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Seek out and find the best sources of the freshest and purest animals, the majority of my struggles early into the diet was mostly related to the difficulty and expense of obtaining enough quality meat to sustain an active lifestyle. Finding a steady fat source in pasture raised sheep was a real life saver.

There were times when I would rather go without than eat bad tasting meat, so in desperate times I would use calorie restriction for short periods and would lose a few pounds here and there, but I would always gain it back with the next fresh fat kill.

Ive maintained a weight around 170 pounds for the first 7 years on the diet, but recently over the last year it been closer to around 185. My financial situation has stabilized and no longer have to work myself to death. Though I am not entirely food secure, things have been much better overall than they were when I was starting out.

For the last three months Ive been eating good on shetland Rams. They are much smaller than the other breeds, and so I will go through a full grown animal within three weeks. I have been living off of more fresh meat than usual. After exhausting the older animals from this farm, I have four young rams left to go that are much smaller and so I will be going through one about every two weeks. Just butchered one the other day and although he was small,he was really good and had just the right amount of fat...The next two months I will have a diet of extremely fresh flesh and blood.

It does seem that as long as I have fresh organs and blood there is little need for very many supplemental vegetable carbs, though I still consume a moderate amount of coconut butter and the occasional small salad...when on such a fresh kill binge total daily carb intake rarely exceeds 30g pre day.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: August 21, 2018, 06:06:27 am »
Im still attempting to format my own ideas in regards on how to best relate the issue of Raw to people who seem to be doing just fine with mixed and cooked. There are a number of different approaches to consider and many nuances to be explored

People who are without any major digestive issue may indeed feel a lot better by switching over to a cooked low carb diet, relative to where they were before. They may have enough of their own inherent digestive strength in order to compensate for the the lack of enzymes and the mitigation of heat generated toxins, of cooked meat. The negatives are not felt strong enough in order to encourage them to try anything different, especially once they have become habitually accutom to the taste of cooked.

People like myself who were already suffering from digestive insufficiency, the negative effect of cooked meats were much more dramatic, and the gentleness of raw so much more soothing. There is also the instinctive developmental aspect of this diet which I believe is distorted from cooking. Cooking makes sick meat taste palatable by destroying the subtle ques that indicate quality , while also destroying the purging bacterial life forms which function to teach you what not to eat. People who unwittingly eat cooked meat that is from sick animals are not as capable of noticing the immediate detrimental effects, and so over time end up assimilating larger portions of ill flesh into their own bodies. This might not be as much of an issue to people who are 100% certain of the quality of their meat, as it is for people who may be consuming whatever they can by from the corner stop and shop.

The one notion I wish to be able to demolish is the idea that somehow cooking makes sick meat safe to eat. It may indeed kill the off the bacteria which cause acute manifestations of food poisoning, but it will not purify the contaminated flesh at the molecular level, and so in a way it prevents the instinctive purging reflex of aberrant foods, which leads to the body becoming inundated with all sorts of negative elements which overtime can negatively effect overall health in a number of insidious ways.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: August 21, 2018, 04:53:36 am »
Ive just contacted Tristan from the Primal Edge pod cast, and am working out the details of doing an convinced the time is ripe to bridge the gap between Raw paleo and cooked Keto...... will post the link here whenever it comes out

Health / Re: Biofilm: The key to survival for stubborn pathogens!
« on: August 20, 2018, 02:07:43 pm »
This seems like a good time for a good metaphysical diatribe ...

Mythos of imaginative mental constructions is valuable in expression of ideas that are often to large and incomprehensible to be fully expressed in more subdued matter of fact prose.

To me Medea represents the Catabolic destructive nature of life, and Gaia the Anabolic creative power. (As is above so is below)( the crest and trough are one) (Be it Of Mice and Men, or of God and Microbe) such juxtapose makes for some nonsensical linguistic fun.

Perhaps its a stretch to project the idea of an intelligent creative force into the whole of nature, but so is it equally far fetched to assume creation
 is a random act of universal ignorance. This is the metaphysical rendezvous where unity of opposites work in tandom to manifest the act of creation.

I stated earlier that (the Creator is not separate from the creation). Each seeming to lack the awareness of the other, both emerged simultaneously from the void when still light split itself into fractal infinity. As is above so is below and beyond infinity...the relationship between the creator and creation remains thus...if the creation was entirely aware that it is constructed out of the nature of the creator(or made in the image of god) then it would give the show away and in losing the mystery the universe would also loose its magic.

