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General Discussion / Re: 'Cooked Meat Paleo' to 'Raw Meat Paleo'
« on: August 30, 2009, 07:22:04 am »
Got some Irish Beef mince in the fridge, from ASDA... I am tempted to go and try it raw. The benefits I have heard sound great and am now eager to try it out.

Issues I'm still not sure on though are 1)Parasites, 2)What meats are suitable to eat raw other than Beef Muscle (different animals e.g. Fish, Pork, Chicken, Turkey/parts of animals e.g. Organs [People seem to advocated consumption of organs, but with cooked I avoided them because of the extreme levels of fat-soluble vitamins which will build up in the body) 3)How to know if the meat is grass-fed. 4) Whether organic is worth it.

Thank you for all the replies I have been receiving so far.

General Discussion / Re: 'Cooked Meat Paleo' to 'Raw Meat Paleo'
« on: August 30, 2009, 06:48:29 am »
Downtime after a meal?  I feel sluggish and sleepy after a cooked meat meal.  I do not feel anything after a raw meat meal.  

I feel that way after eating cooked meat... That's the main reason I'm interested in raw.

IMO, cooked palaeolithic diets offer some health-benefits re auto-immune-diseases etc. BUT, going fully raw confers  FAR more benefits(50%+). For example, my own health-problems were adrenal-related, so that I couldn't digest properly any cooked animal food whatsoever. The result was that cooked-palaeo did  f*ck all for me, but rawpalaeo saved my life.
My experience has been similar to Lex's. Going from majority-cooked ZC to mostly-raw carnivorous has had small but significant benefits so far, such as feeling a bit better and having a somewhat better functioning GI system. I find raw meats and eggs to be easier to digest than cooked.
To answer your question from a practical sense, if you start eating your meat mostly raw, you can expect better and faster digestion and absorption of nutrients (b/c of the enzymes and b/c now your body is not dealing with toxic fats).  You will be able to eat a big meal, but still feel somewhat light.  This will give your body more time/resources for recovery, and will lead to faster recovery.  

More suggestions that raw meat digests faster and would mean less downtime and grogginess. It seems to me that this could make rather a large difference to me...

I only know of one person who actually became ill from eating raw meat and I think the final culture said he had salmonella – 1 out of several hundred over 3 or 4 years.  Not bad odds.

Would this be because of the type of meat he ate? Or because he was already ill and his immune system was weak? I have read that something like 60% or chicken is infected with salmonella, and 60% is infected with some other equally dangerous bacteria..

As well as Cow muscle, do you consider organs, and meat from other animals such as pigs, chickens, turkeys and fish to be as safe? (For bacteria and parasites[worms])

Or will the body be able to deal with these anyway?

I pretty much eat only mince, have done for 3 years and have never been sick.

All right. I thought mince was bad because any bacteria would be mixed throughout and meat from different sources all mixed in together, but then I suppose that only matters if you're going to cook the outside of it =) It seems like it would be kind of sickly though, compared to solid meat? Possibly it would digest even easier though? But then, that is more processing and couldn't some beneficial properties of the meat that are preserved by not cooking be lost anyway?


General Discussion / Re: 'Cooked Meat Paleo' to 'Raw Meat Paleo'
« on: August 30, 2009, 03:42:31 am »
I have, so far, been using mince for several reasons: Speed of cooking(microwaving), Price(generally cheaper, I guess because it packs more efficiently), and because I can get it with a lot of fat, which I can choose to leave or eat depending on how I feel, because a lot of it comes out in the microwaving anyway.

Getting mince means I have to cook it to well-done though, as far as I know. But on the issue of time, if I were to buy solid meat and simmer the outer edge/cook rare, then it wouldn't take long anyway.

Also, I am an athlete, so any improvement is important to me.


What about parasites and bacteria? I read that these are more prevalent in grain-fed meat than grass-fed as well.

General Discussion / 'Cooked Meat Paleo' to 'Raw Meat Paleo'
« on: August 30, 2009, 12:35:22 am »
I currently eat a paleo diet with cooked meat, and am considering trying it with raw meat. I would like to know what changes people experience as a result of switching: Positive and Negative... (e.g. Changes in energy levels/ physical 'downtime' after meals & Experiences with Bacteria/Parasites)

N.B. I am only interested in the difference between CMP and RMP, and not the difference between RMP and any other diet.

Thank you.

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