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Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: My experience of eating raw meat
« on: October 09, 2015, 12:34:24 am »
Hi, there:
Just want to up-date my status: now I am in the 10th month of raw egg, chicken, fish, beef diet(with raw vegetables and bread), also work-out vigorously almost everyday. I am in good shape, though only gained about 6 pounds lean muscle (from 144 pound to 150 pound without increase or significantly reduce body fat), may be due to my age. I do not know if I can achieve my initial goal: to reach 165 pound, looks very difficulty, if not impossible.

Besides tuna and salmon, what are other fish species are good for eat raw? fresh or frozen?

Primal Diet / Re: Eating raw chicken - "22% have Salmonella"
« on: April 13, 2015, 11:57:04 pm »
I have been eating raw chicken for about three months, each day 8 to 12 Oz, no problem. Salmonella can be found in ready to eat vegetable salad as well, it not possible to eliminate them entirely, below certain level it should not cause any problem, even at higher concentration, the only problem is a temporary diarrhea, like what happened  sometime if you eat in a not so clean restaurant. Of cause, if your immune system is compromised, it is different story. Though, I only eat frozen, organic chicken breast, eat immediately after thawing (I found it taste better when it is still very cold). Did not try fresh chicken at shelf, suspect that Salmonella or other bacterial may grow to higher level at higher temperature.   

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: bodybuilding and eating
« on: March 30, 2015, 11:55:43 pm »
Bodybuilding on zero carb, particularly raw, is fantastic, especially with the Warrior Diet component. Why did I waste so many years eating carbs and eating mini meals  -v.

Forgive me if I sounds naïve, I am new to this site and to RFD, what is the warrior diet?

That is because I want to build lean muscle and cut body fat.

Why are you avoiding fat? Fat is the most important nutrient

I ate round steak on last weekend, it is lean, the meat is firmer comparing with the new York steak or tenderloin, but I do find it always have some you can not chaw down, I have to spit it out, otherwise is good.
I not yet try lamb, the problem is in the super market, lamb is not as popular as beef, so it stay in shelf longer, I do not know how fresh they are.

For comparison, you might slice off a piece of meat and cook it to see how the same cut shrivels up and toughens with light cooking. You can actually see the shrinkage as the proteins denature. Otherwise, it's just a question of taste and how much money you can afford.

If beef is still too tough, try lamb and (best of all) seafood.

Eye round, round steak, top round or bottom round are used where I am in.  I tried twice or so, found it not as tender as tenderloin or New York steak. But under your recommendation, I am going to try it today again. Thank you.

The hind quarter has a lot of large muscles with a minimum of tendon and connective tissue. Names of beef cuts vary from place to place, but here in California the cuts have names like round or rump in the name, such as rump roast or round roast. Also from this area are cuts like eye of round and London broil, but the latter can also mean flank steak, depending on your regional names for beef.

If you are encountering tendons, then you are probably on the lower leg. You can gnaw that area, but table-manners do not apply.

A beef-anatomy chart can help you learn the cuts of beef. Just buy something you can afford and then learn where it comes from for future reference. Youtube has some good instructional butcher videos that can help you communicate better with your butcher.

I do eat chicken and fish raw, along with raw beef. I usually eat chicken or fish at lunch, and beef at dinner. I only eat frozen chicken, due to the high chance of parasites infection. The reason I eat chicken is because I want balance the red (higher cholesterol)  and white meat.  I found that chicken is more tender to chaw, and if the chicken is young, it taste very good as well.
I do not want to try pork yet, because the chance they are fed with various additives are high.

My tendency is to stick with beef in all its forms.  I am thinking about trying chicken or pork raw.  Can anyone tell me about different benefits they have had on chicken and pork or fish versus just beef?  While I find any form of beef totally appealing in the raw, the thought of raw chicken grosses me out.  Raw pork seems even more unappealing.  But I am wondering if this would add to my overall health and perhaps chicken and pork are more appealing when not cooked.   

I am writing this, too, b/c I do have those fears about "worms" from pork or weird stuff from raw fish.  But this doesn't really match with everything else b/c I am not a frequent hand washer, never worry about "catching" germs, and am not concerned in the slightest about eating raw meat.  Hopefully, listening to some of you can allay this.