So there is an arrangement within the order of things, in order to keep the two parts of bi-polar creation from truly uniting, for to do so would undue the whole of creation and return everything back to the stillness of void. This deliberate unawareness of the creative intelligence of itself, is at the root of all natural phenomenon. Take the bumble bee for example, it is totally unaware of its own roll in the creation of the flower, and yet through its own selfish and self serving actions over generations, following its base level libido sensations, chasing after the sweet nectar, in this blind pursuit for survival, this seemingly unaware creation, has cross pollinated countless emergent co-evolving plants, and directly lead to the creation of countless hybridized species of flowering lifeforms which have in turn lead to a further evolutionary quickening that changed the shape of life on this world in a way that would eventually lead to natures creation of us..These interconnections are so vast and wondrous its difficult not to ascribe some form of intelligent design to the creative processes.

The creation incarnation manifest on all levels from the micro, to the macro, to the universal and beyond. Our sun may not consciously be aware that the rays of light it gives out are the source of the power for a living planet, yet the image of the creator is reflected in its radioactive brilliance.....and by Jove just as all the lower elemental creations seem to lack the awareness needed to understand the limitless creative power abounding in every fractal of existence, perhaps not even the allmeaty Godhead knows what kind of unconscious creative power the human kind will unknowingly unleash up the Gaian enterprise of this galactic backwater of a planet....Then after a few billion years of glorious happenings, once our race has been run out into extinction or else run out of the world into the great beyond, after eons of evolution and expansion, as lifes force becomes totally exhausted and our star dies....the heart of Gaia will begin to weaken, the crest of the light wave falls back toward the fulcrum void of it originating darkness, and at that time Medea is summoned to take it all away.

Health / Re: Biofilm: The key to survival for stubborn pathogens!
« on: August 20, 2018, 12:24:37 pm »
Undetectable antibiotic resistant Bio-films are the next step in the evolutionary biological warfare arms race, and the mainstream medical science is oblivious.

Though its not so simple as just finding a new blockbuster method to break up and clear these bio-films from the system. There is still a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of so called pathogenic organisms. They are not some aberrant manifestation of doom, they are an integral part of the a creative intelligence built into the fabric of life. Our accumulated prejudice limits our ability to see that in reality there are no boundaries or boarders between separate organisms in nature. Life is part of a single process, the creator is not separate from the creation. Within this symphony there are anabolic agents and there are  catabolic agents, one builds up, the other breaks down, each are equally important in maintaining the balance of life.

As multi-cellular organisms we have millions of cells constantly die, while millions more are suffering from imbalances and toxicity. The pathogen is only called into being as a reaction to circumstances which require cataboic detoxification. The process does not have human feelings or fears, and will preform its function with out any grace or compassion. What it cant purify through an concerted immunological mitigation reaction, it will putrefy into the compost heap of death.

If these organism are prevented through artificial means from preforming their duty as mercenary archangels of Gaia, there may be the illusion of a period of temporary relief, but the underlying problem if never fully addressed will eventual begin to manifest in other ways...the disease will find a way to shift form, the rebound effects can be insidious and may not even be noticed until the following generation. If the battle between the bereft immune system and the mercenary microbe isnt properly fought on the level, free of interference from biochemical sorcery , then the sacrificial price owed to life will never fully payed and the rewards of antigenic induced proactive positive adaptation will never be passed forward to the next generation.

The immune system isnt just a protector from invaders, its true function is the embodiment of the creative power of Life manifested on the micro level. The antigens formed by immune cells in response to alien agents, trigger a storm of reactions that also include epi-genetic changes that engender a more homeostasis seeking larmarkian evolution out of which the next generation inherits the beneficial and essential for survival mutations, from these countless epic encounters with microscopic alien invaders.

Nature will not let the tinkering of human ingenuity get in the way of its own master plan, and just as soon as antibiotics, antifungals began being their widespread use, certain organisms began evolving resistance genes, and those defiant genes were then shared freely with other microbes that formed communities of protective bio-films made up of symbiotic catabolic agents...bacterial, fungal, and plasmids working together to finish the task of cleaning out toxic and unbalanced tissues in the suborn humans who refuse to bend willingly with the mutagen whims of mother Gaia.

