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Hello, sorry to hear about your quandary.

"Question 1: Is there any guy here who was able to maintain Raw Paleo Diet for longer period of time only upon Raw shrimps/fish?"

That would be a diet seriously deficient in some nutrients. Why are they OK with raw shrimp? That's one of the few foods I cook. I tried raw shrimp and didn't like it at all. Are you thinking of shrimp cocktail, which is cooked shrimp that are chilled? I personally don't know any non-rawists who are OK with raw shrimp.

Would they be OK with you eating home-prepared sashimi and eggs most days or at least some days?

Raw Shrimps were ok for me as I am able to buy them from nearby shop (they are already cleaned and I only have to wash them which could also be done in the shop). Then there is a big green garden nearby where people often sit and take their meals or snacks. I was planning to have raw shrimps as snacks and thus avoid the family issues. Raw shrimps are small enough to be eaten as Salad and no one noticing it. Sadly, this could not be done with big size fish or raw meat.

Taste is a secondary issue for me while I am suffering from serious health problems and thus eating raw shrimps is not difficult for me.

And thanks a lot about Chee Kufta & Kibe Cru. I want to stay secretly on raw paleo diet for some time before confronting my family. If I attain some good health results, may be it also convince them.  

PS: In Video, she used the soaked Bulgar Wheat. Is is Paleo to soak and use Bulgar?

I cannot address all your questions, but I have a few comments.

I eat a raw paleo diet, and my main meat is lamb and lamb liver, which I buy from a halal market. I do not go to the nearest halal market, because I find their meat to be of poor quality. Instead, I go to another city with a better quality market. The lamb is naturally grass-fed.

I do not buy beef at the halal market because it is grain-fed beef. If I do buy beef, I get it elsewhere, where they sell grass-fed beef. I also eat wild-caught fish (usually salmon), scallops, and chicken.

I use some coconut oil from the Philippines, buying one that is labeled organic virgin coconut oil.

I have read forums online that discuss whether eating raw meat is halal. The opinion seems to be that halal meat can be eaten raw if it does not injure one's health. I had difficulty digesting cooked foods, and my health suffered, so I conclude that this was not the right way for me to eat. Many problems of my health have been healed by eating RPD, so I am seeing that it is a healthy way for me to eat.

This is good suggestion and I am already looking to go in nearby big city in search of better meat (preference is naturally grass fed meat). I don't know why I was only thinking about Beef, and why not lamb meat. After your post, I have realized that there are more chance of success with lamb/goat meat.

I have some serious problems and one week of raw paleo diet was enough to prove me that I am on right track.

Hi Zaidi.

Sounds like you'll have some hard time eating this way, that sucks :/ Actually if I think better, I probably wouldn't do it in front of my family either, it's pretty traditional too.

1. I'm mainly eating fish and egg yolks, rarely meat/organs.
5. Check this forum maybe I don't really know German though so I'm not sure what's going on there. See also this here For eggs, look for freiland (I guess it translates to free range pastured) eggs these are the best. The bio eggs are still somewhat lower quality than these.
6. If you eat fish you don't need cod liver oil
7. Coconut is good (cold pressed), I don't know about palm oil
9. Hm not sure about this, I myself would rather be raw vegetarian or smth similar than eat cooked meat


A lot of thanks for this valueable contribution. I have found all important links in Germany through your post.

"Freiland" mean only "Free Range" but not pastured.

May I ask why do you eat only "Egg Yolks" and not "Egg White"?

It seems that your diet of fish & eggs & occasionally meat/organs is the same which I will be having in near future due to my situation.

It seems that you get enough Protein through fish, but what about fats? Is "Egg Yolk" enough to provide the required amount of fat? If yes, then how many eggs (/egg yolks) are you eating every day? Are you still consuming coconut oil too?

Hallo from Germany,

My name is Zaidi. My family lives in Germany (originally from Pakistan). I have already read about 250+ threads here + Mr. Vonderplanitz essays + Answers from RawPaleoGuy (but I am still a newbie).

Firstly, I want the links to Raw Paleo Diet in Germany (e.g. Discussion Forum + Where to buy pastured Meats etc.)

My family was in Pakistan last week and I got the chance to go for 100% "RAW" Paleo Diet (cold turkey) and I felt really good against my health problems. But the quality of meat was not pastured, but only "BIO" (which means organic in English).

My real problems will start with the return of my family, as there are some Cultural and Religious Values which should be followed then.

Culturally, we have "Joint Family System". This means it is very very difficult to revolt against the Culture, which says eating "RAW" is Taboo, which says Kitchen belongs to MAMA and we have to eat what Mama cooks. I really don't want to go to Mental Hospital, as this is the place where my family will bring me if I tell them that I want to eat "RAW" meat.  :D

And culture was not enough that religion also becomes problem too. More bad luck, as Muslim family, ONLY "Halal" (Kosher) meat is allowed to enter the home. This is not the end of story, but more bad luck that our Community's Muslim Butcher has the worst quality of meat I have ever seen & I am sure I have seen better Halal meats than this one.

As described above, my family is in Pakistan on visit and I am able to buy the "BIO" (i.e. Organic) Non-Halal meat from the Market and it is 10 times better in taste than the Halal meat from our butcher. Sadly, this party is going to end with return of my family.

So, what to do?

At maximum my family perhaps allow eating of some Raw Shrimps or little bit of Fish in sashimi form (I could not imagine of having raw fish in hands and eating like Eskimos in front of my family like I have done during this week).

Question 1: Is there any guy here who was able to maintain Raw Paleo Diet for longer period of time only upon Raw shrimps/fish?

Question 2: I found Black Tiger Shrimps here in Market, but they were not red in color (i.e. not from sea). Is it ok to eat such shrimps?

Question 3: What is better if I secretly get a chance to eat "Raw lean Meat" VS "Organ Meat" (both from same bad quality Halal meat present in our refrigerator)  ;D?

Question 4: Is Beef/Mutton really necessary? Mr. Vonderplanitz says that Red meat is necessary for tissues. Have you found this statement to be true?

Question 5: I need Paleo Diet Links in Germany (Discussion Forum + Shopping links in Germany). May be I am able to find Raw Organic Eggs too.

Question 6: I searched for "Fermented Liver Cod Oil" in German language, but have not found any yet. Is it ok to take normal Liver Cod  Oil for time being till I get the fermented one? What is the maximum dose that I could take from it?  

Question 7: In absence of raw Meat & raw Animal fat, is it ok to go for 2nd class oils like Coconut or Palm Oil? Should they be cold pressed ones?

Question 9: Considering my situation, it seems easy to switch to Paleo Diet which is cooked one. Do you really rate cooked paleo diet and recommend it?

Thanks a lot & Tchüß from Germany.

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