What has been your experience with chicken, fish, or pork in raw form?  I wonder if I would like it better b/c chicken is not very appealing to me, nor is pork.  And fish, of course, I have eaten raw, but for some reason, the past two times I have had sashimi, I felt like I was going to throw up later that night.  And this is unusual for me b/c I can eat REALLY old meat and never feel sick. 

I am very inspired reading on this site.  I did raw foods for several years, then went back to regular eating, and am on close to ZC now.  I am finding that raw feels so much lighter, and I need much less to feel satisfied.  This is a great thing!

I tried both grass fed and ordinary super market beef (assume they are grain or mix fed), my personal feeling is the difference between freshness, cut parts is more noticeable. Thanks for share your experience.
I always buy the cheapest cuts. All that matters is that the meat is grassfed, which part is irrelevant. I eat them within a week, and just cut off pieces big enough to juts chew once and bolt down.

I will consider try ground by myself, because buy mince from super market you really can not control the quality. But if you buy from local supplier, it is different story. Thanks for the suggestion.
Most often I eat the lower grade grass fed mince as it has a good mix of meat, fat and gristle. Often I eat it straight from the bag, or make a recipe by mixing with raw egg and salt.

I am convinced that raw is easier to digest, because when I travel, I have to eat some cooked meat, I have comparing. This is really opposite to generally hold believing.   

I agree that raw meat digests more easily, and that many customs are not sensible. Also for me raw vegetables also digest very well.

Thanks. The hind quarter is very lean, but a little tougher to chaw, I found. Do you spit out the tough tendon?

I buy prime cuts of beef (prefer hind quarter area), whole lamb with offal, and many types of sea food. I store them hanging in the refrigerator with good air circulation. I cut with a knife or scissors to bite-size pieces or larger and eat (with my fingers, if socially possible).

Browse around the forum and you'll find a rich supply of posts about how to eat and store raw meat. Pay attention to "hanging meat" discussions (with pictures) for great storage ideas.

I hope someone will give some suggestions on HOW to eat raw meat, not only discuss on why to. For example, those veteran raw beef eaters, what cut or part of the cow is your favorite? How you store them, for how long? Do you ground them or just cut to small pieces to chew?
Thanks in advance!

I believe the main difference between the grass fed and grain fed beef is that grass fed one is leaner.

We do not eat raw meat out of a naturalist viewpoint, but more out of nutrition's sake. Animals fed on  grainfed diets are more prone to disease and ill-health and this is relfected in the nutrient-profile of raw, grainfed meats. Animals fed on healthier diets have higher levels of relevant nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids etc. as well.

Having said that, I have come across one or two  claims in the RPD community that some of us have managed to regain health while eating just raw  grainfed meats from supermarkets.

Well, I take it as side effects of plaeo  diet, positive one, thoufg.  ;D

(Geesh, I wonder how many people have figured out that I teach American English grammar and composition? LOL)

Thank you fro excuse me, you are right here, English is not my first language, I was from Asia.
But I still disagree that "common sense" have to be shared by  ALL people, In reality, common sense only shared by a group, small or large,    by the circle who share same or similar rational, philosophes, or ideology, etc.  "Common sense" in North Korea is not at all a common sense here.
Yes, not only the majority of people thinking raw meat is bad to eat, but also in general the society hold some kind of bias towards the people who eat raw meat without considering their rational to do so, thinking they are "weird". When I post a message about my new diet on body building website, it was not received well. To certain degree, the tolerance of society towards raw meat eaters is less than towards LGTB (just for comparing. I have nothing to do with them,  or against them).
I eat all kinds food, vegetables, fruits, grains. The main reason I eat raw meat is because I felt raw meat is easier to digest (at least for me, I can easily eat half pound raw beef and fell hungry a few hours later, while if I eat half pound cooked  beef, I will not want to eat anything for long hours. And also, I believe raw meat contain some enzymes and natural hegemons or their precursors which my body can  use.

"Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by ("common to") nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without any need for debate."    Wikipedia.

A majority of people actually believe raw meat is toxic, in all its forms (except the ones they consume themselves, strangely, such as sushi or steak tartar). I'm guessing english is not your native tong, so your false interpretation of the word is excused  ;)

It's almost a miracle my own post remain understandable to others. RPDF is the only place left where I can exercice ze English...

Where are you from?

And is un-fat meat really all you're eating, or do you also eat other things, like vegetables, fruits, nuts?