Attempts to destroy the next generation of drug resistant bio-films, either with even more powerful Drugs or with natural cleansing protocol, will not address the underlying issue of chronic environmental imbalances and toxic non-viable modes of living. The damage accrued in the last few generations has to be paid for one way or another, there is no easy way to cop out of the contract. Some people may chose to continue to keep running, afraid to reap the whirlwind, hoping to run out the clock in this lifetime, using artificial mitigation techniques to avoid suffering by any means, without care for the karmic debt they are blindly passing on to subsequent generations.

I advocate a stand your ground and fight for your life approach....attone for the past sins of your self as well as the acumulative negative effects of the entire neolithic era.......dont attempt to purge, flush or poison out the demons when the already overburdened systems are struggling to hold ground....instead try to purify inside and out with cleaner modes of living, fortify with optimal nourishment, empower your immune-system with its own microbial legions of allied bacteria to provide balance. When Bio-films of pathogenic agency become permently ensconced into the bodys tissues the damage may run so deep that it cannot be entirely remedied in a single lifetime, but even in hard cases, unless death is knocking, there is usually always the hope of improving these conditions, or at least making sure not to make things worse.....because until you die, it can allways get worse

Journals / Re: Good experiences with raw grainfed org chicken
« on: August 19, 2018, 12:27:30 pm »
Occasional grain fed chicken may not cause any immediate issues, but you may not want to make it a staple food....Also if you are craving fowl then it may be a good idea to branch out and try different sources. Wild Goose can be delicious, to me its much better than chicken, there is also guinea fowl, pheasant, wild turkey, ducks and numbers of other wild birds that do well without being fed grain based diets.

General Discussion / Primal Edge
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:32:00 am »
The primal Edge has been featuring some Raw carnivores sharing some good experience based information.

I would like to see this hard evidence?? Mainstream reports don't even mention the biblical flood event, and draw conclusions about the globe wide extinction, based on vague correlations about without any concrete evidence.

Perhaps there is room for a little crossover between these seemingly opposing theories?

The alternative theory is that the North American Ice sheet was hit by an asteroid and created an extended nuclear winter in which all the megafauna and Bipedal hominids died out in a short period of time....the other side of the world was a little more protected but was affected enough to begin to starve out and weaken the megafauna herds to the point where ravonius and famished hominids hunted the rest to extension....except in some parts of africa and india where elephants and Rhinos where isolated far enough away from the chaos to manage to survive.

General Discussion / Re: Buying frozen dog food
« on: August 17, 2018, 04:30:01 am »
Some Raw Milk suppliers will sell their stuff on the black market as pet food, in order to avoid persecution under idiocratic anti raw laws.

Some independent companies will sell higher quality meats as dog food( with a wink wink) in order to avoid having pay the extra toll to have it officially inspected.

Its sad to say that there may indeed be pet food suppliers who could get better quality meats than what is sold in the local human food store.

I wouldn't recommend it unless you are absolutely sure of the quality of the Animals being sold under the all natural label. The site does not specify the source of the buyer beware

After a 100,000 or so odd years of chasing mega-fauna through the arctic circle it seems feasible that at least a few small bands of intrepid bipeds would of roved over the ice frontier into the North American continent.

These bands would have remained fairly small in the harsh new world and may have never established permanent settlements. Having to continually follow the herds they would have needed to traveled light, and left not much of a trace behind living upon the constantly shifting glacial ice...before being wiped out by the same event that extincted all the mega Fauna.

Off Topic / Re: Give us a laugh !
« on: August 17, 2018, 02:31:20 am »
I think I know that guy....

The article doesn't do his cause any justice, and deliberately omits to show the threatening and harassment from the other side.

Around the 7 minuet ma thrke unhinged social justice patrol comes in and violently disrupts this perfectly legal and peaceful protest, and around 12 minuets a crazed woman committed assault against the camera man.

General Discussion / Re: First Video on Eating Raw Meat
« on: August 17, 2018, 01:20:39 am »
Ive had some weird symptoms many years ago when on a fish binge, but because I ate a lot of different varieties like salmon, sardines, mackerel, and various sushi dishes along with experimenting with drinking milk its difficult to know what the cause was. For about 3 week, I would have some light spasms in my gut. It wasn't painful, the only symptom was a light quivering spasm a few times a day, an involuntary sensation of something out of the ordinary. The symptoms went away and I had a similar episode a couple of years later but much milder and it went away on its own as well.

