Author Topic: Great news! Kosher and halal meat likely to be labelled as such in the UK  (Read 1108 times)

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I was always irritated by the fact that we were not allowed to be told how the animal was slaughtered. It is an  an animal-rights concern since scientific evidence proves that animals which are not stunned do indeed experience a horrible death after having their throats slit kosher/halal style , but also it is  a question of taste. I recall, for example, the guru  Tony Robbins mentioning how the blood in the meat provides much of the taste, so bloodless kosher/halal meat is inferior in quality, therefore. Thirdly, it is a matter of personal choice as I and many others are neither Jewish or Muslim so do not see why we have to endure our food being prepared according to quite different religious doctrines - besides, in this age of atheism, religious rules should mean squat, by now.

I was also curious to see what the Jewish and Muslim position is on the consumption of raw meat. According to this excerpt online:-

Presumably, the meat was not soaked in vinegar yet. It is only permitted to eat raw and unsalted meat if the meat is soaked in vinegar (le-umtza), which “traps” the blood inside. Absent this, it is forbidden to eat the meat because of the blood that is released upon eating.

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  it is forbidden for Jews to eat raw meat unless it has been previously salted or soaked in vinegar, otherwise one must eat it cooked. Googling online for the Islamic view of raw meat:-

 I see that it is OK to eat  according to mainstream Islamic views, but that some Islamic scholars  take on modern, mainstream views and insist that the meat must be pre-cooked before being eaten.

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