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smiley, If you had an assigment to make a really nice looking triangle, you'd probably make it with 7 sides. Then for an encor you'd make it two sided just because you can.

Its interesting to see that 4/7 people that have voted so far said they'd eat greater than 70% protein. I wasn't going to even make this an option but apparently I should have just gone all the way to 100. A diet of 100 percent protein and you will almost surely die very quickly. Check out the redfulcrum experiment if you need confirmation. In my opinion a diet of 70% protein will probably kill you sooner than later as well.

A diet of 70% protein for an inactive person getting around 2000 calories per day would be around 350 grams per day or in the area of 4-5g/kg body weight for most people on the board which is more than even the upper echelon of intense body-building programs recommend. Don Matesz (a paleo blogger), wrote extensively on health problems of the inuit and for me it seemed like a likely cause was the excess protein in their diet which modern science has confirmed has lead to urinary calcium excretion when protein starts to climb above 2g/kg. He posted a few papers(I don't link papers anymore) and one stating that protein became toxic at 280g/day.

Obviously, I wasn't thinking people would actually sit down and do the maths as most are unaware of what a high protein diet will do in the absence of other energy. There is simply a limited capacity to turn protein into energy. Once you exceed this capacity the protein has no where to go.

This question is posed for those that are mainly carnivorous - say those that get less than 10% of the calories per day from carbohydrates.

Let's pretend you are stuck with only two options on choosing a diet - A relatively healthy SAD or the current diet you are on now. If you kept the carbohydrate in your diet equal and were allowed to change the percentage of protein, how high would you allow it to get before you made a switch in diets? What is this maximum allowable percentage of protein in your diet?

So, for instance, if your diet is now 10% carbs, 20% protein and 70% fat, a switch at the 45% protein level would give you a diet of 10% carbs, 45% protein and 35% fat. If you thought the healthy SAD is better at this level then you would vote accordingly at the 40-50%. Where would you make that switch?

Hot Topics / Re: Paleo mind body connection. Dr Kurt Harris chimes in too
« on: February 20, 2011, 11:53:58 am »
Thanks for sharing the link wodginy. I've had chronic and persistent minor head aches, brain fog, back aches, poor digestion and general tiredness and apathy for life since I was a teenager. Coming to terms with the depression, anger and other largely unexpressed emotions behind these symptoms has made an enormous impact for me. My anxiety book has a good bit of material examining the different areas of the body that seem to contain the pain of unexpressed emotions. For me, as long as I don't eat processed junk, diet has almost nothing to do with how I feel. Its much more to do with expressing myself. I've just held back so, so much.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Balanced RVAF
« on: February 20, 2011, 04:08:48 am »
BBQ, I wish you good health obviously in the future and won't enter your threads again. I said the same thing twice now so as you know where I stand. I feel that my position is from the purest parts of my soul. I've done my part to help in the best possible manner that I can. I have no further place in the argument.

Welcoming Committee / Re: NEED HELP SURVIVING! how to ease in paleo?
« on: February 13, 2011, 09:56:05 am »
Hey there feri, I am struggling through addictions myself right now and I'm now in the process of recovering. I don't have a true addiction to compulsive overeating but I do struggle and use food as an outlet for my emotions.

For those who do not have addiction problems its very hard to have empathy for those who go through such wretched torment and the pervasive craving for whatever it is that they are addicted to. I will tell you right now that much of your recovery(if you are an addict) will lie completely outside of whatever food you are putting into your system. This is almost certainly true for all addicts. There are deeper underlying issues at hand that you have to deal with. The overeaters anonymous 12-step groups will give you a first hand glance of others with food addictions and can be useful in determining if in fact you are an addict.

Heres there site -

My journal has all sorts of addiction related info. I thought raw paleo would cure me from my sick mind. It did not. Only a comprehensive program dealing with mental, physical, behavioral, spritual, etc.. issues has given me hope.

Journals / Re: Round 2: From addiction to recovery
« on: February 09, 2011, 12:38:37 pm »
PP is 6'7, 123 pounds with a BMI of -3.2.

