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Personals / Re: Project Raw Paleo Footage
« on: May 01, 2015, 08:19:09 am »
hi! sabertooth, i need your advice! i decided to buy a sheep half and half with my brother.

what are the most basics tools i need to do the butchering completely? for what i have seen on the videos i need a very sharp knife, and a saw. maybe 2 or 3 diferent size of knifes?

oh i see you wrote flexible filet knife, on your posts. i will reread and re view all your videos :P

thanks! i really want to taste blood hehe

Personals / Re: Project Raw Paleo Footage
« on: February 20, 2015, 09:40:03 pm »
wow, thanks!! after seeing you doing all that, now i want to do it too!

i see there is a cold winter where you live, it must not be difficult to store the meat even without fridge, can i ask you how do you store all that food?

how many people is actually feeding from one animal like that and for how much time?

its summer here, if, for example, i can get a sheep (30 kg), and if is only me that is eating from it. how much time do the organs can be stored and maintain a nice flavor? is there an order of eating the things cause some of them spoil quicker?

sorry if too much questions! i really apreciate what you are doing with these videos and info!

General Discussion / Re: Raw stuff to start with, for the spoiled...
« on: February 18, 2015, 01:00:51 am »
in my case, i liked raw meat from start. I use to eat sometimes meat seasoned with a mix of cream, honey, eggs, olive oil ,avocados (any mix of them), mainly honey makes meat eating a lot easier (honey makes you eat even when you are not hungry, so , be carefull!)

honey its a good "starter" but i dont think its good for long term (not for the honey itself, its because it triggers something inside me that makes me think about food every 4 to 5 hours, and when eating, eating until very full, not so really healthy)

when i started eating raw meat, i chewed it a lot , until all the "meat" (red stripes, proteins, i dont know!) is dissolved into saliva and you can swallow it gently (and taste it a lot), and spitting out the hard fat-like thing that is left that can't be chewed and dissolved into saliva.

raw liver in small pieces chewed really well, first time i ate it, it was delicious and sweet for my tongue! (it was a fresh liver, killed on the morning, ate it on the night) i havent tried more liver since that.

kidney was delicious too (same, very fresh), i was scared at start, but then when chewing slowly and disolving this foods on the mouth made me like this foods so much that, right now, meat is almost the only food i eat.

Raw eggs are delicious! i have ate a lot of eggs this last 4 months, and feel very good about them. the whites are a little bit salty taste (really good!) and the yolk is just extremely delicious!! if you take eggs from the shell, making two holes to take the inside out, you can eat them slowly and enjoy them a lot!!

i hope you have the guts to go cold turkey on raw animal, and dont be afraid of any simptoms. i'm not an expert, i just have like 4-5 months into raw meat/eggs/dairy.

Health / Re: Vaccination
« on: February 13, 2015, 02:33:38 am »
if you believe that the cause of disease are bacteria/virus/microorganisms, so, all this thing of vaccination makes sense, if you don't believe that, does it makes sense?

Journals / Re: Alberto's Journal
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:32:20 am »
do you feel neccesary to do that things? or you feel guilty and want to "pay for your sins" ??

many people i have read that warn about enemas and things that go in the holy hole. they says that our body has all the tools to get the things out of there, and if it is given time, eating the right foods (all raw is almost always "right", but it depends on how much you eat too)

if you interfere with the body's tools, you are extending the restoration of the malfunction.

when i have problems, cause i have ate toxic things during many days, usually i go for a lot of fat (cream and butter, avocados, the best i can get) for a couple of days, and then, i feel like my bowels can be emptied again.

hope you feel good

Primal Diet / Re: Peanuts
« on: December 29, 2014, 08:44:26 pm »
ohh!! so they are not tasty even?? i'm actually growing a lot of edible plants, its summer here, i never growed peanuts, and less now that i'm eating all raw and i know that peanuts "cant" be eaten raw due to anti nutrients..

i have tried a lot of lentil sprouts, and that starchy feeling i think was something addictive about the sprouts...

thanks eve!!

Primal Diet / Re: Peanuts
« on: December 29, 2014, 08:23:23 am »
if you grow your own peanuts, eating them fresh, no storage. are they edible raw, with no toxic side effect? do you know or have tried them?
That can be the allergen moreso than the peanut itself.

