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 What is protein's purpose besides building muscle tissue,hari,nails, skin, and organs.
amino acids etc. I know on Zero carbs they can be used to create glucose

Primal Diet / Causes of anxiety that arn't sugar related AV
« on: November 05, 2009, 08:14:45 am »
AV stated in one of his books that fish and chicken heal anxiety because they heal nerves. And that some anxiety is caused by toxins and malnutrition where the body emits more stress hormones like adrenaline to compensate for lack of energy.

This is why raw eggs and raw butter are calming. Who has info on this as I thought sugar was the main reason one was anxious. Blood chemistry being the main indicator of emotional normalcy. (calm, steady,content,good postive outlook(happy?).

adrenaline increases blood sugar.

Health / Need Raw Paleo diet experts for site for
« on: August 30, 2009, 03:20:04 am »
 In fact I am part of a site called made by the daoist teacher wan at he talks about techniques that help advance the level and health of people who are eating wrong. He was talking about immortality. See how this relates to us. He uses daoist immortality techniques of longevity, these are just ways to make you super healthy. Only problem is that i am the only raw foodist on the site. The site hold some of the greatest minds on earth. Yet most don't know or fully agree with paleo diet principles.
  Right now the owner of the site is giving out business advice. I want to create a team of super health experts. Right now he is focusing on health and wants people who are health experts to be componated so he created videos on marketing on how he made toooooons of money.I am using these techinques. I am forming a team. I sometimes cannot fully remember some raw paleo advice. I call myself an expert on diet and health. But I relize I cannot do this alone, I have been looking at various forms so I have been taking in the advice of thousands of people. Combined with daoist esoteric theories (chakras if any of your know).
  These are the thoeries that wan taught. How everything in life is realated to your body. If you ever wanted to know the truth about JING and how horse stance helps your fighting I know all of that. Wan taught me. Everyone on this site is a genuis so I will give anyone on this site who wants it an invitation. I have a health blog. By combining raw paleo thoeries with the daoist esoteric and practical daoist thoeries. I plan to be the next wan look at

He got rich teaching what he knew about true daoist theory and martial arts
Now I need raw paleo experts on my team lets do it.

Welcoming Committee / Hello daoist paleo dieter here
« on: August 29, 2009, 11:34:00 pm »
 Hey everyone I am Eric nicknamed sasuke, I am a raw paleo dieter and for about 2 years I had a hobby where I would read about health during my off times. One of the fourms I would read is yours.  Eveywhere I go I call myself a health consultant.I believe that one of the best diets is where you eat all raw organ meat and bone marrow with your only source of carbs coming from the meat/eggs. I am sure everyone here is an expert on that. And why that frees you from the 'mortal diffculties' that others experience.

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