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General Discussion / Re: Bone broths best prepared raw, not cooked
« on: August 29, 2014, 03:47:44 pm »
What about using Fish with bones in fermentation process? Are fish broths equally good as bone broths from lamb etc?

General Discussion / Re: Resistant Starch
« on: June 21, 2014, 02:52:43 am »
I think it would be better if we could have a separate child thread about RS (under HOT Topics), and collect all the threads and information shared by PP at that place.
All people (especially new comers) will always wonder what to think about RS from Paleo point of view.

VAN .... Hanna

I have also got the offer to buy Bee Brood.

1) But I am told that Larvae die within 24 hours. Therefore, I don't know HOW MUCH should I order.

2) How to transport it? (BEE farm haus is almost 1 hour drive away).

3) Is it possible to buy in big quantity and then keep them in the Refrigerator (and also to freeze one part in the deep freezer)?

4) It seems it comes in Frames. And I have no idea how to get it out of the frame.

Any how, all the things are difficult for the FIRST time.

Good information about Bee Brood (from page 17).

Dandelion Greens .... Inger

I am little confused about RS and Prebiotics like Topinambour/Dandelions etc.

Taken with Webpage Screenshot

Hot Topics / Re: Le Pen to ban non-pork meals in schools
« on: April 13, 2014, 06:23:43 am »

I don't know what to say about this subject.

After getting introduction to Paleo (raw paleo), I have also started eating non-Halal food for the first time... and I have also read more about my religion (Islam) and I am doubtful of it.

But still I find myself far away from eating the pork (or even to touch it). I know there is no reason for it if I am doubting the whole religion, but .....  (perhaps it is the same that many people from Europe could not imagine to eat snakes like the chinese and koreans eat).


One thing more, I feel the difference of taste between Halal and non-Halal meats. And I want to know if others too feel this difference or this is only a false signal created by my mind?

Virgin Coconut Oil Detox

Question is very easy. Could we substitute VCO with Animal Fat in this Detox?

What are the benefits of VCO over Raw Animal Fat?

Can we stay for 2-3 days or 7-8 days or longer on only RAF?

General Discussion / Re: Gelatin
« on: March 15, 2014, 11:57:57 am »
this is probably also a situation where having access to seafood would be beneficial because things like fish and shrimp can be eaten whole and have gelatin, chicken feet are also high in gelatin, the are super weird to chew on raw though, lol, but delicious lightly cooked.  I have also swallowed down large pieces, I don't see em come out the other end so either they digested or this is the "100 pounds of undigested putrid meat" I always hear that carnivores are carrying around in their bellies.

Please jessica (and others) explain us more about fish.

What do you mean by "whole" fish?  Does this mean we should eat the fish meat along with it's bones & fish liver & fish heart & fish skin?

I do eat fish eyes & brain ... . Normally I eat mackerel,  but I didn't succeed in eating it's skin.

General Discussion / Fat to Protein Ratio Ready Made Chart
« on: February 16, 2014, 04:57:17 am »
Idea is of making things simpler for the newcomers...  Still the Online Book has not been completed ... newcomers are not introduced properly to the protein to fat ratios.

Rough Idea is to complete a ready made chart of fat to protein ratio. Something like below. This topic about fats should be sticky one.

General Discussion / Re: Addictive foods and misuse of the word "addiction"
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:00:21 am »
Question 1: I wonder how healthy is Sea Bass? It has only 3% fat content.

Question 2: Also, how close are mussels to oysters in HEALTH & TASTE? 

I saw today live mussels for 2.50 Euro per kg (packing of 2 Kg costed 5 Euro).  Is it a cheap price?

But I didn't buy it while I cannot eat whole 2 Kgs in 2-3 days and I read somewhere that one must not eat the dead mussels.

Can one freeze the raw mussels?

I wished we had completed the Paleo Book here at our forum and added all the informations in that book, without repeating things again and again like it happens in the forum. Although one may use the search option in forum too, but one always doesn't get the desired search results.

General Discussion / Re: Meat safety
« on: November 01, 2013, 11:18:01 am »
Thanks to all of you.

Good suggestion Tyler. Permanent thread about meat storage is a must ... also fat to Protein ration thread too (in my opinion).

Thanks to paper-clip and Haai. It gives me lot of courage to go this way and now I am sure I am not going to die.

Eveheart! always loved your imagination and how you deal with the challenges.

General Discussion / Re: Meat safety
« on: November 01, 2013, 02:12:50 am »
I don't think so: it'll get bad.

Any alternative?

I also have a wooden plate. Should I make HOLES in it and place the goulash on this wooden plate?