General Discussion / Re: Raw Paleo Honey / Honeycomb / Grubcomb
« on: December 28, 2014, 10:01:03 pm »
when i chew honeycomb, when the wax starts to desintegrate, I have the desire to swallow it as it is, with the wax. If I continue chewing (and separating the wax from the honey) i don't want to swallow it anymore.

Can I ask you, do you have any intestinal discomfort for swallowing the wax? have you ate little of it or sometime too much? i feel like i will be constipated from the wax (like blocked) but it is just an unjustified fear. I have never tried to.

what is the nasty reaction you are having from honey alone? i think i have like ache on my gum, somethimes in the theets. (i don't know if it is exactly cause of honey, but i suspect).

General Discussion / Re: Raw Paleo Honey / Honeycomb / Grubcomb
« on: December 28, 2014, 08:14:50 pm »
Is the wax from the honeycomb, when eaten whole with the honey and so, of some nutritional value? I have never swallowed it. (just in really small pieces, but not in purpose, when eating honeycomb)

Apart from energy (fructose, glucose, sucrose, etc) and water, are there in honey some nutrient in a significant amount? does honey have another benefits? I have seen that you must eat like 8-9 pound of honey to see some benefit from the mineral-vitamin content of it.

Primal Diet / Re: Peanuts
« on: December 28, 2014, 07:52:26 pm »
You can try the forumla if it sounds edible/beneficial for you. If you are in a desire for peanuts ^^

Last time I took peanuts, (from a bag, unpeeled and roasted) I have problems breathing! I ate like 10 half peanuts and in the 2-3 minutes after I started to have to do strenght to get air on my lungs, like I was asfixiating, have to go outside (and even then I wasnt able to breath well)

Persoanlly I have never had a good experience with peanuts, nor the raw, nor the roasted. I had left them completely from that last experience of not being able to breath. "Real" nuts are far way better.

Primal Diet / Re: Peanuts
« on: December 28, 2014, 03:30:26 am »
NUT FORMULA: 2 to 4 ounces raw pecans or walnuts, pine or hazel
nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or peanuts, 4 to 8 tablespoons
unsalted raw butter, 1-2 raw  eggs, 1½-2 tablespoons unheated honey.
Blenderize nuts in an 8- or 12-ounces jar on high speed until they are
flour. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Blenderize on medium speed
for 20-25 seconds, until smooth. ALTERNATIVE: Substitute coconut
cream for butter.
 Many people need starches to bind with toxins (including excess
hormones) that stress the body. We may obtain that starch by eating a
Nut Formula once or twice weekly. Some people may need to eat a
little cooked starch with plenty of raw fat if they cannot digest the Nut
Formula. That may be determined by eating the Nut Formula when we
are extra-stressed. If we become more self-controlled within 12 hours
after eating the Nut Formula, we do not need to eat cooked starch.

I remember from reading his books, he was not so pro nuts, he said they had anti-nurients, and the way to get out the toxic the most, you must do this "formula".He never recomended eating them alone. I even remember he said never eat more than 2 of this formulas per week.

General Discussion / Re: Raw Paleo way of curing Fever and Flu
« on: December 20, 2014, 08:29:20 am »
Don't try to cure the cure.

fever and flu are actually cleaning you. you must be happy for having it =)

sometimes, being sick (like flu and fever), is an accelerated way of desintoxication.

don't take stimulants, or the cleansing will be shuted off or take longer to finish.

If you feel tired , rest, if you feel thirsty, drink water, if you feel hungry (i doubt you will want to eat too much) eat raw.

Don't be afraid! and you will feel better in a few days, when you are actually clean again. The most you rest, the faster it will be.
You will realize when the clean its over, cause you will have an enormous amount of energy and feel really good.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Fish head smoothie Video
« on: December 17, 2014, 06:32:20 am »
thanks for the info.

i'm actually not scared about parasites. Aajonus V. took that fear away from me haha.

