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ive been taking probiotics on and off for probably close to five years. they do seem to increase digestion/food transit time/ general lighter feeling in abdomen, when eating cooked food, but when eating raw(paleo) i dont feel any need for them.

anyway, ive always wondered if the bacteria typically found in probiotics in anyway inhibit or compete with the bacteria found in the typical RAF diet? 

I did the probiotic thing for several years also.  I found that it was marginally helpful when eating lots of carbs but once I converted to raw meat the little critters didn't make any measureable difference at all so I stopped taking them.


Probiotics are helpful if you eat carbs but EM as found in high-meat will help with a diet high in meat. I find I don't need any assistance in digestion but one of these days, I want to try high-meat just for it's drug-like effects.


what type of probiotic are you taking, and are you taking Digestive enzymes   ?


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