Author Topic: Elevator stomach problems, Good, Bad.  (Read 3504 times)

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Elevator stomach problems, Good, Bad.
« on: August 28, 2014, 11:25:52 pm »
I've had a problem with my stomach for many years. Most of it was that i've been having very sticky/loose stools. Also when i went to school i always had a stomach cramp for about 1 hour every morning as i arrived to school. Always been at the edge on being underweight. Being around 138 pounds at 5.7 feet. When i stayed with a person who was lactose intolerant, i improved alot the first weeks then it went back again.

Tried many diets and sometimes my digestions was perfect and i were feeling perfect. Another day i were weak. And i couldn't trace it becouse somedays i could have been drinking and eating Mcdonalds after and have perfect digestion, other days i'd do the same and have diarrhea all day.
Then lately i stopped drinking any liquids while eating. And this seemed to have helped alot. I was always taking a zip to each bite. Althought i'm not all good, my digestion has improved alot. For some days ago i had some icecream 2 days in a row without having any gas or cramps.

Having problem eating in a public resturant (extreme nausea) which i believe is psychological. The raw carnivore diet appealed to me. Always knowing what to eat was a nice thought. Bringing my own to dinners (i've had to throw up becouse i forced myself to eat the food i was being offered). So i tried at first with a little piece of raw minute steak i had at home. Not too bad. Thought it would be juicy and taste almost like a rare cooked steak, but it didn't taste much at all and was rather slimy. so took a whole steak and cut it into pieces. I finished it but at the end i had problems swollowing it without gag reflex going off. Then for a whole day i had bad smelling gas, smelling abit like the meat tasted. This wasn't any good meat. probably grain fed.

 After a couple of days i got ahold of some lambsteak. I took a steak and cut it into little pieces. This didn't have that weird taste the minute steak had. This didn't taste much at all, abit of lamb taste. Same here, i finished it but the last bit were abit tough to swallow. But then after a couple of ours i started to feel abit nauseaus, thinking of eating the steak made me ill. But no vomit or diarrhea. So today for breakfast i had another steak but i cooked it for just a few seconds in coconut oil. This time i could hardly eat a piece then i almost vomited and had to spit it out.

So i dont know where to continue from here on. Is this really something for me? Been eating some probiotics. Maybe this and the meat bacteria have been good for my digestion? I really want to gain some weight and have a steady digestion.

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Re: Elevator stomach problems, Good, Bad.
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2014, 01:04:52 am »
You will find there is a transition period to a raw diet. Took me about a month but really about 6 months to completely transition. It's normal to have issues because a large portion of digestion is carried out by bacteria that have to be repopulated in your gut. Probiotics will help and of course there is many versions of them. I can't advise on that one.

However hang in there.

My specialty is Ayurveda and it sounds like you have a vata predominance  so a vata diet would be useful to know about.

Raw meat is be a perfect diet for a vata body type. Also try to get some grass fed beef fat or maybe GF raw (dairy) butter. If the butter causes issues then obviously stop it. Butchers either give away or sell the fat very cheaply, indeed they actually throw a lot of it away.

What the butter or fat does is it acts like throwing some fuel into the fire. It makes the flames or chemical reactions burn brightly. It also seals and naturally softens the tissue in your GI tract. It also removes toxins from the body and heals wounds caused by improper gut flora. Eat as much as you want.

Another choice for variety would be raw coconut oil or avocado.

Consider trying organ meats. If any of these foods taste gross it is your body's intelligence telling you that it cannot handle it, or doesn't need it, so do not force feed.

Another excellent thing to try would be 'high meat'. It is basically meat that has been aged in it's own juices in the fridge for awhile. The proper recipe is on this site. There are important safeguards to follow and they are part of the instructions. It acts like a probiotic.

Regarding liquid with a meal, you will find that with raw foods it isn't necessary, but if you are eating something that is very dry or hard (bad idea for you) then just a taste of the liquid. Problem is that liquids, especially cold ones douse the digestive fires by thinning out the digestive chemicals and bacteria.

Ayurveda says that you should eat foods that are the opposite of what you are. ie heavy, fat animals etc in your case.

Just know that you are on the right track.

Here is the link to the Ayurvedic diet. Just look at the first two columns for Vata. One says prefer and one says avoid.
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Re: Elevator stomach problems, Good, Bad.
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2014, 08:03:51 am »
Thank you for reading my long post and the good answear  :)

Will defenitly read into that.

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Re: Elevator stomach problems, Good, Bad.
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2015, 06:32:53 pm »
I would suggest getting hold of some whole animals if possible. I started out on goats, but switched to sheep because fully mature sheep can really pack on the tasty fat.



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