I don't feel the bitter of the fish organs like the bitter of chicory or dandelion for example. its kinda diferent. I don't want to swallow the fish bitter. with greens i have no problem, i even like them. but this fish thing is repulsive, i will never eat that.

thanks for the idea on searching images of the anatomy of fishes!! i will do that next time so i will now for sure what part is what =)

i will try to find now if the grainy thing is the roe x)

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Fish head smoothie Video
« on: December 16, 2014, 07:54:50 pm »
hehe.. thanks Inger!

i was asking more because maybe some of the organs or intestines have toxins on it. i was not scared by parasites , but now I am! :P

i did a smoothie with liver,  i-dont-know-what-was-that (something with a withe faty thing inside, tasty) and another thing that had like little little little "grains" (like white-yellow). I tried this alone and it wasnt bad. it wasnt good either.
but the smoothie was horrible! i mean i was able to drink a little bit of it, maybe 3 gulps, and then i gave to the cats... I had an after taste REALLY bitter on the back of the mouth. waaaaaagggggg!

the thing inside the intestines is really bitter, didn't liked it too.

i will see how i'm feeling on the next couple of hours... i hope this is not doing bad to me!

i ate a lot of flesh after the smoothie... x)

so, after all, are parasites capable of living inside of me, even if they are fish parasites?

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Fish head smoothie Video
« on: December 16, 2014, 06:43:13 am »
hi again! i have another question :P

i have been able to get a whole fresh fish, with organs too! i'm very happy

now my question is, is there any organ that is not safe for human consumption? did you have any bad experience?

i'm planning to make a smooth with the organs tomorrow for breakfast, i tried them (little piece of each one) and one of it is kinda "granulated" like fatty, and tasted strong, a little bitter, are all organs ok to eat? the fish does not look rancid.

have you done it?

i have read that you use the organs mixed with the head!

this fish weights 4kg so is big head haha i will have for 4 or 5 smoothies with organs and head X)

yeah, whatever. I still have to probe it by myself.

have a nice day!

(now walking 3 hours after every meal to aid my digestion! hurra for science!)  :P

i'm not saying moving will make him sick.

I don't like All the scientific studies. some of them are not to be taking too serious.

so, badboy must take in consideration walking 3 hours at 4km/h (thats 12 km) after a meal to aid his digestion? its fine ... you are the scientist here, not me.

i dont know why are you taking my words to the extreme, when i told him my "advise" , i said, "not doing exercise will make you have more energy for healing", just that. i don't consider moving a finger "exercise", not even walking. (but walking for 3 hours straight i do consider exercise, and energy consuming).

And , I repeat, I consider that saving all energy - not doing anything that cosumes it and need you to recover from- will aid healing, our energy is always driving us to health. (where is the energy when you are not doing anything, like sleeping? how do you feel when you wake up? -8 hs after doing nothing-)

if you have health you will want to do things. it's natural.

the diabetes thing is nonsense. if he wants to heal, he must stop eating garbage. and eating healthy food (not carbs or sugars) and resting will accelerate the healing.

Keep reading science, its good for you. i dont really care. thanks for the info.

ok, thanks for this info. despite i don't like that kind of studies.

they forgot to make a test on people not drinking nor walking after meal. so you can't say walking is better than resting after meal, you can say (regarding that study), that walking after meal is faster "Gastric half emptying time" than drinking after meal. they even didn't say how much time they were walking. (but i doubt there was more than 10-15 minutes)

Conclusion of the study (by the people that make the study) Postprandial consumption of alcoholic digestifs did not affect gastric emptying rate of a solid meal (comparing against what? water after meal?) nor postprandial dyspeptic complaints. However, postprandial walking accelerated gastric emptying of the meal (compared to what, water?) but this had no effect on dyspeptic symptoms

i was talking about focusing all energy on healing.

doing exercise occupy energy that can be doing healing.

and then, if the exercise is a strong one, you need more energy to recover from it. so , less energy for healing. it's simple.

he will not be hurt or be damaged by resting, not by walking (buy i doubt walking all day is better than resting all day, again, talking about what is better for healing)

and it's not good to be doing it all the time (resting). just when you want to heal. (being sick, or having a little issue you want to recover)

if you are in perfect health, why you would want to be in a sofa all day?

