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Off Topic / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: September 25, 2013, 08:46:52 am »

General Discussion / Re: Wild snakes of the local river
« on: September 25, 2013, 06:40:10 am »
I never ate a snake but I would agree, as long as the smell is attractive and the taste is good.
Does it smell? How do you perceive that smell? If you like the smell, be careful anyway: don't swallow immediately but keep a small chunk in the mouth and be ready to spit if a bad taste appears after a few seconds.

So, I ate the snake.  8)
Around 1 kg of flesh.

It tasted and smelled nice!
 Felt sleepy afterwards though.. a bit absent-minded I d say..

Did not feel like overeating..
Do you think 1 kg is too much in a meal?

I cannot use cronometer to calculate the amount of nutrients in 100grs of serpent flesh! hah O0

General Discussion / Re: Wild snakes of the local river
« on: September 25, 2013, 06:34:16 am »
Sure you can eat the flesh raw. There's no venom in the tail by the way.

Yes, but they are still a bit concerned about the small rattle tail..

General Discussion / Re: Wild snakes of the local river
« on: September 25, 2013, 06:31:57 am »
Are it's pupils in the shape of a diamond (like a cat) or a circle (like a humans)? I heard that only snakes with diamond shaped pupils are poisonous, but wiki says it's venomous. I can't see in the pictures but it looks like circle pupils.

They are circle.

I would imagine the meat is safe as long as where you cut doesn't destroy the venom glands contaminating the meat. It could be risky. There is a reason we don't eat spiders and other colorful bugs; poison.

Do the locals eat anything else raw?

They eat some raw seafood and serpent s eggs. The other meats are all cooked up with veggies and palm oil.

General Discussion / Re: Wild snakes of the local river
« on: September 25, 2013, 02:02:08 am »
Hi guys!
We just catched a "Pico de Jaca" crawling in the garden.

Some locals eat it, by cutting away a palm from the head and a palm from the tail to ensure avoiding the venomous parts.
But than they cook it.

So, I want to eat it raw but everybody here is saying it is dangerous (for many reasons..)

Have you ever ate a raw poisonous snake? Do you think is it enough to cut away the extremities?  :P

Really  amazing adventures Aura. 

I think its the trick with those classes, to give people a glimpse of what the are aching for but let them down and remind them that you cant just throw money at enlightenment or rewilding and expect it to happen, you really just have to do it.

You know, I guess my interest into taking this course it is not really to gain "knowledge" as the real knowledge I am hungry for is the kind one solely finds in total communion with Elements.
Therefore, it is rather to get a social, virtual interaction with like minded people, because this is what I am somewhat lacking at the moment. I believe that would stimulate more my intellectual/spiritual side while I would complement the physical side with local/indigenous people.

For example, I just spoke with a hunter right now and we are going to go off trail to map some trees within this property and hopefully hunt the "catitu"

According to him,  there is plenty of it over here. Pity I do not eat red meat at all..  -\

Uncontacted tribes, really? Are there still some? It will be a grand experience, not easy at all I guess, but you can do it.

Thanks dear!  ;) :-*

You can also learn yourself which plants, fruits, mushrooms, insects, etc. are edible and which ones are noxious. Just be careful: don’t immediately swallow something you don’t know but if  it smells ok, take a small piece in the mouth and wait at least 6 – 8  seconds to be sure it tastes good still. But, because a certain amount is fine, it doesn’t mean that it will remain so whatever the amount. For example, some wild fruits may be tasty and beneficial in a small amount, but if we go beyond that amount, they become toxic. You can feel what is the proper amount: it gets bitter or the taste shifts to bad when it becomes noxious.

Yeah, I guess so!
Indigenous people wait first for a monkey to eat unknown fruits and just observe what happens..

Hi Jessica, I agree with you.

It took me several years to get to this point in my life and part of those years, I ve spent home, living in a flat in a big city..

The course is a guide for people that wish to rewild but not sure how.. and it gives a "tested" way to do it, step by step, which make them safer somehow..

I just threw myself on the road, in the savannah, on the beaches etcetc but I guess there are not many people ready to take the risks, some of which avoidable if forethought..
I got 2 friends of mine jailed while trying to rewild themselves in a foreign country, one of which recently came back from Kenya after 3 weeks of detention..
Because I ve been there, it is painful for me to even try to imagine what he has been thru.....