I often wonder if such symptoms are from periodic worm exposures that come and go on their own without leading to any real long term issue.

General Discussion / Re: First Video on Eating Raw Meat
« on: August 12, 2018, 03:25:42 am »
Raw Salmon is a good choice to introduce the concept of raw nutrition to newbies. Ive gone through periods when I would crave and eat a good amount of salmon, usually when my sheep fat supply was low or of poor quality.

The omega 3 issue, in which science touts salmon as the gold standard, is up for debate. Sheep fat from lush pastures have a high level of DHA and omega 3...especially if you eat the entire Animal. Sheep Brains, eyes, spinal cord, ganglia sheathing fats... are loaded with DHA...though I would admit, cutting out the eyeballs and smashing skulls of land mammals may take a little more time for the average curious you-tube viewer to stomach.

General Discussion / Re: Vegetable Police
« on: August 08, 2018, 11:17:09 pm »

He is a good test case for documentation of transition from vegan to paleo. He is also very open to the raw whole animal approach.

My offer of setting up an investigative team of intrepid test subjects, on a pristine free range ranch, subject to rigorous controls and regular laboratory testing.... is still valid.  For about a couple million in donations a generous patron could make an investment that would stand to challenge the entire mainstream medical model. Anyone have Mel Gibson's phone number?? Anyone out there who would like to start mass soliciting, I am listening?

In the mean time I rather like participating in guerrilla psycho-logic warfare, being waged in the nutritional eccentrics sphere....let us set loose the minions whose very persistent existence challenges the Lore values of modern mythology.... after a couple more seasons of outliers like sv3rig@milkJar, free range savaging through the new media milieu; our cause will have amassed legions of avant-vanguard idealist whose time has come.

On the home front it may be time to begin working on some demonstration videos showing in greater detail what I have learned in regards to harvesting and preserving animal flesh. Hands on lessons in Dissection of intestines, do it yourself dry aging, and how fresh meat and organs can be vacuum sealed and frozen in glass jars, how to collect and preserve fresh blood.... Im planning on getting a high resolution camera and taking some close ups of the various nodes, glands, organs, intestinal mucus and what nots, while explaining the nutritional values of the various parts and what to look and taste for in healthy animals. More practically minded raw paleo media would go a long way to normalize this way of life, while encouraging others just starting out to be able to source and harvest their own food.

The way YouTube and the other social media has been slow throttling and shadow banning anti establishment voices, there may not be much more time before china style censorship will prevent such raw unprocessed footage from being allowed to pass through the algorithmic gauntlets, in order to reach the critical masses.

Van's post got me thinking. There are endless numbers of studies which prove the toxicity of cooked foods. However, virtually no studies exist which focus on the benefits of raw animal food other than 1 or 2 based on raw dairy consumption. While very complex studies involving more rigorous standards might cost a lot, I suspect that simple studies which involved just a few RVAFers being tested by doctors might help vs the media a bit and not cost much at all.

I've called around and sent out countless emails to universities and medical institutions, to no avail. Dr. Lustig( of sugar the bitter truth) told me outright he believed what i had to say about raw meat based diets, but didn't believe that such studies would be forthcoming. There are logistical quagmires within labyrinths which hinder independent research in the fields of nutritional based health and healing. So much prejudice and duplicitous ignorance is built into a system whose overseers gleefully approve the most wicked toxic chemicals to be used in clinical experimentation, while at the same time hiding behind ethical balderdash when it comes to raw meat trials.(INSURANCE, LIABILITY, RED TAPE)yaddayadda

Hopefully this blockheaded blockade against open mindedness in the exploration of Raw Meat based diets will be lifted as more and more credible voices join in the effort. Getting the word out to people within the beltway while reaching out to prominent people with a sympathetic ear and enough screw you money to fully fund independent research, could go a long way toward crashing down the gatekeepers hollow bastions, as we storm the towers of babel in a hostile take over...By Jove if that is what it tooth and nail, truth and bones.... the time is ripe for revolution... let us now work with concerted effort to get the attention of those who hold the reign, by any means necessary, and if they refuse to give these matters fair consideration, then commence the ceaseless decrying berations, of those who continue to deny our very existence>>>

