Author Topic: Juicing whole cherries with the pits and stems.  (Read 2648 times)

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Juicing whole cherries with the pits and stems.
« on: July 20, 2017, 12:55:04 pm »
Cherries were at their lowest price of the year this week so I just made some cherry juice.

I dumped cherries in my food processor whole with the stems and pits. Ground them up with a little water and pushed them through a coarse colander strainer. Then I added a little more water and blended what was left a second time.

My strainer has huge holes so there was a little bit of ground up cherry pits in them so I ran the juice through my champion juicer while blocking the pulp side with my hand and it came out clean with hardly any waste.

If you don't have a champion try a finer strainer the second time or don't grind them up in the food processor so much that you get little bits of cherry pits.
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