hide it in the vegetable draw and eat it at private at first. Keep at it. Once their over irrational fears subside they will see and understand that raw meat is not instant death!

tofu and soymilk?  Vomit  Vomit  Vomit  Vomit  Vomit  Vomit  Vomit  no way

I agree with you. raw meat tastes so much better than cooked meat. cooked meat is so dry and does not taste as good once you've eaten raw meat for a while.

Yeah, that's what I was doing, my mom said it actually bothered her more that I was hiding the meat. I guess for now it's basically gonna be that when I have to eat when they're around, I'll just sear the meat a little, and I'll eat raw meat when I can. I really want to go to a Korean restaurant downtown, I heard that they have a raw beef appetizer. I tell them that I haven't gotten sick yet, and in fact I feel better, but they just don't want to believe it, saying it's in my head and that I'm just rolling the dice every time. Of course with everything you eat your rolling dice, but they just want to believe that it's worse for raw meat. It's frustrating trying to get people to at least think about something in a new way different from that fear of a very unlikely illness. Eh, I guess for now I'm just gonna do what I can.

Hot Topics / Re: Cooked meat and health
« on: March 02, 2009, 07:46:14 pm »
So if I'm in a situation where I have to cook my meat, is there a way to sear it for a few seconds so that if I eat the remaining raw part there will still be benifits of bacteria? Or will the slightest amount of cooking kill all bacteria in the meat, just leaving the appearance and texture of raw meat?

My parents think it's absurd that I feel better eating raw meat, they think it's all in my head >: but it's not! I only believe it because I haven't felt so good from eating food since I can remember. Of course, even though my parents say they're open minded about it, it sounds like they'll never get past that socially conditioned fear of raw meat... I even had the information of AGE's in front of my mother, and that's information way beyond that of someone's biased message in an article. They just don't get it, and it's really frustrating to me.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 02, 2009, 07:35:58 pm »
I'm 21 and 5' 3". I guess it does make sense that I shouldn't exercise for a while.

As for having to go back and forth between raw and cooking, my parents suddenly decided they don't want me eating raw as long as I'm around them. I'll have to be around them for a while to, because I'm actually living at home this year while commuting to school. It wasn't as hard to convince them that raw fish was ok, because even then they thought that somehow that's not the same as just going to a sushi restaurant. Of course, they didn't know that the only thing that makes fish sushi grade is that it's been pre-frozen. (I'm not getting pre-frozen fish though, it's much better). But as far as beef/bison goes, my dad argues that he knows microbiologists and that raw hamburgur can have e.coli and that it would definitely kill me (of course I was eating grass fed beef from a family farm, minimizing chances of e.coli and bad stuff.  Then my mom said I'm becoming a nut and said she didn't want bloody meat getting around the house. The only way I can have raw meat around there now is to make raw jerky because they wouldn't know the difference if it was cooked or raw. My mother decided that she would cook all my meat for me. She still tries to offer me tofu and soymilk when I'm looking for something to eat. :( It's really dissapointing, and this is more motivation to get my own place to live, added to the fact that I drive 40 min to school.

Anyway, I guess I have to postpone being full raw paleo for a while, but I'll still try to get raw meat and fish when I can, and eat it that way. I actually like raw much better now, cooked just tastes wierd to me.

Health / Re: I need to gain weight
« on: March 01, 2009, 11:05:53 pm »
I could eat more stuff like bananas. I've always had digestive trouble with dairy, even a little with raw dairy, so I'll probably start with just adding more fruit. I'd rather avoid dairy.

Oh, and it seems that the only thing that's coming off is the little bit of extra fat around my belly and hips. I haven't really noticed much muscle loss.

I once read this article ( which states that there will by symptoms that occur when you improve your diet, and it seemed to go along the lines of the body breaking down old crappy tissues that where made with crappy nutrients from crappy foods, and eventually replaces them with new cells and tissues based on the better foods you are eating now. It says that these processes can take a while, probably adding up to about a month. It sounds similar to the idea of detox. But I don't want to become obsessed with detox, using it as an excuse for feeling crappy, but this gets me thinking that maybe I just need to give it some time, since I've only really been doing real raw paleo for about 2 full weeks.

Health / I need to gain weight
« on: March 01, 2009, 02:03:30 pm »
For the past year my weight has stayed around 107. More recently it dropped to 105 around when I started eating raw paleo, and for the past two weeks it's been at 103, which is too low for me. In fact, that's the lowest I've ever weighed, and I'm having trouble gaining weight. I go back and forth from days with some IF and some days where I spread out my eating. I always seem to have trouble eating enough when my diet is limited to some certain allowed foods. I've been doing weight training and eating a lot of fat and protein. Yesterday I bought some grass fed beef and marrow bones, today I had a pound of fresh raw salmon and some avocados while the beef and marrow are thawing in the fridge. I'm finding that it's starting to cost a lot to eat like this. I asked the farm where I buy grass-fed beef if they had any organ meats, they didn't have any left, and they may not get any more for a couple of months. I kind of wonder if I should hold off on eating completely raw paleo until I'm done with college and I can afford it better.

Anyway, I really need help gaining weight. I just read about this thing called, it's basically an obsession which can apparently become quite unhealthy.

General Discussion / Re: Mucous??
« on: February 23, 2009, 06:39:16 am »
I've noticed lately that when I eat raw turkey I get a lot of mucous in my throat, and some in my nose. I recently started eating raw meat this past week, and the first few times I ate raw beef and fish this happened but more recently fish and beef don't have that effect anymore. Every time this happens I wonder if it's just my body getting used to the raw meat, or if I have a slight intolerance to poultry.

General Discussion / Re: sashimi
« on: February 14, 2009, 07:48:31 am »
I kept the fish and inspected it, cutting it into thin pieces, and didn't find anything like larvae. I read that the larvae look kind of like grains of rice, and another salmon parasite looks like little translucent coils. Didn't see anything like that, so it's probably fine, and I'm still gonna eat it.

General Discussion / Re: sashimi
« on: February 14, 2009, 04:58:58 am »
I called the place to double check if the fish is ever frozen at any point, and it's not. I could be screwed.

General Discussion / Re: sashimi
« on: February 14, 2009, 04:52:03 am »
I was just about to eat some salmon which I bought yesterday from a butcher shop. They said they get all their fish fresh daily and it's sustainably fished through the "Sea Watch" program. I was going to give a piece to my dog, and he wouldn't touch it. This made me a little suspicious. When I googled raw salmon, one of the first links was to an article about tapeworm larvae in raw salmon, and it is best to only eat raw salmon that has been frozen first, like the sushi grade. I'm a little worried now, since I already ate a bite before finding that out, and the article mentioned that just a small bite could be enough if the fish had the larvae.

Welcoming Committee / Hi
« on: February 12, 2009, 10:39:39 pm »
I'm new to Raw Paleo, though I've sort of known what it's about for a while.

I've tried some different diets, lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegan, Warrior Diet, and the more and more I read about the Raw Paleo diet, the more it makes sense. I'm not sure when I'll be ready to start trying it for real, but I'm seriously interested and I want to learn more before starting. I've read about the benifits, and about traditional cultures living long happy healthy lives on mostly raw animal foods. Currently I'm living with my family, and I'm pretty sure they'd have a bad reaction to raw meat eating, due to giving into fear of bacterial infections. I just don't see why people should fall for that when there's perfectly good evidence of people doing great on raw meat. I've always sort of craved raw meat since I was a kid, it just looked more appetizing to me that way.

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