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whats the best quality, cheapest juicer?

by quality, i mean one like the Greenstar juicer.

buy cheap i mean, not a GreenStar, total rip-off, seriously how much money do they make off of charging people almost $600!!  :'(

omega 8003, i been using it for 3 years now; but im personally going to be getting the Green Star within a few months.

Raw Kyle:
I think I paid more like $400 or $450 from sunfood.com for my Green Star. Also I've been using it (at times daily or even more) for almost 4 years now and it still works great. I actually broke part of one of the gears by dropping it, and the vegetable plate got bent somehow (perhaps from the broken gear) and so now it makes a noise and looks a little beat up, but it still works perfectly.

It is a lot of money, but I'm definitely of the opinion that buying one high quality thing is a lot more sensible then buying a lot of low quality crap like most people do. I'd rather have a few nice things then a bunch of inferior things, especially when it comes to health/food appliances.

what are you mostly juicing?

are you switching up your juice recipes or taking a day or two off every now and then.. i heard you can develop an allergy to some certain types of vegetable juice..

how much are you drinking daily?


Metallica, what kind of juicer is the Omega 8003, like is it Centerfugal, does any metal contact the vegetables?

Kyle, im the same way with paying more for higher quality, but thats some crazy money.


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