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Healing - symptoms. Speed of healing
« on: August 28, 2016, 04:00:56 am »
Hi! What are your thoughts on the speed of healing and its effects on the body?(symtpoms)

Do an acceleration of healing make the symtomps more accentuated?

Or can be an accelerated healing with no symptom at all?

Must a healing process be accompanied with a symptom?

Is there a relation on the pus/mucus/rashes/dandruff/etc, and the reduction of inner toxemia?

How much can one trust on the symptoms being part of a detoxification of old stored toxins or a renewal of damaged tissue or a improvement on tissue qualitiy?

Is there any people here that has 'achieved' a symptom-free life. And a perfect health? With astounding agility and endurance and all that a 'great health' would mean?

AV point of view, for whose that do not know. Is that symptoms are cleansing. Having symtomps and following a raw diet is a good thing. (without entering in details)

I dont remember exactly what GCB said. But i remember he quitting dairy cause it caused symtomps. Some leaking wart or the like.  So i think he didnt believed having symtomps was something good.

I respect those 2 experienced people's views. And if i understand correctly, they are kinda opposite.

In my own case, since very young (3 years age) i remember always being the last one when running. Having a lot of difficult when stretching. Really bad for physical performance.
I"m convinced that my bones and joints have been of very low quality and/or severely damaged. What must i expect if i want to 'heal' that? Can i have a symptom free recovery and regeneration? Or i must go trough some pain and uncomfortable moments if i want to get better?

Tnx in advance! I still have a lot of doubts. Looking for your personal feelings on your own road. Do you feel that you had healed faster some place of your body or some ailment, after a symtomp manifested? Or you feel that you healed some issue without noticing any pain or discomfort?


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