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Off Topic / Re: Quote of the Day(inspired by SD's post)
« on: October 21, 2012, 04:09:49 am »
Saber - great quote.  I learned a long time ago in a psychology class that the definition of normal was what the most people agree upon. If you have 3 people in society and 2 say that that something exists or is right then the 3rd person is abnormal.

Normal does not mean healthy or even desirable - I mean not even in terms of psychology. All it means is that you think/act in a way that is similar to those in your society.

Being adjusted to illness due to poor diet for instance would actually make me more "normal" 

Primal Diet / Re: Should I use milk?
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:43:55 am »
Alive, if you feel milk is good for your child then definitely the grass-fed raw. What to do with the rest? I would ferment it and feed it to my chickens and eat their eggs. ;)

I'm actually serious. Chickens with raw fermented grass-fed whey in their diets seem to produce eggs forever at the same rate as when they were at their supposed peak production age. I personally think it's the  methionine (which is an amino acid needed en mass to make the egg whites and is hard for chickens to come by) and the bacteria as chickens' guts need to have enough good bacteria to keep the chicken producing.

Perhaps get a few more egg layers and you will be able to use that extra good milk to produce another good food.

« on: October 20, 2012, 11:13:38 am »
Oh - Sarah signed the papers and not you! I didn't realize it was only her that signed. That's much better than if you had signed them.

You are calling up, cooperating, reaching out to individuals that can help, speaking unconfrontationally and have said that you are willing to do what is necessary to prove that children are well taken care of. You are enlisting the help and support of your community.

That's what I would have chosen too. Add to that -  I would ask if the state is able to provide a lawyer for you if the woman you spoke to today isn't able to close the case stating that the allegations were false.

Reason prevails. Deep sigh of relief.

« on: October 20, 2012, 09:52:35 am »
Well Saber - it is clear where you stand. Thank you stating it.  I can respect your choice. Licking boots is nasty business. It is true that begging for a lawyer and fighting from within their rules would be in a sense giving in.

I'd like to make a suggestion to you. Right now, at the beginning before the biggest effects, I suggest that you write a letter to your children explaining why you are taking the actions that you are and give it to at least three trusted people - even people on this forum if you like, to give to your children later.

With CPS, the police and the general public -- when you act as a lion out of instinct with ferocity and telegraph your "radical" beliefs across the airways and to their faces you will most definitely be giving them all the ammunition for the guns that they will need to take and keep your children from you. To be more accurate - they do not have to take anything as you are in a sense giving it to them like when you let them into your home and signed that paper even though it was not really mandated that you had to. Your wife whether she engineered this or not will likely be able to keep your children completely from you without visitation rights if she requests it. She and her new husband will be your children's parents and will raise them. Therefore, your children might never know why you did what you did because their new set of parents might not tell them. In your situation I would try to create early a way to let them know - even if it's when they come of age - what really happened from your point of view - as they might not be allowed to get your point of view until someone outside their sphere can reach them.

If I were giving up my children for my beliefs I would do everything in my power to get the most coverage, the most exposure, the biggest audience in order to make the most impact.

It all might backfire and do raw paleo more harm than good. It's hard to know what will be the result. But - it's what you are choosing to do and it's your right as a human being to not submit and to fight any way you know how. It will be a fine line between negative pride, ego and illusion and holding true to your self-worth and having positive pride and doing a service to humanity. Only your own soul will be able to know where that line is.

My thoughts and best wishes are with you.


« on: October 20, 2012, 04:09:18 am »
Rationally, I am worried that SB is being punished solely for being human and that only celever subterfuge can win the day -  emotionally, I wish he had the power/ability to warn the authorities to back off or die.

I'm agreeing with you here Tyler. It's why I keep on asking what Saber's priorities are at this point. Saber has given the impression that he wants to fight for what he believes is right, that he has been willing to take all the risks. His actions and attitudes will need to be very different depending on his goals. If it's ok with him that his wife takes full custody of the children so that he can be in the limelight and set himself ablaze to perhaps make a light that will be seen from a far to try to change things - in an attempt to help humanity - what he does now would be quite different from a priority of getting custody of his children back no matter what he has to do to accomplish it.