Miley, I have a properly functioning gallbladder as far as I know. Lots of people have gone low-carb(high fat) without gallbladders and from what I've read most do surprisingly well with few reported problems(though some cannot handle large amounts of fat at once). That said, a healthy gallbladder is surely better than no gallbladder for a high-fat diet. I'm not sure about where the threshold between a sickly stone-filled gallbladder and no gallbladder stands. Surely there is a point where having no gallbladder is better than a sickly gallbladder and some have reported the relief to digest fatty foods again when the stone-filled gallbladder is removed(but had trouble with the stones).

Miley, I recall you passed a small yellow colored thing while you were fasting a while back. That sounds like a gallstone to me if it was in the 5mm size and sunk in water. Which gets my mind thinking that lex's success could be to passing lots of junk/stones through his month long fast. This is all wild speculation of course but fun to guess.

When I was zero-carb a couple years ago I did an experiment where i overate by around 2k calories(4800 calories total) a day for two weeks of pure animal fat and gained weight equivalent to my calorie intake which further leads me to believe that my gallbladder is fine. If I had not gained the weight then one of my suspicions would be that my gallbladder would have been malfunctioning as I believe others with gallstone problems report diarhea and the sorts after consuming high fat meals(the fat passes straight through them undigested?)

Journals / Re: Round 2: From addiction to recovery
« on: February 07, 2011, 05:55:49 am »
Howdy all, its been brought to my attention that sometimes things I say on the world wide web are of poor word choice. I realized what I was doing when I said I wanted to punch PP in the gallbladder. Alot of this stems from extreme resentments I have against some of the things he has said to me on the forums.

Let me say that if I were to ever see PP I would not punch him in the gallbladder right away. In fact, I would give him a huge hug. I like PP. I think PP is a suberp poster and is the poster I most often click on his posts from the most recent posted column. I deeply care about his opinin of me. I want him to think I am smart and worthwhile and and valuable and contribute passionately with preciseness to the forums.

At the same time I hold lots of resentments against him and if I think hard enough I  can think of all the things where I thought he made a severe mistake in judgment. I actually have quite a bit of anger and nitpick his posts(in my head) and can find fault in lots of the things he posts. This is a product of my own perception and insecurities, not necessarily reality. I like thinking of myself as a superior thinking human able to decipher truth better than anyone.

One of my main complaints is my belief in his passive aggressiveness, still apparent in that PP had to complain about me in a pm to Dan instead of simply acknowledging to me directly that he had a problem. There is more like I said but there is no purpose in me posting it here.

Now if PP survived the hug, which is not a sure thing sinec he weighs 128 then he wont have to worry about being punched in the gallbladder. ;)

Also related to my internet rage is that I see loads and loads of bs across the interenet related to dieting where people are so blind to their own preconceived notions of what is correct. This 'disease' seems to be spread deep amongst the paleo crowd. I see covert lying all the time. Very few people are completely honest about what is really happening to them and cannot admit their wrongs. I suffered from this for a while - ZC IS THE WAY!!!!

And Dan - if you want to make the drive to KD's, cool!

I still don't undersstand how someone is supposed to survive in great health without a gallbladder or with one that is filled with gallstones and still eat a high-fat diet. Its likely that we can survive in good health but I still don't see why this isn't a bigger issue in the paleo crowd when 500k Americans get their gallbladder removed every year. I can only imagine how many have issues with gallstones.

Health / Re: Is hand washing with soap necessary?
« on: January 30, 2011, 09:09:44 am »
The issue for me is other people. Other people prefer me to not have meat slime and other such things on my hands and mouth, so I wash them with soap or whatever.

Lol, who gives a shit what they think? And when have other people commented about meat slime?

Hot Topics / Re: Herschel Walker Diet & Exercise
« on: January 30, 2011, 07:35:18 am »

Hot Topics / Re: Herschel Walker Diet & Exercise
« on: January 29, 2011, 09:58:18 pm »
Sounds extraordinarily impressive obviously. Almost too impressive... So its quite possible that he's either lying in some covert (or just straight up pathological) way or uses drugs. He's clearly a genetic freak which accounts for almost all his success but its still interesting nonetheless if what he says is true about not eating meat (no animal protein?).