....Oups, almost forgot: 200th post!! WOUHOU!!!  ;D O0

I eat raw meat from nutrition point of view, not from naturalist point of view, I do not mind eat meat fed by grain or soybean, so long the production follow all exist regulations, no illegal additives or substance were added. I know this approach is quite different from many other members' here, but I am open minded.
I didn't see you mention this important point, and I hope you will forgive me if I'm offering unwanted advice.

In his book the Omivore's Dilemma, author/researcher Michael Pollen explains the difference between animal foods from naturally-fed livestock and livestock fed a species-inappropriate diet, (such as feeding corn and soybeans to beef).

It is very important to eat food from animals that have been fed their natural diet in a natural manner and season for their entire lives. Otherwise, you will be ingesting the stress that the animal endured during it's period of sub-optimal feeding.

I guess people have their own "common sense" that different from person to person, if there was an universal common sense, the world would be a much better place, isn't it?  Also, common sense evolve with time. When heating food is pretty much the only way to kill the germs and bugs, cook food before eating  is the common sense, but when we come to the age we have much better ways and knowledge to control the germs (not eliminate them totally, which is not possible, nor necessary, so long we can  keep their population low so they will not overwhelm our immune system), the common sense is we don't have to cook food, provide we take all precautionary consideration. To be fair, I think this country did a very good job in terms of food quality control, comparing many other developing country. I do not have the confidence to eat raw meat from, say, China currently. (this, also a common sense.)

Welcome to the forum, common_sense! You'll come to realize your name, quite ironically, won't apply so much here, as thriving on raw meats already diverts from it.

You'll also probably abandon the notion of "harmful germs" in meat soon enough, as you will certainly come to read the testimony of forum members who enjoy eating their meat mature, or "high". They usually notice great benefits from it.
Of course not all meat is equal...

I try to reduce body fat, I believe the fat contained in even the leanest meat is enough for me.

any reason your removing the fat? ive found raw fat to be very helpful with my skin, joints, and digestion, wether its plant or animal based.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / My experience of eating raw meat
« on: March 12, 2015, 02:54:33 am »
Hi, everyone:
I am new to the forum and I started eating raw meat (beef, chicken and fish) a little more than one month ago. I am glad to find the group where I can ask questions and expect respectful discuss.
For the last month or so, every day I ate raw eggs for breakfast, raw chicken or fish for lunch (because I want include some white meat in my diet, not eat only red meat) and raw beef for diner. So far, my body take this diet well, did not have any problem. Actually, I like the taste of raw meat and do not feel like to eat cooked meat any more.
For chicken, I only eat frozen chicken breast (from Publix, organic raised, no anti-bacterial and hormone,   individually wrapped) and frozen chicken patty (extra lean). The reason for frozen chicken is because chicken have higher chance to carry parasites, frozen will reduce the chance to get infected. For the chicken breast, I thaw it and cut it (remove any fat or tendon tissues) to small pieces, seasoning, and eat. Raw chicken taste delicious, tender and easy to chew (though breasts from different individual wraps taste slightly different, I guess some are from younger chicken or fresher, some are from older chicken or not as fresh which is not as enjoyable). While the frozen chicken patty is almost tasteless, but very easy to eat (almost no need to chaw because it was grounded, and does not have the meat texture and flavor). I prefer the chicken breast better.
For beef, I do not want eat ground beef because feel it have more fat and not from the good cut meat, also the ground process may have higher chance to be contaminated. I get my beef from super Publix, mainly from customer cut counter. I tried tenderloin steak, T-bone steak, New York steak, sirloin steak, and eye round steak. Just like eating chicken, I cut the steak (remove any fat or tendon tissues) to small pieces, seasoning, and eat. In general, tenderloin steak is most tender, have less tendon tissue, and of cause most expensive; T-bone steak, New York steak are acceptably tender, but need spend more time to remove the fat, bone, and tendon tissue (there is always some tendon remaining and they are hard to chaw, I have to spit them out after I chaw out the lean meat); sirloin steak, and eye round steak are tougher to chew even for the lean meat, and it have much more tendon tissue, it is hard to eat the way I eat them (I am considering try to ground the eye round or sirloin by myself, to see if it is ok) . If the steak is really fresh, it tastes good, I like the meat texture and flavor, but if the beef is not so fresh (the meat is not firm, kind of flabby), the taste is not as good.
I know there are many experienced raw paleo dieters here,  I welcome any comment and suggestion.

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