People on the forum have been warning him all through this thread that he might have to face just this. Does he still have the same desire to spread the word as he did before?

If he wants to get his children back - he needs to somehow get legal advise, get rid of the bones, clean up and look like he is willing to play the game.

If he wants to make a big statement a totally different approach might be warranted - then perhaps it is best to contact the media. Perhaps he should contact the people that did the story for him to document the further story. Perhaps he needs someone with a video camera to document it all and put it on the internet to start more debate on what his rights are, aren't or should be in a free country.

YS is right, our country is still caught in it's struggle for independence with the state rights up against the federal government laws with even more confusion due to smaller municipality laws - and then even home owner's associations. All these things are good fodder for debate, intrigue, drama and perhaps social change.

We really need to hear from Sabertooth if and how this new development has changed things for him in order to know how to advise him.

Iguana lives in a place where people have to be in hiding to eat well. If Saber wants to stand up to that tide in our country and perhaps take a part in protesting here at any risk I will fully respect that and try to help. If he wants to put keeping his children above all else, I fully understand and respect that too and hope that he will take advise on how to do it.

Such a big moment of choice.

« on: October 20, 2012, 12:41:57 am »
What Eric said was useful. If even some or one of US feels that way, imagine how prevalent such feeling could be in the general public. Our country is moving towards the general consensus being that we all are responsible for all the children and can step in when we think there is something being done that we think might harm them in any way. We think that in general we should dictate how others eat, think, live. We think that because our property value might go down, we can dictate what happens on someone else's property. We think we should dictate even if it doesn't effect us at all directly. We talk about general medical care being the responsibility of the whole now so we have a right to say how we think you shouldn't allow yourself to get sick or injured. You must wear your seatbelt or helmet because I might have to contribute to your healthcare if you get injured. Your children even more so, because your children are my responsibility. Employers are starting to dictate if a person can smoke or not or how they eat AT HOME!

This is what Sabertooth is up against. It is a rare person in our society that will entertain that eating raw meat is good - but even worse - it is taboo! Killing one's own animals even more taboo - in front of children by so many that feel like their foods comes from a box in the store - it is considered to be needless trauma.

We have moved so far from community, dealing with each other as human beings in need of assistance - into so much selfishness and distance from each other, our food and even basic common decency and common sense that if Sabertooth gets into such a tide I'm afraid what could happen to him if general judgment, anger and frustration of the masses gets directed at him.

I had thought what Tyler said about perhaps this was something his wife could have orchestrated - but even if it was - it's not really. Sabertooth himself opened the doors. It's just happening now instead of later. Wifeswap probably had a reason to protect its participants in order to get more participants later. Sabertooth is not on a series with a particular network. He has gone ahead against his wife's wishes. One way or the other, these issues were bound to come up. He gave his wife all she needed to make sure she could take the children. He gave the populace all they needed to demand his children be taken away from him.

How to help him at this point?! That is the really big question.

It all depends on what his PRIORITIES are. Is his priority getting back the custody of his children or is it making a stand against our sick culture? Is his life mission to make raw paleo known to the world? This could be his opportunity. It all depends on what is the most important to him. 


« on: October 19, 2012, 11:57:25 am »
The angst is about the very real situation that Saber is in right now Jessica. You might have missed it -- He has been coerced by a neighbor, a  police officer and child protective services to sign away his parental rights. It's no longer about what could happen with crazies calling in to demand his children be taken away because of a television show, but what to do now that it has already happened because of a meddling neighbor.

One of our own has had their parental rights taken away (or more accurately manipulated away from him) because of his practice of the raw paleo diet.