He could also be extraordinarily happy person as these sorts anecdotally consume less calories. Personally (and from very limited and uncontrolled experience, so essentially worthless) I have noticed my strength slightly decline or not improve when eating at low protein levels (approx <70g a day level). I was on a crusade at one point to show that low levels of protein were optimal. I would have had a boner over this article a year ago.

Journals / Re: Round 2: From addiction to recovery
« on: January 29, 2011, 10:35:18 am »
gosh, how humbling what you wrote.. my entire idea of my self worth in high school and college was based on my sport performance... i wouldn't change my passion/competitiveness, but wish i saw the bigger picture.

If this struck a chord with you, then there are probably quite a few things that you want to be honest about but simply cannot because you are afraid.

I'm still continuing to work relatively hard on overcoming my depressive thoughts and I am still not there but trending upwards. There are a few things I still need to become honest with my family that hopefully will be close to the last major cleaning house that needs to be done. It has to do with childhood sexuality that I have tried to forget for the last 15 years that I created myself. I want my mind to free so bad, to be free from that voice deep inside that comes out and reminds me that I am failure and to not try and to hunch my shoulders and put my head down and not show my emotions and to not go talk to a beautiful woman and to not say anything when someone wrongs me. Just keep it in and say nothing, its so easy. I'm an addict to making things easy for me. Its so easy to hide my feelings. I love it when I can raise my head high, smile and tell people how I really feel all without much thought, just natural human spirit flowing through me. It happens every now and then.

Also Ive planned a trip to visit KD during spring break. I'm excited! Also, I'm going to find PaleoPhil while I'm up there, punch him in the gall bladder, remove it, tear it open and go the nearest lake and spend hours skipping all the stones that are in there. Then I won't have to hear him complain about him not gaining weight or getting chapped lips from consuming too much honey.

Hot Topics / If God gave you the perfect diet?
« on: January 10, 2011, 04:29:41 am »
I would like to propose a hypothetical scenario in hopes of getting on information about root causes of well being.

Before I begin let me define God as simply an all-knowing existence. He does not have to exist outside this thread, simply that by definition everything he says is right. You can picture him any way you want, as this definition is not meant to be the subject of the thread.

Lets say God comes to you and tells you he will guide you the way the rest of your life providing your every meal for you and that because of this you are promised to be as close to optimal physical health as possible. You will still have to consume the food but you will never have to question what you are doing. There will be a complete absence of worrying about whether or not what you are doing is correct.

This does not necessarily mean you will physically feel great right away. You will eliminate nasties, say kidney stones or whatever as time goes on but eventually your body will be in its most optimal state. You might have to endure fasting, terribly tasting high meat, protocols to remove toxins in the body, whatever, it doesn't matter except that whatever was recommended would work as best as it possibly could.

Also, God would only be able to provide you with dietary advice. You'd still have to get laid on your own.

After God has entered your life, what would you do? Would you be any happier than you are now? What would you do then that you could not do today?

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Today's workout?
« on: January 08, 2011, 04:31:07 am »
True, form should be pretty impeccable before throwing on weight. Theres no sense in injuring yourself lifting weights - which is a pretty worthless endeavor to begin with when the whole point is being able to move more effectively than before.

Lovely donut joke. I actually was offered some today and refused. I am really craving some raw tongue. Raw animal fats are just a delight.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Today's workout?
« on: January 08, 2011, 01:28:36 am »
I am maxing out on bench, but cleans, deadlifts etc..would potentially put me out of commission going as heavy as I can go. Doing alot of reps seems to have it downsides too, particularly when working against a clock in CF. doing 1 rep of heavy dips or pulls doesn't seem to be a great system either for me.

Glad you finally convinced yourself.

And yea somehow my legs were feeling great this past couple weeks so....

Hang Power Clean - 235

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: Explain Instincto Diet Fully #2
« on: January 01, 2011, 12:53:28 am »
Post of the year KD, congrats...just in time.

Even if God gave me the perfect diet(which I'm sure would include non-paleo tactics) and I did nothing else I am sure I would still feel pretty terrible as my mind has been much more polluted by stress and traumas over the years than diet ever has made me.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Today's workout?
« on: December 28, 2010, 07:03:25 am »
Wow, whatever you are doing keep it up. You should get random bjs from hot women for this kind of progress. If only they knew how good your strength improvements are. You are likely stronger than me now and I weigh 205...

