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Instincto / Anopsology / Muscle Testing
« on: November 13, 2020, 04:33:37 am »
Iguana, this one is for you but also anyone else having success with Instincto.

I've been working this year to heal up after getting really sick from mold. It's forced me to really listen closely to my body and understand the little signs of nutrients I need. Lately I started doing self muscle testing and I'm finding following those instincts, even if I need to follow a step like muscle testing to hear them, is resulting in improvements. I was curious if you've used the process or have other personal ways to tell what your body needs. Does it get to the point where you get the same feedback without asking your body?

General Discussion / MOVED: Foreskin Regeneration Petition
« on: September 18, 2011, 10:03:01 pm »

Primal Diet / MOVED: OH YEAH! barefoot run!!! whos going??
« on: September 25, 2010, 07:39:33 pm »

Personals / Raw Paleo Forum Chat
« on: August 14, 2010, 07:08:27 pm »
We can all use this to chat as a group. The site is free, you don't need to sign up for anything, and you don't need to download or install anything.
All you have to do is click the link and you're in chat. It's helpful if you change your name to a nickname we can reference you with but if you desire anonymity you can leave it as "guest" as well.
The chat room will always be there but it may not have others when you log in. If you want to get a chat going post in this thread and hopefully others will log on as well.
That's about it folks. Any questions post them up and we'll try to get you answers. :)

Journals / Ramblings of a madman...
« on: September 17, 2009, 09:24:58 am »
I.E. my Journal. :P
I'm also not technically nuts but I'm far from the status quo and I enjoy being an individual. ;D

I figured this is a better place to ask questions and note progress than my introduction post so I'll do all of that here now. :)
Anyways, a full month of raw ZC and I'm doing really good.

Maybe a week ago I crested the initial lethargy from my adaptation and my energy levels started going back to normal. My head also was fully clear for the first time in years (and years and years). Since then I've been doing really good and enjoying the extra energy.

I was incredibly hungry on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and took a lot of food down (maybe 1/2 pound of fat and 3-5 pounds of decently marbled cuts of beef) but I couldn't shake that empty "hungry" feeling in my stomach. It all sat great as well.

Monday night I tried my hand at Pemmican albeit only mild rendering of the suet fat to make it mixable but not bother removing too much moisture as I was going to eat it that night. Freshly prepared without setting it was a delightful experience much in the vein of chewing sawdust. After setting 20 minutes in the fridge though it was much better. After my limited list of things I've been able to eat the past few years it was nice to have a nougat-like texture even if it was a bit meaty. ;D

Tuesday started out with the same voracious appetite but I had a chunk of grainfed suet and 3 slabs of grassfed chuck roast for lunch at 2ish (about a pound and a half) and felt an uncomfortable heavyness in my stomach. Spent the entire evening with this fullness and only had a couple pieces of homemade jerky at dinnertime. I also had a number of very unpleasant & overproductive trips to the bathroom that night (bile mustard yellow with a slight burn in case that wasn't TMI yet).
I had another two pieces this afternoon and reawakened the beast in my gut so I think I know the culprit (I was thinking it could also be the grainfed muscle meat I used for the jerky).
In hindsight it had a slightly odd smell to the meat but it didn't taste funny and appeared healthy so didn't give it much thought. I'll know better next time and don't plan to buy from the seller again (local farmer's market vendor where I got this, some pretty tasty marrow bones, and a fairly bland chuck steak-all grassfed).

I've been finding and tasting a number of local sources for the grassfed beef but so far the only source of grassfed fat has been Slankers (my order arrives tomorrow and includes 20ish pounds of lamb fat as they were out of beef & bison).
The farm selling at the farmer's market had bland meat at overinflated prices and one cut is pretty clearly implicated in making me sick. A real shame as I'd rather support a local farm.
I've found pastured beef from Australia at a local supermarket (ShopRite). It's not the best price ($7.99/pound) but is very nicely flavored and incredibly soft textured (they are loin cuts though so...). White fat though.
I recently traveled to a larger food store (but not a supermarket, closer to a real market) about 40 minutes from home and found some nice deals on grassfed beef as well as some goat which I've never had before (too fatty looking to be grassfed but I couldn't argue $2.49/pound to try it). This meat is deliciously flavored but the drive is prohibitive to do weekly. I'll definitely be utilizing them when I need holdovers to my next Slanker's shipment. Oh yeah, as much free Suet as I want (even if it's grainfed it's good stiff suet perfect for Pemmican). ;D
I've also got a 65 pound order on it's way from Slankers which is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I ordered a good mix of product including a sampling of the lamb, bison, and goat as well as a sampling of each of the beef organ they sell other than testicles as I'm not quite ready for that (although I am warming to the idea to try them). I can't wait to dig in.

In a whole different vein I've begun exercising again after taking a few weeks off to deal with the keto-adaption (my IT band in my right knee was aggravated as well so it was killing two birds with one stone).
Took my first jog/run on Monday morning and it felt great. I was definitely out of breath and pushing myself hard but it felt so good to do it I couldn't help it. I'm working on fox-walking when I can and tried to figure out "fox running" but it wasn't coming as intuitively as I'd have liked. Any tips?
I've also started some simple weight training and will be keeping my eyes open for exercises & routines better suited for me. I want to build up more functional muscles as opposed to just bulking up. Right now it's a couple exercises for the core, push-ups, and tricep curls to get them up to snuff. I'm going to start chin-ups tomorrow as well.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading. :)

Welcoming Committee / Hello
« on: September 02, 2009, 11:14:28 pm »
Hello everyone. I've been reading the forum fairly intensively now for a couple weeks and decided it was time I registered & introduced myself. :)

I'll start with the personal info then move onto my health and dietary regimen...
My name is Dan. Twenty eight year old male living in the "boonies" of the lower/mid-Hudson River Valley of New York State, US. Married, no kids.
Hobbies include anything automotive (my "baby" is a '71 Checker Marathon in the driveway awaiting some TLC), reading, exercise/sports (not too big on large group sports though, most of it's solo or small groups), and video games.
Professionally I'm a project manager for an architectural firm specializing in healthcare architecture (I design and oversee construction of hospitals, doctor's offices ,etc. all day).
I guess that's a decent synopsis of myself for now. :)

As for health, this is a long and sordid tale like many of your past histories.