He doesn't send his child to KINDERGARTEN but that is obviously not the issue. There has never been a law demanding a child to go to kindergaten in any state that I know of. In Kentucky before the age of 6 there is no law mandating school attendance. Here is some information regarding home-schooling in Kentucky. Kentucky is not an easy state to homeschool in. Each state has its own laws. BUT  a five year old any way you look at it is legally allowed to stay home with his parents without any kind of schooling.

If Saber weren't feeling angst right now and the rest of us with him - there would be something wrong. Saber has to make the decision how to approach this. He has to figure out if he wants to play the game enough to get his kids back or not. That's a massive decision. What he does now will effect him as well as all of us. What he is suffering is something I know I think about. What do we do in the face of people insisting that we live the way they feel comfortable with but that goes against our core beliefs and what we know to be right and true?


« on: October 19, 2012, 10:35:28 am »
Sabertooth - I have written before and I will write again that I see you as a man wanting to do what is right, attempting to follow his heart the best he can.

I see what you see in our country. The big question is, how does one fight the good fight?

The one hope I see for us is not the standard media because it is already part of the problem. I see forums like this and others on the internet as one of our last stands of freedom - one of the few ways to find some truth. Our way to break out of the shackles person by person. A slight openness and desire for health can open a mind and lead to healing and larger freedom of thought. This place is not controlled. There can be people in the media that will also gain great strides. You might be one of those people. Being in that spotlight can come with some great costs though.   

What you are going through at the moment must be outrageous! The stress of a marriage breakup and big brother at your doorstep.

It can be hard to gain a footing at such times. Anger and fear and all one's survival mechanisms as well as overwhelm can get in the way.

I hope to be a voice from afar gently asking you to stand outside of yourself and ask what your priorities are. If the number one thing you truly want is to retain your children and keep yourself unincarcerated - then you will need to let go of your fight for now and strategize your way out -- working with and around the system as it is at present. You need help. Your number one priority in such a case is to find yourself a lawyer to help you through the maze that is our country's laws. Someone to help protect you from the lies and manipulation. There are ways to get free legal advise. I wish I could direct you, but perhaps Phil could help more than me in that regard. If you had listened and not let those people into your home - you would probably be better off right now. You have people here trying to help you. We are not in your situation so can perhaps see some things that you aren't able to because of your proximity. What I read the most repeated and what I have felt since reading this thread the first time was a sense that the children could be in jeopardy.

You could let your children be taken from you permanently, let more people in your home even though they have no legal standing to do so, you can be manipulated and tricked into serving a prison sentence - and perhaps then even do a great deal of good by plastering your case all over the media. I'm not judging. It might be what you want or your purpose. It might be the greatest good. It might be best to let your wife take full custody. I am in no position to state what is "best" for them or for you.

What I do see however is the timeline. I've seen you setting up this situation. I just want you to be aware of what you are choosing each step of the way. If you stay on the path you are on at present, the most likely outcome will be you losing control and perhaps even contact with your children.

Again, seeing their father standing up hell or high water for what he believes, spitting in the face of the establishment, going out in a blaze of glory, might be why they chose you.

They also might really gain a lot from having their father with them day in and day out with you on a youtube raw paleo station instead.

These are big moments of choice for you.

« on: October 19, 2012, 07:28:43 am »
The cops are allowed to lie to you about whatever they want. They are not by law mandated to tell you the truth. They can say whatever they want to get you to do whatever they want. That is why you need a lawyer. If everything you have done is legal, then he was simply lying to you. You did not have to allow the police nor the social worker onto your property without a warrant. You are giving up your own rights.

« on: October 19, 2012, 03:03:15 am »

You do not have to let them in your house! Seriously. It's not your legal obligation to do so.