"Without disso-nance one would not know reso-nance " and God only knows the infathomable truths being grasped for by Derek-Nance

These ideas are meant to be stream of consciousness musings, with the intention of illustrating the extreme discrepancies between the Raw Paleo world view and the western science interpretation. Dissident emotionally driven expressions are sometimes necessary when more direct avenues of debate and logical discussion have been restricted by the structural hierarchy of a system no longer directly connected to its subjects....In such circumstances it can be helpful to build up, and grasp at these straw men, then eventually burn it all to the ground so one can start long as one is aware that is what is being done..and one does not become overly obsessed or pathological in slant....these methods can be useful in communicating ones feelings and frustrations to the cold and heartless world without losing soul...Its human nature when left no other recourse, to project upon the" lab coated gentry" all the blindness and confusion one feels inside and out, and form endless rationalizations for maintaining an eternal Us Vs Them mentality.

The trick to having productive discussions with the narrow minded and science blinded is in knowing how to broaden the colonoscope without overstimulating the physician's dogmatic reflux mechanism(metaphorically speaking)

Now regarding the sanctity of the gut and the candid discussion of candida. Much is left to be described regarding how an optimal digestive tract primes itself in accord with the symbiosis of life's interconnected and mutually arising systems, and how that differs in digestive tracts that fail to deliver optimally.

 This priming mechanism and cooperation between organisms works on many levels and the science behind it has long been established when describing the living landscape of the surface skin. The body is covered in skin and there are sweat ducts and oil glands under the surface that excrete substances via the immune systems lymphatic drainage mechanisms which act in many ways to promote a  number of healthy biological functions....These secretions are intentionally formulated prebiotically to feed bacteria on the skin which in turn synthesis necessary hormones which are then reabsorbed by the body. These substances when combine with bacterial excretion also release powerful pheromones which signal potential mates when optimal genetic mergers are in the vicinity.

These symbiotic relationships are also occurring within the gut, where the lymph fluid is excreted into the intestinal mucus.... when everything is optimal these excretion mixtures of slimy enzymatic manna are produced and designed specifically to break down food for optimal assimilation as well as be the substrate for symbiotic bacteria. This mixture also contains immune cells designed to trigger healthy inflammatory responses to the presence of undesirable elements.

I have seen the guts of animals having all levels of quality and the best I have seen are encased in a layer of fat, that has very light colored lymph nodes embedded into it. The best nodes taste creamy and have a sweet juiciness. The intestinal secretions are slightly bitter, but not repulsive..... the upper intestines are much more full of digestive enzymes, while the lower are covered in a thicker and creamy mucus. After I manually remove much of the grassy digesta there remains a slimy coating of mucus in the large intestine which contains the inner mana slime which is very nourishing when eaten raw and unwashed.

There is a recurring theme which comes to mind when pondering cyclical consumption nature of life. The trees drop their leaves each cycle, the leaf mould returns to the soil to nourish the roots, these roots are symbiotically in relationship with types of fungus that produce the enzymes and factors needed to absorb nutrients while protecting it from being dissolved by the mold and bacteria decomposers. Life abounds in these relationships which are not only a part of the life process they are at the heart of all of life as we know it....from the microbiologic, to the macro-Gaian-ologic 

Many phenomenon in the universe can be better understood using analysis of the spectral nature of things. This brings things back to the optimal aspiration of the life such a state digestion is fully functional and intune with all the other bodily systems. The excretions are in accord with what is required to process the food substrate, the immune response system is strong but not over active, and is capable of turning on catabolism of the aberrant elements, then turning off the attack, while the anabolic systems are switched back on to rebuild. All the enzymatic systems are working together, the pancreas, liver, lymphatic, endocrine...The mitochondria are taking in every bit of energy needed, while the storage of glycogen and fatty acids leaves nothing left for the bottom cleaners to parasitise....In such conditions there is no place for the establishment of yeast overgrowth or any other form of pathogenic biofilm. The body takes what it needs and excretes the rest much to efficiently for these conditions to take hold.