Journals / Re: Round 2: From addiction to recovery
« on: December 27, 2010, 07:14:20 am »
My goal has been to recapture that spirit of youth where I spend little time thinking of how I feel, or what others think of me or what I’m doing. 

Thanks for the Christmas present, Lex. This quote above is essentially my goal -to return to the very carefree and honest existence that I believe humans truly are meant to have as they leave the still stone-age womb. We are somewhat unfortunately born into an industrialized crib that from the get-go breaks us apart from our natural pre-programmed set of instructions that still wants us to use stone tools and eat stone-age foods.

One other statement that you keep posting and one that has probably helped me the most is the fact that you have no attachment to this way of eating. It simply works now and will switch if necessary. I was very attached to this method of eating and would fervently defend THE diet online but would always run into trouble with debating and the feeling of worthlessness if I made mistakes. I realize now I most likely purposely put myself in situations where my prophecies about myself would be fulfilled.

Yet another aspect that I enjoy about your posts is that you allow others to have their own stories and biases and don't go off on tangents trying to defend every possible little facet of your diet. For me, my reactions when someone would pick apart my diet online would be to freak out first and then scour medical journals and the such for evidence to back me up. And then this would take up all my time and energy and rarely would yield a satisfactory answer.

To me this is simply my over-alarmed survival system kicking in gear - I am worthless is the set premise in my head which translates in my subconscious brain into ---> "You are in danger, fight for your life". So I did that. Now if I can change the premise in my head from "I am worthless" to "I am valuable" (which is inherent in us when we are born) then I can proceed with my life without scouring through medical journals (which I care very little about) and with doing things wrong and being fine with them.

Its somewhat ironic that I must learn how to unlearn. Diet is just one means to this and I think I a fairly small piece to me. (Small piece in that as you also like to say and many others agree - that the biggest gains come from dropping the worst offenders - refined modern foods) The neural maps in my head need some readjusting and it takes persistence and practice to reverse such things. Once I have done all this then I can go out and kill wild boar with stone tools and feast on their brains!

Health / Re: Desperation For Health & Metabolic Ruin
« on: December 23, 2010, 07:43:56 am »
Whats more impressive than your ability to completely outdo everyone here with your knowledge of alternative medicine is your ability to somehow show tremendous care and love with your posts. It is rather uncanny to be able to achieve this over the internet and I surely wish to emulate that style if I ever start posting again.

As for any help. I certainly have no new ideas within rpd to help you. But I'm wondering what exactly are you looking for? Some key element of the puzzle(a burning bush?) that will miraculously pull your health from the edge? Do you believe that there is a solution(within the rpd construct) from this forum that will put you on track? I'm not sure there is, but perhaps you can elaborate on what you are looking for.

Also, how long of a search are you willing to do if your health continues down the path you believe it is?

Are you still liver flushing? I think this could potentially be dangerous especially the amount that you've done. I'm not sure there are many that have ever flushed as many times as you and remain on a high fat diet. We don't know how multiple liver flushes will effect the ability to handle fats at the level of an average rpd.

Also, I'm by nature very skeptical of peoples self description of their problems and their own ability to categorize how they look. I did post some pictures of myself a while back looking for people to tell me something was wrong. They did the opposite. Perhaps you can post pictures of yourself so that we can objectify your ailments and see if you have been too harsh a critic.

Health / Re: Desperation For Health & Metabolic Ruin
« on: December 23, 2010, 01:31:21 am »
Hey there buddy,

I almost sent you a private message the last time you posted. But what I did was send a private message to someone else because I was concerned about you. We've had great talks back and forth off this forum for which I am very grateful for your time and advice. I always appreciated your intense search for pathways to achieve extreme health. Your knowledge of very intricate details of liver flushing and herbal remedies is quite superior. I almost liken you to Nikola Tesla, the true mad scientist of the 20th century, because of your ability to create new health alternatives.

All that said, I think it is exactly because of your genius and your ability to come up with these new health initiatives that you are becoming sick. One of my great math professors told me in college that if we didn't like the grade on the test he was handing back then he advised "to do something different". I think you could gain substantially from this advice. Just do something different.

