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Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: November 21, 2013, 05:54:29 am »
Traditional modern beef is "finished" in that it is fed in a feedlot to marble. This is considered gourmet beef. In order for beef to be tender, it must always be gaining weight it's entire life. In order to have lots of fat on grass it must be "finished" or reach a mature enough age, after making sufficient gains, usually at least 1.8 pounds a day and no less.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: November 20, 2013, 04:04:39 am »
Regular meat has a gigantic processing and distribution network, plus is heavily but indirectly subsidized. Grass fed meat is way cheaper to produce. However, gourmet grass fed beef I have discovered is less efficient and more costly to produce than traditional grazing routines and run of the mill grass fed beef. I am interested to learn the health benefits of fatty tender meat vs lean tough meat.

Sheep are cheaper to raise than beef but lamb costs more because 1 it's harvested at a younger age so has less time to grow, 2 it's normally raised in inefficient barn feedlots that are very labor or machine intensive and 3 the supply chain is much smaller. It is viewed as a gourmet product. Technically sheep is more labor intensive than beef, however a family could keep themselves in meat year to year on the cheap with a small herd of sheep and a few acres. With cows you would have to buy steers every year.

Journals / Re: They didn't come to help, they came to take.
« on: November 19, 2013, 06:35:20 am »
Thank you.

This may have actually been a positive thing. Kind of lit a fire under my ass. I'm not going to take people's bullshit anymore. And I'm going to grab on to what's mine and not let go and keep accumulating possessions like a dragon until the possible future children grow up.

Whatever. Just gonna keep on truckin. Ain't no gettin offa this train.

Personals / Re: Grass fed CSA
« on: November 19, 2013, 06:22:18 am »
It's for anybody. I could even ship it if you can figure out how to do it and pay the shipping.

Personals / Grass fed CSA
« on: November 15, 2013, 04:06:05 am »
Hi y'all. I'm trying to sell a cow and have been working hard cutting brush to make the money for winter feed. Just wondering if anyone is interested in any grass fed products.

I am posting to see if anyone is interested in supporting my operation for their own dining pleasure. Fronting me the funds to grow the animals allows me to give a discount price on your farm purchase.

I am going today down state to pick up the rest of the herd of Icelandic sheep I started with this summer. I have 3 ramb lambs possibly available this year, I also will be butchering a 5 year old ram for my own winter meat supply. I am going to winter over 10 ewes and hope to have 15-20 lambs out of them for 8-10 more slaughter lambs next fall. I have butchered one lamb so far this year. His carcass was 43 pounds, after I trimmed off nearly 10 pounds of grass fed back fat!
I sell them for 300 dollars, plus butchering fee which usually runs about 50 dollars. However of course we can do it on the farm for free. It runs around 7.20 a pound. You have to figure out whether you want lots of roasts or grind them up for ground lamb.

I can also raise beef, pasture raised muscovy, turkey, pork or really whatever you want, if you front the money to grow it, I'll grow a very high quality, kelp fed, grass raised animal. As you know, Iodine is important for preventing nuclear radiation and the best source for us humans is from animal fat. My sheep eating Thorvin Kelp means they are getting 10000% more iodine then regular sheep.

I will post pictures as soon as I can the next few days! Working, working, working for the winter!

I give you my oath to always sell animals that have been raised healthy, with a high plane nutrition from natural grass and legume based pastures, to the best of my economic ability!

I will explain more about my methods in the future!

Talk to you soon.

Journals / Re: They didn't come to help, they came to take.
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:05:23 am »
Well, they are gone. If the mods could remove the map of my property and any address I left I would appreciate that.
I am very very busy saving up money for winter feed. Need about 2000 dollars. No timer for internets.

I was very very happy how the icelandic sheep came out. At 6 months old it had a 43 pound carcass after trimming almost 10 pounds of fat. 100% grass fed. I am hoping to be picking up 9 more in about a week. I have 2 or 3 for sale if anyone is interested.

Anyways, peace.


Journals / Re: They didn't come to help, they came to take.
« on: November 02, 2013, 04:36:15 am »
Also I have no idea what my current IQ is, but I feel like I remember being a quick bright little kid and not that I can't be bright a lot of times, I still have a lot of fog. I would think if my IQ was 127 when I was 8 it would have been a lot higher now, but I feel that I used to be smarter. At least I got a bit of wisdom to run on.

Sheep  have less need for copper and in fact it can be very poisonous to them so it makes sense that they have less copper.

