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Off Topic / Re: Query for RPDers
« on: April 08, 2010, 10:42:54 am »
I had liver stones real bad. I have done  4 flushes and every time I had about a half a cup of pea size stones come out. I always felt some relief but it never lasted more than a couple of weeks, because I was still on a cooked diet.

I have so much better digestion now, after three months on the raw diet, I am not sure doing any more flushes will be helpful. I also had real bad fungal issues after each flush, I think taking Epsom salt is a little harsh

I was more interested in the egg yoke flush. I have not tried it, but some mornings if I am not to hungry I will just eat a couple of yokes with nothing else.

For a long time I thought I was poisoned and was convinced that I could fast it out and flush it out, and I only got worse. I had a hair analysis done and it showed my aluminum was of the chart, high manganese, nickle and a potassium magnesium inversion. I even thought I could have been exposed to PCB, radon asbestos ,kryptonite, etc : being a commercial electrician I am constantly crawling in unknown substances.

Now I understand that the only way to clean the body without depleting its vitality, is to saturate it with the raw materials of life, and let the body do the healing as nature designed it to.

Raw fat and meat seem to be what I have been missing. I will have to stick to the low carb diet until my fungus issue resolve. It seems that fruits and other carbs cause some type outbreak on my tongue and the outbreak coinsides with fatigue and disoriented feeling.The doctor calls it geographic tongue, but I know its fungal.

I believe the Wai diet might work better for my children. I have three of the most wonderful gifts god has blessed me with and they are doing wonderfully on a more Weston Price type diet, I have started giving them raw milk and my 18 month old loves raw fat trimmings , marrow and egg yoke in her milk. My three year old started on cooked foods so he is a little picky but he loves fruit and rare meat.   I believe My whole family will thrive off of raw food.

 My wife is the only hold out. she will eat bloody rare stake, but has an aversion to any type of fat. She also eats a lot of grains, and I often have to make compromises with her over the kids diet.

 She was very wary when I first started eating raw meat, but the results spoke for themselves. Around 6 weeks into the diet my energy levels greatly improved and my sex drive went through the roof [ boost in testosterone], she even noticed my chest hair getting thicker, my face is fuller, and I grew love handles.

Off Topic / Re: Query for RPDers
« on: April 05, 2010, 11:27:04 am »
I have a testimony I would like to post. I have been on the raw low carb diet for over three months. It was desperation on my part . After having chronic fatigue for 5 years, along with blood sugar issues and chronic viral outbreaks that began with a unexplained illness. I had a mono infection that became chronic epstien barr, swollen lymph nodes, liver congestion, high eosinophil count, fungal infections. I had shingles viral meningitis , and even contracted canine parvo . I am not sure what happened to me. I believe it was a combination of occupational poisoning and poor diet.

For the last few years life has been difficult for me. Everything I ate seemed to make me ill. My stools were pasty and undigested. I would have pancreatic pain and sugar spikes with every meal. I wasted down last winter to 145 pounds, being 6 foot tall. I got stomach pain after eating cooked meat, and tried cooked vegetarian diet, which just made me weak and deficient, and made my blood sugar issues worse.

I went to the health department and had all types of test done, all they could do was diagnose chronic fatigue, high epstien barr titers 2 years after the infections began, low white cell counts, slightly off liver functions, slightly high blood sugar, and swollen lymph nodes. I swear my adrenal glands would sometimes burn with pain, and I could hardly get out of bed. I also had scary neurological issues, such as hand tremors and dizziness, as well as dementia (at age 24). All the doctor could do was recommend anti depressants to ease my emotional suffering, but being educated about the toxic nature of pharmaceutical drugs, I refused to be doped up and finally I gave up on medical science ever being able to help me.

I began trying every diet ever thought of for healing. Eliminating grains did give me some relief, but I was still very ignorant and tried to replace grains
with cooked vegetables so healing never took place. I decided to keep looking for a way to heal and I stumbled across the RAF diet in a roundabout way. I found the Westin Price web site and started learning about traditional diets of so called primitive cultures. And then I finally began to understand that the health problems I had suffered throughout my entire life (asthma, migraine headaches, acne, and overall sickliness) were caused by the unnatural factory food I had been eating my whole life.

I have a very mixed heritage that includes European and Native American ancestors. Just two generations ago most of my family lived humble lives in the hills of Kentucky, and most of their food came from the woods and what they provided for themselves. They all lived to be old and maintained good health. With the first and second generation of my people moving into the city, we were stricken with the diseases of civilization. There is hardly a person I know who has had optimal health who has grown up off of supermarket food.

Reading about the Native Americans who were once so fierce and noble when they lived off of guts and grease,and how they were culled by the reservation rations of rancid grains and starchy vegetables, inspired me to rethink everything I knew. I began to realize that the SAD diet was culling me and my family in the same way,and was preventing humanity from living in optimum health. So I began to eat raw meat out of faith and desperation. My friend killed a deer and I butchered it ate the organs raw and packed my freezer. I also slaughtered my two goats and ate them. Within a week I was feeling better.

I did more research and found AV, and began to implement some of his recommendations. Avocados and raw dairy, as well as green juices. The green juices didn't seem to help that much, so I stuck with meat. I bought a whole lamb and ate it with some fatty beef ribs for a couple of weeks. About that I started gaining healthy weight, and my blood sugar issues resolved - staying stable around 100. I found some local grass fed black angus beef for about 3 dollars a pound and they even gave me extra lamb fat for free. I soon realized I felt better eating about 70% fat and about 20 carbs a day.

Its been a little over three months and I have gained 20 pounds of healthy weight and all of my symptoms have improved. I have been reading this forum and it has helped me in fine tuning my healing diet. I have been making and using high meat with noticeable benefits. Three months is too soon to declare a cure for chronic fatigue, because I have had relapses in the past, but I would like to thank you guys for enlightening me about this way of life that has been responsible for my improved health and well being. I will try to keep you posted and may try to start a journal to mark my progress.

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