Lower on the health spectrum where things begin to go badly, there is a breakdown in the optimal functioning of the integrated systems. The liver could be stressed, the pancreas not excreting optimally, the lymph clogged with antigenic waste, the nervous system inundated with metal toxicity and electrolyte imbalance. Only when these other conditions are first met will symptoms such as yeast overgrowth be able to manifest. In this view its important to realise yeast overgrowth is a not only a symptom, but its also an imperative necessity needed to clean up the mess left by a defunct metabolic system. The discomfort and symptoms of overgrowth when the situation reaches this point will not be cured with the elimination of yeast...this is why many people after going through a yeast cleanse have much less yeast in the system, but still feel bad. Unless the underlying insufficiency are remedied, the symptom of overgrowth in response to anti yeast protocol will only transform itself into an other form.

This spectrum could be taken even lower into the more morbid zones when the basic functions have deteriorated to the point where the organism can no longer maintain viability, at this point overgrowths of nagging pathogenic organisms are no longer enough to clean up the mess and shock the system into compliance with natural law, other more stronger interventions are needed, such as retrovirus or cancer. This too is a part of the creative intelligence built within the design of life...only our limited capacity for understanding often leads to misconceptions and interpretations of what the cancer phenomenon actually represents....leading to the epic tragic folly of modern oncology...where cancer is seen as a daemon that must be purified by hell fire....instead of something inherently necessary and natrual for reasons yet to be fully determined.

At the base level, at the end of the line, there is of course Death, and at that point the game no longer is worth the struggle, and the systems are released into the great recycling bin, the genetic material cannibalised and then phoenixed into the following generations.

From this spectral perspective, no condition happens in isolation, all positions(fair or fowl)are equally an integral part in the entire life process....from aspiring growth toward the optimal, to the plateau of homeostasis, to longing for recovery, and in the end praying for release....Personally I no longer buy into the theory that modern technology or contemporary understanding can, will or should be used to liberate us from going through these age old undulations in the path-ill-logical wheel of birth and death. Its much more to my personal taste to focus on cultivating gut level intuition, and allow it leeway needed to flow with minimal strife through the life cycle.

The family looks more healthy than the average in the UK, yet they are being portrayed as doing something dangerous and extreme.

The profoundest of speculations often lead to most profound discoveries, when they aren't leading the entire world astray...I would say it seems a reasonable hypothesis regarding how the guts of vegetable consumers if functioning properly would develop protective symbiotic biofilms specifically designed to obtain optimal nourishment from the foodstuffs being consumed, while at the same time producing factors that would mitigate the detrimental effects of decaying and indigestible fiber. Perhaps many people who do better on the carnivore spectrum have lost the capacity to form healthy protective vegetable loving biofilms, while those struggling with attempts to adapt to a more carnivorous diet are being hindered by a gut biome still holding on to its vegetable armory coating.... In the next few years many of these questions will likely be systematically studied in greater detail than ever before.

Until then...much of what I claim here is based on personal intuition and broad sweeping deductions.....I have found no bona fide arbiter of truth, who is following along these lines of inquiry, to my liking......I've read some of the mainstream literature and it seems a number of breakthroughs in this field are right on the horizon.....such as how its been known that genes transfer between separate species within biofilms...but the language used to describe these processes of gene learning, is lacking in depth of expression or greater meaning, and does not communicate the true magnitude of what is actually happening on all levels of biological life. The top researchers on this cutting edge seem in many ways hamstrung by misconceptions stemming from the mercky origins of Germ Theory, combine with darwin's random mutation notions and are not viewing these complex phenomenon through the lense of lamarckian epigenetics.

Though much of this is fascinating to ponder over and gawk upon, I still question the utility of these fields of study in producing results which would be of actual help to people alive today. Sure they may eventually get around to studying the gut composition of raw meat eaters, but even if they genetically map out all the gut organisms that make meat based diet adaption viable, and can prove there is merit in following this kind of diet for certain people, it still remains to be seen what would be done by the lab coats in charge. Will they see the error of their ways, do a 180 turnabout and convert the entire establishment over into a more earth centered biologically holistic system, or will the thiefdoms fight amongst themselves over the patent rights so that they can continue to concoct even more absurdly artificiously contrived ways of prescribing profit driven ineffectual forms of medical intervention.


Question to Sabretooth: at what time did you gain weight again? how far into the diet? I've just went from 70 to 76 kg in a couple of days but it could also just be due to the fact I've been with my parents eating shit here and there.