I would never let one of those kinds into my home with children. Once you let them in they will have the right to remove your children from you! I know that finances are an issue - but I'd find some way to contact a lawyer if you can. Anything you say or they see at your house can be used against you - even things that have nothing to do with the allegations. There is even the chance of charges of reckless endangerment for you. This is dangerous business for you and your children. Be as prepared as you can be. I'd get rid of those bones NOW! If they ask you if you have butchered an animal in front of your children - you had better know if there is a law against such a thing where you live. You need to understand the laws. You need to know if they will have the right to take your kids or put you in jail and what would give them that right and avoid allowing them access to places or information about anything that might conclude with such a tragedy. Are there any lawyers on this forum? You need a lawyer to get copies of the charges and not permit the government workers access to anywhere in your house besides places that relate to the charges. You might get someone sympathetic or someone that isn't. You need to be prepared.

Sigh. Yes, GS, I wasn't making it up. I've known too many people that have reported on their neighbors. They think that everyone should live the way they do. It's escalating rapidly. No one wants to confront someone directly any more. They just call in someone else. I'm living in a country of cowards.


Welcoming Committee / Re: Fermented Foods?
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:03:49 am »
i think if all you ate were fermented foods and high foods that yes, you can overdose because there is a balance to be struck and that you would just be full of the bacteria and only adding additional bacteria.  the bacterias job, when one has proper balance and population, is to then help break down and accimilate the foods you eat that are not so high or fermented.  the reason many people have to eat a good amount of fermented foods, even daily, is that they are exposed to foods that have been rinsed in anti bacterial fluids such as vegetables, drink and bathe in chlorinated water, use chlorinated tooth paste, take antibiotics, eat other foods that disrupt that balance and feed the more pathogenic bacteria in the body, breathes in toxic fumes from cars, office machines, air freshners etc.etc.etc.

when one eats a purely natural diet, one that is harvested directly from the animal or picked from the earth the natural bacteria and enzymes(especially in raw meat ) are present enough so as to aid proper digestion and assimilation. 

That was so well-said.

« on: October 18, 2012, 04:59:07 am »
.... a meat-eating Free-lee without the boob job. ;)

Sure GS - what you and Sabertooth have experienced and others here it probably feels for most of us like we've found a powerfully positive thing that could truly help others. Saber has the courage and temperament it takes to put himself out there like he has. Not everyone has what that would take - especially with what we are up against in this country. People really do feel like it is not only their right but their responsibility not only to tell you how you should live but for the sake of the children to butt their noses into other people's families in nasty ways. It's culturally accepted. It's not just about the government. Individuals will call the police or social services if they think any harm is occurring to a child - and they think it's up to them to decide what is harmful. We passively let the government take more and more of our right to choose away. For instance the FDA doing what it does can only happen if the populace allows it. So many Americans really do think that our population must be protected from itself. Some people might go so far as thinking we have the right to eat raw meat and milk and other foods for ourselves as adults, but when it comes to feeding it to children even they can freak out because of their conditioning.

In order to withstand what the public will inevitably throw at us as raw paleos in public, it's very important for the spouses and entire families to be of one mind and supportive when "coming out of the closet" I would think. It's hard enough doing this on one's own by oneself in private just breaking our own social programming - let alone doing what Saber is doing. In a sense we are all mavericks for going raw paleo in the first place! You and Saber though are mavericks that stand out in a community of mavericks. ;)

I think many people from the US have reported here that although they have healed miraculously from their diets still their families, friends, coworkers etc. won't accept it. It's funny that we consider ourselves an open and free country, but so few people are willing to go beyond the accepted norms - and can get even aggressive when someone else does. Hopefully if the mavericks amongst us get enough people to recognize the benefits the diet itself will help heal the problem. If 30 years ago you told me that most people I talked to would have heard of a raw food diet I wouldn't have believed you. Everyone told me that I was going to die or that I was crazy or just laughed at me. Now what they are calling raw veganism is fairly well accepted. It's wild that there is actually more than one kind of raw diet and people argue over which one is good or bad, right or wrong. It's possible that one day eating raw animal foods will become the new fad diet like raw veganism is. It all has to start somewhere - someone has to be willing to take the initial assaults.

You and I are lucky that our spouses are so open-minded GS. It truly is a blessing. Neither me or my husband would want to be a public figure though. I'm glad that your wife supports you in that desire.

