Author Topic: How Aromatase Estrogen and Testosterone Affect You  (Read 12177 times)

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Re: How Aromatase Estrogen and Testosterone Affect You
« Reply #25 on: November 27, 2017, 08:00:38 am »
From what I gather, the wai diet is very high in fruit, which in my opinion is loaded with too much sugar. Insulin spikes and over-stimulation of the mtor pathway are, I believe, very much associated with acne.
I originally started a RPD 7.5 yrs ago to combat eczema. I found that RPD only helped me with that condition once I went very low carb ie. very little fruit.
As I have access to tropical fruits and even grow some, I also went into problems with fruits... Really it is useful to do the hair test, I thought I had high copper low zinc from blood test, and in my tissues I have the reverse, proved by hair test, and need copper. You cannot guess that easy.... I have taken progesterone, natural, and I have had an infection last year, so it changes the minerals. High progesterone, or high testosterone for men, means high zinc, and high estrogen is high copper.

Fruits are good for fast metabolism and meat + veggies for slow metabolism. My test confirmed slow metabolism, and it corresponds to people who benefit from keto and also fasting. Fast metabolism can crash from just trying to do intermitent fasting! And they need sugar much more.


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