Journals / Re: They didn't come to help, they came to take.
« on: November 02, 2013, 02:43:07 am »
On the face of it, I completely agree with Cherimoya Kid. However, if you have been  "running scared" of this sort of thing "for so many years," and without laying any of the blame on you, I strongly suggest that you look at your avoidance options.
Gawd don't read so much into that.

You guys know hardly anything about me or what I am like besides that I raise animals and try to eat a mostly raw foods diet.

I am such a friendly guy, people just don't understand. When they realize they are like "oh, I get it, he's stupid!" and this is true to some degree because I am a gullible desperate fuck up at times. I am fully capable of performing random acts of stupidity, especially when things are not going exactly as planned.

I have very little support in the world, just mostly a couple sensitive ears. I am an only child, from a very small family. I have an extensive medical history where they put me to sleep many times, granting me amnesia and reduced comprehension. When I was just 8 I scored 127 and I was always a top in school. But there are just parts of me missing. I have really great ideas and am great at making plans and a whole mess of things, but there are some things I am just horrid at and have little sense.

My goal in life is revenge for the life that was taken from me. The only revenge is to live and breath life as deeply as I can.

This guy tried to strangle me. He isn't a man, he's a dog, alone in the woods, surrounded by wolves.

Yes I know, that was planned, however I would get a shotgun and rock salt shells.

Journals / They didn't come to help, they came to take.
« on: November 01, 2013, 02:14:17 am »
As you know I have been looking for help farming. I thought I found some great help, but after almost a month I have found they they did not come to help, they came to push me under the waves with mental games, intimidation and fighting. He has assaulted me three times. This morning he tried to choke me and sunk his nails into my neck. I got away by launching myself down a flight of stairs. I then left to get help. This was 6 hours ago. I am trying to remove them. The war is on. I hope all of you are having a million times a better day than I am. I hope that the passageways for progress are opening up for all of you in your lives.

I pray that soon a day of justice will ring out in our country and people won't spend their lives running scared like I have for so many years.

Hot Topics / Re: dairy is paleo
« on: October 22, 2013, 02:43:49 pm »
Darwin did not come up with evolution nor did he understand it as survival of the fittest is only one driver of evolution. Lamarck coined evolution and was much closer to the truth than Darwin. It seems pertinent to connect the Gaia theory. People who Denny macro evolution are totally rediculous. Woe to you oh scribes and pharisees, hypocrites!

Health / Re: Staph infections
« on: September 28, 2013, 12:29:47 am »
Does it effect the skin primarily? Having sufficient copper and especially sulfur can help with skin maladies. I knew a woman who couldn't even touch a blade of grass with her bare skin without it turning into a minor rash. What's up with that?

General Discussion / Re: raw fish (sashimi) do you?
« on: September 23, 2013, 09:09:06 pm »
The only info on the internet, at least back when i did the research a couple years ago, tells us that there is only one parasite we can get from ocean fish. it will make some humans sick for no more than four days before they die of starvation

General Discussion / Re: Organic - or not?
« on: September 20, 2013, 10:38:11 pm »
I do not know of any hazards of copper sulfate which in high levels is poisonous but without it's presence fungus diseases and parasite take over crop and animal alike. copper sulfate is the best and least poisonous way i know of to get a large supply of copper to make up for large shortfalls that we farmers experience in a lot of the eastern united states and elsewhere. my goats will even eat it plain, though it is harsh so they prefer it mixed with other minerals, but they will eat both the minerals with added copper and without. forest fires used to be more common, but woods not as thick, so they were not as severe we humans burn grasslands and crop lands to excess, it creates enormous levels of pollution and destroys the mineral content of the soil.                                               vaccines are organic certifiable for use in livestock so...                                   there are other unanswered questions                                            aajonus and others have spoke of a preference of traditional societies for tough meat from older intact male animals. many breeds of cattle are bred for high fat levels. these animals commonly have lower longevity. certain breeds are known for stupendant longevity. however low body fat dairy breeds also typically have a lower longevity. should meat be docile or aggressive? it certainly isn't as fun to keep aggressive animals. bison are much harder to farm than cattle and can not be used as effectively as a tractor, cultivator, seed planter and bed packer and mulcher as a beef cow can.                                              i do not really believe there is a way to feed more people a healthy diet as cheaply, easily and with as little labor as a beef herd at large scale. sheep are right behind.