General Discussion / Re: New approach
« on: October 18, 2012, 02:24:48 am »
Yes, it's a big part of the "Mediteranean Diet" that is so popular here. I bet getting good fresh olive oil would be easy there. Can you get good oil in London?

« on: October 18, 2012, 12:52:49 am »
Yes - I'm for real. But I am not condescending, shaming or guilt tripping. Interesting that you read that in what I wrote. Thank you Intrigued and GS.

Parents have to decide what they think is best for their children and how much risk they are willing to take for themselves as well as how much risk they are willing to expose their children to while pursuing and balancing that with what they feel is right. In the United States today putting oneself on television stating that you eat raw meat could easily bring out all the crazies demanding that the children be removed from such parents. That's just the sad reality. I understand why Sabertooth believes it's worth the risk and I also can understand any spouse, woman or man, raw paleo or not, refusing to go along with it. It is my impression that Sabertooth believes that all the risks are worth it because he's doing what he feels he needs to - following his heart and what he feels is his mission in life. I can respect that. Some things in life are worth any risk.

I'm not on facebook so all I know is from this thread. What I see here is a man that seems to have a real calling that had a wife without that same calling and who would not take the risks or actions necessary to stay with him and support him - which is understandable to me. I of course don't know any of the other details or factors - but just a spouse who is determined to be in the limelight as a raw paleo spokesperson would make any spouse with children stand back and take stock of their own priorities. Sabertooth needs a partner with his same values or at least enough love and commitment to get through anything that might arise from him going after his dreams.

I'm trying to say to Sabertooth that it's a good thing really even though it might feel crappy now. He is free of a woman on a different path that would hold him back if she could and his children are safe no matter what he feels he must do to spread his message. He can now act freely in making his dreams a reality. Without his wife in the mix it doesn't matter what they do with the footage - he can make it work to his advantage. There is no longer any downside for him. Endings can be really tough. This ending though seems from an outsider's perspective to look to me like it is for the best.   

I'm suggesting that he seize this new opportunity and run with it. Blaming his wife or anyone else or getting stuck in the should haves will only hold him back. He and his wife were simply not a good match. He's a maverick, someone ready and willing to take chances with a door opening for him. All's clear now. I'm excited to see what he will do with the new opportunities.

General Discussion / Re: How to cure insomnia?
« on: October 17, 2012, 09:54:35 pm »
Ah - so you are just slowing down your breathing in increments. You could try to do that without the device. That's how I go to sleep at night and I usually go to sleep very quickly. When I don't fall asleep right away I have noticed that my breathing is quicker. As soon as I slow it down, I'm fast asleep.

Majromark - why do you want to sleep without a pillow?

My husband reports reduced trips to bathroom from at least three to just one per night.

General Discussion / Re: How to cure insomnia?
« on: October 17, 2012, 08:57:21 pm »
Do you know if the pattern is changing or simply a breaths per minute Majormark? 

Health / Re: I keep losing weight!
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:29:17 am »
Suiren, I would have reacted similarly as you and English is my first language. Men that take liberties in their language with women often don't even realize that they come across negatively. It's only when women don't allow it that things will change as social inequalities can get ingrained into common language but need to be addressed by the group they are directed at for a re-education to occur.

Here's an example from my life. I was in Manhattan buying a sweater from vendor on the street and he called me Dear. He didn't mean it flirtatiously, yet it was demeaning. He happened to be an African American. I asked him nicely not to call me that, that he didn't know me and that Dear was a word that my husband uses for me. He said that he didn't mean anything by it and laughed at me a little. I said that I understood he was trying to be nice, but what if I called him "boy" not meaning anything bad by it? His laughing stopped immediately and he apologized. He said that he never looked at it that way before. I said that women have been used through much of history as slaves and second rate citizens so like black people we have to be careful what we let others call us. He thanked me.... sincerely.

When women don't say anything when others call them sweetheart, girl, honey, babe, hottie - or whatever word that is has an element of condescension, belittling or inappropriate closeness of a sexual nature, by their non-reaction they  participate in the perpetuation of the social problems that are embedded in the language.