General Discussion / Re: Meat safety
« on: November 01, 2013, 01:59:15 am »
I have got 5 kg goulash (meat already cut into small pieces). It was sent to me in frozen state, but when I got it, it was totally thawed.

I cannot hang it while they are small pieces.

So, what to do? 

Can I simply put it into ceramic bowl? It will take me  about 3 weeks to eat 5 kg of meat. Is it safe to keep it so long in the fridge in a bowl?

General Discussion / Grassfed Suet better than Wild Suet?
« on: October 16, 2013, 01:34:15 pm »
Recently I got chance to eat wild deer Suet and Bone Marrow. It was tasty and one cannot compare it to grain fed animal suet and  bone marrow.

But then yesterday I got the suet and bone marrow from one butcher, and it was 100% grass fed. And I found the taste and quality was even better than the wild one.

Wild suet was only 20% yellow, but grass fed suet was 50-60% yellow, and it was very very oily and soft like cream (while the wild one was much harder).

What is your experience? Is it possible that a grass fed cattle could beat the quality of wild meat/suet?

General Discussion / Re: so few people.
« on: October 07, 2013, 07:15:14 pm »
And, part of the reason is that there is so much argumentative energy here, that many are fearful of saying something and being ridiculed for it.  That is why most forums eventually trail off into nothing,, that and the basis of what is extolled has no lasting benefit.  I encourage all of us to take a more inquisitive response to anything that is offered here.

Good point.

My observation:

1) Newbies are although guided about raw Paleo, but one wants to know more before getting courage to follow this Paleo Diet.

Therefore, the Project of "Raw Paleo Book" should be completed. Many will get fully satisfied after ready full book where all important issues are presented in proper Sequence.

2) Perhaps the "Witness"  section, how members here got health (when possible, then witnesses should be in Video form where Members briefly telling their earlier diseases and how they were cured etc.).

3) Collecting Videos of Raw Meat/Fish Eating at one place. A newbie will get a lot of courage of trying it if he "watches" other eating it.

4) Once again coming back to Van's observation about "Argumentation" ... how to encourage the newbies to ask questions (even if they have idiotic questions in the mind) and contribute?

Perhaps a sub-section with title "Newbies Questions/Answers ".

All in all, an Entire Section of "Newbies" .... with Sun-Sections of:

1) Short Introduction to Raw Paleo
2) Detailed Book about Raw Paleo
3) Video & Other Witnesses
4) Newbies Questions/Answers

This seems to be the only way of encouraging the newbies to become active and take more part in the discussions.

Are you sure of the quality and freshness of the fish?
Are you getting it for free or discounted price?

Be careful.

Quality is A1 , and it is really cheap too. They are filleted and frozen on the ship (if I am not mistaken).

In Germany, they make pickled Herring (named: Matjes). Hering Filet have minimum of 16% fat. Unfortunately, they put 10-12% salt in it, which makes it impossible to eat alone (mostly it is eaten with bread and onions).

Hering and Mackerel are the fishes which gave me a lot of relief from pain and I am 100% sure that they do magic for me.

Since it has already been frozen, you could separate it into several cellophane packets and store the ones you do not need for the day into the freezer and leave out those you are going to eat.

When you feel like eating it,  just take a packet out of the freezer and allow to defrost..


Could you please tell me  how to separate/break this block into small pieces? Should I thaw it first? Or should I use an axe or something like that?

Or is it possible to thaw it half way so that fish can be separted and then once again freezing it in small bags?

I am offered a frozen block of 20 kg Herring Filet.

I have yet not bought it while I don't know how I am going to get small amount of fish out of it for daily use.

Any tips?

General Discussion / Re: What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 19, 2013, 02:37:40 pm »
I got up in the morning and inflammation has reduced to half, or even less. I could easily bear the pain at moment and hopefully will get rid of it very quickly.

Question: Do I have acid-base problem?  Why Apple Cider Vinegar worked so quickly for me?
How can I check acid-base balance of my body?

General Discussion / Re: What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 19, 2013, 02:18:15 am »
It is to report you that within an hour, Apple Cider vinegar showed positive effects for me and I don't have to weep any more.

I am unable to get hands to Quantumin Minerals Plus drops  as all the medical stores have already been closed. There is one emergency medical store open at the main station of my city, but I have no energy to make it till main station ( I could hardly go to the toilet at moment).

I have been on water fasting for the last 4 days. I will end it up and go for the Orange Juice fasting from morning. I want to prolong the Orange Fasting. Any link to the Orange Juice Fasting?

