Author Topic: how do you feel when/after you "cheat"?  (Read 11935 times)

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Re: how do you feel when/after you "cheat"?
« Reply #25 on: May 20, 2009, 08:32:27 pm »
I'm on raw omnivore: fruits, some vegs, animal foods

The only non-paleo food I allow myself for socials is: rice or lightly cooked meat.

First of all, I wouldn't call it "cheating" as if there was an "advantage" to eating sub-standard fare.  It's more like there was nothing else available on travel and I had nothing on me and had nothing but bad choices available.

* If I eat too much carbs as in pre paleo, I get the high blood sugar crashing to low blood sugar feeling... totally not good, I really abhor that kind of feeling.  I used to yoyo like that for most of my life. So I avoid it eating too much carbs like the plague nowadays. 

If I plan to eat a lot of fruit, I balance it with fat... simple enough with with an egg, coconut meat, avocado, etc.  I learned this from Wai Diet, it works.

* Eating rice + cooked meat takes uncomfortably too long to digest and just sits in my stomach up to my esophagus.

* Eating lots of cooked fat makes me feel "UMAY" in english it is the kind of feeling where you feel yucky and icky from eating a lot of cooked fat, which never happens with lots of raw fat.

These days the only cooked land animal I can agree to consume is fatty duck or fatty pig.  My taste buds detest fully cooked beef, and cooked fish.  Taste buds are changing.

* Eating cooked meat makes me sleepy.

* Eating cooked food makes me awfully thirsty.

I feel like I lost on a good nourishing meal if it isn't raw, but I don't lose sleep over it. 
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Re: how do you feel when/after you "cheat"?
« Reply #26 on: May 20, 2009, 08:38:18 pm »
One of the interesting things I noticed in the last few years is that I've become much less susceptible to side-effects(arising from changes to blood-sugar-levels) on those relatively rare occasions I go in for carb splurges(such as freshly-squeezed raw orange juice or whatever). Yet, in my fruitarian/raw vegan days, my blood-sugar-levels would yo-yo  up and down pretty quickly indeed after consuming raw carbs, with inevitable results.
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Re: how do you feel when/after you "cheat"?
« Reply #27 on: May 21, 2009, 11:44:23 pm »
I'm on raw omnivore: fruits, some vegs, animal foods

* Eating rice + cooked meat takes uncomfortably too long to digest and just sits in my stomach up to my esophagus.

I often notice this same effect when I really cheat bad.  It's like my body doesn't even want to let the food reach my stomach, so I get this full, almost acidic feeling in the bottom of my throat.
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Re: how do you feel when/after you "cheat"?
« Reply #28 on: June 11, 2009, 08:19:56 am »
Well after eating raf for a little while now (couple of weeks perhaps) I have experimented a few times with cheat/shit foods....

1-When I cooked and ate a decent ammount of very fatty lamb, I had a stomach upset! Which is funny because when I ate raw beef/fat, liver, eggs, 'ripe-ish' blood, and lamb shoulder (that was a couple of weeks old) I felt great.

2-When I went home last weekend I ate alot of cooked meats (prawns, lamb, chicken, salmon, ham) and also some whipped cream + brownie. I had another stomach upset (which i feel was the overload of cooked meat mixed with carbs and dairy! (which I never eat!).

3-I smoked some weed today with a friend who returned from holiday and in turn went to the pub...I ate 2 burgers (no bread) with sweet potato chips and drank 1 1/2 pints of guiness/IPA (ale-ish kinda stuff) I had another stomach upset! followed by strong carb cravings and manically eating 1/2 a pack of choco biscuits and a load of chocolate which altered my amazingly balanced mood for the worse AND made me feel disgusting.

So. I have learnt.

1)do not make sudden changes to your diet (most important)
2)if you start messing with your body, it can snowball (ie drugs.........drinking....then eating crap.......then bingeing on chocolate)
3)carbs are truely addictive and mood altering
4)certain food 'combining' (like perhaps small amounts of dairy+fruit+brown+ice cream+coffee AFTER large ammounts of cooked chicken+salmon+ham+mango+pasturised butter) definately is a no no, once your gut bacteria has somewhat altered.
5)that when you eliminate certain foods, addictions and cooked foods, you slowly require them less and see them as they are without that mental attachment.

6)eating raw meat/fat/organs (in smaller ammounts) is the best for me right now, without any carbs/drugs/cooking. full stop.

I will learn from my mistakes. Its not easy. Particularly the idea of raw meat tomorrow after having a stomach upset today (today was the burger day) is a bit scary. But it wont take long to get my taste back for it. I was really getting a taste for it! For the meat, and for the lifestyle. Everything. Can't wait to jump right back in! Its hard, but I know its right. I think you do about most things. Its so bloody weird that I get ill from what I've been eating for my whole life, but I know its from chopping and changing.

:) I have a date tomorrow! I might feel like crap, who knows! I dont care because with each step I am getting closer to the state in which my body thrives! Which means I am slowly getting happier and stronger. Which rocks.




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