Beyond the wording itself, you made your point well - that it's not about how you look to others - it's about what you would like for yourself. That's also something recent that women have been able to achieve - having their self-image not based upon what men want or "like", but upon what they want for themselves and upon what they consider to be healthy for themselves. It's good that you stand up for that imho. 

Anyway - just wanted to say thanks for being a strong woman standing up for yourself out there in the world. I admire you.

Btw - did you ever try any of those "desert" recipes I sent you?

General Discussion / Re: How to cure insomnia?
« on: October 17, 2012, 10:29:14 am »
Perhaps she would benefit from exploring what is known as polyphasic sleep cycles. Sounds like she is most of the way there already.

General Discussion / Re: New approach
« on: October 17, 2012, 07:03:11 am »
Are you in the Mediterranean Hotmail?

« on: October 17, 2012, 06:52:37 am »
Me and the missus are no longer together, She has betrayed me in everyway possible, and discouraged me every step of the way, not only in the paleo diet, but in many other aspects of life in general.( G.S.- knows exactly what I am talking about) She is engaged and will be moving out in the next month(Poor bastard has no idea what he is in for). My family is already broken, the tramp is much more heartless than I have ever portrayed her in my post. She has changed into a person I can no longer love. I have nothing to lose now.

It doesn't matter how they portray me, I have faith that what I am doing is right. Anyone who meets me and the children in person will not be able to criticize. For those who will watch the program and place judgment based solely on what they are shown, I have little respect for anyway. 

The show will go on even without her support , they will just blurr out the children's faces in the final cut. My children exist, they are a real part of my life, they are doing fine and there is no reason to hide or blurr their beautiful faces, in my openion. I believe that what I am doing is right.

I'm so sorry for your troubles Sabertooth. :( 

It is best that the children's faces will be blurred out because that will prevent possible repercussions for them at their vulnerable ages. When they get to be the age of consent they might choose to make their own videos. :)

You are indeed now a free agent. Perhaps it is for the best. You believe so strongly in what you are doing and are a maverick desiring to change the world for the better. It's a risky business with a wife that doesn't agree or support and with children that could be harmed.

What did you work out in terms of custody of the children? You are totally right that it won't matter what they make into your footage without the children to be taken from you and with their faces blurred - except perhaps in their relationship down the road with you - but hopefully you can act along the way to nullify any harm.

The more outrageous they make it, the more exposure it will get and perhaps the more notoriety and ability for you to come forth and prove how they portrayed you incorrectly. You might choose to make your own Sabertooth youtube channel from the notoriety with GS and DaBoss's suggestions. On your own - you could possibly make just about anything they do into a positive.

You are now free to make your way, to make your dreams and goals a reality. I hope the program is your first step - no matter how it turns out.

Off Topic / Re: Brain regeneration/development
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:57:03 am »
I think there have been some miscommunications/misunderstandings Jessica.... and I'm not sure that I'm understanding you very well at this point either... but I'd like to say that I didn't mean to invalidate anything you were suggesting - just expanding upon it.

Again - my main point is to add something that you (general you - including Tyler) really want to learn how to do or to know more about or that you enjoy! If you want to learn how to do crossword puzzles (which most obviously will also improve your vocabulary) - then do crossword puzzles AND there are other ways to increase vocabulary. If you want to increase your vocabulary then choose a way that you enjoy or improves you in some way. For me, that would be reading and not crossword puzzles - but even though reading in itself might increase vocabulary brain capacity it is also still an old habit in many ways, so I've looked for other ways to make the reading itself more challenging. The suggestion of turning the page upside down might be enjoyable to someone else, but I don't want to learn how to read upside down and it would be annoying so I've started to learn to speed read instead which I think of for myself as valuable and enjoyable addition to my skills.