For whatever reasons (which aren't really that important right now) you can experiment with something completely different. I have undergone this sort of experiment with wild success. I no longer post on message forums. Rarely if ever look at anything relating to diet. Rarely use the computer at all. As well as eating everything, having no limits about it and feeling good about what I am doing. Sanity has been restored to me as I was attempting to control my diet as a means of controlling my life which had no control. I have no dietary constraints, I just eat whatever I'm in the mood for. No regrets, except for when I eat 7 donuts. 3 donuts and I'm still good :)

I do like Matt Stone's advice about extreme dieting. You are young and will live no matter what you eat. You can always come back to RPD. If anyone has tried all the combinations of RPD I think its you. Perhaps its time to do something outside RPD.

Journals / Re: Round 2: From addiction to recovery
« on: December 22, 2010, 01:03:42 pm »
Hello peoples - I'm getting closer to restricting food choices again. Though not that close - just had rice pudding with chocolate gelato. But restricting food choices for me means that I completely accept who I am. This is very hard for me since there are some parts of me who sincerely believe that I am very much scum of the earth, a huge creep, with horrible logic (especially at deciphering Taubes, etc...), ugly, small genitalia, whatever inadequacy you can think of I can project on myself. Nobody sees this of course but my natural defense mechanism in the face of stress is to make sure I tell myself I am worthless (this ensures that I don't have to face problems and stay in a safe zone). The ultimate in this line of thinking is suicide - the complete absence of feeling emotions ever again. I said some silly suicidal remarks while playing golf yesterday - The results of golf at times can be so overwhelming that I cannot think anything else exists outside of the last shot I just took.

But like I said, I'm closer than ever to accepting myself and loving myself for the person I am. There is still a very strong association between my past and survival that I am attempting to break with multiple strategies taken from popular cognitive behavioral therapies along with a weekly therapist. I'm at the point where I am ready to cut the string from these defects of thinking but its very hard to do since they resonate so deeply and can make such good arguments(especially when women who I meet and appear to be extraordinarily interested in me and then do not return my texts or calls). I can believe these voices which are essentially just my survival mechanisms kicking in. They will be reversed and let go. So perhaps a few more months or however long it takes is fine with me.

I have sporadically eaten raw meat the past 4-5 months but really only out of convenience and never grass fed. I've followed this up with donuts immediately after with no ill effects. I've also stopped taking medication with no signs of withdrawal that I can notice.

And a random thought - metabolic advantage seems like complete nonsense to me. What makes most natural sense to me is a diet with the worst metabolic advantage - i.e. one that takes the least amount of energy to process nutrition. Fat takes the least energy for us to store.

Journals / Re: Round 2: From addiction to recovery
« on: November 27, 2010, 08:24:11 am »
I still struggle with loving and accepting myself. And the one constant that seems to work all the time is being as completely and rigorously honest as possible to the point of brutality. I've held back enormous amounts of emotions and thoughts over the course of my life and its all coming out now. I still am not ready to post on this forum or participate in much of anything that can lead to addictive behavior(bad habits in general) since I can already see myself worrying about whatever the fuck I posted being correct from others perspectives. I am still wildly insecure about my own existence and am still learning to accept everything that I am.

There is this strongly ingrained fear about not being worth anything coupled with an overaggressive ego that makes me think the universe has blessed me with everything that it could offer. I literally have these thoughts where I will walk down this path of perfectionism in my mind thinking that no human on earth has been blessed with the talents I posses - Attractiveness, logic and reasoning, athleticism.. I seem to have it all some moments in time. There is no human greater than I. PaleoPhil would be worth one millionth of my worst shit ever. I will think I have all the answers which consist of a raw diet, hang power cleans, liver flushing and mindfulness. Just do these things and you will be able to dunk a basketball with a smile on your face and feel good about yourself.

And then again most days I'll have to force myself to smile at people without thinking how much better I am than them when the truth is that I'm no different than anyone else. This includes rapists, murders, child molestors, all the bad posters on this forum or whatever. I could have easily been any of these people. I feel no different than them. I just got lucky that I wasn't in their situation. I am you. I just happen to have lived in a different set of circumstances. I am nothing. I just got lucky to be who I am. I didn't try for any of it. There is nothing special about me. All I can do is observe myself and protect what was given to me. My character defects are not me either. My existence wants truth and thats it. Thats all that makes me happy and sets me free.