Good advise Ciervo, however I think light exercises such as walking can actually help his digestion.

how walking can aid to digestion??

aren't you eating too much, for being so ill?

isn't suposed that the energy of your body must NOT be concentrated in the digestion, if you want it to be concentrated on the healing of your body?

if it is all day long occupied digesting foods, your healing will be slow, if you eat just a little bit every day, the foods that you feel are digesting quicklier, you will heal faster. sleeping, and not doing exercise, also helps on having more energy for healing.

keep it as simplest as you can, it seems to me that you are complicating too much. rest and light eating will cure you (your body will cure itself, with the help of the raw foods nutrients) .

It's not the food that is curing you, the foods are just the "soap" of the cleaning. but if you never have a "shower" (energy focused on healing) there is no point on having 10 kilograms of soap....

i had simillar problem like you, everything i ate was making me look like pregnant (and i'm really skinny)

since I started to eat A LOT of fats and cuted definitely on fruits (or when eating fruits eating a really SMALL portion) the inflamation has been going down week after week, till now, that i'm enjoying for first time in my life having nice poop and no inflamation

for me, the best thing it worked was just keeping ALL raw, and eating slowly and in low quantity to see what foods were creating inflamation.

i ate a lot of raw honey during this transition time. mixed with meat and cream, or with eggs and cream. but it was too much honey for me, it was keeping me eating and eating even if i was not really hungry. really difficult to stop with honey.

actually eating eggs, cream, fermented milk (until the whey separates) meat and cow fat (grain finished...) olive oil, olives, nuts, sunflower, almonds.. sometimes plums (not more than 2)  and feeling good with my gut. hope this helps you.

General Discussion / Re: Tobacco for parasites
« on: December 14, 2014, 02:08:00 am »
drinking tobaco infusion? smoking? chew tobaco leaves?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Keto vs raw diet?
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:58:47 am »
keto can be raw.

how much carbs are in organs, do you know? do you know how much carbs are enough to get you out of keto?

Science / Re: Discovery of fire a little earlier than previously thought?
« on: December 13, 2014, 10:20:22 am »
we don't know nothing.. the more time it passes the more clear to me that we can't know anything based on "external" science. we can just use the "internal" science (that is , verifying with our experiences anything we want to probe)

eating a summer squash vaporized for 3-5 minutes is not going to kill you, and you even will digest it really quickly. Is that being adapted to cooked?

maybe we are "adapted" (what is to be adapted?) to cooking, but not 100% cooked foods! (again, whats the goal here? to live long, to live healthy, to enjoy the more varieties of flavors, to create new ones?, alltogheter? what is the goal of adaptation? to make us what? to reproduce? to live long lifes? to live healthy? to conquer the universe? )

maybe our body has "evolved" now to be on a 90% raw and 10% cooked (given the times we have had to adapt to cooked, and that our ancestors HAD been eating cooked) maybe definition of "paleo" is something around 80-100% raw and 0-20% cooked (depending on your bloodline)...

personally i think that as soon as the human discovered fire, and how to control and mantain it, he started to experiment as much as he can with it. due to it being a so new thing, adding a totally new dimension to the reallity they were living. allowing them to create new things, and playing new games on the reallity.

science says it is 300.000 years ago or 150.000 or anything. but these are just speculations on some evidence found. what if the evidence from 500.000 years and before is all gone , for reasons we still don't understand/know?

and maybe the human and the fire are 2 things that were always together and come in the same package hehe

i don't know just leting my mind run and say stupid things =)


I wonder why there isn’t yet a discussion on the benefits of French-fried potatoes on this forum.   ;D

just wait! soon enough there will be someone saying is good to eat a little bit of french-fried potatoes because it have some special kind of RS that is uniquely found in fried potatos and nowhere else that gives you some special kind of nutrition that can't be get in any other way!!!! and it will have even "scientific" proof !!!!  :P

it's not a bad idea to eat raw cheese if it is good for you and you feel nourished with it, despite what everyone has to say, they have one thousand excuses and scientific works to say to you "dont eat that dont eat this, eat that!" if you hear people everyone will be defending his own diet.

I have even heard a lot of "centenarian" stories that they used to eat curd even until they died. you will even heard stories of people that is really sick "cause" dairy at 25 years old.

nobody is saying to you the whole story. people at 25 maybe used to eat 300 grms of some weird cheese from the supermarket, cooked in a pizza (when the cheese got the brown color), and maybe the centenarians were eating just 50 grms raw curd (and chewed it until it is totally liquid before swallowing)

it's not only what food..

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