Anyway, today I went in the forest again with some guests here and they know a very cool native guide that could take me to visit some uncontacted tribes in the Amazon..
That is what I was looking for! Straight there! heh

Thank You kind Rustling Trees!  :D :D

Hi guys, I ve received an email sponsoring this intensive and interesting course in rewilding.

Id like to participate since I believe it is very useful, especially for us that we are seeking a more natural approach to life.
The total cost is 349 us dollars.
I thought we could join forces and share the costs of the whole curse, making it more accessible to those interested (I am the first in the line!).

Also, by the time the course will start, I believe I ll be already on the deserted beach I found with no internet connection and I need to have the calls stored somewhere to be downloaded later on..

Take some time to think about it.
Registrations Close October 5 at midnight.

Any help is appreciated!

Feel free to PM me for further details.

May the Spirits bless you!

General Discussion / Re: raw fish (sashimi) do you?
« on: September 22, 2013, 03:54:38 am »
Today I had freshly caught wild sea urchins and algaes for breakfast.

Journals / Re: Aura´s Rewilding Journey
« on: September 22, 2013, 03:20:05 am »
Hi guys, I just came back after a WONDERFUL day at  some nearby beaches.

They are all fantastic!

To get there, one must walk a 1 h trail in the forest and then arrives in a huge garden with a nice swimmable lagoon, with fruit trees, coconut palms, a drinkable water reservoir which also serves as a shower, a hut where it is possible to hang hammocks, cliffs with natural pools of clean water where to take showers..

There is PLENTY of sea urchins (I went there with a fisherman and taught me how to catch them), fishes, snakes , anacondas, big lizards, crabs, prawns and algae.

I ate about 10 urchins and a bunch of algaes.

There are several trails in the forest and I just went barefoot everywhere, on the cliffs, in the forest.. It felt so freaking right!

White soft sand, crystalline water, natural pools on the cliffs and some parts gets flooded during the day and there are lots of colorful fishes swimming in it!

I swam naked and it was so warm already (about 08 30 in the morning) despite the fact it rained at dawn..

I spoke with locals and they told me it is ok I stay there as long as I care for.

That s great.

I cannot wait to get there, Holy Spirits of the Forest, if this farm is paradis, then over there is seventh heaven!

I am planning to move there quiet soon, with just a hammock and a blanket :)

I can even "hear" the "vibration" at times when I am out in the wild - it totally fills me with joy, it has similarities to an orgasm. Call me crazy ;)

I think I know what you are talking about!
 ;) ;) :-* :-*

PS : I don't dispute the fact that staying as much as possible outdoors in an unspoiled environment is beneficial for our physical and psychical well being. But it's useless and pseudoscientific to invoke Schumann resonance for that.  ;)

Sure, there is soooo much more to invoke out there, spirits of the Forest  ;)

There is certainly a whole range of things from detrimental to beneficial to life on Earth, with some neutral ones in-between. Examples could be a planet orbiting a distant star, a few rocks in more or less somewhere, etc. 

Some events like those you just described per se could  passively affecting us humans or existing things but they might "actively" impact on something else that in its turn could affect us more directly etcetc..
And sometimes we just do not see the inter-connections..
IMO, extrapolating one factor from the whole often gives a distorted perception..

It may be “good” for the whole but bad for you as an individual. If Schumann resonance is good for the whole universe (which is probably the case) but bad for your health, what would be your benefit in trying to being exposed to it as much as you can? Since we don’t know, I wouldn’t bother about it.

BTW, defining what is good for the whole is a perilous exercise. I would say that growing entropy is “bad” while decreasing entropy (negentropy) is “good”. That can be valid if consider organized complexity as “good”, but we are then back to the starting point!

ALL is good.  ;)

Life is about birth (creation) , maturity (procreation) and death (disintegration).

Our current attachment to life  - because of ignorant fear of death - is what s creating tragic imbalances.

We are trying to domesticate Life itself. Keeping the divine breath trapped into our bodies..
Living in a constant apnea..

General Discussion / Re: raw fish (sashimi) do you?
« on: September 20, 2013, 09:02:21 pm »
Innards smell and taste awful to me, very bitter. There's not much to eat in the head and I'm strongly repealed by the thought of eating the eyes. This is certainly a cultural blockage, but I can't help it. 