And sorry, forgot to say thanks to you.

General Discussion / Re: What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 19, 2013, 01:29:21 am »
Quantumin Minerals Plus drops on the gouty area.  It will heat up, which shows it is interacting and dissolving the gout deposits.  Keep applying 3x to 5x a day until all are dissolved.

You may also drink 10 drops per glass of water / juice.

There may be similar products in your country.

Apple cider vinegar in water... that will alkalize you internally.

Change diet to high raw fat, low protein.

You may also do dilluted orange juice fasts or coconut juice fasts.  No protein.  For 3 days.  Or even just 1 day a week will help.

Hats off to you Sir. You are an encyclopedia of Natural Healing.

My gout attack has gone seriously out of control. It started with thumb of my left foot, but instead of vanishing, it is heavily increasing and that came all fingers under attack, whole foot, whole shin and now whole left knee.

I never thought it could have been so painful. It is painful. Tears are coming out of my eyes.

Hopefully it works wonder for me.

General Discussion / Re: What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 18, 2013, 12:16:47 pm »
Cherries and cherry juice are very good for controlling gout.

I have mild chronic gout in my thumbs and big toes.  It gets a lot worse if I eat poor-quality frozen liver. 

Thank you brother. I am reading about Cherries in gout attack and very much convinced about it, while I need the instant help at moment and cherrie seem to do this job.

Cherimoya_Kid ... I think Cherriesmoya_Kid also suits to you after your fine recommendation. Thanks once again.

General Discussion / Re: What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 18, 2013, 12:42:33 am »,,20448674_3,00.html

I guess its the uric acid that causes purines, which make gout worse. However this is western medicine with a poor track record and dealing with cooked meats.

It really sounds to me like you arent getting enough fat to deal with the uric acid overload from herring. How much suet do you eat with your beef?

I use almost half and half (meat and suet)

The Herring that I am using, it has only 7% fat.  While there are herring which have over 16% fats, and I felt they were more healing. It was difficult for me to get them though.

General Discussion / Re: What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 18, 2013, 12:13:26 am »
do you get enough vitamin c in  your diet?
I am not using Lemons. I am able to go on raw paleo diet for couple of days (using mainly fatty fish + little bit of beef + suet). Then there are days where I have to eat with my family and it is totally non-paleo diet.

do you eat any gelatin?
Yes. But try my best to avoid it, even when I am eating non-paleo.

do you have any other symptoms of nutrient/mineral deficiency?
Very very big symptoms of nutrient/mineral deficiency. Very low in Bone Density, (earlier stage of osteoporosis), Hip necrosis.

do you exercise?
Due to Hip Necrosis, I cannot do heavy exercises. I do walk, but that too I cannot do a lot otherwise is starts overloading my hip bones (both sides).

do you drink enough water?

do you eat green leafy vegetables? or things like celery or cucumber?
Yes and No. In green vegetable I am eating mainly Salads and cucumbers, but they are normal non-organic salads which my family buy and make. But no celery.

do you drink any herbal teas? there are plenty of herbal teas that are helpful for gout, including dandelion root, any berry teas, list goes on, its easy to google, just brew up ones you recognize and might be able to grow yourself.
I do not drink any teas or coffee or any other drink. Especially after starting the raw paleo, I drink only plain spring water. (please suggest).

Things were going good for me, and I was on healing path with my Herring fish + meat + suet... but then this gout appeared.
In fact, beef is also giving me gout problems, although it is from grass fed galloway.

General Discussion / Re: What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 17, 2013, 11:49:50 pm »
Since gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis, have you tried any of the arthritis treatment protocols? I follow several supplement protocols for osteoarthritis - I can't say which one is helping, but I think all of them are. The main ones I have found are D3/K2, boron, and coconut oil. I also follow an iodine/selenium protocol for high heavy metal levels. I have read books on non-steroid/non-surgical arthritis treatments, and they also base treatment on paleo-like diets and exercise that keeps the joints moving.

Lot of thanks.

I never imagined that Gout could be related to bone issues.

Actually I have hip "Necrosis" and very low bone density (one stage above osteoporosis).

I am taking 60-80% raw paleo diet (unfortunately not able to achieve 100% due to social problems). But this rest of 20-40% diet is almost "Cooked Paleo diet". I avoid eating any grains etc.

And mostly I am eating Herring Fish (which has lot of iodine, I believe). Also I am using diatomaceous earth, which has selenium.

Alone this fish+Diatomaceous earth gave me a lot of relief from Necroses Problem. But unfortunately, Herring can cause a production of lot of Uric Acid and Gout. 

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