I'm NOT judging your suggestions - far from it! They are wonderful suggestions. I'm adding that the most important element is whether of not it is something that would be enjoyable or enhancing to the individual (in this case Tyler). If it is something that is enjoyable then he will want to continue it and build upon it, not only keeping those neurons firing but adding more value over time. If the neural pathways stop being used they will begin to deteriorate. When you are enjoying what you are learning and it is pertinent you will want to keep on building on that learning.

That is why I am suggesting to pick an activity that is something that will add value for him. If tyler already knows say Bagua, then tai chi might expand what he already is comfortable with, but might not be as challenging as learning for instance a competitive sport. I know for me personally, learning another martial art would not be nearly as brain challenging as learning my silly multiplication tables. It's all so very individual.

When speaking about myself or your suggestions, it was in no way meant to indicate what Tyler should or should not do - I was just trying to use the suggestions given as examples to more fully expand upon my suggestion regarding making the chosen brain enhancing activity not only something which takes "you" (him) out of comfort zones, but that is interesting, valuable.... individually.

I'm questioning doing something, anything, just because it's "supposed" to make you smarter. Everyone's interpretation of what is uncomfortable, expanding and valuable is going to be different. All the suggestions have been wonderful! I love hearing what has worked for the different people here. It's all great food for thought. :D I'm just suggesting generally to make sure whatever is chosen takes him out of his usual parameters (I make no assumptions as to what they are!) and is either enjoyable or enhancing to him individually so that he will want to continue and build upon whatever new skill he creates for himself.

Primal Diet / Re: spare milk
« on: October 17, 2012, 04:54:29 am »
What brand of honey did you use Troll?

« on: October 15, 2012, 11:41:52 am »
Sabertooth, how does your wife feel about your putting yourself out there in terms of herself and her children at this point?

I didn't see this thread before. This has been a long time in the making.

My husband once gave a very simple interview for a newspaper on photography. The interviewer did a long interview and got tons of interesting information and photos that could have been used. Instead though, halfway through the article they, or whoever finished it, just made it up - I mean totally. It didn't even make any sense - it was jibberish. There was no financial or logical reason not to write down what was actually said..... but that's not how media usually works. It made Brian sound like he had no idea what he was doing as a photographer. He should have known better being in the business to know that it's all about advertising, effect and that it would have no basis in truth. The media is not about truth. He was taken in even though he was one of the people responsible for making up what was desired to be seen. It's all about giving what is wanted, not about reality.

Be prepared Sabertooth. What you presented is very likely not what is going to be seen. You probably will barely recognize it because it's not your interview that will be seen, but what it is edited into - even word by word or small movement by movement - and it will probably be edited into other footage not from you that you've never seen taking place and perhaps voice overs designed for the greatest emotional and controversial effect. I'm praying that it is something that won't hurt your family and that you will be happy with. If you didn't have a family to take into consideration, it could be just fun, some money, any exposure is good exposure and perhaps effect a few people well with no harm done. But we are living in close to a totalitarian state at this point when it comes to children and families in America. How I hope there is no harm!

I'm sending you light and hoping for miracles. Wouldn't it be amazing if somehow they acted like honest journalists?!

If we can do anything to help, to either soften the blow or come up for support in commenting on what is shown to put it in the best light or to make it more in the population's view if it does turn out positive - please make sure to let us know how to do that.

General Discussion / Re: New approach
« on: October 15, 2012, 10:54:32 am »
aLp - sometimes olives can be kept a full year before they are made into oil by poor manufacturers. It's just what happens. Yes, the fruit goes bad - but it is still pressed and makes bad oil. One of the worst problems is that they can be picked too early or too late too - when too late they are allowed to fall to the ground and then gathered.

It's really pretty easy to smell and taste when oil is good - the problem is finding the good oil to train your palate with. That's when you have to rely on things like harvest dates.

I'm trying to get across that all these bad experiences people have had with olive oil might not be wise to generalize to truly fresh oil. I feel terrible from every single oil available from every health food store and specialty store in this city and others, yet I feel wonderful from the good stuff.

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