Author Topic: Bras are not paleo. Tips for modest bra less clothing.  (Read 16663 times)

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Re: Bras are not paleo. Tips for modest bra less clothing.
« Reply #25 on: August 23, 2015, 12:48:43 am »
Bras apparently stop the lymph glands from getting rid of toxins, thus resulting in higher rates of breast-cancer etc.:-

We are currently cursed with truly idiotic social norms forcing us to be unhealthy in some way. I, for example, live in a European country where people just LOVE central heating, particularly the women, and so loathe me opening any windows in the summer. God, I wish I could live in a truly civilised nation like the US with decent air-conditioning. I always remember the wonderful feeling I got from experiencing the routine ice-cold arctic air-conditioning in Los Angeles airport all those years ago. It should be standard issue in all other hot climates. Cold air invigorates people, forcing them to work at a steadier rate - hot climates, otherwise, merely encourage people to become lazy and sluggish and have constant siestas during the hottest part of the day, judging from my own experiences in Spain, Kenya and similiar hot countries. Now, OK, if people want to close windows then fine, but then it should be socially acceptable for men like me(or women) to walk around in public with their top half completely naked in summer so as to avoid sweating. And what is this  Western nonsense about men wearing ties? They are a constrictive feeling like a hangman's noose, make men feel too hot, and are a nuisance to keep ironed etc.

I always remember statuesque  African and SE Asian women going around in very old photographs wearing nothing on top  above a grass skirt. Unfortunately, because of leering Western eyes on their breasts, they were forced to put on stinky T-shirts to avoid embarassment. Silly, really.
The guy who invented ties should be taken out in a field in a snowstorm, drawn and quartered. BTW I watched the film John Adams, (about the American lawyer involved with the American revolution) last night and there was a segment in it where they tarred and feathered a British representative of the King. Pretty gruesome, but that is what should have been done to the joker that invented ties.

There was a thread on bras a long time ago with some very good responses. I recall that the main poster was a girl who doesn't post here anymore. She was an actress as I recall... cinna

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Re: Bras are not paleo. Tips for modest bra less clothing.
« Reply #26 on: August 23, 2015, 05:59:46 am »
Thank you. I will merge these topics.
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