I will separate from that mind that has kept me alive when I was a child and let it all go. But for now I'm sure I will see someone as I drive home tonight who I'll wish would have just run himself off the road into a fiery grave because it looked like he was going to cut me off or maneuver through traffic better and more dangerously than i would - but that would only be for an instant.

Journals / Re: Journalistica
« on: November 27, 2010, 07:56:42 am »
You needed a nut cracker to crack pecans, wtf? Just put two together in one hand and squeeze them together. My 80 year old grandpa dying of cancer showed me this trick.

Health / Re: Egg Yolk Liver Flushing: The Paleo Liver Flush
« on: November 06, 2010, 11:55:48 pm »
Hello lovely, beautiful and hopefully smiling people of rpf,

I saw this thread and wanted to give my thoughts since I recently took extensive measures to procede through liver flushing. I first found out about liver flushing through GS here on the forum and was intrigued by its supposed promises of increased health. For me, the idea of experimentation with different health strategies is something that brings me great delight if the following conditions hold. First: the strategy must be quite safe and second that I am doing it for the purpose of cleansing my body that I love not as a measure to distinguish myself from the rest of society or as a way to control outer external events as in my case of addictive behaviors. Essentially I want to love myself in a way that I would not want to poison my body with anything. It was unfortunate that the second condition was not met when I did these flushes but the first condition was satisfactory for me.

I searched tirelessly for anecdotal evidence that liver flushing was indeed safe and an opportunity for increased health. Most of my searching was done on curezone and through correspondence with other members here. Liver flushing is a serious venture into the unknown as there are no controlled studies that I know of. There is no money in liver flushing so it would be quite pointless to study it in our capitalistic society which is rather a shame and so most all evidence I found came from anecdotal stories online.

I found no evidence of any trauma happening during liver flushing that required immediate medical attention from the perhaps over 100 different accounts that I read through. The most dangerous and scary news came from a respected curezone poster who repeated warned about liver flushing, not only not working, but getting real stones stuck in the common bile duct which would neccesitate emergency gall bladder removal. I didn't find a single case of this though I found several different reports of minor to mild health consequences (headaches, vomitting, blood shot eyes,...) For me this was not enough to explore this possible extremely net positive health action. Think for instance of playing a casino game where 99% of the time you lose 10 dollars and 1% of the time you win 100000. The rewards seemed to greatly outweigh the risks (other people on this forum have different opinions of this but this was my analysis).

The next thing I did was to research how to do such a flush. There are quite a many combinations though the most commonly used flush is done with an oil and citrus mix (usually at least 4oz of oil) taken before bed after fasting for half a day. I soon found out that preparation was even more important than the actual flush and again there are a multitude of combinations of ways to prepare for a flush, which for me produced lots of anxiety since I didn't want to get anything wrong.

I found out about a supposed easier liver flush with egg yolks. With information on curezone I constantly get confused on what to believe. As there are extravagent promises that wonder if these if these people are posting from inside insane assylums. I chuckled mightily after I heard that my nose was going to shrink in size (which I remember well since I have a nice fat greek nose). But, none of these seemingly clear absurd promises of health turned me away. I just cared if it was safe. If it didn't work, who cares?

The egg-yolk liver flush did not require epsom salts and was simple enough and so I went through with it with very little results. Some intresting turds but that was it. It was at this time I started to consume lots of yolks since supposedly these are good for cleansing the liver (and the fats perhaps easier to digest since they are in liquid form?). Since this flush did nothing I went a step further and did the oil plus citrus flush commonly referred to the Hulda Clark flush. I rather naively did not prepare that well (I was excited by the "promises" and the adventure of it all) and underwent this Hulda Clark flush without taking anywhere near the required epsom salts. I did this twice spread apart by some few weeks I believe with the neither of these flushes producing anything except for a very bad headache the next night that did not allow me to sleep(I cannot for sure say this was a consuquence of the flush).

