Author Topic: Why Proper Bile Flow in Your Body is Essential for Getting Rid of Toxins  (Read 2392 times)

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Disclaimer: The writer inserted commercial products to sell, but the article is still extremely useful.

Sure, who does not like fat?  But yes, we need a break from fat sometimes.

Plus other goodies there:


Why Proper Bile Flow in Your Body is Essential for Getting Rid of Toxins

When you wake up, drink 6 oz of warm water with the juice of one lemon. This antiseptic drink supports a natural, daily liver cleanse.

Eliminate even good fats and oils from your diet for a period of time. Instead, flavor your food with herbed salts and spices. Be creative! Giving your bile a break from having to break down fats at every meal helps your liver and gall bladder rest too.

Avoid sugar and processed foods. High dietary intake of sugar and processed foods is linked to gall bladder disease. Create options for yourself that satisfy your sweet craving without the empty calories and sugar.

Eat cultured vegetables. Packed with probiotics (good bacteria and yeast), cultured vegetables are a mainstay of the Body Ecology system and heal your body with every bite. Try some of our delicious recipes for Korean Kim Chi or make up your own!

tart drinking probiotic liquids. Probiotics contain healthy microflora that support your digestive health.Probiotic liquids are a great way to add probiotics to your system, boost your energy and your immunity.

Try these foods specifically to improve your bile flow:

    Grated radish (daikon) takes oil and fats from your body
    Leeks are antiseptic and help bile keep your intestines clean
    Asparagus and celery are good liver cleansers
    Carrots build your blood and encourage the secretion of bile

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I don't follow. Your cure manual thing says that vegetables are bad?


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