In 2001 my brother came down with a debilitating stomach or intestinal infection which had him bedridden for a month or two. As part of the testing they ran to determine what was going on they ran so blood allergy tests. He came back with intolerance to dairy and wheat (I believe he tested positive on the IG-g side).
As I had had stomach issues (gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation) on and off since puberty we had the doctors run similar tests on me. Of the 10 common allergens tested I came back positive on 9 of them (Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Milk, Crab, Shrimp, Peanuts, and Soy; the tenth-egg albumin-was just below the lowest threshold at the time). This was done in May of 2001.

Upon elimination of the known offenders I had a couple of notable improvements of my health. My stomach was a lot better (not "right" but noticeably better), my mood was more optimistic (well, slightly less cynical at this point), I had more energy than I previously had, and most noticeable of all I lost a lot of weight. Since the onset of puberty I had always been a heavy kid and by 2001 I was at 240 pounds. Within 2 or 3 months of the eliminations I had dropped 70 pounds and was down to 170. Over the next few months I gained a good deal back (although my diet didn't change) and went up to 200 but plateaued there.

I lived life like this for 2 more years but always had thoughts there were other problems. Then in 2003 I had another blood test done. This was much the same panel but included Corn. Another offender discovered and eliminated. The cycle began again and I had much the same results. Slightly better stomach, better mood, lost some water weight (but it came back in time). By this time my diet was a heavy concentration of fruits and vegetables, lots of lean meats (a lot of poultry), and a heavy dependence of rice and rice products. I actually felt pretty good on my diet (in retrospect I wasn't doing as good as I thought I was) and lived this way for a while.

As I was set to turn 25 in 2006 my insurance was going to run out under my father's plan (I was a full-time student) so I did some research and found a good allergist who was willing to listen to me and do the full barrage of tests available to him. 8 vials of blood later and I had a much clearer idea of just what my body was fighting on a daily basis. The list is pretty staggering but includes a plethora of fruits and vegetables as well as rice (like you didn't see this one coming :P).

I set about further elimination (which was easier than expected after the first two bouts); first with the known list of foods and then trial & error with the unknown variables. As time went by I found just about all fruits, veggies, and starches bother me in large amounts and most in small amounts as well. I've experimented with alternative starches (Quinoa, Amaranth, Tef, Tapioca, etc.) and tried far-flung foreign fruits (Rambutan, Dragonfruit, Mangosteen) but these have all had problems (most prevalently a mental fog and lethargy). Kumbucha worked pretty good for a couple months but this too began giving me problems after a while.
Frankly, the only thing which I could depend on was meat and this had it's own concerns. Some meat didn't sit well and this was hit or miss (some vendors have to be injecting certain cuts with something because some meat bothers me no matter what) and then there's the fear pounded into you about red meat and saturated fat which kept me from depending too greatly on red meats. I would eat mostly fish for months at a time but this never satisfied me (and again, some fish-particularly white fish-would bother me), at other times I was easting chicken thighs almost exclusively.

Most recently I spent 8 months eating almost nothing but Tyson brand thighs since they were cheap and sat well but they recently began giving me stomach issues so I believe they've changed something as well (maybe injecting them with broth now?). This is actually what led me to do deeper research into a diet based on red meat (beef in particular).
I found Steffenson's (sp?) articles online at the beginning of August which gave me hope and I began easing into a carnivorous way of life. Within the week I found this site and began to get better insight on the dos and don'ts (particularly raw v. cooked).
I've also been gung-ho all-or-nothing with what I do so it's been cold turkey for me since the beginning (barring the night during the first week that I ate two lightly cooked livers and proceeded to feel horrible-only later did I find out they were so carb based).
The beginning was easy since I've been so acclimatized to eating meat as my primary (and often only) food source. It was downright tasty when I was searing the meat but I was overeating as a result. I also was having issues with processing the fat and as a result I was dealing with daily loose stools.
The transition into raw the past week and a half was a bit more difficult. As a society we're acculturated that raw meat is dangerous so it takes a bit to get past the fears of food poisoning. The meat (90% of what I'm eating now is grainfed and I'm still working on finding a good local grassfed source) also has little flavor unless it's sat for a bit or is marbled nicely. Even much of the fat is hard to deal with at first if it's grainfed since it's not as tasty and you're getting used to eating raw fat. I also was dealing with a low energy level for about a week as I've upped the fat ratio while going raw.
The turning point was yesterday as I was reading Lex's journal (only up to page 11 at the moment) and seeing how he did as time went by (and some of the conjecture on the whys). A big thank you to you Lex, you've given me a big boost to my determination that I needed. I am getting better as time goes by and see a very positive outcome in the near future.
I had a big slab of suet this morning and it actually tasted sweet to me. Never would have thought it but I was definitely enjoying it. The london broil on the side was kind of lackluster though since it wasn't well marbled.  l)

I used to be so shy and shut down around new people. As time has gone on and I've began healing my health issues though I don't shut up. Sorry about that. ;D

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