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Re: Aajonus' Conspiracy Theories
« Reply #50 on: June 07, 2018, 12:46:55 pm »
I insist that a broader historical perspectives could be helpful, in understanding what is currently happening on the world stage. There are a number of parallels to ancient Rome for example. Rome being an empire that was at times ruled by aristocrats, other times it more resembled a populist Republic, and when times got really desperate the Praetorian Cohort would step in to install its own deep state agents into power.

Todays drama is nothing new...during the rise of Caesar the aristocracy planted fake news and hired provocateurs to convince the public that he was a tyrant...while Ceasar pandered to the military and gained populist support...The opposition even made fun of Caesar's bad comb over, and gossiped about his sex life...

The same dynamic tensions between the populist, the aristocrats, and the praetorians that made and broke the Rome Empire are very much at play in today's world...only the labels have been changed and the inter-relationships obfuscated in order to hide the fact that a Republic by day can also simultaneously act as an Empire by night. The truth is that much of what goes on in the relationship between the government and its people is built upon unspoken and tacit arrangements..... the real low down of which are in the best interests of all sides to keep hidden from the outside world.

So in this atmosphere of Coup Coup land there is a deliberate and willful ignorance perpetrated by all sides that prevents most people from getting a fair assessment of what really went down during the "Election" of 2016. From my prospective a Praetorian style Military coup was initiated by those like General Flynn, Admiral Rogers, and the legions of white hats who were mobilized by the voice and spirit of people like Alex Jones, in order to halt a regime that went totally Rogue.

Trump for a long time spoke out openly against the current establishment, and wanted to make a Run years ago, but was too aware of how the system was rigged so that he wouldn't be allowed a fair shot...The deep state was too powerful...During the last administration a resistance movement began to build, and an outright rebellion began within the intelligence services. The NSA was likely taken over by the white-hats.... the whole Snowden saga was likely a false flag in which the CIA used Snowden a black hat tool in order to weaken and try to regain control of the NSA. The info Snowden Released, though full of nuanced details, wasn't anything people like Alex Jones had not already made public years ago. Assange was also fed information through the white hat resistance movement, used to undermine the power of the regime. General Flynn openly rebelled against the administration and refused to continue to arm the mercenaries in the middle east.

The stage was then set and the role was cast.....countless agents worked to lay the groundwork for a "Greater Plan". With the groundwork in place the Generals and their legions briefed Trump of the Plan and insured him that the voting machines would be un-rigged, and he would actually have a fair chance of winning...then it was game on from there on.

This may not be a very popular theory, but it seems as plausible as any explanation.... There was likely a drastic covert military intervention which prevented the regime from maintaining its hold of the executive branch, neither side will ever admit to this for their own separate reasons . The losers do not want to admit that they tried to steal the election and were stopped by military intelligence operatives...and so they are crying Russia Russia Russia in order to distract their own constituents from the Treason which was perpetrated when the nomination was stolen....While the winners want to keep up the illusion of Trump being the front guy, a business guy who will make a better deal with the rest of the world, insisting that the election was fair and legitimate, while playing down the fact that much of the executive branch is now under military occupation.....Congress will not even begin to touch this issue with a thousand foot pole, because both parties were so involved in the corruption of the last regime that any such investigations would indict half the Government for blackmailing, bribing or cheating the other half. 

This whole thing on some level is a farce, a conspiracy, a confederacy of dunces... yet in the midst of the Chaos and confusion the free world continues to turn, and though some of big changes promised at the FDA, CDC, and other rogue agencies are slow going, there is still a hope that those involved in the "Greater Plan" have heard our cries and in the next few years gradually the swamp will be drained, and the new guard will restructure the system more fairly.

Your theory makes the MOST SENSE. 
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