I began gaining weight right away....being emaciated from vegetarian experimentation prior to becoming raw paleo gaining weight was easy when eating two pounds of fatty meat every day. I gained around 30 pounds within three months before stabilizing around 175.

I would also add that what is ubiquitously called yeast overgrowth is a blanket term that covers a wide array of conditions of which yeast is often only a component within a larger biofilm composed of a pathogenic symbiosis of highly resistant mycoplasma, yeast, and bacteria. Years of antibiotic, antifungal, anti viral vaccines have catalyzed an evolution of pathogenic resistance and stealth infections which evade traditional detection methods.   

Bacteria and fungus are forming more elaborate and intricate symbiotic relationships in response to modern efforts to force elimination with weapons of bio-mass-destruction. They protect each other and are hidden within biofilms which are not detectable using standard test, they share biocide resistance through genetic transference, and continue to perform their biological balancing act regardless of the misguided efforts of the stringent allopathic biochemical interference.

Simply trying to starve out the yeast by going zero carb will not work when the yeast is embedded within a biofilm of bacteria that can convert fatty acids into sugar. The real reason low carb diets have positive effects against yeast overgrowth is that they eliminate foods that directly feed yeast while at the same time, ketogenesis increases the power of the mitochondria to revitalize the metabolism and immune system so that it more efficiently burns energy and clears away waste, so that interic environment no longer is capable of harboring yeast overgrowth.

I have found coconut oil to be not very appealing to taste or effective in therapeutic uses, other than topical skin care....I have used it in the past to cleanse, before I realized how counterproductive cleansing protocol can be. A body under siege with yeast overgrowth needs maximum nourishment, and though cleanses can temporarily clean out yeast they do not address the underlying deficiencies and imbalances which trigger the yeast to begin with.

Coconut butter may be something that only certain individuals can optimal metabolise copious amounts of, I had a unique metabolic condition early into this diet which may not apply to many other people...for some reason Im now recalling that months before going raw paleo, I was on an extreme yeast reduction diet that was high fat vegetarian based...lots of cooked vegetables and copious amounts of olive oil, with some coconut oil, nuts and first it worked well and the vegetable fats though not optimal were a little better than the extremely low fat diet I was on before. Coincidently I ended up discovering coconut butter at the same time I was transitioning to Raw paleo, and found that it was a much better source of vegetable fat than olive oil or coconut oil, and I used it to help supplement in the days before I could source enough quality animal fats. Im not exactly sure how, but during that time my gut issues resolved and yeast overgrowths abated. Perhaps during this period I developed an extreme tolerance to coconut, which may not be possible for most other people. Its hard to say, that's why I wont guarantee it will work for everyone, but I will suggest it as a better alternative to the oil for clearing up gut yeast. It is a whole food and I believe the fiber and low glycemic carbs along with the fat can be beneficial for feeding fat friendly anti yeast microbes in the gut. 

There are some fundamental misconceptions about what these overgrowths actually represent....they are not the aberration of uninvited microbial parasites portrayed by the alternative health community...Yeast overgrowths are a necessary component of life fulfilling the specific biological function of a clean up crew...these organisms consume excess unmetabolized waste in organisms whose metabolic and immunological functions are not working properly. Though the yeast excretitions have toxic effects, the overgrowth is a merely a symptom which gets confused with the cause...and without the fungal break down elimination of excess toxoid metabolites rendered by the yeast organisms, the body in many cases would become entirely inundated with unmetabolized bio waste and suffer from even greater degridations. The cycles of yeast overgrowth performs a necessary catabolic function which the bodies systems are in some way failing to preform.

To remedy the situation holistically, the evocation of proper a gut microbiome must be nourished into existence. Instead of having the yeast demons purged through unorthodox and unholy forms of cleansing, it is much better to find ways to welcome the kinder and gentler acting symbiotic angelic microbes and build up a strong gut with optimal intake of pre-biotic factors, along with the elimination of toxoid forming compounds.