Yeah, me too.. Remember last time I told you I ate the all fish, except the eye and some parts of the head.. ;D

I like to wash the fish with seawater because the fishmongers handle it along farmed salmon and other farmed fish, ice made with chlorinated tap water and also wash it with tap water. Also I don't know how that fish had been handled before; it may have fallen on dirt or other chemical such as detergents on the boat desk, etc. It's more important to me if  it is an already cut part or fillet from a big fish which could have been cut with the same knife which had just cut farmed salmon. I observed that they often don't bother to wash neither their knife nor the shelf in between and anyway if they do it is with tap water.

Good. I ll start doing that too.
Actually, I had the same concerns of yours but tried not to get too much paranoid and until now I only washed the skin under spring water from the tap and then ate the skin..

General Discussion / Re: raw fish (sashimi) do you?
« on: September 20, 2013, 07:49:40 pm »
I buy fresh wild sea fish, cut it open, throw the innards and the head before eating the rest
Really? Are not they good to eat?

sometimes I even eat bones if they are small enough to be crushed.

Mmm, still gotta try this one..

BTW, I like to wash my fish in sea water after having cleaned it.
May I ask you why? I thought of two possible reasons you do that.


The advantage an animal gains from sleeping in a tree is increased safety. There are benefits to earthing, but protection from predators is not one of them.

Well said.

Back to Schumann resonances:But plenty natural phenomenon and occurrences exist without being important for life.

Personally, I do not think it is ever possible.
But anyway, could you make an example?

Many such as natural background radiation (cosmic rays, natural radioactivity), mercury emitted by volcanoes, etc. are even detrimental to life. We don’t even know if these Schumann resonances have an effect on life, and in the seemingly improbable case they would have some effect, it could as well be detrimental than beneficial.

Being "somewhat detrimental" is still part of Life. It is good for the whole.
Brahma Vishnu and Shiva alias the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer.

Sure, and science itself doesn’t pretend to be the holder of the ultimate truth. On the contrary, science is a permanent questioning of previous beliefs, methodical doubt being one of the main pillars of science. But scientists are humans and are thus generally biased somehow, very often sticking to obsolete views and beliefs.


Journals / Aura´s Rewilding Journey
« on: September 20, 2013, 03:14:36 am »
I thought about starting a journal writing my experiences on this rewilding path. I ll gather some of my old posts in here and add new ones as I write them..

But first, let me introduce myself..

When the River meets the Ocean – a short biography of a Inner and Outer journey in search of the Immortal Self
by and of Aura Licht

Early Childhood and Adolescency: Like a Fish out of water

They call me Aura Licht and I am a youg woman from Europe, class ´83, born and grew up in a big capital city. My biological parents abandoned me in a hospital right after birth and since then I embarked on a quest to find my “true” biological origins and eventually this personal path of self discovery broadened its way and fueled the desire in me to discover the roots of humanity as a whole.

In a sense, I was born an anarchist and a solitary creature.

What I call the “pristine nature” in Man was pretty much vivid in me throughout my whole life and institutions as well as education and civilization itself did not manage to extinguish this ancestral fire of ultimate Freedom within me. After all, it was the closest thing to a heritage I had.

Since my early childhood I have been always the “rebel” of the family, the girl that could not sit right at the table, the weird one, the crazy freak with strange ideas, the one that questioned authority and rules, that could not value money, that refused religions and their gods and who thought humans should be free to exist on this Planet.
I struggled to fit in society and around the age of 23 I started to perceive the very narrow cage I was trapped in.

At that time I had a job and a stable relationship, a highly processed diet and a sedentary lifestyle.
I left everything behind and allowed the “alchemy” to take place.

Food Revolution: Cleansing the body from toxic substances

Seven years ago I instinctively switched to a raw food diet and my overall sense of clarity and health improved astoundingly. Unfortunately my rational mind - addicted with old educational patterns and need for dogma – prevented me to see the limiting and dangerous global implications of a neolithic vegan diet. Although I was never solely moved by animal rights, it was the idyllic biblical view of a fruitarian paradise that I wished to achieve the most.

