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General Discussion / Re: How to chew raw meat.
« Last post by Bradley David Good on May 20, 2020, 09:38:00 pm »
I felt that way at first but now I cut small pieces and bolt them down after a couple of bites like my dog does.  I learn a lot from my dog.  After all, we have basically the same digestive tract.  Now I enjoy eating like a dog and bolting it down.  It feels primal.  I think it is just programming - we were told to chew our food etc.  I still chew a couple of times and taste it and it's good.  No need to chew 30 times like before.
General Discussion / How to chew raw meat.
« Last post by alvinsujinkim92 on May 18, 2020, 06:09:07 am »
Do I really have to bolt down the meat? What's the pleasure of eating without being able to chew and taste the food enough? I've had raw beef before but it was so difficult to chew so I quit. But now I'm back. I know that there is ground meat but I want to know if there's any cuts that are chewable.
General Discussion / Re: Convert Freezer to Meat Locker Like Derek
« Last post by Bradley David Good on May 16, 2020, 05:56:48 pm »
And thank you Derek for the idea!  This has completely changed my world.  I love how the meat ages in there and you can hold it for a very long time and it just gets better. 
General Discussion / How to Remove the Brain Out of the Head
« Last post by Bradley David Good on May 16, 2020, 05:54:58 pm »
How to Remove the Brain Out of the Head
General Discussion / Re: Convert Freezer to Meat Locker Like Derek
« Last post by Bradley David Good on May 16, 2020, 05:53:26 pm »
Solar Wind Powered Meat Locker
Hot Topics / Re: Electricity and humans, animals, nature
« Last post by a_real_man on May 16, 2020, 12:06:18 am »
Interesting. Where'd you learn this?
"influenza" is said to be an "Electrical Disease", connected with sunspots or atmospheric electricity.
Just an example concerning bees: when a cellphone was put on a beehive, for 60 mn/week for 3 month, it ended with a loss of the colony. The emf (electromagnetic fields) were damaging the cellular metabolism, and they were O2 starved.

O2 starvation has been studied and documented. There is a connection between lack of o2 and cancer, tumours can only grow if the cellular respiration decreases. It's called the "Warburg effect", tumours take up a huge amount of glucose but uses much less o2 than normal. Cells go back to a more primitive state, as all complex organism must have o2.
Hot Topics / Electricity and humans, animals, nature
« Last post by dair on May 15, 2020, 04:52:19 pm »
We need to see the bigger picture. There has been a huge cover up since 200 years, concerning the effects of electricity, telegraph, AM/FM radio towers, wireless, army/navy communication towers, HAARP, satellites,  on humans, animals and nature.
When electricity was discovered, people did A LOT of experiments, and also used on people to try to cure different problems. There was a lot of data that piled up, and knowledge concerning the interaction of electricity and humans. But this knowledge has been "forgotten".

There were 2 different (opposing) "schools" concerning the nature of electricity: one was led by Galvani, who said that electricity was part of life, that we are electric beings, and therefore sensitive to it. The other was led by Volta, seing electricity as an external force. He won, and that is what we see today: a big denial, and a mechanistic view took over.

Just as a scientific example: the ear.
Today, in biology teaching of the ear, chemistry rules, and electricity is omitted/forgotten. But there has been many experiments and discoveries confirming that the ear can NOT work by simply applying mechanical explanation. There are parts in the ear that have electrical properties, they have large voltage. Naftalin proved it was absurd to apply the mechanical theory. We have electro-receptors in our ear. And many fish hear with electricity. The older part of our ear, the saccule, is an ultrasound receptor, among other, and has nothing to do with "normal" hearing.

44% of Americans have had some sort of tinnitus. Scientists thought, this is weird, so people have got less good hearing? Because in the past, tinnitus was usually connected to people with not so good hearing. But a study showed that americans have even better hearing that before. Some scientists believe that tinnitus is about hearing ultrasonic frequencies. All our surrounding are polluted with an incredible soup of dirty electricity and other. Almost all the electricity that flows in the power grid is contaminated. Also, fluorescent light bulbs often have radio transmitters, an "electronic ballast", sending in the ultrasonic range. And studies in 2003, Vienna, have showed that tinnitus increases with cellphone use.

Some see the biggest threat coming from satellites. Wifi or 5G from space for instance. An enormous amount of satellites are planed to be launched in 2020, started in end 2019. Low orbit satellites in the magnetosphere will change the Global electrical circuit, that we all have evolved with, and will pollute it with pulsed, modulated electronic signals.
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