Journals / Farm journal
« on: September 20, 2013, 02:53:53 pm »
next year i will be marketing grass fed lamb, grass fed chevon, grass fed rose veal, pastured pork products and sausage, swamp fed muscovy duck, acorn fed turkey, cow pie fed chickens and eggs and  pumpkin fed duck eggs. my goal is to have a six hundred acre grass farm, four hundred acres rented.          thirty or so sows, three hundred or so goats, three hundred or so sheep, fifty or so beef cows and around thirty dairy cows would be an approximate end tally for that many acres. a large tractor will be needed for planting high yield summer crops and winter annuals. two or three acres in ten will be planted in crops most of the time with double cropping each year. crops can be hogged down or eaten or sold direct market. there will be a mi based buying club. basically to make an order you have to get enough orders to make it economical to ship. im going to hazard that orders in mi must be a minimum of one thousand dollars for each city we ship too per order unless we farmers market in that city. we are looking at sending a cow share service down state. out of state orders would be a minimum order of two thousand dollars i would hazard. we are going to focus on producing the highest quality forages and the highest quality animal products with the a high organic iodine kelp and micro mineral supplemented. the tractor will allow us to implement the lacerator forage wagon system to make high omega three and vitamin a plus sugar vacume haylage. animals will be harvested primarily from mid winter to mid summer but some will be finished on sudan and corn and beans sans seeds and other green summer forges stockpiled for the fall and some will be finised on perennial and high quality hay and some finished on haylage with perhaps giant forage beats.  animals will be sold through farmers markets, restaurants, health food stores. there may be a mobile kitchen for events, even catering and camping and an on farm shop.

Journals / Re: The Butcher
« on: September 19, 2013, 08:36:30 pm »
i thought i did. bell phone does not allow for paragraph spacing it would seem. i got no problem with someone editing it for me ha! i cant at the moment. yes it is a joel salatin trick to follow cows with chickens. based of corse on natures model. i have parasitic cow birds in my pasture. not sure what exactly they eat but it seems they eat flies and peck at the cow pies. they have cow birds down south that are a type of egret that actually perch on the cows. in the ocean there are cleaner fish and shrimp that other fish make pit stops at coral reefs to get parasites cleaned off. even letting the little fish and shrimps to swim into their mouth and gills to remove them. dogs have an acid bath for to kill bacteria and parasites. aajonus said we make just as much hydrochloric acid but more in the small intestine. so do we have to be more careful? probably. the people who really ought to worry about them are those without a good source of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Journals / Re: The Butcher
« on: September 19, 2013, 12:22:10 pm »
I am certainly not an expert but i may have researched more information on worms than anyone here so my two cents. i think the only parasite to really worry about in ruminants is liver fluke. not even sure we can get it from eating the meat. you can get it from snails, their eggs i think even their slime trail. so you could easily get it even from washed lettuce.    pig shit might even be able to kill you. at least it can cause permanent cysts in the muscles and the brain. do not ingest pig or human shit especially. canine, bear, pig, coon, rat...               

Normally cow, goat and sheep shit is fairly safe to eat. a sick animals shit may get you sick with a bad bacteria or perhaps even coccideosis a tiny parasite that is usually always present but mostly only harmful at heavy infestation levels. humans I believe can get lungworm and heartworm but i am pretty sure we don`t share the same species of those worms with ruminants. in an analogy to cars, it's like there are several makes of worms but most are by necessity specialized in a few different species so there is a different model for different animals. sheep and goats share many but cows share few with either of them. horses and pigs share none. different species are literally used sometimes by necessity to clean grasslands of parasite infestations.

If a cow eats a sheep parasite the parasite dies and visa versa. but it gets more confusing. one school of thought is that you should alternate pastures of species to keep a cleaner pasture. however studies show that when multi species grazing with cows and sheep together, the sheep have higher worm loads than in the former method yet actually grow faster than either rotating cows and sheep or by only raising sheep. this shows that cows somehow make sheep grow faster in multiple ways yet to be proven.                                 

Colonic might not worn very well at all on worms, even tape worms. tape worms are not harmful usually. worms in general are mostly harmless unless you are in a poor state of nutrition or immunity or your loaded with them. you wouldn't be loaded with them if you were not any of those first. it is probably important to ingest too many though as even healthy stock can take a hit from them. but how healthy are they? animals have actually been bred to be intolerant of them through the constant use of worm medication. now a days the parasites have become so resistant that the chemical worners barely work.                                       

How to prevent infestation in livestock? rotate pastures to allow rest, heat and dry make life in the pasture hard for worms. employ ducks, chickens and turkeys. they scratch up dung piles, making them dry out faster making them a more poor place for them to live and actually ingest a great deal of them. use herbs and poisonous plants and high tannin plants and high copper plants. birds foot treefoil, chicory, willow and poplar are supposed to help and are good every day feeds. garlic, ginger, oregano all are good tonics that kill worms. black walnut hulls and wormwood are the main herbal worm nukes. as i said also plants high in copper, saint john's wort, heliotrope work wonders  which leads me to perhaps the most important info i have to give today                               