In many cases it can take time to re-range a deranged metabolism, begin to optimally assimilate nutrients, eliminate metabolic waste efficiently and populate with proactive microbes.....when the biome begins to shift it can be difficult to know if the symptoms are a positive sign due to a die off, or if it is a negative reaction with no real benefit. Being able to hone the gut instinct is critical to developing a style of living and eating which best suits the particular individual...and I believe that taking artificial supplements (cleanses, herbs, vitamins) along with highly antigenic foodstuffs, can confuse and obscure the guts ability to truthfully assess the situation and make reasonable decisions....Bad habits and chronic environmental exposures once established, tend to build up the type of biome needed to deal with the kind of problems caused by such bad habit and environmental exposures, and this results in a vicious cycle. The cyclically formed tolerances to aberrant ways of life, on one hand allow ones being to cope with extreme adversity and form mutagenic mitigation systems that circumvent and transcend past biological imperatives.....while on the other hand it perverts and prevents ones own enteric gut brain from being able to break free from habitual rituals and forge new pathways.

Ive long wrestled with these inner demons both on meta-spiritual and micro-bio levels(as is above so is below and beyond) I understand as much as anybody how difficult life can be when the forces of nature go awry. From what Ive learned a multidimensional approach is helpful in dealing with these problems. Its also important to realise diet isn't the all and everything.... fresh air, sunbathing, untreated spring water, relaxation, human relationships, avoidance of chemical and metal pollutants are all equally important for mitigation remission of such overgrowths.

The typical prescribed flushes are not typically effective for permanently eliminating yeast overgrowth, and in my opinion they aren't necessary and could even be hindering total recovery.

If you are doing a carnivore cleanse, then go all in, eliminated all supplements and anti fungal herbal protocol...

I personally stay very low carb, high fat, whole animal and will also eat a large amount of coconut butter..... a combination that has helped me eliminate yeast without having to go through all those horrid cleanses. 

Hot Topics / Re: HGH , Anabolic Hormones vs RAW MEAT and old age
« on: August 03, 2018, 01:04:42 am »
I've noticed that poor quality organ meats will cause pimples, along with other environmental liver stressors. Sometimes I will get an old EWE that isn't quite optimal, and will lead to weird symptoms such as acne and PMS. Its probable that hormonally unbalanced animals will pass on negative hormonal effects to people who consume them.

There are just so many factors which could contribute to such symptoms. First of all most male animals are castrated and forced to live in confinement on limited forage, these animals may not be hormonally optimal by any means, and without a balanced intake of optimally healthy male and female hormonal factors, one can concur such negative hormonal effects. If I eat too many female animals, (especially older fatty ewes) without balancing it out with a prime Ram, then I begin to feel symptoms of estrogen overload.... that point forces an instinctive stop which forces me to seek out a more masculine source of food.

Its difficult to describe all the symptoms of estrogen overload, sometimes the first week or so of eating a particularly estrogen rich female there are positive feelings, more calm, affectionate, loving....but then after awhile it turns into an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs and somtimes leads to lower libedo, acne, depressive feelings...this ussually dissipates within a week of eating on a masculine animal.

I think there are hormonal differences depending on factors such as Younger females with nursing lambs, pregnant ewes, older unbred ewes, particular types of forage which may be more estrogenic.

For optimal hormonal balancing I think a mixed diet of prime breeding aged unbred females, and Males within a small group who are not overly sexually exhausted...from pastures that are lush, varied, and not overgrown with estrogenic herbs and legumes....where the water source isnt full of chlorine and runoff from the industrial wastelands.

None of these factors will be described on the label at the local market, so the only way I have been able to know for sure is to source directly from the farm.

Hot Topics / Re: what is that?
« on: July 31, 2018, 10:43:09 am »

Looks kind of similar to the cheesy gland syndrome I've seen in sheep....some sort of bacterial abscess.

Ive found a big green abscess that looked like the one in the photo, in a sheep's infected mammary gland.

I have at times eaten sick animals, when I was much more poor and desperate, but I don't recommend it for anybody who has the means to obtain better quality.

About 6 years ago was cutting into an animal with cheesy gland before and sliced my finger getting exposed to the contaminated blood...after only eating a few bites I threw the animal away...a couple of days later I developed a swollen lymph node in my arm pit and a small cyst appeared on my left side...the swelling went away after a couple of weeks, but i still have a small cyst on my side...and am likely a carrier of something to this day.

Most people are exposed to these kind of things, but as long as the body isnt entirely saturated with toxoids, and deficient, then ones immune system can contain and mitigate...and perhaps even learn from the encounter....but if one continues to consume sick animals and does not heed the instinctive stop then it would likely lead to serious issues in the long term.

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