After this flush I waited perhaps 4 months to do the next flush and this one I prepared like I was in a title fight for. I ate quite a bit off raw yolks nearly everyday for the month before. Most of the time I would mix in lime or grapefruit and occasionally a bit of honey for taste. Some days I ate nothing but yolks. I prepared also by taking droplets of digestive grape bitters which supposedly help dissolve stones for a month or so prior to the flush as well as chinese bitters and gold coin grass. I made castor oil packs and put them on my liver/gall bladder, which was a nice way to relax and meditate. I took some apple cider vinegar as well occasionally which is supposed to crush stones. I gave myself coffee enemas nearly daily as well. None of these things seemed to make any difference in the way I felt. I wasn't really expecting anything from the flush because of the previous two times but I gave it another try. This time with the full dosage of epsom salts, which taste extremely bad by the way.

I probably visited the bathroom a dozen times the next day with nothing coming out the first few times except liquid waste and then by the early afternoon the day following the flush small green "stones" that floated came out in bundles. I contiued to get "stones" and other junk out even through the next day. I felt good to have "success" that my body created something because of the work I put into it. I felt absolutely no different after the flush. I examined a few of the larger (10-15mm) "stones" and found some seeds from some fruit I consumed earlier in the day so these were clearly products of the flush itself and not true gallstones.

I wasn't dissapointed to find that out because I had read from respected members that this is indeed what to expect - bile compacted with intestinal waste, but it seems that this is not necessarily just waste. Some debris and sludge(yet to be formed stones) from the gall bladder is indeed being slowly pushed out by these flushes. True gall stones would probably have a very hard time making it through the common bile duct since its just 5mm in diameter if I recall correctly, though apparently it expands with the help of the epsom salts.

The only thing I could discern that was differnt about myself was that I could feel my gall bladder the next couple weeks(perhaps it was simply weakened by the extreme amount of bile pushed through it). I have yet to do a liver flush since, but only because I need to meet my second condition before I try it again. There are so many variations and so much to preuse out there and if you do flush as always do your homework.

My "theory" on producing a high-functioning body is to remove as much "clutter" as possible (liver/gallbladder stones, kidney stones, excess fat, mucoid plaque, heavy metals, etc) and let the body handle things from there. I also believe this mentality works for mental and emotional health. Clear the clutter from your mind. Drop the ego. Let go of the shame and guilt and have as close to nothing on your mind except awareness of the present and let the power of the freed up energy in your mind do the rest.

I try to follow my soul and true spirit within me now listening to as much as I can. Lots of love and best regards to all.

Journals / Re: Round 2: From addiction to recovery
« on: October 20, 2010, 06:30:49 am »
Hello all,

One of the best things I have done is stop posting in this forum. Not that it is generally bad, just not a good idea for me. I believe I was attempting this diet not because I liked myself but because I didn't like myself. It fed my ego enormously. I was better than everyone else because I had the perfect diet. I attempted perfectionism with this diet completely idiotically. I went without vegetation, eating just once a day ignoring all the terrible hunger pangs in such vein to do this thing right. I essentially tortured myself and paid the price later with uncontrollable cravings for food I never even cared to eat before.

I'm not saying raw paleo is bad only that my methodology of attempting to attain perfectionism with complete rigor was highly dangerous. It really is ok to take a very long time to ease into this diet especially since no one really knows whats going on. Its ok to eat suboptimal foods. Its ok not to control every facet of this diet. I had no control over my own life and tried deeply to control something with this diet. It was a terrible addiction in itself.

For me to attempt any kind of major food restriction again, I would have to love myself completely. I am not there yet but have improved since my last post. My energy level isn't where I want it to be but my ability to pull myself out of my own self pity and self-hatred is much better. I still have some deep resentments against quite a few people including some in this forum but I am working on letting them go as well. It simply takes a very long time to reprogram a depressed mind. I am more social now than ever before in a sober state that is and have had some good success asking random girls out (yes a brag, and one that I am very proud of). I've been slightly petrified of the opposite sex since I can remember so it feels good to finally, effing finally be able to have that confidence to let go of the guilt and shame that I might face by saying something awkward and just say something, anything carefree.

I'm a little fat and a lot happy. I can eat half a dozen doughnuts and feel good about it too.

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