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Rawfed (three generations back) Dogs Available for rehoming
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:24:45 am »
Note: If the bizarre mods on this forum find this an inapropriate section for this (even though these dogs have individual personalities and you would become a member of your family), then please move wherever you like.

So it is with a heavy heart that I'm offering up a few of my children. I tried adopting them out locally when they were born but could find only one home where they agreed to feed all raw MEATS not meat/veggie mixes, and not cut off their balls (vasectomy, which is the norm in Europe, is fine), and not inject them with mercury/BHQ/etc under the malicious guise of vaxxines.

I am leaving this disgusting filth that is New Mystery Babylon (USA,inc.) behind in favor of florid jungles where I and the pups that remain with me will feast on python, anaconda, coconuts, gator, and bear. Unfortunately my pack is 8 at present and a few of them thini they're dominant amongst themselves after me. This leads to skirmishes and since we will be living in a manner where we will need to keep a low profile so as to maintain our idealistic paleo life in paradise (well, central america preferred but no way I'll be risking them across those borders) without being discovered and arrested for our downright, extremist , revolutionary way of living, I will have to let a few go. Looking at between 1-3 of them, though each loss is a fresh wound in my side, if the lands were more vast in the subtropical regions I would find a way to keep our family together, but would have to stay in the wintery north for that and 30years of it is enough. These dogs breeds are as follows : Black Lab, pitbull, jack russel terrier, beagle, Taiwanese Formosan Mountain Dog (badass as fuck), and possibly Greyhound. These dogs have been raised with pack psychology, meaning they have been given lots of exercise, calm assertive dominance and leadership by myself, and never allowed to walk all over me, their master and Alpha. They are obedient, have bright, glossy coats, alert eyes, strong bones and healthy dispositions. They are loyal as all get out, they are both cuddlebugs and vicious hunters. Fearless when they want to be, but cowards to loud noises (which can be overcome, they have many hunting breeds in their genes). If you were a soldier they would go into battle with you. If you were a childcare worker they would be ambassadors for their species. They are wild and free at heart and will not tolerate being kenneled. They are HIGHLY intelligent, and it can be difficult to keep them contained. They are a bunch of Houdini's so be warned. I will not let my babies go to just any cretins, I turned down LITERALLY hundreds of respondents to my various ads because they weren't good enough. You, the RPD community are my last ditch effort. If I have to, I will find a way to get along with my whole pack. But would really love to find someone so awesome that they could deserve these dogs. If you are Atheist, please don't apply. If you are a dogmatic religious person, please don't apply. If you understand that something put us here in this dimension, and you believe in karma, and practice empathy and have good energy about you, and have your shit together, then please get in touch. You can pm me here or email me from my profile section.

I will be posting pics, as well as links to my youtube channel (CryinRyan'sHelpMeToHelpEwe),  where you can view their awesomeness in video. They will eat whole carcasses, or bone-in meats, or eggs or if you have plenty of land, they will find and kill their own food. They take rabbits easily, and will kill tukey and others if allowed (it is their inherent right to secure food just like anyone else). They NEVER get sick under my pasture based, livestock and wild foods (barn pigeons, rabbits, deer, turkey, crow, etc) feeding regimen. They are hardy in cold weather, but also have breeds built for tropics, and their mom was a wild rescue from the desert mountains of norcal, so they can take the heat and humidity as well.

Please only respond if you treat dogs like family....if they are just an amusement for your kids, or they are an "it" instead of a he or she, please don't respond because I will neurolinguistically profile you and discover if your goals are incongruent with what my babies deserve.

Link to vid: hxtps://
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