The Trip: In search of Paradise

Few years after the dramatic dietary changes, I embarked on a trip to build my private lush fruit forest. Together with some friends we travelled the world to find the “perfect” spot on earth and while doing it, some people left and some other joined but our overall inexperience, egotism and stubborness prevented us from setting up a proper place in the tropics where to finally settle down in a foreign country.
Eventually, I found myself alone, the others gone back to civilization.
It was during this time of loneliness and deep introspection that I felt really free to explore the roots of human lifestyle and challenge myself to push this quest a step further...
It was not by chance – I believe so– the last member departure was on the 4th of July, America´s Independence Day and mine..

The Fall of Dogma: The Last Frontier to Liberation

Freed from vegan dogmas and faded away desires of a “neolithic paradise”, I entered the world of the hunter/gatherer lifestyle, indigenous nutrition and medicinal plants.
As the dogmas and stereotyped alien ideas left my mind, my heart quickly returned on the main reason I started this venture: discovering the ancestral Nature of Man.
For the very first time on this journey, I was willing to accept whatever reality may come, I was ready to confront myself with the “true” me, fusing in with a reality that is what it is, beyond the duality of “good” and “bad”.

If there is a thing Nature cannot provide the human souls with – because of its being One in essence/origin - is certainly the biblically so-called “Free Will” to attune to her. That is something some individuals acquire when separated from their true environment. A gift that comes with the confrontation and experience of opposites. A tool we pay an hard price for.

I guess that the developing of the Free Will is the spiritual reason why we left the forest in first place.

The New Era: Present Day and future Projects

I am currently living on a forest property in South America where I am reconnecting myself with the quintessence of Nature, finding strategies to rewild my being.
Because my knowledge is limited, I am soon moving to live with indigenous people of this region, learning their ways to surthrive.

After that, my plans are to set up a property that would serve as a “rewilding school” for all of those that are ready to leave civilization but have none or poor knowledge about it. You can read about it HERE (

General Discussion / Re: Are humans intrinsically diabolical?
« on: September 20, 2013, 01:44:53 am »
Aura, your link for this pdf you made no longer works.

I uploaded it on my google drive.

Check it out.

As I already proposed on the "suggestion box" it would be a nice idea to have a Library/Mediateka section.

Suggestion Box / Paleo Library and Mediateka
« on: September 20, 2013, 01:32:42 am »
It would be a nice idea to have pdfs, articles, essays, videos about paleo stuff organized in a proper section.

Is it doable?
I guess more work for Tyler.. ;D

I think those Schumann frequencies are important for Life itself.
Otherwise there would be no reason at all for them to exist.

Now, it does not really matter to me if they work "actively" or "passively".
There MUST be at least A reason for them to exist. We can discuss over which one(s) is.

We live in a world of vibrations, we ARE vibrating as we read this topic and animals - like for example, the extraordinary ants - use them to feed themselves and get their life organized etcetc

We are messing around with frequencies and I am not surprised people today are more confused re what to do than ever before.

Since I am barefoot all day, stepping on natural surfaces/elements (water, mud, grass, stones..) I can feel a light tickling under the soles of my feet.
Guess it is because my blood flow is more stimulated than when I wore shoes..
And this single thing surely impacts the Whole, cannot tell scientifically how.
I can only write "hippy proses" to try to express the way I feel  :P

IMO we gotta keep in mind science is finite and it is relative to the "time" and the "main stream beliefs" of its era. 

Since we are running more and more towards a full transhumanist era, I can already predict (well, that is an easy guess, given the present trends  l)..)  there will be a time when it will be "scientifically "proven that we do not need real food anymore, it is enough to swallow a tiny pill..

Yes, Inger!  :D

Great to know more and more people are getting interested into this re wilding theme.. 8)

 What if all you need is already right there in front of you? In a world where media constantly sends us messages about how to look, what to wear and how to think about life, it’s going to take someone wise and wild enough to get us thinking about going back to nature as a way to harness the true power we have as a species; to revive the vitality we once had as a natural part of the planet.

Hot Topics / Re: researchers identify genetic cause for childhood leukemia
« on: September 19, 2013, 12:06:37 am »
Just stumbled upon this interview with Daniel Vitalis explaining the possibility to rewild your genes by being in Nature.

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