Copper is thought of as the mineral throw switch of parasites. having a high copper blood level exiles them from the body. my secret weapon is what they use to turn pools blue. copper sulfate is one of the few chemicals my animals ever eat. it is poison and can destroy the liver. it is safe in small batches the liver can handle. somehow mixing it with calcium makes it safe, or at least dolomite does. i try to mix it with as many minerals as possible and also offer the minerals without copper. they eat more without the copper but eat the copper too. they usually know how much they need. rarely i drop a bunch in the mouth of a reluctant eater.

The best prevention is copper in the plants and a high level of nutrition. most pastures are sewn and even sprayed to prevent weeds and a lot of soil in humid climates and everywhere is low on copper. low copper is a factor in mad cow and likely human mental diseases. it also cures foot rot, ring worm, lice the shits often... they use it in fish only aquariums to kill parasites. plants, coral, crabs, starfish, octopus cannot handle it.      hope this helps                     

General Discussion / Re: Porcupines Abound
« on: September 11, 2013, 11:39:48 am »
Well you got yer cowboys. then there are hunters. and fisherman. farmers. dairymen. hikers. lumber jacks. these are yer standard outdoorsmen. but then as i read in the book wild cow tails, you got your west texas brush cowboys who wore armored leather and bore scars from thorns on their bodies.            then you got yer goat farmers and pig farmers. we generally wear overalls and steel toed boots as well as muck boots all year round. double pleet because no other form of pants can stand up to herding goats through thorn thickets. almost everything it sometimes seems like in good goat country everything grows a thorn. i am also six foot nine and i use a really long steel pipe. my neighbor skins them and eats them all the time. he traps them and then clubs them. clubing done properly is one of the most humane ways to kill an animal, it stums them unconscious in the first whack. shooting them ruins part of the animal. even a bull could be taken out in one good sledge hammer swing in the right spot.         their quills are not that bad, the first time i used too small a pipe and got whacked in the tip of my index finger. wasn't too bad to get them out at all.

Journals / Re: Very Frustrated
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:30:36 am »
Things are getting better. I met a neighbor who has a farm 1 mile north of me and needs help bad.

Here is the map you requested. It looks ugly because the photo was taken in very early spring.

Map removed according to RogueFarmer's request.

I'm the f'ed up golden rectangle on the right. My friend's farm is directly north past the woods.

General Discussion / Porcupines Abound
« on: September 11, 2013, 04:28:03 am »
I just read something that claimed porkies are the only "safe" wild game to eat raw. There are tons around here and you can just walk up to them and club them in the head.

General Discussion / Re: alert: cannabis may be GMO
« on: September 11, 2013, 03:17:08 am »
Gmo's continue to modify with every generation. I believe that generations become less and less virile until they cannot survive or at least produce compared to their predecessors and likely cannot survive in the wild.

They could potentially mutate in harmful ways.

General Discussion / Re: Aajonus Vonderplanitz DEAD at 66
« on: September 11, 2013, 03:11:34 am »
Why the f is everyone so opposed to the possibility? Life is filled with mysteries. Blatantly assuming it wasn't sabotage is pretty damn naive in my opinion. This happened right after Vernon got off. They are pissed because they are losing, they are really starting to squirm and apparently the GOV wants to push for the start of World War 3 right about now.

No one ever saw the Mechanic with Charles Bronson? Hollywood is the cultists ways of bragging about how powerful and sinister they are. A mechanic is an assassin who specializes in causing "accidents". There is a gigantic history of the USA harassing and murdering all sorts of people, especially activists. They want Americans to remain dumb and are freaking out because people are actually waking up to reality. They have to take action or they will inevitably be defeated when a critical mass of awareness is reached.

The war is really heating up and I am very sad that this happened. However I remain fearless, I have faith that good will conquer evil.

General Discussion / Holy crap
« on: September 04, 2013, 01:10:59 am »
I just read that meat doesn't freeze until twenty five degrees and at twenty seven it will extend the shelf life of meat cuts to over three months.!

Off Topic / Awesome farm websites.
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:26:07 am »

General Discussion / Re: Best chickens?
« on: August 08, 2013, 03:58:56 am »
You can preserve fresh eggs in sealed containers in a bedding of sifted wood ashes. just have to make sure the eggs don't touch each other.

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